Why join Wealthy Affiliate? [Top Eleven Reasons Why it Could Be For You?]

Here are my Top 11 Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Could Be For You! I am going to tell you why Wealthy Affiliate could be what you are looking for. Why should you join Wealthy Affiliate?  Yes, Wealthy Affiliate can change your financial future. I will also give you my Own reasons why and what compelled me to seek out a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate.  Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is for Affiliate Marketers, Local Marketers for Mom Bloggers, Mompreneurs, Daddy Bloggers too. Wealthy Affiliate is for those who want to Own Their Own Websites. For those who want to learn how to build a website with no experience. Learn all aspects of Online Marketing. 

Wealthy Affiliate is for those who also want to learn how to drive traffic (visitors) to your website. Make money from your Blog/website..100% affiliate marketing training platform with lots of extras included no experience needed. W.A includes the most active, engaging, helpful, and forward-thinking affiliate marketing platform in the world. WA provides its customers with an all-inclusive place to create, grow and scale their online business within any niche. 

Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with an education and coaching environment where you can advance your skill-set as an affiliate, as well as interact with some of the leading affiliate marketers in the world. They provide you with a set of tools that you can utilise to maximise your marketing reach, your conversions, and your overall affiliate revenue. With their 4-step proven Blueprint that works. You will be taught how to build a website. Main legal pages included no extra cost.

Wealthy Affiliate training Includes SEO (Site Engine Optimization).   Online Marketing and WordPress Websites training. Also includes YouTube Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Paid Ads. Email marketing, How to Promote your Online Business organically. Includes Local Marketing training too.

Wealthy Affiliate also includes Jaaxy a Keyword research tool with many extras. Think of attending a school with many teachers per student, that is the type of service that you can expect within the Wealthy Affiliate community. They provide you with a set of tools that you can utilise to maximise your marketing reach, your conversions, and your overall affiliate revenue. With their 4-step proven Blueprint that really works. Includes also an excellent recurring affiliate program with recurring commissions also an affiliate program with Jaaxy too. With their 4-step proven Blueprint that really works. Wealthy Affiliate is for Newbies and Advanced.


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Quick Summary.

Wealthy Affiliate Is for Affiliate Marketers, Local Marketers, Digital Marketers, SEO.  Wealthy Affiliate is also for those who want to Work From Home. Earn a Side Income or want a  Side Hustle. For those in MLM. For those who already have a blog or online store too. Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone from the age of 13 parental consent of course and up to 80 yrs old. Yes even out older generation like to build websites too.

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If you don’t want to read this article as it is rather long and you just WANT TO GET STARTED. You want to find out more about me. Or you just want to join like-minded people that are willing to help you. Then you can find out more by clicking on my link below. I will see you on the inside of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. By the way, it is totally FREE.


Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just build websites they build businesses


Super wealthy Affiliates- SiteRubix
Click on the image to take you to siteRubix.com


”Read My Top Eleven Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate could be for you?”

1: You want to Own your Own Website?

Many people really want to start building out a website or a blog but they are not sure how to get started. There are many free companies that will offer you a Free Website. Many of these can be confusing. People will give it a go but get lost in the process. Many tend to give up. With Wealthy Affiliate, the process of building a website is simplified with the training at Wealthy Affiliate. No need for all the techy Jargon. No need for any coding skills. Everything that you need to do start building a website is so easy inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate use WordPress so you also have over 3,000+ themes to choose from. Even the Free themes within WordPress are fully customizable.

 Wealthy Affiliate is the most actively engaging and helpful community but is also the best affiliate marketing platform on the internet. No need to worry if you get stuck along the way as there is always many ready to help you within minutes if you ever feel at a loss. It doesn’t matter if you have experienced or not this is for newbies and advanced even for those with their own website already. keep reading as there is so much more included. SiteRubix is one of the world’s easiest website builders combined you can create fully functional highly functional websites in seconds and you can take upon on the free domain Free website too with SSL certification included. 

SiteRubix is Built on cloud hosting and is built around everything business owners need.

Every website has to be responsive and mobile-ready and if it isn’t Google won’t even accept it So your site has to be super fast. You can design absolutely beautiful professional website looking at anything you want it to look like you don’t need any skills it’s so simple once you know-how.  SiteRubix is protected keeping you  optimised and functioning 24/7 behind the thing so you protect you from hacking spam malware malicious activity that all websites as to spectacle to and what better way to carry on forward not having to worry about the text I’d my time for you to grow your customer base or traffic what you waiting for build your website now it’s free 

Yes, you can start building your own website straight away. No experience needed. No coding skills needed. No website and design experience needed. It’s so much easier today than it was years ago. You don’t need all CSS skills or coding skills building websites is so much easier and we use WordPress.

