Is Tranont A Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM?

So you have landed on my article as somebody has approached you or you have been looking into Tranont to see if you can make money from home with Tranonts Multi-level Marketing Business Model. You want to find out if Tranont is a Legit MLM Health and Wealth Education company or is it just another Pyramid Scheme?

 Tranont class themselves as a Health and Wealth Education Company now also tapping into apparel/Merchandise. The  E-commerce shop has merchandise mainly b Caps hoodies outdoor sports and some Banners and Stickers you can buy for your Tranont Business. The CEO Lorne Berry founded the company back in 2014. Tranont is based out of Utah USA. Tranont says they are “On a mission to impact 1 billion lives.” Keep reading to see if they can impact your life. The right way that is? 

I have done an in-depth review on Tranont for you, including some Pros and Cons. Please read all the way through as I will also uncover some hidden loopholes in the compensation plan that your sponsor does not want you to know. So please keep reading as the whole article could come in handy for you before you part with your hard-earned cash. You will have to pay out before you even start earning any money with Tranont just as quick heads-up. So it is not free to Join.

I was an MLM Rep too so I know quite a bit about those hard to understand Compensation Plans. So let’s dig in and see if Tranont is right for you as a Work From Home Biz Op.  Are you better off keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket? Read on to find out more. 

Quick Summary of Tranont

  • Founder: Lorne Berry
  • Founded: 2014
  • Website Name:
  • Price to Join $99.

A startup fee of $25 and an additional monthly product pack $150+

  • Recommended: No 
  • Who is it for?: For those who want to Earn a Side-Income. Who wants to work from home. Also for those interested in Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing.
  • If you decide to Opt-in for the Home-Based Business option for Tranont, you will be called an Independent contractor of Tranont.

Tranont is a health and wealth education company that uses the business model MLM. The success rate seems very low. So if you would rather find out how I earn a passive monthly income without having to buy expensive products and without having to keep recruiting Leads then

Please read my Recommended Business Model that is 100% legit costs nothing to start up and is 100% RISK-FREE. 

What Is Tranont?