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 Hi, you probably landed on my website because you are looking for a review on Youngevity. So you want to find out some facts and see if Youngevity is a stable MLM company that may enable you to work from home and earn some extra needed cash. A rep on social media may have approached you, for instance, are a family and friends asking you to join Youngevity. Well, done, you for taking out some of you time to check out more about Youngevity. I was an MLM distributor for two and a half years.  I study compensation plans too. I know what to look for and what you should expect from any MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) compensation plan.  

Please believe me lots of MLM companies have some hidden loopholes in their compensation plans. That is what I am going to uncover for you.  I will share with you what your sponsor does not want you to know. Keep reading because this will help you decide whether to be a Distributor for Youngevity or run for the hills.  I have found some Loopholes that you should know about and are quite an eye-opener. I felt a little perplexed, to be honest, so please keep reading. You will be thank full you did. 

What is Youngevity?Super Wealthy Affiliates-Youngevity


The company Youngevity was founded by Dr Joel D Wallach and DR Ma ian back in 1997. It was first called Longevity but soon changed its name to Youngevity and has been the same ever since. Youngevity has over  400+ products and is in the Health and Wellness Niche. Youngevity’s  Business Categories are Vitamins and Supplements, Health Products They offer the home-based business model known today as MLM. Youngevity is located in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, all in all, Youngevity is located in 65 countries. The main headquarters are in Chula Vista, CA. They are also involved in some charitable causes.,

Back in 2016 Youngevity filed a lawsuit against a Sue Todd Smyths. Youngevity in 2018 was granted by the courts a sanction motion against Smith for tampering with Witnesses. Apart from that, there is not much controversy surrounding Youngevity, and it is a legit MLM. A little backstory on one of the founder of Youngevity, Dr Wallach, was a Veterinarian and a  Naturopathic Doctor. Naturopathic emphasises optimal health via therapeutic substances, that encourages the body to self-heal. Dr Wallach turned from veterinarian to Physician and after spending years studying nutritional supplements on animals rather than medical intervention. Doctor Wallach has grown Youngevity over the years, and they have over 31 brands and over 2,000+ products. Their main Products have been “90 for Life” and of course their “MLM Business Model.”

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Youngevity Product line.

  • Health Nutrition
  • Blood Sugar
  • Weight loss
  • Brain & Heart
  • Bone & Joint.
  • Athletic performance
  • Digestive system & Support

Quick: Q&A

  • Q1: Does the BBB approve Youngevity. 

Ans: No they are not approved by the BBB.

  • Q2: How much, does it cost to become a Youngevity Business Owner. 

Ans: You will need to buy a Business Owners Package. Prices vary starting from. $400+upwards. You will also have to be on auto-ship. To keep your monthly quota starting from $100+ per month.

  • Q3: Can I just buy Youngevity’s Products.

Yes, you can buy any product you want from Youngevity’s main website in your country. You don’t have to be a business owner to do that.

Here are some other Multi-Level marketing companies that are similar to Youngevity that I have written about too.


Are Youngevity’s products worth the price tag?


I am not going to get into any discussions here about Youngevity’s products because I simply don’t use them. Would I believe in some of the claims? To be honest no I wouldn’t trust a sponsor either as they lie anyways just to get a sale. “Not all… Some do, passed experiences I am afraid.”

Anyways that is how the MLM business is supposed to work. You use the product you love it, so you tell your family and friends about it. A simple way to be honest but does get abused by many Sponsors.

To be honest, if there were miracle cures, then all those consumers would be shouting it out for sure. Or it would be suppressed I am going down that route neither with Big Pharma and all that. Worth a thought though. Although Youngevity does make claims of how good the products are, there is no scientific backups to prove that. Run for the hills if your sponsor all of a sudden becomes a Health Pro. Anyway,s getting back to that whopping price tag. Youngevity products are available through their leading websites or associate’s websites—Amazon and of course, their many Sales Reps. Just like many MLM companies, the products aren’t as cheap as the high street and can be quite expensive.

I wanted to look to see if I can find the products even cheaper than the main Youngevity Website because I do see it happen quite often.  Ex MLM  Representatives tend to sell off their unwanted stock cheaper so here is what I found. By the way, your sponsor will tell you that people are not allowed to sell elsewhere, and it could get them in trouble. That is B.S. They are lying about that just to keep you calm. People will sell stuff cheaper, and no the companies do not stop it at all. The worst company and the worse Sponsors I ever had was an MLM company I spent a year and a half with them. You can read about that company here in my Life Plus Article.  The sponsors were the worst ever—my Personal Experience. Oh, the lies lol some were whoppers, but we live and we learn..