So you can take your passion or something you love to build a website without any technical stress that is all done for you! Not to mention excellent site-support they are always on hand 24/7 365 days a year no need for waiting in a calling queue. Wealthy Affiliate and their excellent Site-support will have you and your site back up and running and yes even fixed in minutes. No need to wait for any calls or being held on hold no going through a process of listening to an automated voice before you even begin getting help. At Wealthy Affiliate all you have to do is submit a Site-support ticket and whilst you can be doing other things in between site-support will be back to you before you know it. 

Managed WordPress hosting companies that wealthy Affiliate view as similar in terms of quality in the industry.

Let’s do some comparisons here too. Starter Members at Wealthy Affiliate will have 1 free website and Premium Members have 10 Websites.

  • Pagely (5 Websites) = $199 per month
  • WPEngine (10 Websites) = $115 per month
  • Kinsta (10 Websites) = $200 per month
  • Wealthy Affiliate (10 Websites) = Included w/ Premium! $49 a month. Wealthy Affiliate are moving to update the hosting plans in preparation of some significant launches in May, and the introduction of a stand-alone Managed WordPress Hosting BRAND in the summer of 2020. Yep, you heard that first Right here first…

Yes, you can start building your own website straight away. No experience needed. No coding skills needed. No website and design experience needed. It’s so much easier today than it was years ago. You don’t need any CSS skills or Coding Skills building websites is so much easier and we use WordPress too. .


Go Ahead Get Building Your Own Website Today..It’s Free.


2.. You have a website/Blog already?

Many people have started a Blog or their website some with good hosting providers but find that they are not getting the help they need. Many are going from one Facebook group to another for this bit of training or that bit of free training. It just ain’t cutting it and it’s working out more expensive for them.  Many struggle getting traffic to their website too. The majority of a blogger’s with a website already actually turn to Wealthy Affiliate for extra training and end up moving their site over. To be honest it’s a no-brainer because it works out cheaper you get all your training in one place. Lots of you sign up for some extra training on places like Facebook,, this can become more costly. Not to mention all the messing around with the emails from PDF to PDF with all the help that you need.

I see so many people going for a bit of training on one Blogging group only to find they need more training..

How do I know because I sign up for free training too and to be honest none are as efficient as Wealthy affiliate. I cover all that too in my list so keep reading on. I have set up a new Facebook Group to help struggling Bloggers you can find me there if you like. 

Wealthy Affiliate also has an affiliate program which means you can sign up inside of Wealthy Affiliate to Click-bank Amazon, in ShareASale, Rakuten just to name a but a few. Believe it or not The affiliate program inside WA can also help you with you struggling with writing content too. It can give you some cool ideas. 


3.. You Can’t write or Spell so it puts you off trying?

Wealthy Affiliate also provides a Spell-checker and writing templates so if you think you can’t write then let me tell you, you can! Fact! They also include thousands of Free Images you can use too. WordPress works with the free Grammarly app too. All these are totally Free to use. As you can see by the screenshot below 4th tab down is Site Content. This comes with spell checker Free templates and thousands of images they are all free to use. So need to worry if you can’t spell really well or English isn’t your first language it is all sorted for you. This is all included and is at no extra cost to you. 🙂 Many people worry about writing their first post. That is made easier with all the free templates included.




4..You want to Earn a side-income? 

Many of us do. Not to mention with so many High Street shops closing like Thomas Cook just has in the UK. They maybe didn’t tap into how Lucrative Online Marketing is.  What better time to tap into Wealthy Affiliate and build a business around something you know about and even something you love doing. Wow, who doesn’t want to work from home? Mums, Dads, Retirees, Students especially. That way you don’t have to off to work nights after you have finished studying and who knows the training at Wealthy Affiliate may even enhance you’re studying it happens. Many Wealthy Affiliate members do end up doing what they want to do when they start off their Websites and end up going full time. Nothing better than working for yourself that is a fact.

5..You have a hobby/passion?

Transform Your Ideas into Profits. Start a Business From 1+ Million Lucrative Niches. Take your passion or hobby and tap into a zillion lucrative niches. It only takes one idea to create a very successful business online. It could be anything you love doing.

#Sewing #Fishing #Beauty #Eventplanner #Fitness #Pets #Golf  #Music  #Cooking #Travel

The list is endless.. If you struggle with finding a niche then Wealthy Affiliate have that covered too.


