[Scam Exposed] Clout Bucks Review. You have been Warned!

[Scam Exposed] Clout Bucks Review is a Scam.

Welcome to my honest and complete review and well done you for checking out any system or platform before you sign up or part with your hard earned cash. Please protect your data and do not sign up with any Platform unless you are sure they are Legit. Clout Bucks is nothing short of an out and out scam. That is according to what I have researched and have done myself you are open to potentially hacked accounts and your data will be sold on to other none ethical systems. You have been warned.

I came across Clout Bucks on Facebook as I do reviews. I signed up with my false info and false Mobile/cell phones to protect my own safety. What I found beggars belief. Clout Bucks is not in any way an ethical system at all. They couldn’t wait to squabble over my personal data. Once you invite a friend they will also sell on their data. You will not get paid from Clout Bucks. The whole system setup is a lie. You have been Warned but keep reading and I can show you why. 

Quick Summary.

  • Name: Clout Bucks
  • Website URL: cloutbucks.com
  • Owner: Anonymous
  • Price: Free to join…

Just because it is free to join does not make this a Legit programme. They will never pay you and all those that opt-in with your link will have their data shared. Why do that to others please be aware if you are already sharing this system check your passwords and use you Due Diligence. SAY NO TO ALL THE SCAMS AND B.S. ONLINE TODAY.

  • Recommended?: NO


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Here is what I will cover in this scam review of CloutBucks.

  1. What is Clout Bucks?
  2. Are Clout Bucks a Scam?
  3. A better way to Earn Money Online Today the honest way?


1: What is Clout Bucks?

They claim to be an Influencer Marketing platform that connects other influencers to the likes of Apple. Target, Amazon. I know full well none of these companies would touch this system with a barge pole. They are using those names to make them look authoritative. They have no Social Influence at all. Wait and I will show you what I mean.

According to what I have found out about Clout Bucks, it’s simple to get started but hard to get payment. You first have to sign up providing basic personal information. You’re then given referral link exclusive to you to be shared on social media platforms and whatever outlets that can direct traffic to the site.

They’re leveraging their deceitful earning offers to make money at your expense. They claim you can withdraw through PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, Bank Transfer, mailed checks, and more. That is really not true at all…. Not being funny who wouldn’t want to earn money for free. Basically, that is what they are saying but what happens is not the truth. That is what sucks you in. Big money making claims for free. Please, people, this is insane and based on false marketing claims.

The false promises of earning $500 a day for doing nothing, and I mean nothing. What makes Clout Bucks so special. Let me tell you they are nothing special at all.  They are not a charity. They are a system to take your data and abuse it. Here are a few more they used to be. Kids Earn money. Kids Get money. Kidsearncash.com now directs to Cloutbucks.com  kids earn money LLC they are all the same system.  Here is a screenshot from the BBB.

Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau Kids Earn Cash LLC is the same as Clout Bucks website.


You can check this out on the Better Business Burea Website for yourself!

Clout Bucks suck you in with  Free to join and once they have you in their web of Deceit you are then going to share their free links to more unsuspected customers to land in their web of deceit.  You will have to do some tasks that you will find in your dashboard. That can earn you money once you have completed those tasks. Those tasks un be known to you are more Scam website that will go on to try and sell you more scam products. Wait they say you can earn say $25 per task etc. They will never pay you. You will never get paid. In fact, I have never seen one person get paid yet!

Here are the tasks.

Refer A Friend $10
Get Clicks $2
Download Apps $10
Complete Surveys $25
Create YouTube Videos $50

They have very little to show what they are and do. This should already show you BIG RED FLAGS.

There is no money being paid out here. Clout Bucks, Clout pay, is all the same thing. Same as Viral Dollars, VIRAL BUCKS. Same as Kids Earn money. Kids Get money. Kidsearncash.com as I have mentioned above.

Please if you have been offered this link then I urge you now to change all your passwords and PayPal Passwords as you are now open to Malware and Hackers. Not to mention they have sold your data on already. Please be careful. This is a new wave that is hanging around and they call it harvesting.

