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Welcome to my website.  My name is Deborah or Debs for short. I am a Mother of two Teen Kids and I am Happily Married. I live in London and have for 12 Years. I am originally from North Yorkshire York.

I lived in Spain for 20 years and I am told I Speak Andalusian Spanish. Or I could speak Spanish with a Yorkshire accent lol. They may not be able to tell the difference. I absolutely love Spain and the Spanish People. I actually started Affiliate marketing properly back in November  2016. I have never looked back since.

However, I wasted quite a few years looking for a way to build my Own Online Business. I fell into quite a few pitfalls looking for the right platform to work from. I didn’t have a clue where to begin. I always wanted to make my own Website/blog. I have tried the usual FREE WIX. That was rather deflating as it isn’t as free as you think it is.

I am not your  typical, “I made money overnight success.” It took me a good four months before I started to earn an income.  I have tried MLM on two occasions in the past. I never earned a dime and I ended up just being another product buyer. In other words, the only people who earned any money were the company and my sponsors.. I did try so hard too. It was hard as every time I tried to move forward. They simply pushed me back.  All I ever wanted to do was earn an extra side income not actually waste money that I didn’t have.

I can honestly say though now I am my own Boss. For one on one Mentorship and access to some of the biggest Marketers who love to help!

I work from home and I love everything I do.  I am going to explain a little about how I got started in the online world of Affiliate marketing.



I was always quite an outgoing sort of person but that kind of ended nearly 12 years ago. I suffered the dreaded depression. I had to leave Spain where I  lived for 20 years. Losing My Mum took its toll on me in a big way. Many of us have had bad times. So I know you can probably relate to this. Not the same but you get my gist.

Well, the internet became My passion. I remember the first time I actually got a computer. The moment I switched it on. I was hooked.  I was pretty good at eBay in the beginning and I did earn quite an extra income.

The only thing is it didn’t really fulfill my needs. I wanted more. I wanted a lot more.  I  have done some Courses Open University, Future learn, and Allinson but I just couldn’t stick with any of them. I have even tried Colin Farell he did my head in lol.

Over the years I built up quite a bit of knowledge totally unusable as none of the knowledge I had didn’t go together. I had absolutely no clue what to do. I just really wanted to have my own Website and my Own Online Business. I struggled for quite a few years trying to get started in online marketing and I was sick of all the scams online. I have tried MLM Multi-Level marketing but I totally failed at that too.

Things took a drastic turn for me and that is when I found Wealthy Affiliate. They have taught me everything I am today. Even without any experience in online marketing. MLM was not what I wanted and to be honest they say you can run your own business but to do that and be successful you need so much more training than any MLM or Direct Sales company can give you.

I have made this website for people like myself. Those who are on a budget want to get ahead online but do not want to end up even more broke than when they first started out.

I was fed up of the scams and I was also on a very tight budget. I am hoping my website will help others that want to avoid scams and ripoff systems on the internet. Nothing worse than wanting to earn extra income and all they want is to take your money. I used to scream at my computer ”I want to Earn money not spend it!” I bet most of you can relate to that. ?

”Make money overnight!’‘ It does not happen all those hyped-up sales videos know how to suck you in! If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. Like those who were with MOBE were brought down by the FTC. Including many other platforms like Digital Altitude too.

Most people who want to earn an extra income simply cannot afford the massive upsells and some of these go into thousands and thousands of dollars. Here are a few that I have written about these are absolute must-read. Nobody should have to pay these extortionate upsells unless, of course, you have money to burn. Or unless you are already a super Affiliate and have the traffic and following you need. Then they can be good for you.

Even the good old Wix isn’t as Free as you thought it was. Check out the links below and you will see why they are expensive. All legit companies but they can make your run before you walk. Take your time and at some point like Legendary Marketer is a great company. It is not for newbies and those on a budget.

I was looking into one affiliate company promising me the world as per usual. so I went to find out if it was a scam. It was.
That’s when I met with Wealthy Affiliate. They offered something more than I could ever imagine. A free whole week. To test drive the site and two free Web sites. No credit card required “I thought yeah yeah. Whatever!!” That was back in November 2016. To be honest, that day was the best day of my online marketing life. The rest is history.

