Is Tranont A Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM?

So you have landed on my article as somebody has approached you or you have been looking into Tranont to see if you can make money from home with Tranonts Multi-level Marketing Business Model. You want to find out if Tranont is a Legit MLM Health and Wealth Education company or is it just another Pyramid Scheme?

 Tranont class themselves as a Health and Wealth Education Company now also tapping into apparel/Merchandise. The  E-commerce shop has merchandise mainly b Caps hoodies outdoor sports and some Banners and Stickers you can buy for your Tranont Business. The CEO Lorne Berry founded the company back in 2014. Tranont is based out of Utah USA. Tranont says they are “On a mission to impact 1 billion lives.” Keep reading to see if they can impact your life. The right way that is? 

I have done an in-depth review on Tranont for you, including some Pros and Cons. Please read all the way through as I will also uncover some hidden loopholes in the compensation plan that your sponsor does not want you to know. So please keep reading as the whole article could come in handy for you before you part with your hard-earned cash. You will have to pay out before you even start earning any money with Tranont just as quick heads-up. So it is not free to Join.

I was an MLM Rep too so I know quite a bit about those hard to understand Compensation Plans. So let’s dig in and see if Tranont is right for you as a Work From Home Biz Op.  Are you better off keeping your hard-earned cash in your pocket? Read on to find out more. 

Quick Summary of Tranont

  • Founder: Lorne Berry
  • Founded: 2014
  • Website Name:
  • Price to Join $99.

A startup fee of $25 and an additional monthly product pack $150+

  • Recommended: No 
  • Who is it for?: For those who want to Earn a Side-Income. Who wants to work from home. Also for those interested in Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing.
  • If you decide to Opt-in for the Home-Based Business option for Tranont, you will be called an Independent contractor of Tranont.

Tranont is a health and wealth education company that uses the business model MLM. The success rate seems very low. So if you would rather find out how I earn a passive monthly income without having to buy expensive products and without having to keep recruiting Leads then

Please read my Recommended Business Model that is 100% legit costs nothing to start up and is 100% RISK-FREE. 

What Is Tranont? Tranont-Logo.

There are Now three sections to Tranont one side is in Health Niche, and the other is all about Wealth Offering Finacial services. Then you have Tranont Apparel. Tranont uses the business model Multi-Level marketing. Where you recommend Tranonts products to your friends and family, they promise or seem to promise the American dream lifestyle just like Herbalife. 

I have never quite seen such a diverse MLM company such as Tranont as it has branched off into three different directions. I have written more below about Tranonts products below so please keep reading. Tranont says you can live a Healthier life using their products, but you can also protect your finances with their Wealth Products. I see that many MLM sponsors the products promptly teaching you how to take care of your finances. You will just be referring to their financial products. They are not cheap by the way.

Now Tranont also0 have their Ecommerce shop where you can buy and recommend their apparel/Merchandise. Tranont does use the business model Multi-Level marketing but that doesn’t mean to say they are a Pyramid Scheme.

What is the Definition of a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is where people are recruiting other people into promises of earning money without a product or service. Most people will not earn any income at all. Once recruitment dries up, so does the company. Many people lose money with this kind of business model, and it is illegal in the UK and many other countries. Multi-level marketing uses a similar business model, but they will have a product or service they use to refer others to the said company they are promoting.

Here is a video of What a Pyramid scheme is.

No need to login to Youtube you can watch it right here just press play.


Who Owns Tranont?

Ceo: Lorne Berry

Lorne Berry has decades of experience working with extensive real estate subdivisions, partnering with restaurants, educating clients in real estate and market investments, and helping business organizations expand into international markets.

Chief Operating Officer: Russ Losee: 

Russ Losee is the  Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer working with a variety of high-tech startups that dealt with areas such as business intelligence, content filtering, and genealogy. Russ oversees the general operations of Tranont.

President: Scott Bland

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial education, Scott Bland is well skilled in coaching and training individuals to run their home businesses. His areas of expertise include marketing, real estate, and investment management. Scot also served in the army for ten years. 

Tranont Lawsuit.

CEO Lorne Berry Filed for bankruptcy back in 2013 for the accumulation of personal debt stemming into $1.000.000.

