Top 7 Reasons why Most People Fail In Affiliate Marketing 2018

Affiliate marketing in 2018 really is something everybody should be doing today. It’s a great way to have as a part-time job. Once most people get the hang of it. They do actually become full-time marketers. I am now a full-time marketer. Quite a successful one at that. However, there are lots of people online that struggle with Affiliate Marketing and fail. Tech is changing at an incredible speed, and what we considered important skills Yesterday are meaningless today.

Stay ahead of the Curve and ahead of the competition. Top 7 Reasons Why Most People Fail In Affiliate Marketing 2018.


Reason 1: Most People go after the hype.

The first thing we all do in Affiliate Marketing is we tend to follow the hype. There are so many that go for the get rich overnight success kind of thing.. I have stressed this quite a few time in my other articles here in My Website that this just does not happen. I can’t really stress it enough and I do find it sad when I see so many New affiliate Marketers fail.

Yet they really do have the potential to become successful.  Like most successful Entrepreneurs will tell you. This! is not the case and it will take time and lots of effort. So don’t Expect great expectations. This is a long time commitment and if done properly can bring in 6 figure Salaries and More!!

Reason 2: You Give up Because the links Do Not Earn an Income.

Being a successful Online Business Marketer takes time. It takes lots of effort. It’s not just about copy and pasting Affiliate Links and hope they stick.  That’s without getting in trouble for Spamming. Spam Is a Definite no.


Facebook hates it as does YouTube. In fact,t everyone hates it Especially Google. Nobody clicks on them anyway then you don’t have a clue why. Then you’re banned from your Social Media accounts and wonder why. Its easily done and then what. You have to start all over again.

Building a successful Online Affiliate Marketing Business. You need the right platform to teach you and educate you on how to work your Online business. How to avoid been Penalized for Spamming.

Think about it.??

You can go to school or University college and you are trained to be in the category of Job you choose. That takes time and so many people train in their specific jobs. Affiliate marketing needs to be taught from the right training Platform. Just like any other Job. The only difference is if you do Affiliate Marketing  Right you have a guaranteed job to go to.

Not only that being with the Right Platform Means you can EARN AS YOU LEARN!

Reason 3: You Do not have the Essential Training needed to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer. 

Training is the absolute key to becoming successful. Without the right training, You may as well forget it. If you have the training you can actually build multiple successful businesses online. The successful way to do this is finding the right Platform to work from. Wealthy Affiliate held this Key for me. It’s Free to Join Click Here. 

They have now taught me how to Build Multiple Businesses. As you know they are the #1platform that I work from and still do. I have been taught to have more than one successful Online Business. I am now on track to become an Ambassador. So it also shows how far I have come.

Reason 4: Most do not know the real potential of Having their own website. Blog.

Nowadays its common sense most new businesses fail without a website. Why do you think all of the biggest money Making Companies out there do have there own Websites. Look at Amazon and eBay, Apple and Gum Tree to name but a few.

Having a Blog or a Website helps people get to know you. It helps to build trust and also helps you to build an email list too. Which is a massive factor in becoming a successful online business marketer?


Reason 5: Going from one Platform to Another.

I have found the easiest and only way to Work is from the very same training platform. That way I don’t have to mess about going to different platforms to learn different strategies. For instance, some people want to know how to build an online business using Amazon. That is a big money maker and can be done. How about learning to build your own online shop from one training platform. Starting with building your Website to promoting your Amazon products and getting your product out there. Monetizing your Products and your Website.

You already have a lot of competition to go against but learning the right strategies and the way to go forward then you can be sure you will become better and more powerful than your competition is already. Yes, it can be done and its proven to be done by many.

Reason 6: Keeping on Track with Proven Strategies! That Actually Work!

There are tons of training out there and if you are like me when I first started I was on a Budget. So I wasn’t willing to fall into the trap of freebies turning into something that will cost me thousands. With absolute Rubbish Training. That is a no no! Yes, I too have been there and done that.

