Wealthy Affiliate Versus Legendary Marketer 3.0 An Honest Comparison Review 2019

An Honest Comparison Review 2019. Let’s debunk these high money-making claims!here is so much hype out on the internet lately about Legendary Marketer 3.0. Some are more in-depth than others. I want to take a different approach to this comparison review and based it on real facts “Wealthy Affiliate Versus Legendary Marketer 3.0” an honest comparison review. There is a lot of promotions going around on the likes of Youtube Facebook etc. Lot’s of Affiliate Marketers are promoting Legendary Marketer 3.0  are “Apparently” making high commissions quickly.


Legendary Marketer is a  High Ticket Sales system by the way. I am doing a comparison review that will include a little more In-depth review on Wealthy Affiliate and why I put these two companies against each other in my comparison review.


I want to debunk these facts and tell you how they are making quick money and why! I will list some of the things they really do not tell you nor want you to know. This will shock you so please keep reading. I am not an Affiliate Of Legendary marketer by the way. So I will not be selling you this High Ticket product.


Just before we get started. None of these systems “Wealthy Affiliate” Nore “Legendary Marketer 3.0” are not scams so this is not a scam review but a complete and honest comparison review. So let’s get started. It’s a long review so kick back and grab a coffee or a beer/glass of wine and enjoy this eye-opening article. !



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Who is Legendary Marketer and who is the owner?

  • Name: Legendary Marketer aka Duplicate Dave
  • Website URL: legendarymarketer.com
  • Owner: David Sharpe or Dave Sharpe
  • Launched in: 2016
  • Price: $30/month + $30,000s in upsells


Product Type?

  • High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing /Digital Marketing Platform.


Who is it for?

  • For those who have extra capital to spare’
  • want to get into the money-making online opportunity
  • Also for the Founder.

Recommended: Not for newbies 6/10



Who Is Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website Url: wealthyaffiliate.com 
  • Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim
  • Launched: 2005Price.
  • Free starter member to $49 a month.

Product Type?

Affiliate Marketing. Entrepreneur Certification Courses. Local Marketing.

Who is it for?

Who wants to learn Affiliate marketing and build an Online business they want I;E Amazon, E-commerce, local marketing, WordPress Websites. Good for beginners and advance.

Recommended Yes 10/10


Who Is David Sharpe?


David Sharpe is a very successful online digital marketer of 10 years. David was also the co-founder of Empower Network. Although this MLM company is now finished Dave Sharpe left before the doors got closed for good back in 2017 amongst claims of bankruptcy. He is a highly respected online entrepreneur with other business he has set up 3 multi-million dollar companies. So in all essence, David Sharpe is the real deal no doubt about that.


As it goes I really like Dave Sharpe’s video. I find him to be quite an honest and open person. He goes onto mention about his past. I am not 100% sure if this is true but he comes across as a super nice guy. To be honest, if you are promoting a massive high ticket sales strategy then you are going to come off as super likeable.  Dave Sharpe is a great showman that is for sure. I do like the part also where he buys his Dad a car and his Dad has tears in his eyes. I am a family person so that also went a million miles with me.


He is not a fake person and he doesn’t use a pen name like some of the scams I have revealed before.  There aren’t really any fake reviews neither. However, Like I said some of the income claims out there they don’t really give you the reason how and why they can make money super quick. That will follow so please keep on reading as this is so important and more for the Newbies out there. It is a real eye-opener.

Here are some scams reviews that use fake names and testimonials that I have recently written about.


Find out more about David Sharpe. Watch the video below.  In this video, he talks about the first 15 days that you have to unlock and a call from your mentor. That is when they will tell you about the big up-sells.  The sell of “What is your why?” Every MLM company I know and have joined using this Why! strategy.

Legendary marketer 3.0 is not MLM. It can be rather confusing as it is affiliate marketing.  David Sharpe is also leaning towards to franchising his business. Not surprising then that up-sells are rather large. Franchises are like buying bricks and mortar shops a bit like Macdonalds is a massive franchise. You own the shop but pay for the name and you carry the logo and storefront. Here is the definition in Wikipedia. 




Who Are Kyle and Carson?


Kyle and Carson are two college friends. They were also Affiliate Marketers. They saw some potential in being able to help others succeed in Affiliate Marketing as they knew it was a good way to earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate was known as the Wealthy Affiliate University. Starting off as a keyword research tool and grew from there. They were and still are experts in their field have helped over 1.5+million budding Entrepreneurs.

Kyle and Carson the Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate and Jay our training Chief.
Kyle and Carson the Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate and Jay our training Chief. Expert coaching with a personal touch.


They go by the very ethics of keeping their platform affordable for everyone. They could do massive up-sells but totally refuse too. They have always had the ”Pay it Forward” strategy in mind.

