Wix Versus Wealthy Affiliate. My Honest Review and Why? 2019.

I have been meaning to do a massive update for a while now. I host my Websites all with Wealthy Affiliate. I absolutely love WordPress. However, I have also used Wix in the past not so long ago in fact. I thought I might give them another try to see what changes Wix has made. They don’t change much. Welcome to my review WiX Versus Wealthy Affiliate and why? Just as heads-up, before I start. Using Wix means you will never own your Own Website. Wix also have the right to modify or delete your content if they so wish. Not to mention if they go bust your site goes with it.


The reasons why I want to do a Wix Versus Wealthy Affiliate for the simple reason that most people who use WiX are complete newbies at building a Website.  Most people hope they can build successful online businesses with Wix. I beg to differ. The reason being is because at Wealthy Affiliate we get all the training and so much more. you all the training you need whereas WiX only gives you a free Website that can actually turn out to be more expensive.


My Payments to Wealthy affiliate work out a lot cheaper because I pay yearly and I get the Free Jaaxy Lite Seo key world tool to use totally free which I also can earn recurring commissions using Jaaxy. Here is the new Pricing plan for Wealthy Affiliate. My monthly payments work out at $29,92



Premium Options now have 6 months options at Wealthy Affiliate.



They are so highly advertised left right and centre and even on our TV in the UK is banged out with their Ad campaigns. You can’t actually get away from them. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate so I earn commissions you can check out my Disclosure Page Here!   I am not an affiliate for Wix so I earn no commissions from WIX at all.



Some pointers I want to address also. I am doing comparisons to WiX versus Wealthy Affiliate because although Wix is not a training platform it’s a CMS. I just want to share my personal point of view on why Wix didn’t work for me. I will add in a comparison site though for you so you can compare both Wix and Wealthy Affiliate more easily.


That will be further down the page. Please keep on reading. I have a feeling you will be happy you did. May sound crazy huh! I am sure you will see the reason why I want to do this and share it with you all.


I don’t need to do too much of a review on Wealthy Affiliate as this site is already full of Glowing compliments from my reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. I want to compare it to Wix because it just makes sense to share it with you.  Most people that use Wix go to them as complete beginners because they feel it’s the easier option.


I will also show you some price comparisons and real money losses in bricks and mortar businesses using WiX Websites as I am also a very successful Local Business Marketer. I did my homework on this. I had to I got sick of the complaints from Wix users that built their own websites using  Wix.


Let’s get started.

Let’s see are you Wixed on or Wixed off. 


Who owns Wix?

Is Wix really Free?

Who Owns Wix?


Founded: 2006
Revenue: $290.1 million USD (2016)
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
CEO: Avishai Abrahami
Founders: Avishai Abrahami · Nadav Abrahami · Giora Kaplan


Is Wix Free?


Yes, Wix is free.  “For the basics.”

They do have mega Up-sells. Read more to find out!

Or try WordPress it is so much easier and works out cheaper.

Just click the button below it’s totally FREE



You can in all essence design an absolutely beautiful looking websites. With that, all drag and drop and some beautiful templates. Your good to go. Hold on a minute are you though ???? In fact, it’s going to look so good you could hang it on your wall as a masterpiece and be quite honest that’s all your going to do with it.


You may as well just pop it up in your hallway or in your lounge and admire it. I felt like chucking mine in the back yard that’s the truth. It served me no purpose at all.


I am not going to show you the basic plans you can try that out for yourselves. I just want to show you what the amount you would have to spend if you want an online money making website. I have to say Wix is normally used as a secondary website. Nothing that will give you any gains. To be honest you need to be a good  SEO expert to achieve any rankings at all.



The pricing does go up and up. You will have to buy apps. I hear lots of people have had issues with them. They don’t work sometimes. certainly not good for a business that you hope to earn money from. If you can’t add in the apps and the apps fail you’re certainly going to lose money.


Most people want to build websites to either monetize and earn money from their website/blog or to generally gain more traffic to their bricks and mortar business.


Most people want to build online stores the payment systems can let you down and not only that you cannot do virtual look around. If you want a jewellery store you need the” 360 Virtual Showroom”. You cannot have this… Wix, they have no apps to provide for that customization.


Lots of online stores nowadays do 360-degree views. You’re on a loss there already.



