What is Project 24 by Income School? An honest Review

Project 24 Review.

This is an Honest Unbiased Review by a Wealthy Affiliate Member of three Years 2019

There is quite a lot of talk lately floating around on the internet and in chat forums about Project 24 by Income School. There are lots of suggestions as to why many people are promoting Wealthy Affiliate are pitting these two companies against each other. I am an Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and I am also an Affiliate of Project 24. You can read my Affiliate Disclosure/Disclaimer Right Here!

I want to cover a lot of things here in this article as there are so many unanswered questions. Here is what I will cover in myReview. What Project 24 is about? What do they do? Are Project 24 as Legit as they make out to be? First of all, before we get started I want to say that Project 24 is not a scam! It is a 100% legit Platform. I will also include in this review why I like Project 24. How Project 24 and Wealthy Affiliate can actually Compliment each other. I will also include a Comparison chart for easier viewing of Wealthy Affiliate Vs Project 24.

So without further ado let’s get started. I have compiled a list so you can see what I will cover here in my Project 24 Review.

  1. A Brief summary of Project 24
  2. What is Project 24?
  3. Who is Project 24 for?
  4. Are Project 24 Legit?
  5.  Some queries many ask about Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24?
  6. Conclusion

I hope to cover as much as I can in this review it is an honest and unbiased review. Please ask any questions or queries you may have in the comment section at the bottom of this review. I would love to know what your thoughts are and if you have any questions or Queries.

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1: A brief summary of Project 24.

    • Product Name: Project 24
    • Websites: https://incomeschool.com/project24
    • Who is it for? For Affiliate Marketers, Beginners Advanced and for those who are struggling. Those who want to build an online Niche Website from the Ground Up.
    • Owners: Rick and Jimmy
    • Price At Time Of This Review: $449 for the first year $199 a year after that.
    • Red Flags: None
    • Do I Recommend Project 24?  Yes Absolutely.   [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]



2: What is Project 24?

Project 24 is an on online Course consisting of 64 courses and includes Vlogging, Podcasts, There are over 94 videos and 123 courses. These courses are for Beginners to intermediate to Advanced although the Beginners will benefit more from the 60 steps that are included in this course. What Jim and Rick want you to achieve is? How you could go Full-time Blogging within 24 months. Jim and Rick are two awesome Guys they are totally transparent and share tons of videos for free on YouTube.

Part of the courses includes a strategy where they will show you how to properly build your Niche Website starting off by writing out 30 Posts on your Niche Website. Here is an infographic I have done to show how to use your posts for internal links. The same method Project 24 teach you.

Blogging tips for Beginners. Internal Links for good SEO
Internal Links and how to use them for best practice in Blogging

This will include how to use these three proven strategies that work time and time again for Jimmy and Rick and yes what a fabulous way to get started in online Affiliate Marketing.

  • 10 Response Post.

1200-1500 words. Answer a specific question that’s not competitive in the search results. Use keyword research to find the questions that people may want to be answered.

  • 10 Staple Post.

Examples are Top Ten lists, Top Five Lists etc, and things that are shareable. Information posts and also using YouTube – Instagram

  • 10 Pilar Post 3500 words.

These posts are going to be directed around more competitive keywords. They will also include in the training. Best strategies for SEO. Not Forgetting Internal Links and external links.

Here is an example of what I mean by their strategy and it is a proven strategy and it works. For internal linking and external linking. I have done a graph for you to show how it works. Image here.

They have courses for beginners to the advanced and for those who are struggling. They will also include a Niche Case study as well.

Here I have included the webinar for you. It is rather a long video but well worth the watch and you can watch it directly from this article. To save you jumping around to Youtube and back again.

3: Who Is Project 24 for?

  • Project 24 is for Beginners.

For those of you starting a blog for the first time, you’ll find a step-by-step process to walk you through everything you need to do to have a successful site. You’ll see how to set up WordPress, install the right plugins, set up your site for SEO, and write the right type of content to reliably get traffic. Including the main pages to your website.

Example: About you page. Privacy Page. Disclaimers.

  • Project 24 is for those who have tried and failed at Affiliate Marketing also.