Using Whois.com I found this. A well-registered company should be more transparent. Especially with the money making claims they say they pay out. Even the earning Testimonials are all wrong. Nothing seems to fit correctly. The owner is not known. To be influencers surely they would be well known. This is why you need to use your due diligence. Check out everything you can. Their money making claims are ridiculous, to say the least. They certainly do not fit what they claim to be paying out to affiliates.

Domain: Cloutbucks.com

Registered on: 23/05/2019 until 23/05/2019

Alexa global rank is: 335,559

Nigeria rank is: 4,180

Target audience: Nigeria USA, Azerbaijan


Fake testimonials from the clout bucks website.
Fake testimonials from the clout bucks website. Read on to find out why Just look at the dates and then go to the whois website.


Viral Bucks say on their website they have 185K members and have paid 39.5 million they have 63K followers and have been 10 years in the business. Their website tells me different as you can see above on the check I have done on Clout Bucks Website. . Their Link to Instagram from their main website is private and has only 1,875 followers. On Twitter, they have only 688 followers. If they are major influencers why do they have Instagram as a private account? Maybe they are worried we will find them out. They don’t even tweet or have posts on Instagram you can check for yourself on their main website their Social Media links. You can also find my Instagram in my sidebar.


2: Are Clout Bucks a Scam?

Yes, I am afraid they are as far as I can see. Why are they going through so much trouble changing their domain names? Why are they not transparent and if they are massive social media influencers why are they lying about their follower’s not to mention keeping an Instagram Business page private none of it makes sense to me.

You are never going to get paid. All your efforts are going to end nowhere. They are providing absolutely no back up at all. This is where Data harvesting comes in I suppose. According to CloutBucks, they get paid by ads from private partners. All those ads send you to more Affiliate links.

Those third-party websites can and could ask you for more personal data I:E telephone/Cell Numbers. Maybe they aren’t as ethical neither. You’re likely to be spammed with all sort of things. So if you’ve signed up with the information you share with your bank account, PayPal and other relevant things, you might want to change these as soon as possible. . You can be hacked. Why do I know I signed up myself remember with my Mobile/cell and info I use when I am finding out information when I do a scam review.

I do hope that has helped answer any of your questions and it really is up to you what you decide to do. I really would like to hear back from you. If you have by chance signed up with Clout Bucks. Let me know if you get paid too. Looking forward to hearing some good income claims because all I have found is fake income claims up to now.


3: A better way to Earn Money Online Today the honest way?

There is always an honest way to earn money online. I meet so many people that have joined Clout Bucks and have asked me in my D.M.s on Instagram why they are not getting paid. I kind of find that truly sad. Imagine thinking you are going to earn $500 a day and you can see in the likes of Cloud Bucks that money getting higher. then when it comes to getting the cash you ain’t going to get paid.

Some of these people do spend a lot of time promoting this kind of link and end up either worse off or even more damning is a bad reputation. Especially if they share this with family or friends that can be even worse. There is nothing worse than feeling that downtrodden. The worse thing is believing in it even when you really don’t believe in it all. That is the worse experience ever.

How do I know how that feels. I have been there in the past. My heart racing thinking I got this. I am going to make a fortune and to be honest never earning a dime not even earning a cent. I have cried and tried on countless occasions. I wasted a good few years. That was until I met the platform I am with today.

They are the people that have taught me to make money online in a good and Ethical way and they have never scammed me not once. The only qualm I have is I wished I met them earlier damn it would have saved me wasting money and wasting my time not to mention breaking my heart on countless scams I believed in.

That is the reason why I take hours out of my life to build this website to help people stop being scammed and yes to earn money the right way. Without all the Scams and Lies and B.S. that is out there on the internet today. You can join me if you like by clicking the link below. I will be there on the inside ready to greet you. Yes, I am a real person and I am the same as you. Just wanting to get ahead online the right way.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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Please don’t forget I want to hear your outcome with Clout Bucks and also if you got paid. If you need any help with anything at all. Even if it is hacked accounts then comment too. I can help you there also.

Debs 🙂

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