It seems many just add on or take off the price they want.. That’s a bit like the corner shop kind of thing. When you buy 2 for 1, but the shop splits the back to get double earnings. I think this should be more stringent really but hey hey that’s MLM for you.

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Youngevity MLM Opportunity.

Let us dig into the compensation plan. As promised, I have uncovered some loopholes for you. You need to watch this video as this is just insane

Check this video out no need to login to YouTube you can watch it right here!


Just remember, see the Auto-ship. That is what you will have to pay every single month. OK I know they justify this by you are buying products but if you cant do it one month, then your commissions will falter badly. That’s where you need to keep on your down-lines case because if they don’t pay a month auto-ship. You will lose out again. It’s a constant battle making sure your down-line are paying on auto-ship monthly too.

Here is a comment left by another MLM Distributor.

In the comment also the guy says “it is far to easy to start your own deal in 2019” the guy is totally RIGHT. I shall show you a comparison review. Showing you  WHY AND HOW YOU CAN GET STARTED FOR FREE BY THE WAY THIS INCLUDES A FREE WEBSITE, FREE SSL CERTIFICATE, FREE SITE SUPPORT, COMMUNITY SUPPORT AND TRAINING.


As you can see by the guy in the video also. To be honest, he knows how to market himself online. What you sell and what you end up earning is diabolical. The higher you get in ranks, the more a month you will have to pay out on more products and yes all done on Auto-ship. That comes every single month. Crazy isn’t it! You have to give up almost half of your earnings again to buy more products. No wonder people leave MLM. Or at worse, you are just another product buyer.

The only thing I would do with an MLM company is to buy the wholesale products and steer well clear of their business model. Getting people to join you is not as easy as you think. Try and see. It is difficult!

That is why I steer well clear of MLM I much prefer what I do now. It is so much easier and to be honest. My overheads as an affiliate marketer are way cheaper.

Just because MLM doesn’t work out for you, then it’s not the end of the world. Find out how I earn money online. Way easier than MLM and I don’t have to keep recruiting either. It is not MLM, and no price never changes even if I earned a zillion dollars a month.


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Glossary of terms from Youngevity.
  • Retail Customer

Retail Customers do not participate in the Company’s Compensation plan, nor do they enjoy the benefit of purchasing at wholesale pricing.

  • Preferred Customer

They can also sign up for Auto-ship.  They cannot sell Youngevity product, enrol customers or recruit new distributors. They do not earn any commissions.

  • Retail Customer 

 Retail Customers do not participate in the Company’s Compensation plan, nor do they enjoy the benefit of purchasing at wholesale pricing.

  • Distributors 

A person who wants to build a business using Youngevity products. They can earn commissions on product sales of their down-line and Customers. They can sell Youngevity products and recruit new Distributors to their team. Distributors must purchase an enrolment kit. 

  •  Retail Profit: 

The amount a Distributor makes (gross) by purchasing an item at wholesale price and selling it at retail to a customer, or the difference between the wholesale price and retail price for items purchased directly through the Distributor’s retail shopping website. 


  • Personal 
  • QV – Qualifying Volume

A value amount assigned to individual products. The amount of each product sale that counts towards your rank and bonus qualification.  So, this amount, singly and cumulatively, is the amount from which your rank qualifications are calculated.

  •  PQV – Personal Qualifying Volume

The amount of qualifying volume (QV) earned by a rep from their personal purchases and the purchases made by their personally enrolled Retail Customers.  

  •  BV – Bonus Volume

A value amount assigned to individual products. The amount, singly and cumulatively, from which a Distributor’s Bonus and Residual Commissions are calculated.

  •  PBV – Personal Bonus Volume

Is the BV value of a Distributor’s “personal” purchases/retail sales (all sales running

through the Distributors personal I.D. Number) during a calendar month.

  •  PV = Personal Volume

When used in the context of Qualifying Volume (QV) this will equal PQV. When used in the context of Bonus Volume (BV) this will equal PBV.


  • GV – Group Volume

When used in the context of Qualifying Volume (QV) this will equal GQV. When used in the context of Bonus Volume (BV) this will equal GBV.

  •  GQV – Group Qualifying Volume

The sum of a Rep’s Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) and the PQV of each Rep within their placement tree downline. Different qualifying criteria may recognise different calculations (typically within the first three downline levels),


The Bonus Volume (BV) purchased/sold by a Distributor’s downline organisation.


