Where do you Begin ?

Getting Started and where do you begin?

”Now thats where we all struggle!”  ”Getting started is one thing but how do we do that?”   The Internet is rife nowadays with promises based on nothing.  I didn’t know where to begin and it took me years of trying to find the right place for what  I was looking for to help me get my business up and running. I found that within  Wealthy Affiliate.


I wanted my own Website and Blog.  I wanted to be in control of my business.  Not just promote other sites like most MLM do.  They then controlled me it still wasn’t my business.

I know my business will  fail without a Website! 

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I don’t!  want a seasonal business neither.


I wanted more from my business. After all who wants for example a Bouncy castle Business. You wouldn’t turn to me if I had dodgy car insurance and no public liability to protect your children would you. (Bouncy Castle is used as an example)


Imagine that and using the blue badge for something that you had no rights to. Running in the wrong way or with the wrong people promotes failure. Its common sense really. Trust is the absolute key to all of this.


Why would you want that kind of Business. Paying out thousands for blow up castles for children then not having paper work correct certainly goes against the grain for me. (”Bouncy Castle business is used as an example in no way directed to any company what so ever!”)


My business has to be 24/7 365  with all my privacy and disclaimers policies in the right order.


I certainly would not pay out thousands just to have or be included or run a buff company. Good businesses do not run like that same as affiliate marketing. Its all got to be in the right order. Trust is absolute Key.

Free Training No B.S. No LIes No Scams Just an honest traing platform that works.


The internet is a massive affair of get rich quick schemes. Facebook oh wow the amount of posts and ads I come across that promise you the earth is shocking. ”Get rich over night.”  ”Be a multi billionaire over night”  ”Earn thousands in 7 days” .  Its all just silly and please believe me it took me years to understand that. The only way  to get massive cash overnight is win the Lottery and we all know the odds on that.


See everyone that pushes the big I am are mostly just start ups hoping to lure you in. The  fact is the  real companies will tell you its not as easy as you think and can take you hours and years to start earning the big bucks. They will also tell you this. If your wanting tons of cash then you are in the wrong place.


Even MLM it takes up to 3 to 4 years just to earn 2.500 a month and you need one heck of a good team behind you to get that a month. I should know I have done a few and it is widely known that your upline don’t really help you they are too busy making money for themselves. I tried MLM its hard work and it’s not for me it can become very bitchy as well.



Its common knowledge every successful affiliate marketer will tell you this it doesn’t take over night at all.  It takes hours of hard work. For some it takes years for me I started getting cash in dribs and drabs my first big check took me 4 months. I have haven’t looked back since. I can tell you that took me a whole lot of hours.



I am not a billionaire yet nor a millionaire but my average wage monthly exceeds more than I ever thought possible. I often try to put things into perspective.

Steve Jobs R.I.P  would say this to you.

”Having a dream, is believing in the dream, but giving up a 40 hour a week job to put in more than 80 hours a week or more for a dream’ and something that takes a good six months to start growing even years out of your life. Do you still want to do it?”

If you do want o try out Wealthy Affiliate you can start as a free member but join at least for six months. Click on the image below for the full starter page at Wealthy Affiliate.Premium Options now have 6 months options at Wealthy Affiliate.


Ok Steve Jobs was building Apple it took him years and he lived the hard life. Branson  and Virgin. He started his business in a red Call Box all broke no money but just a dream Microsoft office it began with a dream and in the end a successful team behind him made his dream become a reality.  Getting the best platform is a necessity having the right team is absolutely essential
Team work helps we all work to help each other at Wealthy Affiliate

Leave some comments below if you have any questions or thoughts Debs 🙂

4 thoughts on “Where do you Begin ?”

  1. What an amazing site! I have so much to learn from you!!! I love all the links. I had no idea how many options you can have. Also I learned a little about WA vs. Wix that I didn’t know. I love the colors you use, the pink is a sharp contrast and really brings attention to so much information. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the link for Jaaxy in the menu. It wouldn’t take me anywhere. Not sure if that is on my end or not. But I LOVE this site! Can’t wait to keep learning from you.

    • Lynette thank you so much for your comment and thank you for notifying me about my Jaaxy link. I shall check that out.
      Thank you very Much
      Regards Deborah

  2. Hi there I am still in school and I was just wondering if I was able to start I’m 16 I have tried the wix but it is just to expensive for me. Will this help me build my own web site and will I be able to monotize my work

    • Hi, Daniel
      Yes first of all you can still be in school to join us at wealthy Affiliate. We have lots of students becoming successful entrepreneurs already. I see you like gaming. You can build a beautiful website or a blog. Inside you can learn everything you need to be a success in the online world. We will even teach you how to market you and your site properly.

      Just click on any of the links. Its free for the first week and the first month is $19 there after its is $49 Most people earn that straight away. When you join pop in a picture in your profile page any photo will do even a fifa one. Its better for been greeted on live chat. I shall be on the inside to greet you there.

      Great success is yours for the taking. Stick with me and I will help you achieve that.
      Regards Deborah 🙂 🙂


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