Laptop Tablet earphones websites

6.. You want to learn Affiliate Marketing?


Super wealthy affiliates-bootcamp

Bootcamp training is just for you. As is the Online Entrepreneur Courses.


Whether you have a hosting website, an affiliate marketing website, a website dedicated to working at home, 

No experience necessary Any newbie can do this with the affiliate marketing training that you’re going to be provided with. You just start monetizing your business but not only that you have access to the lucrative recurring commission’s wealthy affiliate has included. That also includes a  promotional toolbox from tracking tools, comparison charts, comprehensive stats, from Custom widgets, tracking custom link lander, website and keyword search research tool Jaaxy you really can’t go wrong

So as a free member to get started with you have got 40 lessons 10-in Bootcamp and send an online entrepreneur certification boot camp training consist of 70 lessons that by the time you finish your first 10 you will build the foundation of your very own affiliate marketing business online and people are turning these not just into a part-time business full-time business like me haha

Wealthy Affiliate members are provided with everything they need to get started Newbies or even Advanced are welcome.


7: You want to learn Local Marketing?

Yes, our Live trainer Jay is a top expert too in Local marketing and we have many replays of Jay’s live training on Local Marketing. No paying out thousands of dollars neither. He beats Aimee Ball’s Bossless Forever hands down for Local Marketing training. Not to mention some updated Live training in Local Marketing is in the pipeline so don’t miss out on this. No, you won’t have to pay $200 for a website like you have too with Bossless Forever. In fact,  Wealthy Affiliate will not charge you for massive up-sells. So you have no worries there. I wouldn’t waste 5K on training when I don’t have too.


8: You want to learn Social Media Marketing?

Everything you will ever need about Social Media marketing is on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate and if you join us today then you can catch up with the newest Live training all about Instagram the training is amazing and helped me gain over a thousand followers too.

Social media marketing abundance on Facebook everybody Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora you name it we have the training all up to date as well. Did you know your training is all in one place so that means no-more signing up for one bit of training onto the next bit of training which can turn out to cost you $5oo and $600+, in the end, are you sure the training is going to be updated too. Many are out of date.  In fact Jay our Live Trainer has just done over 4 hours of  Pinterest training includes How to do Pinterest Ad campaigns too.  That is included with Starter membership too. Saving you a fortune.. Period!

Check out Live training in Pinterest, Totally Free for starter members. Latest Training out in Released Feb 2020


Free Pinterest Training.

Super wealthy Affiliates-pinterest-training


With social media being such a strong force on the internet, it’s hard to choose which social media to focus on.

Get your Pinterest Training for Free. 4 hours + of Free Pinterest Training. 100% best training on the internet.

Pinterest Training Phase 1

Pinterest has always been an excellent source of visual stimulation, but what about using it as a source of traffic and SEO?

This live class will expose never seen before Pinterest strategies that will have you wishing you started sooner!

  • Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • An Overview of Pinterest
  • Personal vs Business Pinterest
  • What Niches are Good on Pinterest?
  • The Benefits of Pinterest

Pinterest Training Phase 2.

Pinterest Graphics, Fonts & Colors!?

In a sea of Graphics on Pinterest. What are the design elements that make Pinterest Graphics stand out?
This live class will reveal everything you need to know to build amazing Pinterest Graphics even if you have no design skills.
  • Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • An Overview of Pinterest Graphics
  • What Graphics Sizes Work on Pinterest?
  • Elements that Make Pinterest Graphics Stand out
  • Jay’s Magical Pinterest Graphic Design Source

Pinterest Training phase 3

Imagine having the ability to post multiple pieces of content in one go and reach a larger audience on Pinterest.
This live class will walk you through how to post multiple pins at once and the advantage of doing so.
  • Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • An Introduction to Power Posting Pins
  • Why Post Multiple Pins at Once?
  • One Pin, Multiple Boards?
  • What Makes a Pin Attractive
  • Watch Now

Pinterest Training Phase 4

Did you know you can boost your Pinterest Pins to reach a larger audience?

The Pinterest Ad network is a very cost-effective way to gain exposure to your niche and website.
This live class will walk you through how to start, run and optimize Pinterest Ad Campaigns.
  • Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • An Introduction to Running Pinterest Ad Campaigns
  • Strategic Pins That Will get Approved
  • Setting a Budget For Your Campaigns
  • Learning About Your Pinterest Audience Insights
  • Let’s Run a Pinterest Ad Campaign LIVE!

