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Hi, welcome to my Samuel Leeds Property Investors Academy Review. You have landed on my article as you want to find out more about Samuel Leeds and his Property Investors Academy Course. You want to know if you can gain Finacial Freedom Right? Will Samuel Leeds Property Investor Course give you financial freedom. There is a lot that people may not know about Samuel Leeds so thankfully you have landed here on my article so I can cover this for you. I will find out if it is worth investing your hard-earned cash into this property Investor Course or is it just a Scam to take your money.

Samuel Leeds Crash Course in Property Investing is not as clear-cut as it seems. Samuel had a spiritual awakening back in 2007 that led him to quit his job and train in Ministry for three years, and from there became a property investor. Samuel Leeds is an international speaker, and his courses include Property Investor Crash Course and Property Investors Academy Course.

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Latest Update.

If you have been scammed by Samuel Leeds then right towards the end of the article I have left a link to watch the latest video. There is also a  an email address to contact a solicitor inside of the video if you feel you have been scammed and have lost money with Samuel Leeds. 

Quick Summary

  • Owner: Samuel Leeds
  • The course Prices

Start From: £595

up to

Approx: $40.000+.

  • Who is it for?  The owner.
  • Target audience?

People who want to Earn A Passive Income, Work from home for those looking for financial freedom. For those who want a side Hustle. Those who want to invest in Property.

  • Recommended: NO


Read this now update. The snippet below is taken from The Telegraph

Attendees at free crash courses held by YouTube star Samuel Leeds – who says he started investing in property at 17 and no longer had to work by 21 – are told they will receive mentoring and “guaranteed deals” if they sign up for further training, costing around £15,000.

But several of those who joined the so-called Academy told Telegraph. That they have never successfully sealed a deal. Another member, army veteran Danny Butcher, died by suicide in October after taking out a loan to pay the membership fee.

There is no suggestion however that Danny’s attendance on the course resulted in his suicide.

Headline from the Telegraph

‘Who wants a free house?’: My 13-hour day at a get-rich-quick seminar. Is the newest sales tac tik from Samuel Leeds.

Read the full article HERE!


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What is Property Investors Crash Course? Property-Investor-Logo


Samuel reckons, becoming financially free through the property is simple.  Samuel did it at the age of 21 so you can do it too so he says. With Samuel Leeds, intensive Crash Course reckons you can get up and running in 2 days. Samuel Leeds also reckons his crash course can change your financial future forever and he reckons that you can do this within 12 months or less buy written In Property. You can find some of Samuels crash course on YouTube and will swear on the internet inviting you to his seminars although some people say these are free I have noticed you could incur a cost of £100 for seminar tickets.

His crash course includes how much cash Samuel Converts from properties without experience or money—earning you a double-digit Return on investments. Samuel also teaches you what type of property to buy where to buy it and create financial strategies to help people get started on their journey.




Samuel’s seminars are on weekends in London and Birmingham. I would watch this video if I were you before you part with your hard-earned cash as it will give you a full insight up to what Samuel Leeds is all about. Does include his real Income gains and what property he is supposed to own.

You can watch the video right here just press play it is approx 26 mins long but gives an in-depth look. So sit back grab a coffee and watch the video. Please don’t forget to scroll down as I have written more Red Flags that you should know about before you part with £12,000+ or more. I know many would have to take a loan out for that. So I have also included a Legit way for you to earn a passive income online that won’t break your bank.



Right, let’s get back to Samuels Crash Course Outline.

 In just two days, you will learn:

  • How to buy with no money and no experience
  • How to get sky-high returns of 30% ROI
  • Where and what to buy
  • Creative strategies such as lease options and rent2rents
  • How to value a house before you buy
  • How to become financially free through property
  • How to source properties and pass them on for a fee

What is Property Investors Academy Course?Property-Investors-Academy-Product-Review.

When you join Samuel’s Property Investors Academy, you will also attend six life-changing programs and these programs can also be 

Available individually.


 Infinite Returns Today: programme

 If you can buy a house and then we’ll most of it out if not all of the money invested once you’ve mastered how to use the phone. You will  accrue a believable skill what’s stopping you from doing it again it is a rinse and repeat, and you can watch, or property portfolio explode

 Here is what you will be doing using the exact strategy

Buy Refurbish Refinance (BRR) strategy that this program comes with. 


What this programme Will teach you:

  • How to find the perfect properties for BRR so you can get started straight away
  • How to recycle your money, so that can make an infinite return on your investment
  • How to build a power team you can trust, so that you can save time and money
  • How to raise finance so that you can create a property empire using none of your own money

Cost to Join.

  • Two Day Intensive Programme – £3995 + VAT
  • Step by Step Manual – £595

Rent 2 Rent Revolution is a three-day programme

You are taught How to make £1,000s or even £10,000s a month without even owning any property!