According to Ricky and Jimmy, One of the largest groups of people in Project 24 are those who have tried and failed with internet marketing and taking courses from the so-called scam Gurus. As, you, can see from a few Articles I have written in the past who the scam Gurus are. Project 24 is a step-by-step process. There are SO many tiny things you have to remember and do right if you want a site to succeed, and while many courses share good tips, they leave you hanging by skipping over other important details. Or they want you to pay out thousands of more dollars to continue with their training.


Here are some other Training platforms/courses that I have written about that are Legit but just way too expensive. I think that’s why so many newbies do  fail at internet Marketing because starting out many of us are on a tiny budget. These kinds of courses are really for those who have money to spend. Some of these course go into the $10.000+ mark.

Bossless Forever.

Legendary Marketer.



  • Project 24 is for Advanced Marketers?

You’ll learn the up-to-the-moment cutting-edge internet marketing techniques in the Project 24 Podcast. Jim and Ricky share in season one how they took Camper Report from $2,000/month and changed the monetization to get it to $8,000 per month.

  • Season 2:

of the podcast, Rick and Jimmy share EVERYTHING about Project Rexburg: costs of writing an article, how to scale with freelance writers, and more. You’ll learn how to scale up your blogging operation. But, there’s a lot more. Many of the courses in Project 24 are absolutely applicable to everyone. The course includes monetizing with ads, SEO, and others are really important.


4: Are Project 24 Legit?

Yes, absolutely Project 24 is 100% legit. They are completely transparent. They also share a ton of stuff on YouTube totally free. These guys are so likeable. They will not fill your head with false promises of quick money-making promises. Jimmy and Ricky will interact but most of the questions you ask are answered by the online community at Project 24 they will probably answer about 50 questions a week if they have the time and they do not do personal mentorship included with Project 24 that comes at an extra cost.

Rick and Jimmy are mainly working on their own websites and doing new Vlogs and Podcasts to keep Project 24 updated. They are part of the niche marking Affiliate Marketing industry and are not your dreaded greasy gurus we so often see nowadays. Jim and Ricky have been known to go way beyond the call of duty to help individuals, but you shouldn’t expect a private mentorship in the course.Project 24

5: Let’s debunk some queries many people ask about Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 Pros and Cons?

Whilst doing my homework I see many Affiliate Marketers coming under fire because they are also with Wealthy Affiliate. I am always going to be biased with a platform if I am with them full time and My #1 recommendation will be with who I make the passive income with. Seen as Wealthy Affiliate was the place that taught me how to earn a Passive income. So, of course, I will always say my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate as they taught me how to earn my first Legit online passive income.

I also have no qualms in the fact that I really do like these two guys Jimmy and Ricky and although it may not be the place that taught me how to earn a monthly Legit passive income it is rather brilliant for me in the added extras that I get from their Vlogs and Podcasts. I do like their training and attitude and they bring a lot of strategies that are proven to work to the table.

I think the epitome and truthfulness of these two guys have just gone further from me after I have watched this Youtube Video when they travelled to York UK. That is my hometown..Watch the video here. How they helped carl Monetize his websites. This also does prove to me how much Carl could have earned if he had spent the $449 to Join project 24. That to me was an instant no brainer.


Project 24 does not have a free membership but that is not such a problem as they share a ton of free YouTube videos that anyone can watch and they share some really great strategies. The yearly Price is $449 per year with the next year dropping to $199.

Project 24 do not have Hosting nor domains. So you have to buy extra domains and they use Blue Host. They don’t offer much training on Facebook Marketing as they are not fans of Facebook at all. They say that often in their many YouTube videos.

With Wealthy Affiliate, I pay Yearly and that is $359. I can get that cheaper on Black Friday. There is also the Free Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

We also have Websites in our Premium Memberships. That includes SSL. Training and support. 25 on a domain we own and 25 SiteRubix. These include Free SSL Site site-Support and hosting. We have to pay $13.99 to $15.99 to buy our domains that are for the year, but that includes a multitude of other stuff.