So if you are like me and want to get ahead online in Affiliate Marketing and Local marketing and earn a passive income the legit way. Yes from the comfort of my own home. Being my own boss is the best feeling in the world. Getting the right training platform is essential. No experience is needed even for a ditsy like me lol. Please check out my link below.

<<NO 1 Recommended platform where I earn a monthly passive income.>>


Work from Home superwealthyaffiliates.com
Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing I ever did!


MLM, wow how I thought I could do well with MLM or Direct sales. I was out of pocket by £1,500 from one company that really hurts when you are a broke MOM.

I have written some reviews on MLM companies. Please take some time to read them especially if you are struggling with MLM (Multi-level Marketing/ Direct Sales) already. Or you are thinking of starting in MLM working from Home. They may help you decide if it is right for you! As I spent so much wasted time on MLM I got to know the ins and out’s of Compensation Plans. So I am pretty hot at finding the Loopholes your sponsor does not want you to know.


Forever Living



Life Plus

Revital U



Noble 8



My upline was not much help which I am sorry to say. They kind of held me back and put me under massive restrictions on promoting online. I have written a review on Multi-Level Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing please read that HERE! 

Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing is the best thing I have ever done. I have no restrictions and fewer headaches and I don’t have to buy the products.  Meeting Wealthy Affiliate. They offered something more than I could ever imagine. Free for as long as I like. To test drive the site and two free Web sites. No credit card required

“I thought yeah yeah. Whatever!!”  I took the plunge and dived in. I couldn’t believe it. The Boot Camp tutorials were second to none and they were going to teach me how to build a Website. Woohoo, I was like a kid in a sweet shop literally.


As happy as Kid in a sweetshop


I didn’t hold out for the FREE membership I upgraded to premium there and then. I wasn’t going to lose out on this platform. Not a chance. I did upgrade and have been there ever since. I was scared somebody was going to take it all away from me lol!

I have built Websites and I now build them for failing Local businesses. I am on the 1st pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I got there because of Wealthy affiliate and the online tutorials. I also have Websites in Affiliate marketing very much like this one.

I shall be staying with Wealthy Affiliate for good. I have no reasons to leave and as we know. Technology updates within a blink of an eye so I am always in Training. I have to be to stay ahead of the competition. Wealthy Affiliate has everything from building websites to SEO PPC Adwords Click Bank amazon etc. They train you in everything that involves online marketing.


4-step proven Blue Print at Wealthy Affiliate we all Use.




I am here to help people in their respective niche affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing. I am now classed as the top 25 and I am an ambassador within Wealthy Affiliate. Which means I have earned my certificates 5 to be exact and becoming an Ambassador proves how far I have come. Which also means that I am qualified to answer most questions and problems that come up.

However, that does not mean I know everything. I just about do. As I said tech changes in a blink of an eye so we all need to keep up with the training.

My Ambassador Status within Wealthy Affiliate Learn more.

Nobody can know everything. I am constantly in training because the internet Google, for example, is forever updating. Every Platform is forever updating Like Facebook,  Amazon, and GumTree, to name but a few.

I want to help people to build their own niche businesses, Affiliate Marketing Businesses, and Local Businesses without being scammed.

The best thing  It costs nothing to start so if you don’t like it you can just leave. It doesn’t matter your age or how advanced you are or even if you have zero knowledge at all.

I didn’t have a clue back in 2016.

You can even have your own website/blog. Like GoDaddy host gator etc. Lots of people transfer their sites. To wealthy Affiliate. They want to learn how to run them properly. They learn how to monetize their websites. Imagine constantly earning while you sleep even. No recruiting. No hassling family or friends. No sleepless nights of how you are going to pay the massive upsell. I have none of that.



The goal of my site is to help anybody who wants to build an online business and also get into affiliate marketing without being scammed. If you’re looking for fast overnight money I am afraid this is not for you!

”If you are looking to build a long-time business or businesses for life then it is for you.”

I want to help steer you in the right direction, save you money, and to help you bootstrap your business as efficiently as possible.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Just in case you want to get started on your website here is my free Link below. Go on just add in your New Website Url.


See you on the inside! 

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Drop me a comment below and tell me what you think. Drop me an email if you like. Just click on the button above I am there waiting on the inside ready to help you build your own online business. The legit and Honest way. ??? I am always here and have been here at W.A. since November 2016. Best month of my life in years. 🙂



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