What is Revital U is it Legit or another Scam MLM?

Welcome to my Revital U Review. Is this just another scam MLM or is really a Legit company. In this review, I want to give a Compensation plan structure a breakdown. After hunting high and low and chatting with some of the sponsors too. I wanted to really dig deep into Revital U to see if I could find any faults in it’s Pay Plan structure. I also wanted to check out the products too. Let’s find out if this really is as legit as they say it is.

Revital U is a Uni-level compensation plan that includes the multi-level marketing pay structure. This is a team-building structure. You can grow as wide and as deep as you want. There is also a commission structure on the retail of any products you sell. This commission structure grows as and when your customers grow. This in MLM is what they normally call a Product buyer. Meaning some people do not want to take upon the business opportunity and are just interested in the products. Those are the basics of how Revital U works and I will dig into this deeper as I go along in this review. Keep reading for my Direct sales Life Hack #01 below.

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Quick Summary:


  • Website: revitalu.com
  • Owner: Andrew McWilliams
  • Cost to Join: $49+
  • Who is it for?  For those who want to work from home and sell other products and recruit for MLM.

Revital U will cost $49.99 to join and to get started in the affiliate compensation plan program of the MLM program that they offer.

Revital U Products

Revital U market coffee and ”Smart Cap”.As per the company’s website, their coffee ‘is designed to energize you from within. Here is there PDF on Smart coffee that you can read for yourself.

Just because of this may be a Legit MLM that doesn’t mean to say it is easy to recruit. I have noticed and being in MLM myself many do struggle to earn money. I was in MLM for two and a half years and never earned a dime. I was just another product buyer.

I am now an Affiliate Marketer and Local Marketer. I have to admit doing what I do now is so much easier. That is my personal thoughts you can find out more about what I do at Wealthy Affiliate  Right Here. 

Revital U Company products.

Revital U Products Energy Coffee.
Revital U Products Energy Coffee. Appetite Suppressant

Revital U coffee sells for $49.99 for a 30-day supply tub or $54.99 for a box of thirty single-serve sachets. Smart Caps retail for $49.99 for a thirty-day supply. Both the coffee and Smart Caps are available at a discount on a monthly auto-ship. Many MLM recruiters use Autoship as if they are giving you a discount that way it keeps you buying every single month. All those who are recruiters for Revital U have to be on auto-ship also. As they have to spend $49 every month to stay in the compensation plan. they are now tapping into the Free testing before you buy. This is not as free as it seems as you have to pay for shipping and for a few sachets of coffee the shipping is not cheap. If you have a nice sponsor then she will give you a gift box in the hope you Join but they are not free to her or him neither.

Revital U review of the Company

Andrew Mcwilliams CEO Of Revital U
Andrew McWilliams CEO of Revital U. Network Network Network That is what you will be doing on a Day to day basis.

Andrew McWilliam is the CEO and owner. The domain was actually registered officially on July 15th, 2016 “revitalu.com” by the name Pay Johnston. Back a few years ago, Andrew McWilliam was part of the Momentis company as the CEO. He was also a recruiter for the companies ACN and LuxuriLife. With that said, let’s take a look at the products that Revital U has to offer to its customers and affiliate members.

Check what I have found out though. The Revital U website domain (“revitalu.com”) was registered on July 15th, 2016.
Pat Johnston is listed as the owner, through an address in the US state of Texas. On his LinkedIn profile, Johnston cites himself as President of Revital U. Further researching into LinkedIn reveals Andrew McWilliams citing himself as CEO of the company since late 2016.
On Twitter McWilliams (above) confirms he is also the owner of the company. Anyways Either or either they may tell us what’s right.


Break Down of Revital U Compensation Plan Structure.

The sliding retail commission rates are great and Recruiters/affiliates. However, remember this you can’t earn a residual commission unless You have got at least two active retail customers. That is spending $49 a month on repeat An affiliate’s own purchases can add to their retail quota, but given its one customer out of eight and then two out of nine or more, not really an issue.

