Top 8 Ways To Avoid Scams Online In 2018

Top 8 Ways To Avoid Scams Online In 2018/19

Being scammed online is no laughing matter. We have all been there and we have all done it. Avoiding scams is a whole different ball game. The whole point in this blog is to help you avoid been Scammed. I have spent years online trying to make it and finding the right place to be able to work online without being scammed has not got any easier. So this is a guide that I have compiled together for you. I hope it will keep you from the dreaded Jaws of online Scammers. Let’s get you started so sit back grab a coffee and learn how to protect yourself from online scams. This article has been updated, For 2018/19

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1. Claims of Overnight Success.

This has to be my absolute first. Why because it’s something I cannot stress enough that earning Money online in a night or day is Impossible. Each and every successful Affiliate Marketer will tell you this. It’s an absolute no no. Yet most people fall into this trap. Please do not fall into this trap. Affiliate Marketers online the successful Affiliate Marketers will tell you this immediately. Overnight money making schemes just don’t work period!!

It takes time and patience to build any Business. Whether it is online or off-line. Absolutely nobody will achieve success overnight. I express this often throughout my site. Please do not be fooled by these ridiculous lies. Once bitten is twice shy and take it from every successful marketer


2: Every Business Needs a Contact Page.

“If, You” cannot find a contact page where you can get in touch with anybody then forget it. You are going to be stuck for sure. Typically, if they do have a contact page then give them 48 hours to reply. “If You” have no replies within that time frame then you will be in trouble in the future. If they do not offer support then forget it we all need that support button. Make sure the support is to access and you don’t have to wait for days to get help. Waiting around alone can kill any online business.

3: Beware of Big Fancy Sales Pages.

The big fancy sales pages might fool most of us but do not be taken in by them. This is what we call Showboating. We can all post fancy cars and flash mansions but why would we. Most successful Affiliate Marketers are your everyday kind of person. Now posting about your travels ain’t so bad.  Nobody in their right mind posts about their personal lives. Why on earth would they? That’s just plain crazy. Been a flash person doesn’t mean you have tons of cash to throw around we can all post things like that. Do your homework and look out for good testimonials.

4: A Video Only Sales Page.

Although Videos are great in today’s marketing world. Using those Videos where you are made to sit right through it to the very end. That has no start Button Pause or end Button. “If, You” by accident you click the back button so you have to start again that is a common No No too. That is just the forceful sell. Where you are made to sit through a good amount of time for that cheap freebie. Or that extra few dollars off then you know you are going to be hit by extra up-sells. Not getting the relevant info you need straight away then forget it. I have done that in the past and I must have sat for nearly 45 mins listening to a tall story only to be hit with a Click Bank sale. That sales pitch no longer exists may I add. 45 minutes I will never get back.

5: Beware the Circle of Gurus They are rife.

The Gurus types are into a promoting each other’s products. You normally find these everywhere. They use similar keywords which then direct you to the same product. I come across this type of thing daily in my Instagram account for example. They tend to sell me different ways of earning money online. However, they tend to outbid each other on what my earning potential could be in that week. At first, I just pacify them Now I just ignore them. I find it’s the only way forward to get through my Busy Day.


6: Look Out for The Big Up-Sells.

One dollar start-up,s will turn out to be a con for the bigger up-sells. It is like using click Funnels. If you are just starting out why on earth would you try adding in funnels on a Website that barely has content?  You need to get traffic first to your business. Then you can think about converting your traffic in bigger ways. Just remember that $1  will probably turn out into the  $1,000 do not be sucked into the cheap hype. Never in a million years are you going to build a lucrative business on a dollar.


7: Do Not fall for Useless Training.

Every platform will offer some kind of training. Do your homework. Some training platforms are good but offer you some training that is probably widely used in Free YouTube videos already. They might initially offer some great training but it won’t give you the expertise you require. That’s when you will be hit with bigger money up-sells Too. Ask them straight out what the up-sells are and the costs. Do not whatever you do buy done for you pages. If these go down then your business goes with it. Imagine building out an email list that takes a lot of time you will lose that too. Unlike my businesses they belong to me and will always belong to me.

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8: See if You Can Test Drive the Platform First.

As an example, if you are going to buy a Car you want to find out if it suits you.  Is it Powerfull Enough? Does it give you the space you need? We all buy cars but we get the chance to have a test drive first don’t we. Why buy any car that you have haven’t even had a test drive in. What’s the point in that. We just would not do it. That’s just the same principle. Its no good chucking good money on something that is going to fail you in the long run. That’s just ludicrous. Check out the Free starter memberships and while you’re there ask all the questions you want. Find out all the nitty gritty and don’t just dive in.


Do your homework. Do it properly. Find out everything you can about the Platform that’s offering you the world. Use your Due Diligence. For your own sake and the sake of your pocket. Test drive that Platform. If they have nothing to hide they will let you test drive it for free. It should stay free for as long as you want too. I think that just about says it all. “As you” have a whole week free to test drive the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Remember the only way they can get any of your Credit Card Details Is,  “If” YOU GIVE THEM UP.

Stop being scammed.  So as you already know I have been with my company since 2016 take a peak if you like and see if I am a real Legit Business. See you on the inside.

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I would really love some feedback on this post and please share some of your horror stories if you have been Scammed.





2 thoughts on “Top 8 Ways To Avoid Scams Online In 2018”

  1. Thank you so much for this information. It is very helpful and you are correct with each one of your tips.

    I have not been scammed but have had several phone calls from different scammers through the years. It amazes me just how blatant people can be with trying to get information from you or sell you something. The most annoying thing is when you block their calls, they just call you from a different number.

    You certainly have to be cautious when talking to people who are trying to scam. I always follow my gut and go with “when in doubt, don’t”! They can definitely make whatever they are selling sound so amazing but as a consumer, you have to do your homework.

    Thanks again, for this very helpful article. What topic will you write about next? I can’t wait to see what it will be!

    Keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi, Yvette,
      Thank you so much for passing by. It actually amazes me too the amount of scams out there. I too get tons of calls and loads of the dreaded offers in my Social media accounts. Unfortunately they are here to stay.

      The next post I shall actually be blogging about are the scam companies that are out there now. This is going to take time because it has to be accurate. I am looking forward more to doing my research on this.

      I have in the past been scammed and lucky for me I didnt waste much money. If I could just help a few people to avoid been scammed then it would make my day so much better.
      keep in touch and I shall let you know when it comes Out.

      My Kindest Regards Yvette and thank you for passing by.
      Debs 😉


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