9.. Do you want to Learn Site Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Then we have the perfect Keyword research tool for you to use. Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate get Jaaxy Lite included in their Premium membership too. Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by Affiliate Marketers FOR Affiliate Marketers. With the Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords that you will then be able to use to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights.

It is a true SEO dream tool and is essential for affiliate/internet marketers, blog owners, local marketers, and merchants.

For a Free Jaaxy account, you have 30 Free searches. You can try it out right here below


The absolute must to building your own online Business website. Without SEO you are nothing.  Jaaxy is a state of the art SEO Keyword Research tool to help you and is free if you become a Member at Wealthy Affiliate. Not to mention all the added training Live training too in everything SEO. We keep you updated and above your competition at Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, Jaaxy also has training videos and some cool PDF Downloads as an extra bonus. You can start viewing these videos by joining right Here


Jaaxy keyword management tool











See even with all of this you can clearly see you are well and truly looked after by Wealthy Affiliate. You can Just use Jaaxy as a standalone if you like. You don’t have to opt-in for both. It silly if you don’t though as you can get Jaaxy Lite Free with Premium membership at W.A. 


Jaaxy’s Pricing options Monthly





Remember Jaaxy lite is Free for Wealthy Affiliate Members

With the Keyword Research Tool, you are going to be able to quickly discover unique, hot and untouched keywords that you will then be able to use to drive your SEO and PPC campaigns to new heights. It is a true SEO dream tool and is essential for affiliate/internet marketers, blog owners, local marketers, and merchants.

 A simple domain name can fetch $100’s, $1,000’s and sometimes MILLIONS of dollars. One domain. High quality, brandable domain names are in short supply and like any type of real estate, once a domain is owned nobody else can own it. A simple domain name can fetch $100’s, $1,000’s and sometimes MILLIONS of dollars. 

Domain names available  .com .net .org .co.uk etc all domains are available we’ve given keywords and it will show you high-ranking high value and with over 92 domains showing up her every 3 search term.. What’s not to like.  You can save your  domain list you can even uncover brilliant local marketing domains in different segments from parking dentist plumbers anything hairdressers and you can save and  Store and buy domains in bulk if you wish You can build incredibly valuable domain portfolios that could reach into  hundreds to thousands of Dollars

 Reverse engineer your competition you can spy on find out where they ranking you can find out about the website content structure and content quality that link placement information the competition they don’t want you to have it’s going to give you a competitive Edge 


10: Do you want to Earn Recurring Commissions in Affiliate Marketing?

What a better way to earn commissions inside Wealthy Affiliate you get repeat monthly commissions. As an example I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for three years so every month of that I am there my referrer Pribs also earns his monthly commissions. Don’t believe me do the Math.

Recurring commissions wealthy affiliate 


Wealthy affiliate has commissions that are reoccurring so your average commission is $121 plus per sign up! That is the beauty of commission that you can earn from affiliate marketing model and getting recurring commission is really like having affiliate commissions but without having to pay thousands for High ticket affiliate programs. 


Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive place to create, grow and scale your online business within any niche. 



Commision Examples at Wealthy Affiliate.
Commission Examples at Wealthy Affiliate.


Just in case you think it can’t happen well it can. Just look at Jerry. He was a complete newbie to everything Affiliate Marketing and he is making fortunes now. Read more about Jerry and his 900 referrals in one week. Just click on the image to find out more about Jerry. Success happens at Wealthy Affiliate and so does Massive success.


Jerry Huang 900 referrals in one week.
Click on the image to follow Jerry and yes he also does training and gets paid for it too inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

11: You are on a budget and do not want to pay out 10’s of thousands of dollars for training.

Absolutely if you are on a budget you can get started today with Wealthy Affiliate and get your first month at a Blip of $19 and you can learn the exact same process as Jerry and I for $29.98 if you do it right. I Earn a 4K passive monthly income and goodness only knows what Jerry earns today. Just goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone. Yes, even you that know Affiliate Marketing and even already have a website. Build 10 websites complete with training and Site-support. Community Support. Free SSL Emails included and all the training you will ever need not to mention Jaaxy Lite is included for Free.

Make More Money-


If you have answered Yes to all of the Reasons above or just a few of the reasons I have listed above in my Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate? Then joining wealthyaffiliate.com is the right place for you. Yes, that means for those who are on a budget too. There are countless reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate if I listed all of them then this post would be endless. So I have given you my Top Eleven Reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate for now. I want to explain to you what led me and countless others over 1 Million+ Entrepreneurs to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.

 What compelled me to seek out a platform like Wealthy Affiliate?