Wix does not have plugins as I explained above they use apps that you will have to purchase in the long run. Wix doesn’t really have their own email servers either. They use Gsuite at $5 a month. Just to be clear, you won’t be able to use the G Suite storage for your website with Wix, only for your emails and files you’d like to upload.


Common Issues for Wix users. 


Website loading time issues in certain geographies, given that it seems WIX doesn’t permit outside hosting, are their options you know of for resolving the hosting environment for a WIX website? Wix has a built-in CDN to speed up your site in different locations.


If you are seeing speed problems this is something I often have told WiX Users in the past while helping them out. I spent a lot of hours helping WiX users where the customer support failed them. I often had to tell them about images etc. That’s partly why I am writing this review I simply didn’t have the time to help Wix users any more.


It gets tiring after a while. If I say optimize a simple word to us maybe who are novice Website builders but certainly not for the newbie Wix owner. There support sucks badly.

You cannot have multilingual websites it simply is not supported. Trying to revamp or update your site and have issues with the images. You just cannot get on with the Theme template you have chosen. Might look good but come to customizing it damn it then your stuck you CANNOT change the theme like never. I think that’s why so many people falter. They end up so fed up they simply give up.


Here comes that most important factor.

The Biggie “GOOGLE and Affiliate Links. “



YOU CANNOT sell products on Google because Wix does not allow this. Wix does not allow Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the new and best ways for small companies to get their product out to the marketplace.  Wix can’t be synced with Google. Affiliate links are forbidden on Wix. Unless of course, you use their ad plan.



I also hate how they try to buffer you with coupons for Google Ads. They are advertised everywhere. They come via my emails every day Get free ads worth $75 dollars or the $300 coupon. What they do not tell you is you still have to purchase first to get this with Google. Why promote Google when they simply have no connection to them.



Here is a massive one for you!  Google My Business is totally Free yet they also promote that as an up-sell all though they do stress in very very fine print it’s free anyway from Google.  That just kind of shut the door for me on WiX.



There biggest Upsell is $34 a month and if you want your best premium apps in there too normally at $17 a month for just one of the best. Here is what you would pay for an online shop. No training supplied by the way at all. You just have to get on with it. Add on the cost for your premium Apps then the cost goes up and up.




Wix pricing and it's upsells it doesnt work out that cheap for sure.



Look out your hitting big dollars a month alone so Wix is not free at all if you want to earn money from your online business. and your Bricks and mortar business forget it. That will not bring you customers nor clients its quite simply nothing more than a portrait on your wall even with the big apps and up-sells they offer.



Here is why I use Wealthy Affiliate and I use WordPress and yes I am Highly Accepted by Google. Bing and Yahoo and anywhere else as a matter of fact. It’s common knowledge that the Websites built within Wealthy Affiliate rank so much better than any other sites.

Just in case you dare to compare to other domain providers here’s why Wealthy Affiliate works.


Hosting and comparison review Wealthy Affiliate works.




To get started today with your FREE WordPress Website just click on the button below. It is totally free and all the training you need to get up and running is included. It’s a no brainer. Don’t let Wix hold you back. Start as you mean to go on.




2 thoughts on “Wix Versus Wealthy Affiliate. My Honest Review and Why? 2019.”

  1. Hello,
    I came across this and now I know why I have never made any money with my website on WiX.
    I think that when they promote the free links for free websites the traffic comes with it. Yet it doesn’t and this has done my head in. I like the review here.
    How do I know that your system will be the same? I am sick of been scammed. I hate lies. I just want help.
    Can you help me? I have no idea how to start an online business.

    • Hi, Laurie,
      It really is a pleasure to meet you here. I originally started with a WiX site. I found the support was terrible and I didn’t get one person to visit my Site. That’s simply because they do not help you with generating traffic to Websites. I found them in the end overpriced they have these apps and the best ones do not come cheap.

      I have to admit my #1 recommendations are Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate. I already see you have found me inside Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with them since November 2016 so I would know by now if they were rubbish.

      They are the place that I generate most of my income. 6K+ a month and growing.
      If there is one thing I love to do is help anyone that is struggling to get ahead online.

      So My time is now yours and I will help you to achieve the same staus I have or even more.
      You are already powering forward and I see you doing so well Laurie. I can always tell a successful Affiliate Marketer because they knuckle down and intercept with the training. Let’s earn money together with the legit way online without all the B.S and scams. I will show you some secrets too. That most affiliate marketers don’t share.

      See you soon on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate Laurie. 🙂

      My Kindest Regards.


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