Multi-Million- pound companies understand this, for example; Uber doesn’t own their own cars, Airbnb doesn’t own their accommodation and Amazon don’t own the majority of their stock. According to Samuel, he says You too can use the power of leverage once you have attended this life-changing programme.

You’ll learn:

  • How to generate ‘Super Rent’ so that you can maximise the profits from any property
  • How to find the right properties online – You’ll actually find potential deals there and then.
  • The Magic Words you’ll need to say to seal the deal. So that you can start making money almost immediately.
  • How to systemise, to ensure a hands-off approach to property management and to create passive income.

Cost to Join.

  • Three Day Intensive Programme – £7990 + VAT
  • Step by Step Manual – £795

The business of Property Investing is a two-day programme.

Where you are taught.

  • How to Create a lifetime passive income!
  • Samuel goes on to say:

Many people treat property investing as a side project or a paid hobby and as a result, they get a hobby like results.

  • After attending BPI, you’ll learn how to become a ‘professional’ property investor.

You will learn:

  • How to buy property in a tax-efficient way so you save tons of money
  • How to write a killer business plan so that you know exactly what you need to do and never feel out of your depth
  • How to negotiate like a master so that you can secure below market value deals
  • How to create a power team so you can systemize your business and create a passive income
  • How to brand yourself as an expert so everyone is queueing to do business with you

Cost to Join

  • Two Day Intensive Programme – £2995 + VAT
  • Step by Step Manual – £595

Deal Selling Masterclass two-day Programme

Deal Finding Extravaganza 1-day Programme

How to make £2k – £5k every time you send an email.

Samuel also says As a property investor you’ll always be finding great property deals and you won’t be able to buy all of them. Imagine if every time you saw a deal that you didn’t want to buy yourself, you sent one email and made £2-5k. You need to use your due diligence here as this screams massive red flags to me. If you can make money just like that. Then why would I be sat here writing a review out for people to read. I would be sitting on a boat floating around the Mediterranian. Lol. So always keep that thought in your mind “If it sounds t0o good to be true then it is a FACT!”




8 Step S.O.U.R.C.E.R.S. System

You will be taught

, which will give you the tools to:

  • Set up your own company, so that you make all the profits and be your own boss.
  • Build a large database of active investors, so that you can sell any deal you find in a matter of minutes.
  • How to systemise the business so that you can continue on your journey to financial freedom.
  • How to become a deal finding machine so that you always have plenty of deals to sell.


Cost to Join.

  • Three Day Intensive Programme – £7990 + VAT
  • Deal Selling Masterclass Step by Step Manual – £795
  • Deal Finding Extravaganza Step by Step Manual – £495
  • Lease Option Bootcamp one-Day Programme
  • The Ultimate Strategy for “No Money Down” deals!



A Lease Option Agreement is a strategy that Samuel used to buy his first house back in 2008.

It was a NO MONEY DOWN deal apparently!

Red Flag Here! This was back in 2008 it was a different ball game with property marketing, so I would have thought he would have updated this training for the current 2020 and how the property values will fluctuate and change. Especially with COVID-19 and many of us in the UK are in Lockdown at the moment. To keep ahead with current trends, you have to be always up to date. Training dating back from 2008 does not suffice for today’s marketing surely. 


According to Samuel Leeds, People love lease options because:

  • You need very little money to get started
  • You can start making a passive income straight away
  • You have the option but not the obligation to buy the property at a price you agree now, this is often heavily BMV (below market value) when the time comes

You will learn:

  • How to quickly identify properties that fit the criteria so you can find deals straight away
  • The magic words to say so you can seal the deal
  • How to answer any objection the homeowner may have so you don’t lose the deal
  • Everything you need to do legally so that you are fully protected

Cost to Join.

  • Two Day Intensive Programme – £2995 + VAT
  • Step by Step Manual – £495


Accelerate Coaching program

  •  two-day intensive Car program is

Cost To Join

  • £6000 plus VAT


 Sounds cool right pretty straightforward thinking you could just jump in there and start making money straight away but hold on a minute because it’s not as easy as it looks and Samuel Leeds isn’t all Ministry and honourable as you think.

To earn a Passive income online you need the right training platform one that is affordable for everyone. Find out how I make a Passive income and all I spend is less than a dollar a day. All you need to do to get started is click on the link below. I will be there to help you. Get started today Recommended by 4 million members. 

Stop Lining other peoples pockets and start lining your own. 

Pros of Property Investors Academy.


Cons of Property Investors Academy.

  • Expensive
  • Refund policy Clauses.
  •  Mortgage Fraud Investigation
  • Outdated training dating back from 2008
  • Impossible to buy Property without any money.