I always wanted to own my own Website. I started to look online for a place that could teach me how to build my very own website and learn how to promote any product online I was interested in. Going first of all looking into Universities or a College that could teach me all I needed to know. So I approached the Open University courses online. To be accepted I had to do an exam. I passed and was told I could enrol for was Website and Design.

That was a few years before I met W.A. Along the same lines I was looking for courses online to help me be able to Make Money Online work for myself and be My Own Boss! I wanted to Work From Home and Earn a Side-Income. Yes, I wanted a Side-Hustle in Online Marketing. I wanted to Own My Own Website.n out and out scam or if they were legit it would cost me thousands of dollars to learn the process of being an Online Marketer when I say Thousands I mean, It would be like taking out a massive loan to cover the costs. That’s ok if you are not on a budget. It’s ok if you have money to burn but I simply didn’t have the extra funds.

Now getting back to the Open University Course. This course would have cost me excess of £2,500 on enrolment those costs would have gone into £20.000+ by the time I would have finished no doubt. The more I looked into it. I thought I am going to have to learn Online Marketing also. That would mean extra courses in Online Business Marketing.

I simply did not have that kind of money. I also wanted to work online. So the marketing aspect would have been a part of another course. That would have cost me about the same to enrol in that one too. Meanwhile, if I had of started those courses I would have still had to work to cover all the costs. I would have just gotten deeper and deeper into debt and I wasn’t young neither. I was in my 40’s then. So the hunt continued.

I just refused to give up always believing that somewhere online I would find a place that could teach me all the aspects of Being an Online Business Marketer and Owning My Own Website. So the hunt online continued. I tried Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Sales as it is also called.  I hated it and after wasting a Year and a Half with one MLM Company I came away from that out of pocket and never learned a blumming thing. Apart from trying to recruit family and friends. That was about it. Of course, I learned some stuff about the products but all that disappears if you try a different MLM company.

I learned the compensation plan of course but that was it. I think so many people fail at MLM simply because they have no idea how to promote their MLM product online. After all, you aren’t taught online Business Marketing with your Sponsors or Up line. That is training you have to seek out for yourself. If you want to move passed recruiting family and friends then you will need some knowledge of online marketing and learn how to run pay per click ads.


I have written a few posts on Multi-Level Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing you can read about My Life Plus MLM Review too.

Most MLM companies will not give you Online Business Marketing training especially if you are in the Health and Wellness Sector as I was. So let me tell you now if you want to do Multi-Level Marketing and you want to stop hassling your friends and family. Then yes Wealthy Affiliate is great for teaching you How To market your MLM Business Online to a broader spectrum of audience.
It makes total sense. It is total sense. So if you are in MLM stop struggling now and learn how to Market Yourself Online Properly and Stop hassling your family and friends 🙂

Getting back trying to get ahead online. I carried on searching for a place that I knew I could be safe. A platform that could teach me how to build my own Business Website and learn how to make money from it. I needed a place that wouldn’t want to scam me. That wouldn’t give me the promises of getting Rich Quick in a Week Or a Day. After all, I am not stupid enough to fall for those types of scams as it really is common sense. Although I have to admit they are super clever at sucking you in with their really good sales pitches.

If we could all make money by just a push of a tiny tap on a keyboard we would all be rich, wouldn’t we? That is where you need to keep your head. If those out there tell you online you can make money quick. They are lying all they are doing is selling you the same kind of rubbish they are promoting. I mean think about this how they lure you in. Full of Getting Rich Quick schemes. When in all essence all you are doing is buying into the same thing they are doing. Most of those are struggling to earn a few dollars themselves. They promote the scams as all they really have to do is just share the scam links. Online Marketing does not work like that at all.

What these scam promoters do to you. You will do to others and you will not end up in a good place as you will find if you build an audience they will lose all trust in you. As these scam systems never last for long. These people do not earn money unless of course they already are a well-established Affiliate and don’t mind pushing a scam. Those people are unethical and they don’t stay promoting for long and the companies change names. Then the people like you and I realize what they are promoting is worthless. That is a good way to lose your audience.

I have written about a lot of scams on this website. I have a bullet list below of some of them that you can read if you like. Some you may have been looking into already. I have just listed you a few below but I have written many more.

So getting back to what compelled me to seek out a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate. Well, to be honest, I never believed I could find a platform that wouldn’t break my bank but not only that would not scam me then send me off to different Online Platforms where they would want me to pay out more monthly fees. If you are broke have you ever tried to pop into the search engine Make Money Online? All you get are scams or Good platforms but they are going to cost you the earth just about if you want to continue with their training.