It can be tough if you keep losing your customers. Like many MLM recruiters sell a lot of the weight loss products but once the customer loses weight they won’t keep buying the product. You are always on a battle to keep your customers. Most of MLM products are super expensive. How do I know? I was with LifePlus and Forever Living. I have just done a review of Forever Living.

To increase residual commission rates a Revital U affiliate has to rank up, which requires building a solid retail customer base an encouraging downline affiliates to do the same. This is exactly what you want to see in an MLM company regarding compensation and business focus.
One thing I’ll point out with respect to affiliate rank criteria is the bouncing between focus.
Rank qualification starts off with acquiring retail customers and then adds specific rank recruitment criteria.


Dare to compare?

Find out how to promote any product online without costing you a single dime. Or even learn how to get more leads with this process your Sponsors will not teach you.


Revital U review of the compensation plan.

The Revital U Ranks

There are 8 ranks of pay levels that you can earn from with the Revital U compensation plan:

  • Brand Influencer –

Simply sign up as an affiliate.

  • Influencer qualified brand –

Maintain at least 2 personally referred members that stay active at $99 PV per month.

  • Executive Brand Influencer –

Refer at least 4 active retail customers, maintain at least 2 personally referred members that stay active at brand Influencers and generate at least $198 PV per month

  • Senior Brand Influencer –

Generate and maintain at least ten active retail customers, maintain at least 3 personally referred members that stay active at the Executive Brand Level, has a total of fifty active customers of the group and generates at least $399 PV per month

  • Regional Brand Influencer –

Generate to at least ten active retail customers, have a total of one thousand group customers active per minute (250 min from three sponsorships) and maintain at least $399 PV per month

  • National Influencer of the brand –

Generate at least ten retail customers, have two influencers of the directly or indirectly sponsored executive brand and two regional brand influencers in four uni-level legs (one for each leg), have a total of five thousand active customers of the group and maintain at least $ 399 PV per mont

  • Global Brand Influencer –

Generate at least ten active retail clients, have four regional brand influencers directly or indirectly sponsored in four uni-level Known as legs (one for each leg), have a total of fifteen thousand active customers of the group and maintain at least $399 PV per month

  • Platinum Brand Influencer –

Generate at least ten active retail customers, sponsor and maintain at least six affiliates (to any degree), have a total of fifty thousand retail customers and maintain at least $ 399 of PV per month

When your team grows in the uni-level pay structure you will earn residual commissions. The number of commissions that you can earn will depend on what level you are qualified at. The bullet points shown below are what a Brand Influencer can earn and will also depend on how many customers you have in your organization.


Brand Influencer Earning potential


Revital U Brand Influencer Newest Products for August 2019
Revital U Brand Influencer Newest Products for August 2019
  • 2 to 9 active retail clients = 2% of remaining commissions until an affiliate of the same or higher is found in each leg of the uni-level team
  • 10 to 14 active retail clients = residual commission of 2 % until an affiliate of the same or higher rank is in each uni-level team segment and then 1% on an affiliate volume of equal or greater than the first generation
  • 15 to 24 active retail clients = 2% of remaining commissions until an affiliate of the same or higher is present in each unilevel team segment and then 1% on an affiliate volume equal to or greater than the first and second generation
  • 25 or more active retail clients = residual commission of the 2% until an affiliate of the same or higher rank is in every fraction of the uni-level team and then 1% on a first, second,


The Executive Brand Influencer offers more commissions of course and below is how it is broken down:

Executive Brand Influencer

  • Senior Influencer for Leaders and Seniors = 2% residual fee until an affiliate of the same or higher rank is in each uni-level team segment and therefore 1% on an affiliate volume equal to or higher than the first generation
  • Regional Brand Influencer = 2% residual commission until an affiliate of the same or higher rank is in each segment of the uni-level team and therefore of 1% on an affiliate volume equal to or greater than first, second and third generation
  • National and global brand Influence enters = 2% of remaining commissions until an affiliate of the same or higher rank is in each uni-level team segment and then 1% on an affiliate volume of equal or superior of the first generation
  • Platinum Brand Influencer = 2% of residual commissions up to Another affiliate classified Platinum Brand Influencer is in each leg of the uni-level team l