Essentially if you don’t have the right training and all they want is your cash you may as well forget it. All you are doing is lining there pockets and not your own. So that’s why quite a lot of new Affiliate Marketers fail and end up worse off and broke. I come across them all the time. Yes, I do feel for them.

Here is some Training That Actually Is Proven To  Work CLICK HERE!

Reason. 7: You Do Not Build A Relationship With Your Referrals.

This is all part of being an Affiliate Marketer. Ok, so you don’t have to have parties at home to do this or catch up with your neighbours to do this. That’s More MLM.  However, It does work to build trust with your referrals. If they don’t trust you why would they buy from you.

Keeping up to date with those that are asking you Questions in Messenger or on your Blogs. Engaging with them. Let them get to know you. You need to get to know them. Knowing your audience is essential. After all, you are there to benefit them, aren’t you. Engage with them on your Blogs is totally essential.

Just popping out links left right and centre is not going to build your trust.  Building trust is the absolute Essential way to go. If you don’t have that or Cannot be bothered then Yes you will fail for sure. So make sure you engage with your potential Customers and answer all Comments on your Websites or Blogs.



Just to round this up. If you feel that you cannot do it then trust me you can.  Just remember the 7 reasons why you could fail. Starting off first of all with the right training platform is essential. Staying ahead of the competition is a must. Get your Website or Blog set up and start learning how to Generate traffic to your Very Own Website. Yes, Your own Website  Built By You. Yes, you can do this too. With the right Training. 

Stick to the training to the very end. “Make sure its a platform that isn’t just about upsells and spending more money you don’t have.” Build up a good relationship with your potential customers. That’s so important.

Stay away from promises of overnight success. Its just a waste of your money. Be ready to work hard to take on board the training and learn everything you can. Find a platform that will help you build out multiple businesses like Amazon, Click Bank, Jvzoo. Shopify, Share a sale.

All the training in one place makes for an easy life and more time for your business. Especially if you are new. That way it saves less confusion. The most essential thing is getting Help. Make sure its easy to interact with like-minded Entrepreneurs on that very training Platform. That is Absolutely  Essential too. Help should be on hand 24/7 365 days a year as it is with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Last but not least avoid the pitfalls of been banned for Spamming.

I hope that helps you and here is a link if you would like to see what gave me the chance to become a successful online business marketer with multiple businesses. The best thing is you can join me and you will get my help on a One on One basis.

Join me and Begin your new Online Successful Affiliate Marketing Business. Right Now. Just click on the link below and Don’t forget to drop me in a comment below. Send me an Email if you would rather have a more personal one on One. Thank you.

Remember this, Tech is changing at incredible speed, and what we consider important skills yesterday may be meaningless. Stay Ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition.

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I am Affiliate Marketer, Mentor, Local Marketer, Web Designer. Entreprenuer.


  1. I have been working on my affiliate marketing website since October of last year and just this weekend I noticed I made my first sale! $4 but still, it means to me that Affiliate Marketing WORKS!

    It took me this long to make this sale but I know that it is all up hill from here 🙂 The key is to be patient, persistent and give yourself a chunk of time each day to do a little bit, a little bit more…

    No one wants to get up in the morning and have to go work for someone else, but to live a “laptop lifestyle” you have to invest your time in creating something of substance that will generate passive income.

    The only get rich quick scheme is winning the lotto and we all know the odds in that. This post motivates me to work harder so I can get that ball rolling quicker! Good Luck with becoming an ambassador!

    • Hi,
      I am going to be honest with you. Your $4 sale could be a $4,000 dollar sale. You have the potential already but you need to market yourself completely different. I think it’s fabulous how far you have come but you really have more potential.

      I did check out your Website and I can already tell you some of your fatal mistakes. You are good at what you do. You can strive to be better. If you need help just send me an email or lets connect here it’s up to you. my first sale was in the 6 figures. So I know what I am doing.

      Thank you too for my Ambassadorship. I can assure you I have worked hard for it.

      Thank you for connecting.
      Regards Debs 😉

  2. I always go from one platform to another. I never focus on one thing completely I think that may be the reason why I don’t see the results which I desire.