 Tranont opens it’s doors in 2014. Doesn’t that scream big Red Flags?? Makes one wonder doesn’t it? However, that is not my place to start making assumptions as I am not a trained on legalities regarding bankruptsy etc. 

Tranonts Products Health



Life Balance Vibe and Restore. 

  • Mojo Coffee  costs $69 associate price is $59  Add the mojo creamer, and it will cost another $49 
  • Mojo choc
  • Life 
  • Balance
  • Vibe 
  • Mojo creamer
  • Radiant 
ICARIA Renewal Science
  • Techno boost. 
  • Restore and 
  • Glow. 

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Tranonts Health Packs.


They are commonly used as Business pack also. 

Packs from $214 to $249 

  • Energy & vitality Pack.
  • Health Builder Pack 
  • Cellular Health Pack
  • Tranonts. Personal services. 
  • Tranont Life provides essential financial education 
  • Get your financial questions answered, free with no obligation
  • Learn to maximize your savings
  • Learn simple steps toward a better financial future
  • Understand how your credit score affects access to capital gain
  • Learn debt elimination
  • Strategize and develop a wealth strategy tailored to your long-term goals



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Tranont Credit Services Tranont-Credit-Services

  • Increase credit score by 20 points per month on average
  • Average of 6 unfair remarks removed from credit report monthly
  • Free fundamental credit analysis for every client
  • Elite support for clients
  • The most affordable and effective credit solution on the market
  • Removes questionable and non-verified accounts from your credit report
  • Assistance with underwriting issues

Achieve the credit score of your dreams

Costs $99

TaxBot includes

  • Mileage Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • AuditSafe™️ Reports
  • TaxBot Rewards
  • TaxBot University

$100 per year

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Tranont defend

  • Identity & Credit Protection
  • Cybersecurity & Tech Support
  • Social Media & Online Safety
  • Essentials and Elite Plans
  • Individual and Family Coverage

From $26.95 To $58.50 

  • Business services. 
  • Merchant processing

As merchant advocates say, they are there to help businesses thrive. Their business-first approach is designed to help you process card transactions as securely and economically as possible.

Jive business phone


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North Star

  • Home security services Packs. 
  • Tax Pack 

No more trouble with taxes 

Taxes are tough, especially business taxes. 

  • Customers  $45
  • Associates $40

Business smart pack.


Being business smart will help you achieve business success! As part of our Business Smart Pack, we offer:

  • Tranont Defend
  • TaxBot 
  • Tranont Tax
  • Legal Library
  • Last Will &Testament Package 
  • Customers: $59
  • Associates: $55

Tranont Merchandise/Apparel

Here are some of Tranonts merchandise.

Tranonts E-commerce shop selling to all you Independent Contractor’s of Tranont. 

To help you promote your Tranont Business. All extra costs to you by the way.


Banners From $130

Tranont Decal sets stickers $24.99

Tranont Jaap Cherokee Decal sets $24.99

Also includes Men’s and  Women’s Caps Hoodies t-shirts etc.



Tranonts Compensation Plan.

Rather than I just copy and paste the whole Compensation Plan, you can just check out the Tranonts Compensation plan PDF by clicking this link. Tranont-Comp-Plan

Some hidden loopholes in the compensation plan your sponsor does not tell you.

Once you decide to join Tranonts Biz Opp, you are going to be on an endless round of trying to recruit. You are going to have to keep on top of your down line as they will have to be on Auto-ship meaning every month on a specified date you will have to buy all your products again.

Now if you are in a team then your team will also have to have a monthly amount so if you haven’t signed up enough sponsors then the pressure is on from your team leader for you to buy more products that will end in costing you more money.

Once your rank grows, so does the monthly amount you will have to spend will grow with it too. Many ex sponsors reckon that the products they have to buy on auto-ship are just about half of their income earnings that they will have to payout

I am more than sure that you will have to be responsible for refunding any money back. Same as Forever Living.

So say if I buy from you a product, and I do not want it; I send it back to you as a seller, and you send me the refund, and then you claim your return back from Tranont where they send you more products to sell. So be sure to have some cash handy if you need to do an urgent refund. Many companies like Forever Living do offer a money-back guarantee, but the refund amount is down to you as a seller.

That car that you think is free if you work hard for it isn’t at all you will pay for that yourself.