Revital U Retail Commissions

Commissions off for customers are also available with Revital U which happens every time you sell a product to a retail customer.
The commissions you can earn actually will depend on the number of customers you sell to which is broken down like this:

  • 2 to 9 retail customers = 5% retail commission rate
  • 10-14 retail customers = 10% interest rate of retail commission
  • 15-24 retail customers = 15% of retail commissions
  • 25 or more retail clients = 25% of retail commissions

All the tally up of numbers are considered from a month to month basis..

New Customer Bonuses at Revital U.

Revital U New customer bonus. Revital U offers bonuses for referring to retail customers which are:

  • Refer 5 retail customers = $ 50 bonus
  • Refer 10 retail customers = $100 bonus
  • Refer 15 retail customers = $200 bonus
  • Refer 25 or more retail customers = $500


Is Revital U a Legit MLM or a Scam?

No Revital U is a 100% legit company. However, you must remember that at all times you have to have two active legs in your first level to be able to get paid. Although the coffee is highly expensive it is a good product. Does it help you lose weight? It’s like anything if you are in your 20’s you are going to lose weight quicker than someone in their 50’s and no doubt you will have to cut down your calories. They do say though the coffee helps to suppress your appetite. Not sure if that is true but if you are nearing on 50 then I would double the intake of Coffee as metabolisms do slow down as we all age.

As a compensation plan is run to military performance and is sound. The only thing is you are going to be constantly selling and constantly recruiting. That’s an ever-increasing round of Networking Networking Networking. If there is one thing I learned whilst been with two Legit MLM companies they don’t really teach you how to market yourself online. I know many MLM’s that are using Ads but that can be very expensive if you have no idea what you are doing. As I know some people have found out. That is when you join MLM it is so hard to recruit people and once you do get passed family and friends then what.

Learning to Market yourself Online is the best way to go if you want to follow in the route of MLM and learning how to do it properly is even better. Yes believe it or not and you may laugh at this but you could grow Your MLM company and tap into Affiliate Marketing literally for less than a cup of coffee a day. By the way when I say that I do not mean Revtial U $40 jar of coffee neither. I mean your cheap supermarket coffee. lol.

If you are feeling frustrated and are struggling with MLM then you should try out this to help you grow your business and market properly to the online world. We all know FB is cutting out most of the Small Business owners and are clamping down on MLM groups. So using Facebook is no way as easy as it used to be. If you think MLM is easy the give it a go. I do know this at some point you will want to learn every aspect of online marketing. Keep reading th best is yet to come.

Direct Sales Life Hack #01

Here are a few things you need to ask yourself. Are you fed up of chasing your tail? MLM is not easy work.  Are you burnt out on any of the following?

  1. Chasing Friends and Family
  2. Hosting Home Parties
  3. Invites To Hotel Meetings all costing you money
  4. Zoom calls and Conference Calls
  5. Passing Out Samples At The Mall/supermarket all paid for by you. 
  6. Placing Leaflets at Bookstores/neighbors/ Cold Calling.
  7. Attending MeetUps and Networking Events
  8. Daily Facebook Live Videos that don’t convert
  9. Recording YouTube Videos with zero plays
  10. Hosting Webinars and converting no sales
  11. Adding and Following 100’s of People Every Day
  12. Posting in 100’s of Facebook Groups
  13. Starting 5 New Conversations Daily With Strangers
  14. Doing never-ending house parties that are not cheap.
  15. Forever following up your downline making sure they have gained their monthly

If you’re burnt out spending hours doing any of the above, I’ve got the one strategy you’ve been looking for! Don’t get me wrong, all of the above work. This is an ongoing daily routine. But even when effective you’re taking the long road, delaying your success, and working MUCH, MUCH harder than you need to be. That’s when you have to realize why you are struggling and others make it. Maybe they have a bigger family than you who knows.

