“What is Evergreen Content?” 5 Top Tips to Great Evergreen Content.

Great Evergreen content strategy relies on constantly adding new content. Capitalizing on current trends and writing engaging and helpful content. But how can you tell if you’ve got an instance of really great Evergreen content on your hands? What does really great Evergreen content really look like?  Doing tutorials or at least sharing tutorials that are updated and kept ahead of whats happening in that instance. Staying ahead of the rest of the outdated content out there today is keeping your website Evergreen. There are 5 great Evergreen tips I have shared with you below.

Well, not all content is created equal, Here are a few traits of evergreen content and What Makes Evergreen Content Great.

Here is a really good example of an Evergreen Training Platform. Wealthy Affiliate. 

“What is Evergreen?” 5 Top Tips to Great Evergreen Content.


A piece of evergreen content can be shared and posted regardless of trends and current events, so it can potentially offer you steady website traffic. Additionally, you can periodically use evergreen content for social media posts etc. Its all so great for your visitors and your website ranking too. Having some or all of your articles Evergreen means a better experience all round for your audience.

Great evergreen content is effortlessly timeless:

This is really the defining trait of evergreen content, right? You can write it today and know that all of it will still more or less hold true in a year’s time; that even five years down the road you can direct readers to one or more of your  resources and know that it will all hold up. Making sure that its like a little chest of treasures still viable and still useful in the marketing online world. Having Evergreen content also means watching your content grow.

Great evergreen content adds lots of value.

The ultimate point of evergreen content is that you can use it to draw traffic and educate your buyers or visitors for a long time to come. So, it needs to be interesting. It needs to add value and lots of value. It needs to keep your visitors informed.. It needs to provide a direct benefit to the people who read it. This is why so much of the best evergreen content comes in the form of how-tos, tutorials, and FAQ pages.

Great evergreen content is well-formatted out.

Again, what you’re going for is readability. You want your content to be useful to readers, which means structuring it in a way that’s easy to read. Keeping it in layman’s terms really helps your readers too.  Lists and step-by-step guides work well, as does long-form content that’s well-organized with subheadings and section titles. keeping your readers in the know. Helping them out. Guiding them.

Great evergreen content is usually long.

Remember, you’re aiming for something resembling a treasure trove of information—and chances are, that’s going to be longer, not shorter. Not only that writing longer posts is better not just for your readers but also for Google page rankings. Writing longer articles over 1,500 is better than articles as long as 500 words as an example.

Evergreen content is widely used on social media platforms. 

Making sure that some or all of your content is going to be relevant a year from now. Evergreen content—according to most any content marketing professional you’ll find—is a key component in any blogging or social media. Evergreen content essentially refers to content that is not particularly time-sensitive. Meaning content that will remain relevant to your audience for a long period of time.

An example of a Great Evergreen Training Platform.

I include this platform here because it does define all the traits for a real Evergreen training platform. Its constantly updated. It constantly adds new content and it is timeless and has been for the past 13 years. It is growing stronger on a daily basis and adds so much value to those who enter and learn from this Evergreen Platform.

I have used this platform and have since 2016 because it is consistently been renewed and what doesn’t need renewing is timeless. This is a true example of the meaning of a  “Treasure Chest” of timeless and valuable training. Tis platform is probably or should I say is and has been since 2005  at the very top for online training platforms to day. Wealthy Affiliate.


Why you should use Evergreen content in your blogs.

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