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Now is the time more than ever that you can start working from home with the COVID-19 Pandemic looming over us all.  More and more people are becoming worried about their futures. I am not going to lead you into any scams. Nor am I going to send you off to some Envelope Stuffing job or some survey sites where you won’t earn much money anyways. I have written this for those who are serious about making money from home. Keep reading as I have given some comparisons below for Shopify saving you more money. So keep reading until the end.

This is NOT  going to cost you thousands of dollars or pounds. I can promise you 100% I will not spam you nor scam you. I am not even going to ask you for your bank details or credit card details.  I think people have enough worries without being scammed as well. All I ask is you just read this article I have written for you. I will prove to you that work from home jobs no scams do it exist.

Remember, this is going to be Free, and I am going to be transparent with you. I will also do a comparison review too. I will show you not only can you make money but you can save money too. Nor is this MLM, nor is it a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme. Nor will I send you to a scam site like Crowd 1

Who is this for?


This for anyone who wants to work from home. Those who already have a small brick and Mortar business of their own. It is also for Mums Dads retirees. It is for young and old entrepreneurs who have a hobby or a cool business idea. It is for Boomers, Millenials and yes the Gen Z too.  It is also for people like I used to be—a struggling Mum with kids on a tight budget that got sick and tired of being scammed online.

This is for those who are fed up of earning short change on Survey sites and useless apps. For those who are getting nowhere with MLM. This is for those who are sick of being scammed trying to Earn Money Online. This is for the people who are serious about earning a Lucrative living online and being your OWN BOSS.


You will learn How to Make a Profitable Niche Website from scratch. You can do anything from Building an Amazon, FBA site. Drop-Shipping E-commerce website, Connect with JV Zoo, Rakuten, Click Bank, CJ Affiliates. CBD Affiliates even. There is so many more too. Yes, We Are Trusted By Millions.

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Then only falling for other platforms or services that would cost me over $5.000+ or £5,000+. Nothing worse when you think you have found a decent platform only to find out you would need a Loan or with some you would need to get another Mortgage. Nope, this is nothing like any of those overpriced platforms that the Gurus are selling now. If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme, then it is not for you.

Is not a get rich quick scheme but you could start earning money within your second month or less even. It could take longer if you don’t take it seriously. I would take this seriously as you are about to Own your Own Online Business. This online business could potentially last you a lifetime and more if you so wished. If you cannot think of a Hobby, then let this help you.

Click the image below and find 230 Hobby Ideas.

No download free for you from Wikipedia.



You won’t need any experience at all. It is for all newbies or even advanced online Marketers too. Now bear with me don’t just run off if you feel you cannot do this. I know you can. I started out totally broke too. I had Zero experience I couldn’t write a paragraph, let alone a full-page article. I had no clue how to build a website, let alone earn money from it. Yet I did it and so can you too.

Hand on my heart I was even scared to part with $19 and I am so happy I did. That was the best $19 I ever spent. I have gone on to earn multiple income streams In Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing too.. There are no massive up-sells neither just in case that was a worry for you. I know I felt the same back in 2016.

Getting scammed makes us weary. I promise you this platform is 100% legit. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t still be a member nearly three + years later.. I will be there for you too on the inside of the W.A. platform. I will help you every step of the way. Follow me at Wealthy Affiliate.


Have a Blog already need more traffic this is for you. State of the Art Keyword REsearch Tool Included Jaaxy.

Go Premium


Here is what you are going to do.

You are going to follow a straightforward 4-Step Blueprint that is proven to work time and time again. You are going to have to put the work in No push-button systems not that they exist anyways. You will not be selling, and you will have inventory to buy nor will you have to pay for Postage returns or deal with refunds.

All you are going to do is follow this 4-step Blueprint that is proven to work time and time again. You do not even have to leave your house. So it is brilliant for those of us in COVID 19 lockdown.



4 step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint



Work From Home get started with your Free Trial, that is Proven to Work time and time again. Remember it’s Free for as long as you want. You will learn How to Make a Profitable Niche Website from scratch. You can do anything from Building an Amazon, FBA site. Drop-Shipping E-commerce website, Connect with JV Zoo, Rakuten, Click Bank, CJ Affiliates. CBD Affiliates even. There is so many more too. Yes, we are trusted by millions.

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Learn how to drive targeted traffic to your own online business. And make some money. You have heard of Amazon right or Click bank. Or Commission Junction etc. Yes. Great that is what you will be doing, Affiliate Marketing or YEP you can even build your E-commerce store or a drop shipping, Biz opportunity. There is more as you can also do local Business Marketing too. That is one brilliant business model to get into. How do I know cause I have done it myself? I will tell you more about that below.