There are ways of getting more leads. All you need is just this #01 life hack. It is that simple. You will wonder why you never thought of it before. There is nothing worse than just been another product buyer I know that feeling. I cried myself to sleep trying to make it work. I have found it really strange how some can get sales but won’t help you get yours too. It’s all most if they are gloating behind your back. That’s how I felt. My sponsors made me feel really down about myself. Just click on the image below. You will be happy you did. I was no more chasing around for me!

How to make more money in Direct sales
Getting leads is never easy. Find out how some have learned to use there blog and direct more leads.

Every single day there are more and more Multi-level marketers joining us. They absolutely know that is the only way they can grow their Own Home Based Business. I know this may sound Crazy as much as MLM pushes it as your Own home-based Business it never really is as all recruiters are is Reps.  If the MLM company does fail then your Business goes with it. I do see many MLM’ers that have their own Blogs and they pay thousands for it. What happens when you do this the Blog will have no visitors. So you need to learn how to get traffic to your blog.

The best thing about all of this. Once you set up your blog/Website and learn how to monetize it. You can share the same process with your down line. That way you can tap into not just your MLM business but you can also make money from your blog in other ways too. In fact, I already know of four sure ways that I could do on my Blog and earn 4 types of incomes. It is an absolute no brainer. If you click on the link below or the image above. I will be there to help you get your Online Business off the floor.

That is why I was happy I changed my direction. They can never take my businesses away from and I can tap into all different areas of marketing. I am an Affiliate Marketer and a Local marketer. I get paid while I learn. I can build as many Online Businesses I liked and I could even tap into this business and steam forwards as I have all the knowledge I need to do it. I prefer working for myself from home and my boundaries are my own.

More and more Network marketers are seeing the potential of getting to grips with the Online Business World.  I don’t have to recruit and I don’t have to go looking for a downline it’s simple I build a website like this. I write a review and you find me as you are searching for more info.

It is a no brainer and you can join us and 1.7 million online business entrepreneurs that want to grow their own online businesses.


You can earn money online.
Anyone can earn money online the legit way all you need is the right training and support. Get started today it’s totally Free


4 thoughts on “What is Revital U is it Legit or another Scam MLM?”

  1. Thank you for this review of Revital-U. I had never heard of it before. It’s always good to know whether a company is a valid MLM or just a pyramid scam. Having been ripped off for many long years in a constant struggle to find legitimate online employment, I am so glad to know there are people like you that we can rely on to keep us informed of who is and who isn’t the real deal. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi, 

      Thank you so much, Cathy. Yes there are some legit MLM’s out there and lot’s seem to love the Coffee. It is just a shame that many sponsors do not train people in how to market themselves properly. 

      Now that would be an added bonus for any rep that is for sure. 

      Thank you for leaving me a comment. Have a lovely week.

      Debs 🙂 

  2. From my little research, and the experience of my close pals, revital U is at the very least a legitimate multilevel marketing company and I give it. There is no easy business and this is just one of the few MLM companies that I will actually say yes too. I’m into affiliate marketing now though, it won’t be bad if I add this to another source of my income.


    • Hi, Jordan,

      Yes my thoughts are the same. Now I am in a position to be able to market myself better because of all the training I have with Wealthy Affiliate.

      The only thing is that is one for the back burner as I also do Local Marketing aswell as Affiliate Marketing so I am super busy right now. I was taught Local Marketing too from Wealthy Affiliate. So that is a massive added extra and not a lot of people know that. 

      Thank you for passing by my Website and I see you have joined me so I will catch you on the inside of wealthyaffiliate.com. Here is to making money the legit way without all the stress and hassle. 🙂


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