I have met them all. It took me nearly three years to find Wealthy Affiliate. When I did. I never thought It could be as good as it really is. I was so excited. I had everything I needed all in one place. I could build my website and learn how to monetize it. I could at last Make Money Online and actually Earn money while I learned the whole process. Not only that the best thing for me it was totally free to try out for as long as I wanted. I couldn’t wait and upgraded immediately. I saw the potential Wealthy Affiliate has. I also knew they knew I had no experience in Website and design. I had no coding skills and I knew absolutely nothing on How to Market My own Online Business.

Would you believe it? I didn’t even have a niche. So I was stuck for a while racking my brains. That’s when I stumbled into the Local Marketing Sector of Wealthy Affiliate. The rest is history, to be honest, and you can read all my Blogs at Wealthy Affiliate. I have 98 Posts inside Wealthy Affiliate and it more or less covers my whole journey. Including my bad days. You can Find out more about me inside Wealthy Affiliate if you like. I am always active. I love to help anyone too.

Conclusion of why you should join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme either. It is a Training Platform. That will teach you how to build your own Website learn How to drive traffic to that website and once you learn all of the processes you can earn money. The best thing is with Wealthy Affiliate, YES YOU CAN EARN WHILE YOU LEARN. You are given 70 Free courses for free to start with that is in Online Entrepreneurs Certification Courses. Unlike other Entrepreneur courses, that are super expensive.  With Wealthy Affiliate, you will not have to pay out thousands of dollars to learn the process.

The Bootcamp Courses are based on promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a whole and Affiliate Marketing. If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate then, of course, I will earn a commission if you decide to carry on with Wealthy Affiliate and keep training as I have. I will earn a recurring commission too. That means I earn every month and so can you. Here is my Affiliate Disclosure Page that covers all of the Affiliate sides of things. This is something we all need on our websites to be up to date with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) roll-out and no we don’t have to pay out thousands to learn all of that too.

If you do not have a product to sell!

Then you can learn how to make money from other peoples products that they sell. So for example, if I am interested in Ladies Shoes. I will go to places like Amazon that have products for sale that have an Affiliate Programme and sell shoes. I will join them.  On my website, I will write a review and show some great pictures of the shoes. I will be given an Affiliate link if anybody clicks on the link and buys the shoes I make a commission.

How Affiliate Marketing works
The Affiliate Marketing cycle. How does Affiliate Marketing Work


I don’t have to own the product. I don’t have to buy the product and I don’t have to deal with Customer services with all the deliveries and returns.

All I have to do is write a review if I like a product or if I hate it. That’s how simple Affiliate Marketing can work. The hardest thing you will find is getting visitors to your website. No visitors no money it’s a simple process to work that one out.

So you will need to learn everything in Site Engine Optimization (SEO). That means once you have your website up and running online. You are going to learn the process of getting customers or clients to visit your Website.

You can do this with Paid ads which you will also be taught about at Wealthy Affiliate. You will need training in all aspects of that. Paid ads can be super expensive and costly if you don’t know what you are doing. You can also be taught how to drive customers or clients to your websites by organic traffic. That is very much like my website. I just promote my Website on all free resources like Social media. You can be taught the proper process to do that too.


If you are a complete newbie at Affiliate marketing, Online Marketing like I was.


Then you are going to need all the training to be a success at Online Marketing. Yet you do not have to pay out thousands of dollars to learn that process. You can do it all in one place. You can do that all with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a platform that is truly affordable for everyone. It will not make you broke.  It will and can give you everything you need to Build a Super Successful Online Business. I am also a successful Local Marketer and I have learned all I need to be a successful Local Marketer.

The best thing for me is. I am also kept up to date. I see that many people falter as they are buying into outdated training. It is common sense that technology is changing all the time. Look at your Cell/Mobile and see how many software updates you do. Same with social media it is always been updated. Outdated training can kill Your Online Business within seconds. You need to be kept up to date. Even Google the Search Engine is always updating all the time.


Here are some Comparison Reviews I have written about below.

I have included Wix Review too. As Wix is not as Free as you think. Some of what I have written about are expensive to join. You have to be careful too. Like ClickFunnels. There are a lot of added extras you will need to use some of the other products they may promote.  You will need to if you Join Click Funnels so that is going to be more expensive on a monthly basis.  You can read about the others below They are all Comparison reviews. All below I have compared them to Wealthy Affiliate. That will give you more scope and education on the cost differences the Free Resources they offer and why For any fledgeling Affiliate Marketer or Local Marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only affordable but they have NO hidden up-sells at all.