In fact, to break this down even easier for you I have included a comparison chart of the Wealthy Affiliate Versus Project 24 so you can see the differences for yourself. That way you can decide for yourself if Project 24 is what you are looking for or is Wealthy Affiliate or both as I use both platforms.


You may have noticed in this comparison review I have put in the comparison review above as the Private Coaching does come at two different Levels Standard and Premium Call Coaching. These are Via Skype and last no longer than 45 mins for Skype call with Ricky or Jim and the Premium is for 1 hour Skype call with both Ricky and Jim. This is an extra cost and is not included with the additional cost of Joining Project 24. 


Private coaching with Jim and Ricky via Skype.
Private coaching with Jim and Ricky via Skype. This is an extra cost and is not included in the Project 24 membership.


6: Conclusion

Although this isn’t a comparison article I will conclude that I recommend both https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com as my first training platform as they have so many more benefits and of course I will also recommend Project 24 they are legit and transparent. I can learn a ton of stuff from them too. I find they rather complement each other with the added training. Although Project 24 does not have a free Membership I have said they do as they offer so much Free training on Youtube. Where you can also learn a ton of stuff from Ricky and Jimmy. It’s a no brainer, to be honest. These guys know their stuff too.

I do hope that has covered everything for you. Like I have said above I would really love to know your thoughts on this and also would you sign up for both or just one of them. Don’t forget to drop me a comment below.

Debs 🙂

Project 24 by Income School

$449 Year1 to $199 Year2



Beginner Friendly


Advanced Training


Video Training



  • Niche Website Training
  • Case Studies
  • Niche Website Training
  • 2nd Year is $199


  • No free Websites
  • Private Coaching costs extra

14 thoughts on “What is Project 24 by Income School? An honest Review”

  1. Thanks for putting your affiliate disclaimer right up front. That is a very good FTC compliant practice. I like their idea of how to use informational posts and product posts and resource pages to have a good balance of information content as well as monetizing. That is pretty much what I’ve started going towards on my website.

    right now I am only a few weeks into wealthy affiliate so it wouldn’t be a good time for me to start project 24. But I will keep your page for future reference in case I want to go try project 24. It’s nice to know that there are other Potentially trustworthy options.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for that. Also all my important pages are visible in my side bar too. Yes you are right we need to be compliant for sure.

      As for a newbie yes Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for you. Income School are brilliant but they can be a little expensive. I know I can get outside training from Jay our live training Chief at a blip at what they charge not to mention I get his free Live training every Friday/Saturday. 

      Project 24 do have some awesome live videos on YouTube where they do share an abundance of free information too. They are a couple of great guys from Income 24 and are very solid and consistent in what they do. 

      Thank you for passing by.

      Debs 🙂 

  2. To be honest, I did heard alit of good things concerning project24 as a worthy training platform too but I thought it was all hyping strategies to get more people to register on the platform. However. Reading through this review,  I was more than convinced that Ricky and jimmy have done an absolute job with this platform. Though compared with wealthy affiliates cost, I would prefer wealthy Affiliate because I run on a very tight budget right now but this projevt24 is great too and would ve another platform to gain more knowledge concerning online marketing. Thanks

    • Hi, Absolutely. Yes Ricky and Jimmy are great guys. As you say when we are running on tight budgets then Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the way to move forward. 

      Thank you for passing by.

      Debs 🙂 

  3. What an interesting program!  I do like the fact that you can use the two programs side by side to further enhance your affiliate training.  Although I probably won’t fork over the money for Project 24, I will definitely look up this training on you-tube.  I appreciate that you gave the points for free training along with WA for that reason.

    Its nice to see someone who isn’t so locked into WA that they think that all other training is a scam (although there are plenty of them out there).  I’m not a big fan of Vlogs myself but will definitely check them out.  I am also wondering if they use WordPress as their basis as it has proven invaluable to me.

    Just as a note:  You gave them an 8/10 rating in your comparison chart but at the bottom gave them 9/10 and I’m curious as to which is right.  I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing business!

    • Wow thank you for the heads up on that. I shall check it out. My review is 8 out of 10 thank you I never realised. 