Unlike most On line platforms that then tend to expand with massive Up-sells to line their own pockets, Kyle and Carson have never done this.

They offer easy ways also for those who cannot afford the memberships of $49 a month and if you upgrade to yearly that $49 turns into $29.82. Read my 8 Unbelievable things you never knew about Wealthy Affiliate. 


Kyle and Carson simply are the best Marketers on the internet today. They want to help people succeed and are always on hand to help. You can contact them in their Private messages and are easily found on Instagram.  Here is an introductory video from Kyle to Wealthy Affiliate click on it and it will open in a new window to Online Entrepreneur Certification home course page where you can listen and watch talk about the first online course what you learn and a little about Kyle himself and Carson.


Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate course hompepage

These guys are 100% real. I have chatted with them on many occasions. They really are brilliant and have only one goal in mind and that is helping people succeed in online Marketing. I have been a member since November 2016 so I am more than qualified to talk about them. They have helped me succeed and in a matter of fact, it was Kyle that helped me onto the path of Local Marketing also.

Wealthy Affiliate is so diverse. So if you’re not good at the Affiliate side of the training there are tons more avenues you can go down Wealthy Affiliate is so diverse it’s actually brilliant.


Let’s dig in deeper now and find out what Legendary Marketer 3.0 do? 


Membership starts at $30 to $30.000.  So you have to remember this is a (High – Ticket sales products.) Red Flag to get the massive commissions you will have to buy these products too. Starting out as a beginner I would find this rather daunting and way too high in the price range. I started out as a broke Mom so there is no way I would have ventured into this kind of thing as a complete newbie. I wouldn’t dare risk the little pennies or dollars I had. That would have been ludicrous for me.

Like everything, a “funnel” is marketed as a done-for-you system which will instantly generate revenue. If that’s the case, keep in mind that for any funnel you need traffic.
For a lot of “funnel builders,” it’s required to send paid traffic since there’s very little content on the page. This requires a lot of testing to get it to convert to sales and can cost money in the meantime. Very much like Clickfunnels


Anyways let’s get back to what Legendary marketer 3.0 actually do and what you can expect to learn.


1: Legendary Marketer Club $30 a Month.

Marketers bundle monthly subscription


What’s included in this monthly subscription. 

Legendary Marketer club Training

What sort of training you will be learning in this club listed below.


  • Facebook Fan Page.
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Instagram marketing.
  • lead generation.
  • Landing page
  • Banner ads.
  • video Ads.
  • Ad copy.
  • Email copy.

Including weekly webinars.


2. Traffic Rolodex ($47 one-time) or you can buy the bundle. $247.

Traffic rodelex bundle.

This is basically training and resource to help people drive traffic to their landing page using paid traffic methods. The most important aspect of your training as you will need the traffic to generate an income.


Legendary Marketers book. 

Legandary Marketers book.

That is on your first subscriptions. You will need all of these to carry on with Legendary Marketer. That’s if you want to earn the high ticket sales commissions which I will explain how the compensation plan works below. . Wait there is more.


Legendary Builder Masterclass $2,500 one-time
This upsell consists of 4 main courses and you will learn:
Attraction Marketing.
Story Telling Formula.
Master of Enrollment.
Profitable Presentation.


Legendary Leader Masterclass $5,000 one-time
This course will teach you how to:
Become the leader in your marketplace
Build your brand
Dominate your competition.


Legendary Marketer Mastermind $8,000 one-time
This is a 3-Day live in-person mastermind event happening in the US.
Prior to this level, all the products are digital products and you are paying thousands of dollars to get access to their digital course. This is when things get going but you will pay for it. Live Masterclasses are everywhere nowadays not nearly as expensive.

8. Legendary Lifestyle Experience $30,000 one-time

This is an exclusive out of the country event (outside of US) where members get a chance to network and learn from one another in exotic places.
You’ll also be eligible for 1-year personal coaching with David Sharpe.
But seriously, you need to pay $30,000 before you can get personal coaching from David?
I mean come on you are going to break the bank before you even get a chance of starting.
You need to add all the products price together because this is the last upsell of their funnel.


So if you add everything up, it’s equal to…$58K+ That’s a mortgage for goodness sake. 

That’s the price you need to pay in order to be qualified for all commissions and get access to personal coaching with David. That is where this compensation plan comes in. Most people cannot afford this so they will opt-in for the $30 a month subscription. Imagine if you get a referral and they buy. As you are only a $30 a month subscriber you will miss out on any of the real high ticket sales. You in all essence will only get $18. What a kick in the teeth that would be. So basically to get any of these High Ticket commissions you will need to pay into the High Ticket subscriptions.


Here are the commission basics. Remember you have to buy these products yourself to earn these commissions. 