Now I do not want you to overthink this process. I do not want you to get all negative thoughts. You need to be open-minded, and if you stay open-minded and get stuck in then, you can start quickly earning an extra 1,000 dollars a month + not only that I will help you every step of the way. I have some hidden freebies for you too. So keep reading as this will save you more money in the long run.


Building a website can be done in a matter of minutes.







Don’t worry, and the techy bits are all sorted taking out all the stress for you. We use, and we also have a brilliant Website-support team on hand if we fluff up. All I ask is you follow Free Training you are give and get your first Free website up and running. By the time you have finished all your FREE lessons, you will have built out the foundations of your very first Own Online Business. The training is free for along as you like and if you decide you like it. There is an upgrade. Your first month will be $19, that is $4,75 a week. Within that month the first month, you will have some excellent content blog posts on your website. Not to mention getting super Important Pages disclaimers and yes even GDPR up on your website at no extra costs.






Once you have those main pages up and running, you can start to make money while doing that you will be taught how to drive super targeted traffic to your website too. None of this is going to cost you any extra, We have Jaaxy, and Jaaxy Lite is a state of the art free keyword tool free for you to use. I just used it now for my keywords and let me tell you it helps. If you do decide to upgrade to premium, this will cost you less than a dollar a day. Yep, you heard me right. I gave up coffee. Actually, I gave up half a cup ad ay as Coffee is not cheap in the UK.

Yes you heard me right you get ten websites al the training you need site=support, Access to a fantastic helpful pay it forwards community that will bend over backwards for you just in case I am not online at the same time as you. You will also have access to 3,000+ themes and yes, tons more too. I would be off the page if I included everything.

Now here is the biggie Have you heard of Shopify?

Well, you can build a better website than Shopify, and it won’t cost you their hidden price tags either.



What is Shopify?

Shopify is an entirely created CMS content management system

Used in conjunction with Drop-shipping end E-commerce websites.

Cost to start a Shopify Site.

Basic Shopify priced at $29 a month.

Shopify – priced at $79 a month.

Advanced Shopify – priced at $299 a month. Comes with hidden extra too.


 What does Shopify do?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform which is used to create an online store. Shopify provides tools such as apps, customizations, with 700 design templates included.

  • Some things cannot be achieved with Shopify plans alone.
  • This requires the purchase of Shopify apps which come at an additional cost. One example of this is an app which helps you set up your drop shipping business with Shopify costs $14.95 per month. Other examples include apps which improve speed on mobile devices or extending the number of product options you can use.
  • Shopify themes – Yes, there are ten free Shopify themes, but sometimes these themes are inadequate for your business’s needs in which case you can wind up spending anywhere between $140-$180 on a paid theme.
  • If you still can’t get your needs met, Then you will need a developer to expect to pay a few thousand dollars extra.
  • Custom domain name – When you are a  rookie. But once you start developing into a serious business and in order for you to be a success, you will have to purchase a domain.


The only extra cost you will incur is if you decide to buy your won .com domain at Wealthy Affiliate and it will not cost you more than $13.99 per year,

We have it all covered for you. No need to complicate any of it. Can’t write and are rubbish at Grammar now worries that is included for you too.

Here is my bonus for you.

This week Friday. We have Live training in SEO 101. You can get free access to all the Live training too.

For any of you theat are serious about building your Own Online business. I will help you build out your website. Give you 100% of my time for Free. I will also give you access To FREE one of the best WordPress Premium Theme saving you more money.



If you don’t want to spend $300+ a month building a Shopify Website. Then you don’t have too. You can do the same for less than a $1 a day.

You can sell just about any product you want online. You will be open 24 hours 365 days a Year and you will be taught how to get Targeted traffic to your website. Have your website up and running in no time. That will soon bring in Money like an ATM Cash Machine. Yes even while you sleep.





Still not convinced.

Here are some more ideas. How you Can make money from home. You don’t have to pay out for costly websites like Shopify. I can build any E-commerce or drop shipping business I want. Unlike Shopify, I won’t have to go elsewhere to seek out more training.


Have a Shopify store but are not earning money. We can help you with that too. Click the button and take a peek it’s FREE.





I have written a review on H-COM 2020 by Alex Becker his services are for those who are wanting to get started with Shopify so get ready to pay out another 2,000 USD for Becker’s training. That’s a lot of money. Smart7 Apps are not cheap. Theses are all extra hidden costs. Read About H-COM 2020 Here!

