Wix review is it a scam

My Unique Review on Wealthy Affiliate Verses WiX. 

I have done a more in-depth article on Wix Versus Wealthy Affiliate you can read that Right  HERE!


I thought I should share this.  It is my own personal views on why I preferred to start my business with Wealthy Affiliate. When I first started out trying to build a website I started with the free version of WiX.


I had some real problems. First of all, to get InTouch with them was a nightmare. I hate nothing more than being shoved from one operator to another having to explain my dilemmas over and over again. I hate the automated call systems not the people just how the systems work.


Then I took to Facebook groups only to find out they knew even less than I did. All with the same problems. Building a beautiful looking website is absolutely great getting it to run properly is a nightmare.


Then I started to realize if I want it to work properly I would have to spend a fortune but I would still get the same awful operating system. See for a website that is used to generate an income then I need one that will run properly and efficiently. If I have to wait three days for help then that will just kill my business. So I gave up on them very quickly.

Test drive  Wealthy affiliate it’s free for a whole week. Which includes two free Websites with the Siterubix domain. Fee access to Boot Camp Tutorials and access to real-time Live chat. No credit card required click on the button below.


That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate. No automated call system thank goodness and no hidden extra money shocks. With everything to The site-Support if I fluff my site up and all the courses I had to teach me how to run my own business.


With on live help with the most helpful online community who know what they are doing there was no room for failure. The best thing is I am earning while I am earning. I have now 4 sites up and running and one I have built for a local Business is now a money-making machine that is ranked in the top pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


I couldn’t have done that with WIX and I know a lot of people struggling because I spend a whole lot of time helping those who are with WIX. Please read My newest Article on Wix Versus Wealthy Affiliate. 


2 thoughts on “Wix review is it a scam”

  1. I have had nothing but problems with WIX since I have been hosting my website there and have been considering moving my domain for some time now.
    This Wealthy Affiliate sounds pretty great the way you have explained about the live help and the site support which just makes things much easier and will give me more time to concentrate on my content rather than trying to fix problems.
    Is it easy to move my domain to Wealthy Affiliate and will it cost me anything to transfer it over?

    • Hi Mathew.
      Thank you for sharing your comment. Yes it can be a real nightmare. I had trouble getting help. It drove me insane. I was glad when I cam across Wealthy Affiliate and you can easily transfer your domain over its so easy to do.

      Just follow any of the links they will take you straight to the Join in section. Or you can go to the premium login if you like.

      To join for free you have the chance to start off with Two free websites which gives you a whole week to test drive the platform that includes using the Boot Camp Tutorials and interacting with our Live chat. Its the best thing I have ever done and I haven’t looked back since.

      Just click on the links and I shall see you on the inside.

      Earning while you are learning is the new norm and its the best way to start up any new Business. Free trial is free for a whole week and then your first month is just $19 and then $49 monthly after that. Works out about 8 cents per day.

      Best wishes and thank you So much for your comment.
      See you on the inside.

      Regards Deborah


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