To be honest, I know full well. I would have failed at all aspects of Online Marketing if I had joined any of the above in my Bullet list.

First I would have not been able to afford them and simply just given up. Now those of the above-mentioned none of them are scam Platforms or Systems but they are not cheap. I would not recommend them if you are a complete newbie to Affiliate Marketing or Local Marketing. That is just how I feel. After all, I can only guide you along the way. It is up to you who you join in the long run. Just trust in yourself and see what you can afford in your Budget.

After all, we are looking to Earn Extra Cash Online as we need the Extra Cash. Otherwise, we wouldn’t bother to look online for A side-income or a Work From Home Business. (Home-based Business) Just use your due Diligence. I have hopefully filled in the rest for you. Of course, if you have the spare cash then at least you have half the worry off your back. Just make sure you put your extra cash to good use.

Remember I learn all I have and still do for much less than a cup of coffee I day. I have never had to break my bank. I have never had to get loans. I feel lucky that I actually found Wealthy Affiliate. I haven’t looked back since.  I started to Earn the bigger Online Passive Income around the 4-month mark with Wealthy Affiliate. None of the above is a Get Rich Quick Schemes Neither. So no Scams No B.S. Fact!

The prices of those listed above in my bullet list will cost you thousands of dollars. If you want to continue with them. I know lots of people recommend them. You have to remember the Affiliate Marketers who are successful with this kind of Platform/Systems have already built massive followings and visitors to their websites. So now they can promote the high-ticket sales much easier than if you are a Newbie so please keep that in mind. Remember I know I was a newbie too. 🙂


So let’s Recap about Why Wealthy Affiliate could be for You?

  • You can start your Own Free Websites.

You have two free Websites to get started with.

  • You can start Your Free Training this includes Two Separate Courses.
  • Entrepreneur Certification Free Courses.

This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started the course (level 1) is your first step to realising your potential as an Online Business Owner.

  • Bootcamp Free Training Courses.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet and within the first phase of the training, we are going to get your business built on a solid foundation. All long term businesses start with a vision and a brand and we are going to help you get this in place in the first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training. This course is 10 lessons and by the time you have finished this course, you are going to have your foundation for a long term and very lucrative business online set out!

  • You will also have access to the Top Notch Online Community and access to Live chat.

The Most Helpful Community in the World. Period. The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it. Getting help in a timely manner through access to a myriad of people with all kinds of expertise is exactly what you can expect. We are a community that truly cares and will be there for you all day, every day. We are active 24/7 and we all love to help each other. That is a fact 🙂


Go Ahead and Click on the Banner Link Below. It’s totally free. Don’t forget you have access to Live Pinterest training and so much more too. Free For as long as you Like.


Make More Money

I know this Article was rather long. You may think I am harping on about myself a little. I am just using me as an example and what attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since November 2016 and I am still a member. That time has flown by so quick. I am happy I gave Wealthy Affiliate a try. Yes, like everything we all sit back and wonder if we can do this and make money online.

My only answer to that is try it. If you don’t like it at first just give it a go. I always go by a three-week cycle if, I test something out. If I am still bored after 21 days then I know it will not work for me. That is my only personal timeline though. Everyone is different. I would love to know what you think. Voice your opinions below in the comment section. Even those who have tried Wealthy Affiliate but didn’t get on with it. I want to connect with you all. I also want to learn from you too. Especially you newbies out there.

I am open to all your comments and questions.

  • Do you want to make money online?
  • What exactly do you look for?
  • How do you intend to start Online Marketing?
  • Have you joined Wealthy Affiliate already?

Looking forward to connecting with all of you.

Regards Debs 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate

$0.00 to $49

Free Training.


Free Websites.


Free Support


High paying Recurring Affiliate Commissions



  • Best Online community of helpers.
  • Entrepreneur Certification Free Courses.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Members know how to rank
  • Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most lucrative "recurring" affiliate programs


  • None

12 thoughts on “Why join Wealthy Affiliate? [Top Eleven Reasons Why it Could Be For You?]”

  1. Hi Deborah,

    This is a great post and being a premium member of wealthy affiliate, but started with the free membership. While I was looking to start my own business the free membership gave me a chance to see what affiliate marketing is all about without spending money on unproven (by me) eBooks and poor quality courses from pushy “gurus” I had nothing to loose as you just need an email address. It changed my life and was worth a try.