  • OQV – Overall Qualifying Volume

The total overall QV purchased/sold by a Distributor’s downline organisation.



  •  Compensation Plan (also called Comp Plan)

Distributors earn their income (retail and wholesale profits, called commissions and bonus) through a compensation plan based on their abilities and results. There are generally two parts to the compensation, commission and bonus. The commission is the amount earned when the Distributor, who has purchased the product at wholesale from her/his company, sells the product at retail. Bonus is the amount(s) paid on downline sales. There usually is more than one type of reward.

  •  Scenario Planner

An interactive calculator to help you plan out your goals

  • Replicated Website (also called Personal Website)

A Distributor’s sharable, shoppable customer-facing website.   (I have used these before and |I never liked them they do come at extra costs to you.) 

  •  Enroller

Enroller (AKA Sponsor

  • Upline

Up line all those above you. 

  • Placement

Placement refers to the option for the Enroller to place a new Distributor into any position within his/her downline organisation or to retain the new Distributor on his/her front line (AKA Line 1, or Level 1) and maintain the role of Placement Distributor. The Enrolling Distributor retains a vested interest in bonus commissions, as bonus commissions primarily follow the lines of enrollment, irrespective of placement within a given organisation. 

  •  Placement Distributor

A Distributor under which a new Distributor is placed, either by him/herself or by another Distributor. The Placement Distributor is generally responsible for the supervision and training of the set Distributor. The Placement Distributor retains a vested interest in residual commissions.GB

  •  Downline

A down-line refers to the people you “personally” recruited or enrolled

  • Downline 

All Distributors via lines of recruitment downline is who you recruit under you. So on forth.

  •  Front Line 

Also known as Level 1, Front line refers to the direct connection between a Distributor and his/her Placement Distributor. 

  •  Auto-ship

Customers and Distributors to create recurring orders. You have to make sure and yes your downline too all order every month. If one falters to pay that month, then you lose out on bigger payouts. The starter Pack costs near on $500 and that does not include your monthly auto-ship which is nearly an extra $100+ a month,

.( An auto-ship of a Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 ($133.95) occurs monthly BV 100 QV 127.)

  •  CEO Qualified

Includes more earning potential, like coding bonuses, car bonus, and more. You can achieve this rank through the purchase of a Business Builder Kit

  •  Leg

Each Distributor placed on your level; Your downline one is considered a separate leg.  Made up of both Distributors and Customers

  •  Paid Rank

Also known as “Paid-as” Rank.

  •  Lifetime Rank

The highest rank you have achieved so far in your Youngevity business. 

( I have added all the above in so you know what the terms mean)


Back to Youngevity’s Compensation plan!

Compensation plan Remember everyone has to have three active legs every month, They need to be ordering on auto-ship every month. If you lose one active leg, then that can wreak havoc on your earning abilities.

Here is the Full PDF for Youngevity’s Compensation plan. This is rather confusing so I will briefly explain in layman terms for you.

So you have now bought your $500 Business Pack from Younique. You will now need to recruit at least three more people. They will be your Downline. You will be there Sponsor and upline.

Each of the three people you have recruited will have to meet a monthly quota. This will be on auto-ship. They also, in turn, can do the Youngevity business model by buying any of the Youngevity business packs.

They then will also recruit so on and so forth. Each of your downline is called your legs. All legs have to be actively buying every single month on Auto-ship. If one fails to not buy on Auto-ship then you will lose out on commissions. This is why many find if they recruit using the weight loss program many people leave once they lose the weight. (If they lose weight that is)  So you will be constantly recruiting all the time. It’s a lot of hard work. Many distributors really just become product buyers in the end because of this.

Many MLM companies promote to stay at home Mums or Dads. Giving you more freedom to be with your kids. According to many MLM sponsors they say this is not true in fact they end up spending less time with their kids. So beware of that!..


Basic MLM Compensation Plan.
Basic MLM Compensation Plan.


How much does it cost to Join Youngevity?

To sign up or join Youngevity here is their pricing plan. The basic plan. Keep reading it gets more expensive as you go along,.It is such a shame as your sponsor will never really dig in deep on the costs and whatnots, and I have been on many websites they have created. Still, they do not share the costs of becoming a Business owner.. which as I have said before you never own the business. You are just a rep.



