Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate In 2018

Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate In 2018

I started looking for a way to earn money online probably from about 2012. I have to say I spent years looking for the right platform I just couldn’t find one that gave me what I needed. I did jump from one platform to another trying to be a successful online marketer. It just didn’t happen. So if you are like how I used to be still struggling then you really need to carry on reading this. You can also read my Free online money making guide right HERE!

I shall also give you 8 good reasons on 

“Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate in 2018”

8 more good reasons on

“Who Would Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate in 2018”



Listen!! I could give you all the promises of success and all that buzz.   Yeah, you are going to be so rich in a few weeks or less. Yes, you are going to be so successful. Yes you can earn thousands in a week. Yes you’re going to get your big mansion in a few weeks and your big flash car. If that’s what you want to hear then I am sorry you better get back to Facebook or elsewhere online and listen to all the lies and scams out there.  I  can’t give you those Lies here.

I can’t do that to you.  I cannot Give you all the hype and promises that you are going to be mega rich overnight!  Before you know it you have been sucked in and you are a $1,000 lighter and I am laughing all the way to the bank.  Your last dollars in my pocket.

That is just a big Fat No!! I do not work like that.

I am sorry I just cannot do that to anyone I work hard and I like to build good trust with all the people I interact with. I like to look after my referrals.  Not leave them high and dry!!

I like to take care of my Referrals and be on hand to help and mentor any of you. I also work alongside you too within the platform Wealthy Affiliate. So I will be interacting with you daily no doubt in Live chat which is constantly buzzing with everybody wanting to help.

See everybody online is looking for a way to make a quick buck. The reason they look for that is to be better their lives. I was the same until November 2016. Then online I met “Pribs”  aka Ian he showed me how to be a successful online Marketer and he has been a brilliant mentor too. So If you are Fed up of Scams please keep reading on.

 Why You Should  Join Wealthy Affiliate in 2018. 

8 reasons on why you should join wealthyaffiliate.com

  1. You need extra cash for bills.
  2. You want to earn more money.
  3. You want to be your own boss.
  4. You want to work from home.
  5. You need help with college fees.
  6. Baby Boomers retirees love it too.
  7. You want your Own Niche Website.
  8. You just want to become a blogger.                                                   

Who is it for and How can Wealthy Affiliate Benefit You 

  • You Sell on Etsy you need an online shop
  • You want to learn more about social media.
  • Your local Business is losing you money daily
  • Your website has issues and nobody will help you.
  • You just want to become a successful Entrepreneur
  • Especially for those on a budget too. No large Upsells.
  • You want to become a successful online Affiliate marketer
  • Especially for those on a Budget for beginners and the intermediates.


Just a few other important Factors you are going to need.

NO IT’S NOT TON’S OF CASH BECAUSE WEALTHY AFFILIATE IS 100% FREE to start for as long as you like.

You will need motivation probably 10 hours a week more if you can spare it.

Patience. Able to stick to the Training.

Listen and use every bit of that training in all your businesses that you do. You might find at times you get disheartened and think you can’t do it. I have been there too. The only difference in those that have failed before me, is because they gave up and I never did.

Failure was not an option for me.

Just a few more important things you need  I shall list below.






So grab a coffee and have a read:


To be honest this is not for the super advanced Affiliate Marketers. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform just isn’t for you. This is really for the Beginners and the intermediate. More so if you have been trying to get ahead in the online marketing world Then this is for you too. Even for you people that love  Social Media groups who want to learn how to work from your Facebook or Instagram accounts. This is for you too.


Its also for those who have a local business but need to get some customers or clients. Same for Amazon Shopify eBay even.  Who are all struggling to sell their stock. See today every single business needs a website. Without one your little shop in Facebook Pages or your little groups will all fail in time. It’s already been proven and no doubt you are struggling already.


The other thing you won’t need is tons of money because there are no major upsells and no hidden cash layouts so this is brilliant if you are broke or on a budget. So you will not be blasted with demands on paying out more money.

Creating an Account is totally free. Just click the green Tab on the Image Below.


Wealthy Affiliate is in fact the only Internet Marketing that I have ever seen that is actually free. It certainly isn’t one of those platforms that will start billing you after 7 days., it is 100% legitimate. You will never be billed unless you of course decide to upgrade. Which $19 Dollars on your first month and $49 thereafter. You don’t have to go premium if you don’t want but you do miss out on a whole lot of Extras.

You can keep your free account for as long as you want.

So when I tell you it is 100% free and  NO billing info will be required from you at all.

You also get access to a ton of training and Of course your two very own Siterubix Website. You can started Now if you want with your Free Website Go on Pop in the name for your New Business.

With Legit step by step  up to date ahead of the curve training. It’s going to be the most reliable and most up to training you could Imagine.

No old and tired training  you see repeated on YouTube or out of date training neither.   All the websites are built  on the platform WordPress  there are over 3,000+ theme templates to choose from so no two website will ever look the same. They are  easy to customize and navigate.

That training alone along with your 2 Websites would probably cost you around 200 to 300 dollars or more.


See in Wealthy Affiliate we do go by our 4 step process.

4 Steps to Building an Online Business.

Choosing an interest.

Now you would think that was easy but truthfully for quite a lot of people, it isn’t. Thats why we have the Certified Training and then if you can’t think of a niche we have the Boot Camp training. 

The next step is obviously Building your Website. Building out your new Amazon shop is amazing. Your Blog on your pets and animals anything you want to blog about. Remember it’s your Website and your Niche. You can do anything you want to do at all.

The next step is of course attracting visitors. That’s where the fabulous Jaaxy tool Comes in. Most good SEO experts will tell you. Good SEO needs a good Search tool. A proper Keyword research tool They can come in from $50 to $500 so that is also another massive saving. So when I tell you the truth when you are getting all this for free.

You are and you have already saved yourself a thousand dollars.

Our Community Support runs 24/7/365 days a year. We have live chat that runs 24/7 and it is constantly busy so you will never be left there not knowing what to do. We love Coffee in Live chat somebody is always off to make coffee. If you click on the image it will take you to my other Website


Our community love coffee.


If you stick to the training too it won’t be long before you can start helping out people and answering Questions. I am an Ambassador and there are only 25 of us and you can also work towards becoming an Ambassador too. If I can do it Anybody can.

Here is a little walk through Video Join us all in Wealthy Affiliate we are the most energised and helpful community on the Internet. We are Live 24/7 365 and that’s live in real time. Join us Now CLICK HERE 


Please drop mby and leave me any questions or comments you may have in the comment section below. Looking forward to connecting with you all.




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