The Bitcoin Revolution Scam Review-Warning Contains RED FLAGS!

The Bitcoin Revolution Scam Review-Warning Contains RED FLAGS!

Slow down the Bitcoin Revolution isn’t what you think it is. Bitcoin Revolution claims to make you the next Bitcoin millionaire. These claims are fake. Saying they have been on Dragons Den, CNN, Forbes. They are using big names to promote their Bitcoin Revolution system.

This is an in-depth review of The Bitcoin Revolution. It’s safe to say this is a scam. Keep your hard earned cash in your pocket! I will show you a way to get your money back if you have been scammed by any rogue Scam traders. So be sure to read my review…..

Believe me when I am telling you and I will prove to you why they are faking there way into getting hard working people to part with their hard-earned cash. This review contains BIG RED FLAGS so you have been warned. It’s up to you if you decide to go along with The Bitcoin Revolution. I must stress this though, Please read my scam review before you do. You will be happy you did?




I have just been sent an email from a person that has invited me to join him via his link for Bitcoin Revolution. That is what has led me to review the Bitcoin Revolution.  What I find really annoying is when I get these random emails if I try to reply to them I get an error the email does not exist etc that alone screams fake to me.

Seriously some people will promote any scam just to earn a few dollars off you. That is disgusting.. Here are the screenshots of the email that I was sent. I hate it when I cannot reply back to this person and tell them they are trying to get me to waste my money on scams honestly some people do not care.

Oh Dear, another scam email. Just been sent to me. Promoting  The Bitcoin Revolution. Be careful peeps. If you get these kinds of emails and cannot reply to them, after all, they are contacting you not the other way around. Any Legit company or Affiliate Marketer you will be able to get in touch with them.

Unlike this fraudster here who is determined to keep emailing me with his worthless link. Yes, his even more worthless Email Address. Some people have no shame and are bad for business. He/She is earning nothing and is nothing more than a scammer himself/herself. If you can’t reply then spam them, peeps.

These kind of people are not worth it. See how their names are very similar. Same scammer.  Shame on them they are desperados. You have to use your due-diligence here too. Imagine if you did sign up with them. Imagine giving your details over to them. Then you get tons of spam emails like this yes.

If that is the case what on earth has happened to your card details did they share them too? Be so careful here. This alone should make you wary of these scammers.

Same scammer for Bitcoin Revolution Ta very Much I do not opt-in to fraud emails
Same scammer for Bitcoin Revolution Ta very Much I do not opt-in to fraud emails


Scam email sent to my inbox not able to reply so annoying
Scam email sent to my inbox not able to reply. That is so annoying!

I clicked on the link to see what I would find from that email. Please believe me the whole Bitcoin Resolution sales and website look rather brilliant and it almost compels you into believing you can make money with them. Luckily for me, I have been an Online marketer for nearly three years now and I can tell a Big sales scam straight away. I know what to look for.

Let’s carry on with this review and I will show you the Big Red Flags as we go along.

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

The Bitcoin Revolution system claims to be an out of this world trading system where you can generate millions from the likes of cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. With their automated trading app they go on to say they will go onto making automated trades for you. According to them, it will make money for you while you sleep. You really must trust your own judgement here as the sales site is really appealing. I can only offer you guidance but it’s up to you.

Binary scams can ruin people lives and this one is no better it used to be called Bitcoin Profit and it was also called Online Profit Generator. Both were shown as major online trading scams. Please keep reading though because they are also using Big Names Like Forbes and CNN news channels to Lure you in and even Dragons Den which is a famous Series Featuring  Top Millionaire Entrepreneurs. 

Really, in all honesty, to check out if these news sites are real or the likes of Forbes or the Mirror a Uk Newspaper just check out the URL of these fake Newspaper snippets. Not one of them connects properly to the REAL URL WEB ADDRESSES. Look at This with Dragons Den With Deborah Meaden. This episode does not exist at all. They are Just photoshopped images to make it look real. Please believe me I have never missed an episode of Dragons Den I love it. I would know if it was there.

Fake newspaper articles fake Dragons Den Episode. Bitcoin Revolution is a scam
Fake newspaper articles fake Dragons Den Episode. Bitcoin Revolution is a scam

All they are doing is copying a page from a newspaper and do some editing so it looks totally real. IT looks like they really are in the headlines. That Is one BIG RED FLAG for you. That alone totally convinced me immediately that was going to be a fake system and they are just out to take money from my pockets.

See Bitcoin Revolution does not work as promised. They really are just scam traders. That have affiliated themselves with another Scam Binary Options Broker. See all they do set up enormous appealing sites and fake New sites just to get you to basically sign up with the rogue broker.

See any online trading is a risky business but the creator of the Bitcoin Revolution wants you to believe that you can make money with their trading system. They make it out as if it is an all-around win-win situation.

According to them All you have to do is sign up give them your cash and then their system will just work for you and you do not have to do a thing. This is total likes. They get you with all the fancy claims they use and all the big names that they use if you go to Forbes you will never find them on their pages this is just lying to lure you in. That simply is not true.

Another BIG RED FLAG. Obviously the people they get Then the people behind Bitcoin Revolution will then be paid by the Scam Broker. Its a sad case of affairs really. All of the sales pages are based on fake testimonials. Keep reading and I will show you more fake testimonials etc.

Fake income proofs Jennifer is just a paid stock Photo
Fake income proofs Jennifer is from a paid stock photo site. Her face is used in many websites on the internet

Obviously, they want you to deposit money vias their recommended broker who is also a scamster. There you will find you will have lost your money. That’s what I am hoping to help you avoid as been scammed online is really not a laughing matter. I know I have been scammed in the past when I first started out and yes I believed on some of the sales videos they know how to lure you in.

Now my honest opinion Bitcoin Revolution is indeed a BIG FAT SCAM?

BitCoin revolution is just a copy of the other scams I have mentioned above. Everything about it is really fake. They are just middlemen sending you to rogue traders. They know what works and they know how to lure you in.

Their websites and sales pages look totally compelling and authentic but they aren’t. None of it is true they are just taking your money to line their own greedy fat pockets. That is a fact.

I do hope my review has helped you. If,  you decide to go with The Bitcoin Revolution. At least I have given you a link to help you get your money back when things go wrong. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have been scammed by Bitcoin Revolution please share with us all what you did to get your money back. If you are having any problems with other online scams please drop me a comment below. I always love to help anyone who wants to get ahead online.

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