Tornado Rising Review is this Crypto MLM a Scam?

Welcome to my Tornado Rising Review: Is it a scam a Ponzi scheme a Pyramid Scheme or a Legit Crypto MLM?

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Have you been approached about this newest Crypto MLM Tornado Rising? If you have been approached by anyone about the Matrix Cycler and you have been looking on the internet to find out more about it. Then trust me you have landed in the right place. I have checked out everything I can on Tornado Rising so be sure to read until the end of this review.

I will walk you through the company the products and the compensation plan. Ponzi schemes are a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little or no investment. Eventually, they fold. Without new investors, the company folds or dries up. Ponzi schemes focus on new clients and without are doubt is mostly backed by and promoted by other unethical scammers. A Ponzi scheme can maintain the illusion of a sustainable business as long as new investors contribute new funds, and as long as most of the investors do not demand full repayment and still believe in the non-existent assets they are purported to own. Hint hint the 20% they hold back helps them also.

Tornado Rising Is an MLM Crypto and has no physical products nor retail products for sale. You can become an Affiliate and get Ad credits on your Website. I am not an Affiliate of Tornado Rising so I won’t be trying to make you part with your cash. Tornado Rising members can buy in a four-tier 2×1 Matrix Cycler. Once the two positions are filled then you can start promoting and earn a commission. Tornado Rising promote Cryptocurrency investment and in return, you will get some kind of ROI. It will cost you $35 for the Cycler position and $35 a month there on after. Keep reading as the full compensation plan I have written out below. 

 Quick Summary.

  • Website:
  • Owners: no information
  • Cost to Join? $35 for Cycler position and $35 a month there on after.
  • Who is it for? The Owners.

Aimed at those Who Work From Home. Who want to Earn A Side Income. Those interested in Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing and of Course CryptoCurrency.

  • Recommended: NO   

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Right Getting back to my review on Tornado Rising I have compiled a list so you know what to expect from my review.

  1. Who is and what is Tornado Rising?
  2. How does tornado rising work? (Compensation Plan)

Including The Masternode Investment.

3: A better way to Earn Money Online?

1: Who is The Tornado Rising?

Provides no information on their website. Which is cause for concern? Billie Alexander as listed as or was and also a promoter and got into Cryptocurrency after he was known to promote World Adventures. Which was known as a scam? Having no products as such Tornado Rising is also just a bundle of products for Affiliate Marketers wich Affiliates can use to display ads to other Affiliates. You will need to have two active referrals to fill the first tier in the matrix. As there are no retail products or services,  people are just recruiting and getting no value back, it’s known as a pyramid scheme


2: How does Tornado Rising work? (Compensation Plan)

Tornado rising Compensation plan
Tornado rising Compensation plan has 5 Tiers

Tornado Rising affiliates purchase positions in a four-tier 2×1 matrix cycler.
A 2×1 matrix is simple in nature, requiring only two positions to be filled to generate a cycle commission.

Cycle commissions across Tornado Rising’s four-tier cycler are as follows:
Level 1 all positions cost $35 – $20 cycle commission and cycles into Level 2
Level 2 – $25 cycle commission and cycles into Level 3
Level 3 – $30 cycle commission and cycles into Level 4
Level 4 – $70 cycle commission, generates a new Level 1 position and creates a new 2×4 matrix position
The 2×4 matrix costs $35 a month, the first payment of which is deducted from Level 4 in the 2×1 cycler.
A 2×4 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:

As positions in the 2×4 matrix are filled, cycle commissions are paid out as followed: Your Matrix level goes 4 levels deep. Remember all of this is tied to your monthly fee of $35 if you don’t pay then you will not get paid the same goes for your other levels commonly known as your down line or legs.
Level 1 – $10 commission per position filled (2 positions)
Level 2 – $5 commission per position filled (4 positions)
Level 3 – $5 commission per position filled (8 positions)
Level 4 – $5 commission per position filled (16 positions)

Level 1 – 5% people you recruit.

Level 2 – 2%

level 3 to level 5 – 1%

Members can sponsor as many members as they want. Those you sponsor will be your 1st level. When your 1st level sponsors other members that is your second level so on and so forth. This also reminds of another Crypto MLM I have just written about you can read about that Cloud Token also right HERE!

Here comes the Masternode investment:

They don’t disclose any percentages on their website however they do talk about 20% withdrawal fees.
Tornado commissions are paid out when a member invests in cryptocurrency on a uni-level compensation plan.

Tornado Rising solicits cryptocurrency investment on the promise of a passive return. Specific return amounts aren’t provided. However, the company does advise it takes 20% of any withdrawal requests. Referral commissions are paid on invested cryptocurrency via a uni-level compensation structure. Make sure you have your downline paying monthly as you will lose out.

Something that is never really stipulated in any MLM company. So you always have to be on top of your downline. That can be almost a job in itself especially if the program/platform/system doesn’t speak for itself.
A uni-level compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them that becomes their second level. So on and so forth,

Is Rising Tornado a Scam? 

This new Crypto MLM reminds so much of its namesake. What does a tornado do? It rises with full force it comes in creates nothing but absolute devastation and literally rolls out again. Leaving nothing more than devastation, Money Loss and losses of family friends. The devastation can be massive depending on the size of the tornado of course so in all essence that will depend on you and the size of what devastation you can allow this kind of scheme to happen to you.

I will steer clear of this kind of Scheme. Maybe because I know what to look for now I can keep my head away from the clouds and all the lies and promises these type of Programs/systems make us want to believe. I have also noticed the demographics are target mostly to South Africa. What a beautiful country that is.

I notice that Rising Tornado is also tapping into the much loved and awesome Universe including all the Abundance they now want to share with you B.S.. They want to tap in where they can as quick as they can. They do not care about you and your abundance and they certainly do not care about the Universe they simply know what works. I cannot tell you what to do all I can offer you is my thoughts on this and a little guidance at the end of the day it is up to you what you do with your money/ I know where I am keeping my money WEll away from Rising Tornado.

3: A better way to Earn Money Online?

I know you are thinking there is always a better way to make money online. In my world there is and it must be as I have been with now three years. I know they are legit and I know I can make money. Here is something I am noticing more and more is the number of newbies from MLM companies or who work from home wanting to grow their own Home Based Business. They can’t be wrong there are over 1. 7 million of us that have joined wealthy Affiliate and all we are doing is growing our Own Online Businesses and rubbing shoulders with top online marketers.

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No, we are not a Ponzi scheme and nor will we sell on your data nor share it. ZERO COST ZERO RISK NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED



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