Ok, that is the basics now for the business plans you will have to pay nearly $500 to get the benefits as a Business Owner. That’s a whole lot of money to shell out for a person looking to find work from home. Remember to keep up with the payout plans you have quotas to keep and auto-ship to pay monthly. Many sponsors are pretty cagey how it all works, but if you dig deep enough, you can soon see that you won’t earn hardly anything to warrant the hours and extra costs yo you will shell out in the end. The compensation plans can be highly confusing to anyone that is just starting on the MLM business model. Most run the same. So all I can say is I pulled out the bits they don’t want you to know.

Don’t forget there are other legit platforms out there on the Internet This step-by-step Training. will also teach you to make a living online whether you use network marketing/ MLM or not

Here are some extra costs you will have to pay for out of your pocket.

  • Home-based parties
  • Travel  petrol/gasoline to
  • Leaflets
  • knocking on doors
  • Delivering test products and buying those test products!
  • Babysitters seen as most MLM is directed at moms or dads with young children. Most people work, so it becomes a late evening job.
  • Facebook all day if you can be prepared to have other sponsors take your customers.
  • FB ads
  • Google Ads
  • Hosting for your website. I have a more beneficial way for you to Own your Own Free Website right HERE!  It will help to keep your costs down too.
  • Extras for promotional material. “Including done for your websites by the MLM companies.”
  • Be prepared to pay out for additional products to keep your group quota up.
  • Constant recruiting
  • Continually selling.
  • Be prepared to shell out refunds if there is a money-back guarantee you will have to shell out that cash yourself! You do get it back in products though once you have done the whole process of sending on info of the refund. Get it wrong you will be out of pocket.

You will need a lot of hours in a day to do all of this and have deep pockets.

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Can you make money with Youngevity?

Yes you can but to be honest, why work so hard just to have to keep parting with the nearly half of your income. Look again at the video the guy clearly explains what is overheads are. It just doesn’t warrant the hours you need to put in and the added expenditure it just seems unreal to me. I have a more accessible business model without all the stress and hassle: no recruiting neither. You don’t have to deal with customers complaints. I can promote any products I want for FREE. Yes, I can promote any product I wan in the Health and wealth sector too.

Oh, and if customers want refunds that do not come out of my pocket as many MLM companies do.


Make More Money-


Pros of Youngevity?

  • A legit MLM company that’s about it and some products are ok.


Cons of Youngevity?

  • Not cheap.

Lots of extra money layouts you won’t have accounted for so be prepared to shell out for additional costs.

  • Many people relate to MLM as a cult.
  • You need a thick skin to get past those who want to take your downline and your sales.
  • The business model is ok, but most have many loopholes that do not benefit you.
  • Earning potential is way to low for the hours you are going to put in.
  • Lots of members of MLM ex sponsors say it takes you away from your kids as you are always working.
  • So you get less time with your children to earn a little money.
  • The majority that joins Youngevity today probably won’t even make a few hundred dollars a month.


Is Youngevity a scam.

No Youngevity is not a scam, but it isn’t an easy way to make money from home neither. Not only that you will never own the business like they say you will. All you are is a rep. If the company fails so will you too. Here is something else I have found the done for you websites by Youngevity aren’t brilliant you need to have some knowledge to know they are up and running.

OK here is one site I found that has a security issue. Not good if you are handing over your credit card details. This one I found on Google search engines. I think Youngevity Either doesn’t include the SSL Certificate or they haven’t helped this guy to let him know his site is not secured.Super Wealthy Affiliates-Youngevity-website-not-secure

That’s where MLM falls short.  The sponsors don’t really help each other unless of course, they are pushing for their monthly quota. Then they are your best friend. I wouldn’t use a done for you website anyways. If any of the MLM companies fail or are brought down then your whole MLM business goes with it. Your Downline your customers the whole lot.


Final thoughts.

I don’t recommend joining Youngevity or other similar MLM unless you love their products. Then that’s excellent as you can get wholesale prices. As a business model, I would leave well alone, especially if you are young Mom who just wants some extra money in her pocket. I would steer well clear if you are on a tight budget. To be honest, nobody is transparent enough. They will never tell you how much they have to spend a month to keep their quota up. Earning less than 2 per cent of your total sales is daylight robbery, to be honest. Even Dick Turpin wore a mask.

Get started online today. Totally It’s totally Free. See you there!


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If you need any help with an MLM you want me to review and check out the compensation plan for you. Then just leave a comment below I love to help anyone I can.


$0.00 to $500

MLM training


MLM Business opportunity





  • Legit MLM


  • Not for those on a Budget
  • Extra hidden costs
  • Expensive to start up
  • Monthly costs

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