Here is a quick comment from a Young Lady on Youtube. I think this lady pretty sums some of it. I would say Samuel Leeds is targeting those who don’t know a lot and he is now rife on Tik Tok probably sucking in the younger Generation. What kind of people don’t know what a mortgage is??? That is obvs his target market. Just a thought.


Is Samuel Leeds Property Investor Academy a scam?


I can never understand why Gurus lie as it is so easy to check companies out in the UK. Samuel Leeds boasts a £1 million

property portfolio but checking this out he is clearly not telling the truth.

As you can see below. You can check this out on but it is a paid service.





Overview of company assets and liabilities.  Company House and Duedil as of the 13th of March 2020. Have updates on Assets and Liabilities below.




As soon as you hear “How To Buy Property With No Money.” It is time to wisen up people.

To be honest. What money will you have spare by the time you have finished lining Samuel Leeds pockets. AT 40K for courses, you would need to take an extra Mortgage that’s for sure.

Samuel Leeds has been on the put under a microscope from the UK TV channel BBC. Not in the right way may I add.

I know a lot of people in the UK don’t rate the BBC. Samuel used this to get himself out of that predicament. The BBC covered the story of one young man who took his own life after spending £12,000 on one of his Samuel Leeds courses. Then realising he couldn’t earn any money back tipped the poor fellow over the edge. Such a tragic outcome. The truth is it doesn’t seem to have bothered Samuel much as he still spinning lies. Wouldnt you have thought for a Minister that he would turn to help people not scam them. Especially after a man took his own life.

I couldn’t role like that, to be honest. No, I would not want to be in the same room as a man that had the power of persuasion to help people part with their hard-earned cash based on false promises. If Samuel owned his part in the role of the man taking his own life after probably losing his life savings.  Maybe Samuel wouldn’t come across as looking like a heartless git,

I know I may seem rather callous but back before I found a Legit way to earn a passive income online I was scammed too. That can take the food out of your children’s mouths. That is why I write all these scam reviews as I do. I just hope I can help at least one person avoid being scammed then my job is done. I can see clear as day fraud and liar this guy is. I am lucky as I have learned what to look out for. Most people that tend to join those kinds of Guru scammy courses are probably unaware it’s a scam until it’s too late.

Refund policy will cost you £250 to get out of the courses. They take that for admin fees. What a cheek. Still squeezing o money out of those who are unsure. Imagine signing up and realising you don’t like it and you have to pay £250 to get out of it. I think that is disgusting. That is if you get your money back as many don’t. Here is the Refund policy for Property Investors Academy. It clearly states that if you want a refund you will be charged for Admin fees at a whooping £250.



So in my eyes yes, Samuel is selling his courses to line his own pockets basically. What a great way to get rich spinning Guru lies to get you to part with your hard-earned cash. So although Investing in Property is not a scam. I would say that Samuel Leeds is, and so are his courses.

Don’t be duped like one young fellow was. No, he has NOT RECEIVED ANY REFUND. The poor lad has spent nearly £5,000 on the courses everything about Samuel said the young fellow believes and trusted him. Samuel can say he has six million-pound Castle, but in reality, he doesn’t at all. Samuel Leeds is taking your money to make himself rich not you.

Just to let you know if you are some good honest Christians. Samuel Leeds runs a Facebook group for Christians. This is what is written on their group page are a Christian Kings is a business network with locations all across the UK. They inspire, support and equip Christians to be successful in business. This is done through business networking, workshops and biblical principles. If this man Leeds is such a devout and good Christian why all the lies.

Here is another video I have included. Seen as Now Samuel Leeds is using  Lord Alan Sugar’s good name. Samuel Leeds has been seen and recorded saying that Alan Sugar has mentored Leeds. Looks like Alan Sugar is not happy about these false claims and has now instructed his lawyers to sort this not so good Christian out. Honestly for a man that has such a Goldmine Idea for property Investors why does he lie so much.


Want to just get to the part Alan Sugar has to say then skip to 6.04 and just press play.



Here is the latest update From Shaf Rasul.

If you have been scammed by Samuel Leeds. Then please contact the email provided on this video from Jarmans solicitors. They can maybe help you. Email comes up at 15:37 if you just want to jump ahead in the video and contact J. Harry @ Jarmans solicitors.


(Disclaimer: I am not paid for any of the sharing from Jarmans solicitors.  I do not earn any commissions from Shaf Rasul.   I am just sharing you the information.  I feel people should know before they part with their hard-earned cash. )


My Final Thoughts.

People get scammed every single day. The majority don’t even know it’s a scam until it’s too late. You can earn money online no need to spend thousands doing so.