    • Hi,
      That is one of the biggest mistakes of online Affiliate marketing. If you are going to embark on something then you need to have all your attention on that. We tend to call that a shiny object Syndrome.
      If you can curb your desire from looking at things that you think look better and stay in one place and concentrate you will find you move on so much quicker. Staying grounded is essential. It was also one of the hardest lessons I have ever learned too. So you are not the only one.
      Regards Debs 😉

  3. Sticking to something was never an issue for me, but I always try too many different styles at one time then get in over my head.

    I have 3 different types of Websites going and only one that I am passionate about. The problem is, I think I can make more money at the other two quicker due to them being a more e-commerce site rather than a personal development site.

    But I am continuing to do what it takes because I know the potential and that was always something I was able to see in whatever I did. I like this post because it helps someone like me when you see and hear of so many not making it, it’s only because they were not working it and except for maybe one flaw, I am doing everything else correctly. Thank you for the post.

    • Hi, Frank,
      I think you yourself already know what path you have to take. You already have the potential and you know it will take hard work. I think it’s great too that you know that you are on the right path. You already have the potential to move forward.

      You know you can move forward. Giving up is never an options. Thats a true way to fail.
      Its fabulous to connect with you and keep in touch and let me know how far you are getting on.

      My kindest Regards Debs 😉

  4. You have hit the nail right on the head, Deborah. I’ve seen too many newbie marketers thinking making money online is going to be easy, but then they realize it’s much more difficult than they originally thought. They continue jumping from shiny object to shiny object (most likely scams) and wonder why they can’t make a dime yet they’re spending all their money. The only ones making money are the gurus selling them scams. You have done a great job highlighting these reasons and I think many people will thank you for your work here. Great job once again 🙂

    • Hi, Brandon,
      Thank you so much for the insight. It’s so true. The gurus out there full of false promises are rife.

      I am happy you could relate to my Top 7 in Affiliate marketing Fails. It’s! a common problem I would like most people to understand this.

      As An Affiliate pro myself. If I can help any body I would, but first they have to help themselves. I can only guide them in the right Direction.
      Thankyou Brandon.
      Regards Debs 😉

  5. Thank you for this very informative article. I think the most frustrating thing about affiliate marketing for me is being patient. I hear about it takes time to reach my financial goals, but putting in all that work to just wait is hard for me. Even though I’ve made my first small sale, nothing has happened since then.

    Reading this article helps me feel like there is real hope. Reading this came right on time for me. Thank you so much for this.

    Once again, another awesome article. I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi, Yvette,
      I think thats the worst thing is doing what you do and you work hard. Then sales are slow. Thats when people do fail. They give up and think yeah ok I’m no good at it. When in hindsight people should realise everything takes time and work.

      Imagine that 1 sale turning into 4 sales then 5 and then 10. It does happen. It takes time and thats why most of ease keep our full time Jobs until our Businesses allow us to become a full-time Business.
      Nothing is never easy.

      Think of this if you feel Down and feel at a loss. Where did Steve Jobs Start and Richard Branson. Bill gates. They all started out with nothing but a dream. Imagine that. The only difference these men have in common is not one of them never Gave up.

      Thats why you shouldn’t It’s right there it’s like everything. If you believe in something than anything is possible.

      My Kindest Regards debs 😉

  6. Hi Deborah, thanks for the tips! What type of behavior constitutes spam these days? These days, I’m sure it’s more than just sending mass emails that end up in people’s junk folders. The last thing I want is to risk gaining a reputation as a spammer. I’m concerned that I possibly have too many links on my site; but other than littering my site with affiliate links, what type of behaviors should I avoid?

    • Hi, Josh,
      When I refer to spamming that means just getting your Affiliate links and adding them every where Like social Media Face book Twitter You tube. Over use of these links can have all your social Media accounts shut down if you are not Careful. Google + too is pretty hot for links that are posted every where.

      Taking care and posting as and when and where is essential to not be penalized by any of these accounts.
      After all imagine having a big following and loosing it all because you put out to many Links every where.

      I hope that helps.
      Regards Dens 😉

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