  1.  Legendary Marketer club $30 a MONTH. =$18 commissions. 
  2. Legendary Builder Master Class $2500.=$1000 commissions. 
  3. Legendary Marketer class $5000.=$2000 Commissions.
  4. Legendary Marketer Masterclass $8000. =$3.200 Commissions.
  5. Legendary Lifestyle experience $30000. =$12000 commissions. 


Let’s dig in deeper now and find out what Wealthy Affiliate do?


To get a more in-depth look at Wealthy Affiliate please read my #1 recommendation. 

Wealthy Affiliate has a cool system where we are taught to build out our very own Websites. They have two training platforms. One specifically for Affiliate marketing and promoting Wealthy  Affiliate the other is The online Entrepreneur certifications.  They use this 4-step blueprint which has been proven to work time and time again.


Follow the four step blueprint at Wealthy Affiliate Join us now its free.


Here is a video that I have put together so you can see a little more of what we get for Premium Memberships $49. Premium Membership also includes Jaaxy Lite a state of the art Keyword research tool also and includes 50 websites with full back up and site-support SSL certificates included. so much more.


Remember I have been with Wealthy Affiliate nearly three years now and I will be staying for years to come simply because it works and keeps me ahead of the competition not to mention the money I earn. You can read more about me on my profile inside Wealthy Affiliate.



  • Education: over 700 courses. Live training weekly with Jay Magistudios our Live training chief premium only.
  • Websites. 2 Free Site Rubix for all free members and access to the first modules in BootCamp and Online entrepreneur that’s over 70 courses for Free members. For Premium Members you have 50 websites altogether.
  • Hosting. Free
  • Domains. Premium members $13.99 per year only SSL Site-Support included
  • Community: The best online live interactive community in the world. Active 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Keywords: Jaaxy lite for premium members Free.
  • Support: Website support active 24/7 365 days a year./ No waiting around for callbacks or automated call cues.  There is an abundance of stuff. Not only that you will have access to members training. Private messages and you get to rub shoulders with some of the most top Affiliate Marketers on the internet some of these guys can actually charge thousands for private training they always love to help anyone at all. They are active in the community.


Paid premium Membership costs at Wealthy Affiliate.

The pricing plans remember it’s free to start at Wealthy Affiliate for as long as you like. you can leave it still costs you nothing. There is no pressure to go premium and we all help each other to succeed. Here is a comparison chart I have included comparing Wealthy Affiliate to Legendary Marketer 3.0.

Dare to Compare.



Is Legendary Marketer 3.0 a scam?  WARNING BIG RED FLAGS!!


If you remember at the top of this article I told you about Affiliate marketers who are earning High commissions with Legendary marketer 3,0. See in all essence all these Affiliate Marketers on Youtube or Facebook Instagram etc that are promoting Legendary Marketer 3.0. They tend to omit a few important things on how they are earning these high commissions in such a short time high. There are a few simple facts they don’t tell you


 They already have a traffic producing website that has tons of traffic. They already have massive email lists. They also already have massive followings in Facebook Instagram Pinterest etc. They already know Affiliate marketing inside out. They know how to do PPC Ads. something that will cost you a fortune if you don’t know how.


What they tend to omit also is. It takes a lot of time and hours and months to build up to these high ticket sales. If you really want to earn these high commissions you need to be an expert Affiliate Marketer in the beginning. Or at least have 30K + to burn extra in your bank account. Which I am sure many of you don’t have. Not everyone has money to burn.


Legendary marketer 3.0 is not a scam but as you can see it is all basically a digital marketing product that you will buy and you will resell. Its common sense most newbies do give up because they don’t actually get chance to learn about all the products and will miss out on any high ticket sales/commissions as they simply cannot afford the higher end products so will miss out also on that part of the training. I would not recommend this product to any new Affiliate Marketer.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

No Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam and if it was I wouldn’t be a member. They are simply the best training platform around and you will not be hit with massive up-sells.. The platform at Wealthy Affiliate is so brilliant and diverse I cannot stress enough that enough. It has taught me everything I know today.


Comparing Wealthy Affiliate with Legendary marketer. 


I choose Wealthy Affiliate hands-down there simply is no comparison. It is affordable and is fabulous for any newbie. Not only that Legendary Marketer does remind me of Mobe and we all know that was brought down by the FTC and thousands+ lost all their money many losing their homes and some even break up of families.


Those done for your systems are simply not worth it. You must read my article about how the owners of Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle and Carson have given back  $65.000+ too families hit by the Mobe scandal you can read that HERE!


I used to really struggle in the past and I was scammed on so many occasions. Like so many people when I started out back in 2016 I was totally broke. I wanted to earn extra cash not spend it. I was also a complete newbie at online marketing and I have never built a website before. I am a success in my own right and every business I build now at Wealthy Affiliate all belong to me.