The Jeep

Jeep Down-Payment Program

According to Tranont. If an associate can’t qualify for a Jeep at the time they attain FC rank, Tranont will hold up to 6 months of their $250 Jeep Bonus up to $1,500 up to 6 months or $1,500. The associate must purchase a Jeep before any payment is given. I am trying to find out more on their website, but many of the PDF files are not showing up or come as a 404. Some updates needed for sure on their website.

No cross recruiting, for example, if I was a Direct seller for Life Plus I cannot bring my team to Tranont. Life Plus don’t like you even promoting other companies products anyways. If I am a Business Owner, surely I would want to do as I want more or less without having rules thrown at me anyways. You can read about Life Plus HERE!

I am not sure I would like the below screenshot to be honest as they could favour this for the better sellers I would say this should be a rule for all independent contractor’s Tranont or no rule at all. As I have noticed this happened before in other MLM companies and it can cause bad feelings towards other independent contractors 


Better Business Bureau Ratings for Tranont

Ratings vary, but these are the most up to date. You can check these customer reviews out yourself on the BBB’s main website right HERE!


Pros of Tranont

Tranont is a legit MLM Business Model.

Cons of Tranont.

  • Expensive Products.
  • No cross Promotions
  • Hard to recruit
  • Not easy to make money.
  • No Income disclaimer


Is Tranont a Scam and a Pyramid scheme?

No Tranont is not a scam, and it is not a Pyramid scheme as they have products to sell.

It’s hard to find out how much sponsors are making in 2020. However, while writing a Review on Amway, the Grandfather of all MLM, I came across this. From The FTC. You can read and download the FTC PDF by clicking on the link below.

FTC GOV Website PDF Concerning MLM Biz Ops


My final thoughts.

MLM back in the late ’50s and ’60s was a fabulous Business model to be in as many women were already at home and loved to share their new gadget or new baking recipes etc. In 2020 MLM is not as easy as it was in fact, it’s a tough Biz Opp, to be honest. You will need to learn Internet Marketing properly if you don’t want to keep throwing away your hard-earned cash. Even Mary Kay, who is the Grandmother of MLM, has closed her doors to New Zealand and if that happens, all your business will go with it too.


I was an MLM distributor with two companies. If you think making money with MLM is going to be easy, it isn’t let me tell you. There is always a ton of extra costs you are going to have to be prepared to spend money on. These can really cut into your budget if you want to make money from home.

The other thing is Facebook recruiting, and Facebook groups are not only likened to a cult-like situation, but I have heard of many sponsors stealing each other customers. It is not an easy job, and you will have to find a way to be able to promote yourself online correctly. Something your upline will not teach you.

Nor will your up-line will even be bothered to share with you what works for them. Getting yourself up and running online is not easy. So if you think you can blip out some FB ads or Google Ads etc. then be warned if you don’t know what you are doing it can become very costly.

So if you are still intent on going full force with any MLM company, then I suggest you learn everything you need about marketing yourself online properly it is the only way forwards. Something I wished I had known back before I wasted my money being just another product buyer for MLM companies.

Not only that if you want to make the TOP LEVELS in any MLM company be prepared to have additional costs, it helps if you already have a team. It takes many MLM Distributors up to 5 years to make an extra 3 to 5 K a month. It’s a constant round of recruiting and you will need more than a thousand+ people below you to achieve any of that kind of money.

Not to mention extra costs for hosting your Parties and buying samples etc. It’s all extra hidden costs. MLM is normally targeted to stay at home Mums and Dad’s.  So be ready for extra costs in babysitters etc. As you are going to need them if you want to go out and promote your MLM products.

That is why I chose Affiliate Marketing; it is so much easier. So if you are fed up of people addressing you as HUN in FB messenger etc. then find out how I make a passive income with less stress no risk, Nope I don’t have to host parties. I do not have to buy samples to share among my prospective buyers or worry about recruiting new leads. I don’t even have to train anyone so less stress on me that’s for sure. As for refunds and customer services I don’t even have to worry about any of that!

Best of all I can promote what I want. I am not bound just to promoting that one MLM company. What I do means I own my own Online Business. I am not just another rep. This website belongs to me. Not like those done for you websites that MLM companies offer you to buy from them. If that MLM company goes down your work and website will go down with it. If you have any Ad Campaigns or have grown an email list that also goes down with the MLM company.




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