      I have now reviewed it and put it right. Yes I have to admit their are other legit Platforms out there. Of course they are many more that are scams. I would never give a good review unless I thought it was for a legit company and I only do this if I have tried them myself. 

      Project 24 is excellent but Wealthy Affiliate does hold more training than Project24. I do believe they do use WordPress however they have now rolled out a feature of their own which I need to test out for myself. They did use Divi but dont use them any more. 

      I shall let you know in the comments here what I find out for you. 

      Kind Regards and thank you for the heads up once again. 🙂

      Debs 🙂 

  4. Hi Deborah, I think Project 24 could really benefit me. It is a little pricey but it is definitely worth it. I failed with affiliate marketing a couple of times until I learned how it works but with this project, I think I can learn great things about it. Thank you for sharing, I did not hear about Project 24 so far.

    • Hi, Daniel,

      I suggest you head over to there free YouTube videos they are awesome that may give you more insight also. 

      Daniel if you have failed at Affiliate Marketing have you tried Local Marketing Wealthy Affiliate do have some awesome training on Local Marketing. Lots of people do not realise but there is more to W.A. than meets the eye. 

      Regards Debs:) 

  5. Wow, this is my first time I’m learning about project 24 and its looking good. I have younger siblings who are interesting in affiliate marketing and blogging, I would will introduce it to them from what I’ve learned reading this post. How long does it take for someone to develop his/her own site to standard? 

    • Hi, Dane,

      According to Income School you will need 24 months. Hence the name project 24. However with Wealthy Affiliate I did it in 4 months. many of us are different and it does depend on what hours and time you put in. 

      Income school is really good but if you are on a budget then I suggest your Sibling’s try out Wealthy Affiliate You have everything you need all in one place and no over heads and it is free to try out for as long as you like. 🙂

      Regards Debs 🙂

  6. Hi Deborah, thanks for the post and discussing this. After reading your post my thoughts would be to go for WA and watch all available resources on YouTube from P-24. Would you suggest that? And yes the black Friday would be the best time to buy any of the programs, right? Also, a nice diagram about blogging and product connectivity. As infographics are a great way to understand stuff for visual people it was a nice to include that. 

    • Thank you. 

      Yes why not go and soak up all the freebie videos Income School aka  Project 24 offer you. it would be crazy not to as they share some excellent training on their YouTube videos. I have them turned on and also subscribed to them. I like them a lot. 

      Black Friday is always a great time to sign up. You can get massive savings then for sure. 

      Thank you for the heads up on my infographics. 

      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂 

  7. Hi Debs. First off, thank you for an excellent review. It’s refreshing to get the chance to read a positive article about alternative affiliate marketing platforms. I was ready with pen in hand to add this to my list of ones to avoid, as that tends to be the norm with reviews. That’s not a bad thing as it saves us all time and more importantly money.This was a welcomed surprise. From your own experience within the marketplace you are in an ideal position to give an unbiased write-up.

    Had I not already been introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a very real chance I would have seriously contemplated joining Project 24. Apart from everything they have to offer at a reasonable price, there is one underlying factor that appealed to me right from the outset. The course is set to run for 24 months. There’s no intimation that you’ll ‘Get Rich Quick’ which is what we see, all to often. I’ve never had short term aspirations so this factor pleased me. It’s unrealistic to expect overnight success. Long term, solid foundation building with proven strategies stands anyone in good stead in regard to creating a future that can return a decent passive income.

    • Hi.

      Thank you. Yes there are a ton of scams online today. I have written enough about them. Income School aka Project 24 are pretty awesome as it goes. 

      However for a newbie to Affiliate Marketing I would always suggest wealthyaffiliate.com they are by far the best and if they have taught me then lol thats a lot to say considering I was a complete newbie. I had no idea how to build out a website let alone monetize it too.

       Not only that getting the added bonus of being taught Local marketing goes a long way for me. That way I have two income streams coming in. 

      Yes you are totally right. The good systems will tell you straight up front that it will take time to be able to build out an Affiliate Marketing business that is for sure. I always think that is the main key factor on whether you are on a good system/platform or a bad one. 

      Thank you for your awesome comment too. 

      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂 


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