To get started all you have to do is click the button below and start making a passive income. Without breaking your bank. Or having to get a Loan out for over ten Grand for some dodgy training. To be educated it should be affordable for everyone and this is a 100% LEGIT Platform.

Get started right now you can soon easily Earn a Passive Monthly Income. It’s so easy to do. Stop lining other peoples pockets and start lining your own instead.




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Property Investors Academy

£595 to £40.000

Property Investors Crash Course


Property Investors Academy Course



  • None


  • Expensive
  • Hard to get a Refund
  • Impossible to Buy Property with no Money
  • Samuel Leeds is a Fake Guru

6 thoughts on “Property Investors Academy Review”

  1. This is precisely the sort of review I really, *really* like! No nonsense, straight to the point, down to brass tacks immediately. Only a few paragraphs into the article and I have your recommendation already (“No”). Oh boy, if only all reviews were as succinct as this! (Maybe you should write an article for other reviewes about how to write reviews. 💡)

    Many times, reviewers think that by writing their conclusion at the top of the page, they will end up losing their audience. Whilst this might be true sometimes, I don’t believe it will be true most of the time. For example, I was curious about why your recommendation went against the product, so I read the rest of the article. I imagine that many other visitors to this web page will be similarly curious.

    For the poor, desperate fellow who committed suicide after paying for this course with borrowed money and others like him, it is sad that they never stop long enough to ask, “If the seller is so successful and already rich, why is his/her course so expensive?” Yes, we get what we pay for, but the more expensive the course, the more we need to see some evidence that it is useful up front. A money-back guarantee or trial period always settles my nerves…

    • Thank you so much for your awesome comment. This one really hit me, to be honest. It is so sad that so many fall for this mans lies. 

      In the videos, I have shared too. Shaf Rasul gives all the information for free and his an expert in property investments. Nothing like this Guy Leeds. Such a shame that people pay thousands to listen to his lies. I think with company house checks we can clearly see that a man who is teaching others financial freedom is not doing a good job about it himself. 

      It makes me wonder if people are just paying this mans debts off as the more I hear more and more people are losing money to this man and his terribly expensive courses. 

      So sad. Thank you again for your awesome comment. 

      Debs 🙂 

  2. Quite expensive it seems.  What are other like courses charging?  This is certainly something that one would have to do some serious research into before applying/committing to this cost.

    I wonder whether property is still the place to invest these days?  

    The world is changing and in U.K., the government is looking to build houses for new buyers, this may impact whether property is  still the place to invest.  I can’t  speak for other countries.

    I agree, with so much business taking place online, there are many opportunities for investment these days. online businesses could be a serious alternative.

    • Hi,

      All courses vary. I am a great believer in getting educated shouldn’t have to break the bank. Lot’s of the info from Leeds is free to find anyways if people know where to look. That’s why I included the awesome and a Real Legit Entrepreneur who is sharing very valuable info right now for FREE for property investors. The guy Shaf Rasul was also on BBC2 Dragons Den which is a well know TV series in the UK. What I love about this guy he is teaching people and sharing his awesome legit ways to invest property. 

      Samuel Leeds is making money from his courses not from Investing in property and looking at his CCJ’S and Credit Rating which is zero. How can a man teach financial Freedom when he has none himself, to be honest, One of his CCj’s is in Minus £ 16K. Make.s you wonder what people are wasting their money on. He really is not delivering on what he says he will do for people. Lot’s of it is base on lies. It’s not what I am saying I think the proof is there in plain sight when people know what to look for. 

      I think if someone is going to use up 12K to invest in a course wouldn’t it be better to invest that in property anyways. Right now I would say it’s not a good time to invest with The Corona at the moment. 

      I personally will never invest in someone like Samuel Leeds. If people do their homework and use their due-diligence they can avoid the scams online. Like you, as a matter of fact, you are looking for a review on Property Invests that is how you landed here on my site so in all essence you are using your due-diligence by doing so. 

      Thank you for passing y and I hope my article has helped you.

      Debs 🙂 

  3. Thanks for this very thorough exposure of what is clearly A to Z a total scam. I am reminded of one of the famous propaganda principles expounded by Hitler – that it is easier to persuade the masses with a colossal lie rather than small lies because they would not believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. It is appalling that someone uses a network of religious and spiritual seekers to find and exploit vulnerable and ill-informed individuals. As you so rightly say, scams are everywhere and we are none of us immune to them. Thank you for this. Best regards, Andy

    • So True Andy, Yet sad too. Scams are everywhere. 

      I see you have joined me at Wealthy Affiliate. Happy you are seeing the value I what we have there too. Education should be affordable for everyone and Wealthy Affiliate make sure they are affordable for all. 

      Thank you for passing by my article too. I will catch up with you inside of Wealthy Affiliate right now too. 🙂 

      Debs 🙂 


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