Photography, Who doesn’t love that kind of hobby. Selling your photos online is not easy. You can build your Photography website and sell your photos direct from there.

Embroidery. Make your home ideas. Biggest sellers are embroidery patches on Jean Jackets etc. Did you have a small Bricks and Mortar Business? Has it closed because of COVID-19? Every bricks and Mortar business do have a product they love to promote. So you can do that online too.

Dressmakers. We got you covered also.

Outdoor activities like Horse riding. Horses still need tac and saddles and food and Blankets. You can sell all of that online—one of my favourite ideas I love Koi Carp. I am thinking of tapping into not only enjoying my carp Pond but helping others with their Carp too. The list is endless.

Figure this. As you own your website, you do not have to share your commissions with anyone.

Wealthy Affiliate, will not take a percentage of your earnings, so you are on to a winner all day long. Everything you earn is all yours and nobody else’s. Wealthy Affiliate has a Free starter account you have nothing to lose.

So you may aswell give it a try. It’s Free for aslong as you like. Zero Risk Zero Cost.

No we do not sell on your Data and we do not want your Credit Card either. All you need to get started is, You an Internet Connection and a device Laptop, PC, Cell/Mobile, Tablet. Any one of those devices will do. Wealthy Affiliate is Mobile friendly.


You never know, there might be a perfect opportunity right under your nose that you never saw coming.

Today is the day you become an Entrepreneur that could give you Financial freedom—the ability to be Your Own Boss. Live A laptop lifestyle. Whatever your reason for starting an online business. Rest assured that you can do this for Less than a cup of coffee a day.

You can Start Earning A passive Income Online for Less than $1 a day. FACT!

Recommended By 3+ million Members. 




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Wealthy Affiliate




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Online Certified Education


Affiliate Program Recurring Commissions



  • Websites & Support
  • Affiliate, Local, SEO, Social Media Training
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • High Paying Recurring Commissions


  • None

4 thoughts on “Work From Home Jobs No Scams”

  1. Great detailed article, thank you very much.

    I do have a couple of questions though!

    You mention Wealthy Affiliate as a good affiliate marketing platform that can teach you everything you need to know, but then go onto to add shopify as add-on for an the e-commerce store. Do we need to have an e-commerce store or can affiliate marketing succeed without a store?

    In addition, you highlight shopify as a  monthly subscription e-commerce store, but I have heard of another product (WooCommerce) that is apparently free? What is the difference between the two? What does shopify offer that is worth the monthly subscription?

    • Hi,

      There is no need for a store if you are doing a review site. If I wanted to do a review site on say golfing bags I don’t need a store for that as I am not selling anything. All I am doing is reviewing and people look for reviews before they buy. 

      Using WordPress as we do at Wealthy Affiliate means you can build any kind of website you want without the added extras as many of those we can have in free plugins. Wealthy Affiliate teaches all Dropshipping, Ecommerce, Local Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Along with training in Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, SEO, Organic Traffic, Niche websites and websites and designs. Includes tons more but it is too much to list here.  

      With over 3.000+ themes in WordPress, no two sites will ever look the same. When the likes of Shopify and other’s Like Wix, for example,  say that they FREE remember that’s only the barest minimum you will get on a site but you will need something that will enable you to grow. Check out Wealthy Affiliate see for yourself. It’s a no brainer and Is totally AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE.

      As you grow your site with Wealthy Affiliate you won’t have to incur costs like $299 a month like you have to with Shopify. 

       WordPress is always going to be the best out there and it always beats any done for you systems out there. Even like Wix that I have also written about. You can never own your own Website. Wix can modify and delete your content anytime they like. Not to mention they don’t allow affiliate links. 

      Hope that has helped you more. 

      Thank you so much for passing by my article. 

      Debs 🙂 

  2. You’re right.  There are genuine online affiliate marketing opportunities.  It takes a bit of time and effort to get a business up and running, but it’s worth it.  It’s yours.  You own it, you make the calls, you get out of it what you put into it. You can make it a real success.

    This way you can run a business that is truly value adding to the customer, you can ensure it’s an ethical business that makes a positive difference to others, can inject social responsibility into this world.

    • Absolutely true Dipesh. Knowing also you can never lose out on all your hard work also it’s a no brainer. Yes you get out of it what you put in that is a fact. Well said 

      Thank you for passing by my article. 🙂 

      Debs 🙂 


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