Unlike those done for you systems.  I will never lose out. To be honest, if I had have found Legendary Marketer before Wealthy Affiliate I do believe I would be in massive debt now and not earning a penny. That is my thoughts on this. It’s down to you who you decide to sign up with. Just trust yourself and your own judgement. To be honest my only regret about Wealthy Affiliate is not meeting them sooner.


I am building out my own businesses and I am not lining some big gurus pocket. Makes a change. So much going on lately in online scams. Try and read into more of what these online marketers are selling you especially those who make big money claims in such a short time. remember they have already done the hard work and are well-seasoned Affiliate marketers and have done the hard work. So in all essence Legendary Marketer 3.0 although isn’t a scam it is way too expensive for what it is. $57,000+ is way above what anyone should spend.


You can build an online business without breaking the bank. It can be done but you need the right training platform to begin. A platform that will not scare you with massive upsells. A platform that is so brilliant you don’t have to find the extra training elsewhere. If you want that sort of platform then please take a look at the one that costs me nothing to start with. Never chucked no massives upsells at me and certainly never ever broke my bank nor me.


Totally Free for as long as you want. If you don’t like it. It doesn’t matter it’s still free. Let’s make money online today the legit way. No B.S No Scams No Credit Card Needed.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free Zero Risk Zero Cost Zero No Scams No B.S


Wealthy Affiliate.

$0.00 to $49



Live training


Help and Support


Websites and support



  • Success
  • Great for Newbies
  • Help and Support
  • WordPress Websites free SSL


  • None.

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Versus Legendary Marketer 3.0 An Honest Comparison Review 2019”

  1. Thanks for writing this comparison review on wealthy affiliate and legendary marketer 3.0.  I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to do your findings and research before writing this review. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a while now and I know how the program works.

     I started as a free member before I upgrade to become a premium member and ever since then I have learned a lot about affiliate marketing. 

    Looking at legendary marketer 3.0 

    I can see it is not a place to start affiliate marketing career  because of various upsells attached to the product.

    I am in no way able to afford those high pay outs. Starting out as a newbie is so difficult and can be so expensive if you don’t have the right platform. Wealthy Affiliate has provide me an abundance of help to help me move forward and yes it is so affordable for every one even me and I am broke. Great review Debs and thank you. 

    I am so happy I have you to help me along in my online journey. 

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi,
      You are more than welcome. Yes, Legendary Marketer is certainly not cheap. Unlike Wealthy Affiliate.
      I am always happy to help any new member. Just remember to shout me out if you get stuck at all.
      Debs 🙂

  2. GHi Deborah!

    Very nice and informative comparison. In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is the most comprehensive affiliate program online, having all the needed education, support, tools, platforms and real world wide engagement in one place, for an affordable price. 

    There is no need for any affiliate marketer to search for another affiliate program because WA comprises it all.

    Thanks for sharing your review,

    Best regards,

    Stay well, market better, convert best!

    • Hi,
      It certainly does. Even more so for those who are just starting out and have a tight budget. With no scary up-sells yes Wealthy Affiliate goes way above the rest for sure.
      Debs 🙂

  3. Hello Deborah,
    After reading your informative review, I learned a lot about the Wealthy Affiliate and the Legendary Marketer. Frankly speaking, I am a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve joined only two months. I already know many scam sites. Here is the introduction of expensive sites like Legendary Marketer. But now my goal is to get Wealthy Affiliate Training first and establish one of my own websites. Thank you sincerely for the excellent reviews.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi,
      Thank you for passing by my website. Wishing you all the best in your online journey with Wealthy Affiliate. Shout me out any time if you need any help.
      Debs 🙂

  4. Hi Deborah, having read your honest and informative review I am impressed with Wealthy affiliate, I almost signed up to Legendary marketer but thought I’d check out some independent reviews first, suffice to say I won’t be signing up with them.
    I am a complete newbie and I’m seriously considering joining Wealthy affiliate after months of checking the reviews but my main concern is when I join is there a step by step process for me to follow ? I read one review which said basically once you’ve joined its up to me to navigate around myself, I know I will need a plan to follow because I will almost certainly get lost lol, can you advise please Deborah ? Regards Gary

    • Hi,
      The navigation is all explained and if you get stuck we are so many that can help you. So you are never left on your own. We have a massive community of online helpers and I am always helping inside Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to join you can do so Here!

      I will be there on the inside to help you out as will so many other members are there too. Nobody is never left alone.
      Reach out to me on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate and I will be there to help you every step of the way. Kyle and Carson the founders are always on hand to help you too.

      Looking forward to meeting you, Gary.
      Kindest regards Debs 🙂


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