“Scam Alert” Vatican Investment My Honest Review 2018

Vatican Investment is it a scam!

First of all, well done you for doing your homework. You have landed here on my site because you are looking for a work from home solution and want to earn money online am I right. YES!  Here I will give you my honest review to help you make up your own mind about this Vatican Investment Platform. Is the Vatican Investment a scam.  Be very careful about this new scam. getthisplan.com. which lies about a secret Vatican investment plan that apparently pays cheques to anyone and everyone.

To gain access to this Gold Mine  (Scam website) you don’t need anything. at all.  It can be accessed by all countries and all ages you don’t even need to be a Christian to join it. The person behind this scam, (not necessarily Teo Vee) has been making tons of scams lately and is backed by some great promotions so be careful. Having done all the homework I needed to find out more about this Get This Plan The Vatican Investment is indeed a SCAM!! 

In fact, it is nothing more than a sham! Below I will give you a more in-depth look at this platform and Website. I will show you how this scan reels you in. How you WON’T be getting any cheques back from them. Let’s get you started I have compiled a list for you below.

1: What Get This Plan is about?

2: How Get This Plan really works?

3: Is Get This Plan really a Scam?

4: Do you want a better and more legit way to make money online?

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 What Get This Plan is all about!

Platform Name: Get This Plan

Website: getthisplan.com.

Owner: Teo Vee.

Pricing: $97 to $2,000’s more because of upsells.

Recommended: NO


Apparently, according to this so-called Guru,  reckons everyone buys online today which is true, however, he also goes on to say that some of that goes into a pool of money that the Vatican uses to pay out money to you. It goes on to say all you need is a computer and the internet. In this video he flashes off the big flashy car he bought in a week and how his checks grew to 20K in a short few months. How do these cheques grow if he has done nothing to earn them?  It doesn’t make sense. “RED FLAG” .

Get This Plan is Vee’s 5th website all guiding you to his main website My Ecom club.  All of these sites claim the same thing. They are misleading and use the same fake testimonials done by actors. 

Here is a list of his other websites.

Think about it why would the Vatican have training steps if all you have to do is put your name in a list. At first, I thought like many others that this guy was a real internet guru until I started to dig a lot deeper. In the sales Video, it goes onto say the Vatican Bank is bringing in tons of cash from this so-called E-commerce club which in turn deposits money into your bank on a daily basis. Teo Vee reckons you can get $100 to $200 daily on autopilot. That just isn’t true at all you won’t be getting any cheques, in fact, the only thing you will get is emptier pockets.

How Get This Plan really works!

Get This Plan arrangement doesn’t work as a result of this it is often all made up. There is no Vatican bank of money simply giving you money to deposit into your bank. This is just ridiculous. This is just part of his ploy for you to get involved in the Ecom club,  this is all to scam you into his own product my Ecom club wherever he’ll charge you for $1997 for a done for you package where he can build you an associate e-commerce Shopify store to his own effect.

That 2k package is meant to line you up within the hottest niche of your selection and you ‘ll be charged even additional  $97 month charge for maintaining it the more severe factor concerning this united nations agency, is that you’re visiting you will be tied to the present guy who doesn’t deliver once he has your cash so I since found out whilst doing my homework on this global business.

If you want to make any change, you’ll have to go through him because you have no idea how to do this yourself, this is a huge problem with having someone do it for you. You cannot control any aspect of your online business it is done for you. It’s really NOT that hard to learn yourself and giving someone like Teo Vee to control your whole online business is really crazy and he could hold you hostage if you don’t pay.

In other words, if you don’t pay the additional $97 a month what chance do you have. Especially if you already on a budget. Do not forget you will need to do your own advertising. This also costs money. Even with FB advertisements.Fake Testimonials. Done by actors or can be bought on Fiver. Check what happens below and how these fake testimonials are widely used on Vee’s other sites. check them out below. I aint kidding you.

Fake testimonials. get this plan

Fake testimonials get this plan

Get this PLan fake testimonials








More testimonials same on all of these sites. 

Just remember this and most of the top Entrepreneurs will tell you this. It takes months and months to earn this kind of money not days.  Even Neil Patel will tell you that. It’s quite funny really how so many people end up falling for these scams online. To be honest I did too. So you are not alone that’s why my research is so important to me. I want to help you all in becoming a success online. I don’t want your money.

Is Get This Plan really a Scam?

Yes, I am afraid it. It’s sad in a sense but purely for marketing purpose, the Vatican and its bank are used which is total nonsense. That is just totally fabricated. That is just a way of promoting a big lead up to the main website my Ecom Club. Which is totally different to what you are sold on here. Just in case you don’t realise it is another big fat scam.

I am only here to guide you like I said before I am doing this because in the past I have lost money. I fell for the big scams. It took me a long time to get my money back and I never got nearly a 1% of it back. That’s purely why I decided to spend my countless hours hoping to help anyone who is like myself and just wanted to get ahead online. Whether I am earning money or not online. Doesn’t deter me from the fact that I am a budget kind of girl and will always be period!

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2 thoughts on ““Scam Alert” Vatican Investment My Honest Review 2018”

  1. Debs,

    Thank you for this very informative article.

    I had never heard of Vatican before reading your review. Great job of keeping us updated. You are very detailed with all the information you shared here – thank you. This program sounds very expensive to become a part of and if someone has to be on a strict budget, this simply would not work. Also, having to go through the owner is not feasible, either. It seems the customer service aspect is lacking in this program. Having great customer service is key especially if you have questions in the beginning.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi, Yvette,
      Thank you for your input. I will be writing three more posts regarding this person who has set up more company’s all directing to his main site. So please pop back and check them out. I also believe that lots of people want to make money when they start out so spending thousands on some training that is very rarely updated seems pretty senseless to me. In fact, there is no reason at all for people to be charged thousands of dollars at all for any training when it simply can be done for a mere $49 a month including the Jaaxy lite Seo tool. Which includes 50 websites with free SSL. Not only that there is nowhere else on the internet that gives you free membership for as long as you like.

      Like you say customer servive is the key. without that there can be major problems. Check out my #1recommendation right here if you like.

      Thank you for passing by my website.

      Regards Deborah


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