My Passive Trades Review

Hi, welcome to my “Passive Trades Review.”

You have landed on my article as you are looking for reviews on this two-tier cycler. You want to know if it is a Ponzi scheme. Yes, it is or should I say was a Ponzi scheme as it has no products for sale you would have only been able to market the affiliate membership program only. “My Passive Trades” has collapsed and believed or not has pulled the Covid-19 exit scam.

My Passive Trade’s website. My Passive Trades is a trading name of Polaris Universal LTD. Polaris Universal LTD was incorporated in the UK on January 25th, 2018. El Amrani, Ahmed Nabil, Lidija Ikasovic, Eldon Conceicao and Darren Bradbury are listed as company officers.

So why am I still writing about this Ponzi scheme? I want people to know just in case you come across something like this again. Or If the owners change the name and start up again as something else. I know this is quite a formal review but it is just to keep you in the know and I hope it helps you to avoid scams online.

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What is My Passive Trades?Super-Wealthy-Affiliates-my-passive-trades-product-review

My Passive Trades had no resellable products. Once signed up, affiliates invest funds so that you can be attached to their MLM business module. According to what I could find out. You earn money not through trading but mainly via just recruiting others to their MLM or Ponzi scheme.

Although the Affiliate Membership is Free To participate in the trades would cost you from $5 right up to the full two-tier cycler costs a whopping $549. The thing is with these kinds of Ponzi schemes you got to get in quick and get out quick as once referrals have dried up so will the money.


My Passive Trades Compensation plan?

Referral commissions are

Level 1 Personally recruited 8%

Level 2 -3%

Trading School Matrix

Trading school matrix is a two-tier 3×1 Matrix cycler. there are three tiers underneath which need to be fired.

  • $99.99 Mentoring tier – $33 recruitment commission and $33 per matrix position filled. This recycles into a new $99.99 Mentoring tier matrix upon completing that level.
  • $450 VIP tier – $150 recruitment commission and $150 per matrix position filled. Is then recycled into $450 VIP tier matrix upon completing that level too.

Pros of My Passive Trades?


Cons of My Passive Trade?

My Passive Trades says that external revenue is paid via very sustainable and proven trading facilities. If that was the case then they wouldn’t be closing down now. There is no evidence of any trading. A better way to make money Multi-Level marketing VS Affiliate Marketing.

Boiling down to it all. My Passive Trades is ad-credit and cycler Ponzi scheme. Both the ad-credit and cycler investment schemes require constant recruitment of new My Passive Trades affiliates to payout.

Darren Bradbury is well known to be involved with other Ponzi schemes. As of today March, the 16th Passive Trades is no longer honouring withdrawal requests and has ceased on paying returns. Neither My Passive Trades, Polaris Universal LTD or Darren Bradbury are not registered with the FCA or SEC.

That is what can happen if a Ponzi Scheme or MLM is brought down or fails to pay-out. Your hard work goes with it that means all those you recruited. Not to mention your good honest name goes with it too. Imagine if you have built a website around a scheme such as this. Your email list goes with it how can you recoup from that. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of recruiting, and you are going to lose out. Is it worth the risk? No, I don’t think so. Here is another Scam, I have written about Crowd1.

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Final Thoughts?

Now you are probably wondering what now? Well, you can earn money online, and there is no need for anyone to scam anyone or dupe anyone at all.

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My passive Trades

$0.00 to $549.00



Earning Potential



  • NONE


  • Ponzi scheme
  • People have lost money
  • Not paying out

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