    • Absolutely that is just one of the best things about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 

      The free trial we have is like no other. Not one platform out there does this. Even better when they don’t share our data or harvest it. They simply are 100% legit as you know yourself. 

      Wishing you all the best in all you do. Ill reach out too you inside of Wealthy Affiliate too.

      Thank you for stopping by my website and taking time out to leave me a comment. Kudos to you. 

      Debs 🙂

  2. Great article, Debs. All the reasons point to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is a proven program with a track record going back to 2005. It is clear that people make money using the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. In my 20+ plus years of marketing online, I have not seen a better training platform with all the benefits provided.

    • Hi, Glen,

      Thank you so much. I make you a million percent right. I always see you active and helping others on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate and that is what is the most amazing the community and support is second to none. 

      If Wealthy Affiliate was a waste of our time we simply wouldn’t do it that is for sure. I know you always give excellent advice glen and I am happy that you are a part of my network at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Have an amazing week Glen and thank you so much for passing by.

      Debs 🙂 

  3. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in july this year and this time has been the best in my life. Am no longer scared of the future. I have been scammed through different ways by people I physically know and those online. I was starting to be comfortable with my 9-5 buuuut I knew my dreams were all gone. So I decided to risk one more time with affiliate marketing and I landed on wealthy affiliate. I have never felt happy spending a dime. But when it comes to WA. I do whole heartedly because I know that what they offer is more expensive than the capital we invest in it. Am glad that you are senstising people with this program. I hope most open their heart and join the community. Thank you for the great job.

    • Hi, Brendah,

      Thank you. Yes I felt the same and that was back nearly three years ago. I still love the Wealthy Affiliate Platform as much as I did when I first started.. 

      The best thing about it also, is the Free Trial.

       It is Free for as long as people want it to be. So they have plenty of time to decide if they like it or not. It costs nothing to sign up and we do not sell on data unlike other companies I have reviewed.

       I know as I have a ton of emails and text messages from scam companies this will never happen with anyone at Wealthy Affiliate. If they decide to leave no problem it still costs them nothing. 

      I am so happy you found W.A. Ill connect with you on the inside. 
      Debs 🙂 

  4. This is a very thorough and insightful introduction to affiliate marketing! Going through your list of 11 reasons really got me thinking about all of the opportunities that affiliate marketing could bring. there are certainly no shortage of scams and schemes out there and it can be so perilous trying to navigate the online market.  Having someone take the time to really outline the ins and outs makes me feel a lot more secure about investigating this opportunity!

    • Hi, Michelle Lynn,

      I have only outlined a few of the options that are open to us all at Wealthy Affiliate. I could go on forever to be honest. 

      People may think I gush a bit too much about Wealthy Affiliate. The reason why that is as I was complete newbie to everything Online Marketing I didn’t have a clue about any of the training I would need. I had no skills in Website nor in WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life. I now have two forms of income in Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing. Lot’s of people don’t realise the aspect of the Local Marketing side of things but all the training is there for that too. 

      I am so happy I could help you too. There own Website says it all too. You can find there main website here https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com.

      Thank you for passing by my website too. I will be on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate to help as will many others we have the best online real-time community of helpers inside Wealthy Affiliate and we are active 24/7 365 days a years as is Site-support too. There is no room for failure and the only ones that do fail are the ones that give up. I am happy I never did. 

      Debs 🙂

  5. Hello Deborah,

    Being also a member of Wealthy Affiliate years ago I do nothing but confirm all the information provided on the site. If you are interested in everything related to “sales” you can here learn to create your website fully optimized and earn a very good money.

    Us a beginner or not, you will have excellent training and very suitable tools to meet all your goals. Tip, do not miss this opportunity! 

    Regards. Claudio

    • Thank you, Claudio,

      Yes you are so right and I know that even though the platform is all English and English is not your first language even you know the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

      yes there is excellent training websites on super fast servers and we rank super quick too. 

      Thank you Claudio. 🙂

  6. Love this site, always so informative. Also love the WA system as i joined about a month ago and could not be happier with what i have learned already, i am currently only up to level 4 and have an up and running website myself. What level are you up to ?

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much. I have completed all my levels. However, I would be silly to say if I was fully finished with the training as this would be impossible. 

      It is like everything. Times change. The internet changes within a blink of an eye. Lucky for us we are kept up to date with all the changes. That is an added plus for sure. 

      I will go and find you inside Wealthy Affiliate to help you if you like. That is the other good thing about Wealthy Affiliate we take care of each other and each other’s referrals. That certainly makes for a Pay it forward community for sure.
      Deborah. 🙂


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