Understanding Website Structure In WordPress 2018.

This is for beginners mainly and I will give you the basics of WordPress Website Structure. WordPress has over 3,000+ themes and I will also cover the importance of choosing a theme that is better suited to your needs. This is for Free Themes as you know already I love to do everything on a budget. My favourite theme is Sydney as it is one of the best that offers so much in Customization.

Here is a list of the free Themes I use. This Website was Built With Hiero.



Zerif Lite.


Some other important factors I consider are MOBILE FRIENDLY. Colour CUSTOMIZATION. CSS CUSTOMIZATION. FONTS CHANGER.

So Most themes have these three Areas. I think it’s important that you have all three. I do like to completely customize all my websites.




The Header Area.

Own your own business online screenshot.

This is the top part of your Website. Here you can add in a logo if you like. I use Canva.com You can also add in an image here if you like or just add in some texts like a header text of the name of your site or both. It’s different for everyone and it really depends on the site you want to build.

You can also add in a slider or even a video into your header but just remember some themes do not support this and it’s down to you what you choose to do. To do this all you have to do is click on Appearance>Customize>Header.

The footer Area.

screen shot of the footer. In own your own business online.

This is typically used for Copyright notices and can be used also for important pages. Like Privacy policies and Disclaimers but you can add them on the sidebar too. I use the footer for extra things like a Call to Action Buttons and a Navigation menu.

Some word press themes support more than one footer. For example, in the image above I have three calls to action buttons and a menu for my Resources. Every Website I build are all different. The above image is from a Sydney theme which is the Free Version from wordPress.org.

These images above are screenshots taken from my other Test Website. ownyourownbusinessonline.com.   I used the Sydney theme for this Website and I Used the static front page for this site.

Whereas https://Superwealthyaffiliates.com is set to a post page or blog roll. . All easily customizable.

The Sidebar Area.

Using a Sidebar area is down to personal preference I use the Sidebar in this website. I prefer to use the right-hand side for my sidebar for my  Widgets. Some people like to use the left-hand side and some people like to use both sides. Once again it’s just down to personal preference.

As you can see the sidebar is just to the right of this post    

That is also down to whether or not your theme allows this and if it doesn’t then you can always change your theme within WordPress Dashboard. Changing themes though is best recommended whilst your site is new. That way you won’t confuse yourself more advanced users will know how to do this properly but for newbies, it’s not recommended. It’s always best to use a Child Theme.

Content Area.

This is where your page or post will sit. The most important part of your Website/blog. After all, that’s where people are going to get to understand what it is you are trying to sell or explain to them. The content should be set out so it’s readable. Lots of beginners use big blocks of content and it just doesn’t work.

You need to put your content into small easy readable paragraphs with headers. That way it’s easier on the eye. Big Blocks of content scare people away and it’s as a definite NO NO.

Plan Your Website.

Planning your Website on Paper

I typically like to plan out all my websites out on paper first. I tend to plan out my structure. You can always look at other websites similar to what you want to achieve it will give you the bases and some ideas but do not copy any bodies work. That’s called Plagiarism.

I am also lucky because within Wealthy Affiliate we have a site content writer. I use this for grammar check plagiarism checker and it also optimizes all my images. Optimization is a must too. Otherwise, that will slow down your websites. You can use site content for free I shall drop the link at the bottom of this page so you can get started.

The Principles and Basics Web designers Use.

  • Layout:
  • Colours:
  • Fonts:
  • Images:
  • Videos :

Here is a video that will help you build your Niche WebsiteOnline Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1: Lesson 4 of 10
Building Your OWN Niche Website.   Just click on the image below and it will take you to the course outline and the video doesn’t forget to press play. It’s a great learning Curve. For you Newbies and Advanced. 

Most web designers use the same basic principles. We set the layout of our websites so the content is easily accessible. Easy to read clear and very concise. We keep our colours to a minimum. For instance, on this site, it’s mainly in black and Red it used to be pink but I changed the Main Font colours.  and Grey for all my writing. All my headers are pink and I stick to the same pink and same colours on all pages and posts.

We might change our fonts. Some Themes do not allow this and if they do then you have to make sure the fonts are mobile-friendly. If not then they can look really great on a PC/laptop but look shoddy on a cell or mobile. So Please Be careful when changing fonts. Make sure you use the same fonts throughout your website.

Using images are great. They are captivating and can look good on the eye. People interact more with images. You have to make sure the images are relevant to your page or posts. Otherwise, it’s pointless and adding some alt texts to your images also helps Google to find your images. As I said make sure the images are properly optimized.

Videos too are a great way to engage people. Once again making the video so it’s relevant to your content. These can easily be embedded like images can be in any word press theme. Like I said before you can always change your theme within WordPress too.

Installing Themes in WordPress.


So that just about wraps it up but there is still so much more to learn. Just member try to keep your colours to a minimum. Add Images and never ever write out your content in big blocks of writing.

Here I am going to give you the free link to get you started in building your first WordPress website. This will give you the links to site content which will help you write out your content properly in neat paragraphs. It will also check your grammar good grammar is essential. Also with the added bonus of optimizing your images.

If you get stuck then don’t worry because we have live chat where I will be, as are many other like-minded Entrepreneurs. They too will help if you get stuck. You also have the free entrance to try out the very essential training platform In BootCamp and the Certified training. That’s all free with two free websites to test drive for a whole week no credit card required.

If you don’t like it no problems just leave it still costs you nothing.

So go ahead and start your Free website now. Just pop in the name of your new website. It’s easy.


See you on the inside. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a comment in the box below. 





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  1. What an informative website. Thank you for posting.
    I need to relook at my own site as my gravatar is not showing on my posts and I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


    • Hi,
      Thank you so much I just want to share with people who were like me that not all companies are scams. That you can find excellent training in every aspect of becoming a successful business online. Without having to pay out thousands of pounds for upsells which is just a joke.
      I hope you sort out your Gravatar let me know if you get stuck.
      Regards Deborah 😉

  2. I sure many newbies will find this information very helpful. I see it as a guideline
    or a step-by-step procedure that is easy to follow. I know you have answered a lot of question that a person starting up an online business will have.

    • Hi,
      I am so glad you can see I am trying to answer some questions that people may want to know but are not sure where to go or what to do.
      I think thats why every thing is so difficult for people nowadays.

      I am also the sort of person that if I promote something then I have to believe in it myself.
      Otherwise it’s just totally pointless. Becoming a successful entrepreneur just needs a lot of passion and a fabulous platform to work from.
      If you have those two things then you are really on your way to better things.
      Regards Debs 😉

  3. Hi Deborah, Your post was so well structured and thought out. Many thanks for this.
    I am sure you are going to be helping a lot of us newbies with this information.
    Many thanks.

    • Hi, Jill,
      Thank you for your comment. That is what I do hope to achieve. Guiding beginners to realising that anybody can do this and having a website just takes their businesses to the next level. Not only that but help them avoiding scams. It so rife out there lately for scams and false promises.
      Thank you for passing by.
      Regards Deborah ;-_


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