Melaleuca MLM Review

Working from home is always a dream for any stay at home Mom, Dad or anyone else looking to work from home. It’s still a bonus if you like the products that you can promote. That is the way any Legit MLM should work. You are the consumer and in all honesty if you love the products then, of course, you will go on to recommend them to others. Realistically many people get into MLM because they want to make money from home. Melaleuca may provide that option for you. I will dig as deep as I can, especially into the compensation plan to see if there are any hidden loopholes your sponsor does not want you to know. To see if you can make money working from home. Let’s continue with  Melaleuca MLM Review and see if it is what you are looking for to make money from home.

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What is Melaleuca?Melaleuca-Logo

 Melaleuca falls into the niche categories of Health and Wellness,  Wholesale Health, Cleaning supplies, Business Opportunities. They provide organic products, amongst other things.  Melaleuca company was founded by Frank Vandersloot back in 1984 and is a well established  MLM. Melaleuca is based in Idaho Falls. Melaleuca has products in Cleaning supplies, Personal Care, Supplements, Vitamins, Essential oils and cosmetics to name but a few. Melaleuca claims their products are eco-friendly safe and affordable.  Melaleuca oil is commonly known as Tea tree oil and is known as one of Melaleuca’s best selling products. Tea tree oil can be added easily to facial cleansers moisturizers etc.  Melaleuca Alternifolia is the name of an Australian plant. Hence where their business name originated. Melaleuca is similar to Amway.

I am not a Melaleuca product user.  So I can’t judge on any of Melaleuca products. I am here to discuss only the work from home business model and whether it is possible to turn Melaleuca into a Work From Home legit business model and into a money-making home-based Business. Keep reading to find out more. 


Melaleuca also offers travel, phone and credit card services.


Are Melaleuca Products Worth Their Price Tag? 


It’s hard to find the price tags on the main Melaleuca Website. However, I did find the products on eBay and elsewhere. Some of Melaleuca products can be found online cheaper. I do find this a recurring thing amongst MLM companies. I know many companies do specify that Business Owners are not allowed to sell their products on eBay or Amazon. I am sorry to say it happens. Many reps are maybe trying to get rid of unsold or excess stock. Perhaps they are trying to get some of their money back even. After all, MLM does not work out well for many sellers. 

Not only are many products sold on the high-street just as good they are also cheaper. When you are trying to sell your products, it doesn’t help if your uplines are selling them more affordable.

To buy any of the products, you need to become a member. Although they say there are no monthly payments, you will have to buy products worth from 35 points to 75 points. Thirty-five points = about $80 so you will have to meet that every month. You will have a sign-up fee of $19. Mainly know as admin fees. To tap into earning commissions, then you will have to be on a monthly auto-ship. Where every single month you will have to buy products to keep you in good standing. Miss a month then you miss out on your commissions. 



The Melaleuca MLM Opportunity. 

MLM is a word of mouth Biz Op commonly shared between family friends and some home parties. What happens to your MLM business if we are like we are now in Total Lockdown. How do you prospect your leads? How can you even deliver your products? Like anything, this kind of business will suffer and if unless you are online, then you’re MLM Business could fold. Affiliate marketers do not have that stress as they have no products to sell, nor do we need to post on our products. We don’t even have to go looking for our next customer.. Read my Affiliate Marketing VS MLM Review and find out how easy us Affiliate Marketers have it compared to Multi-level marketers. Find out more HERE!

The Melaleuca has an extensive compensation plan. However, it’s challenging;t to get any real compensation Plan that could or will not be subject to change.


Although Melaleuca insists they are not MLM, however, they indeed run like an MLM business model. No different to the two other MLM companies I was a Business Owner with before Life Plus and Forever Living. Please believe me at the end of the day it isn’t about Melaleuca depending on word of mouth to bring new customers and grow your business. That means Malaeuca products need to be good and your customers are so excited about the results that they tell others. Many, of course, just want to earn money.

Here is a commission breakdown for sales.

  • 1 to 7 active customers = 7% retail commission rate
  • 8 to 19 active customers = 14% retail commission rate
  • 20 or more active customers = 20% retail commission rate

Other performance-based bonuses.

  • Retail Residual Commissions
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Leadership Growth Bonus
  • Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Mentoring Bonus
  • Core Mentoring Bonus
  • Car Bonus
  • 20/20 Bonus

Normal Membership.

You pay the regular price for products, so no discounts included.

As a Loyal Monthly Shopper

  • Direct access to more than 150 products for your health and wellness.  that are effective

Preferred Membership

 Where you will have to opt-in for the $19 then you have to make sure you cover the monthly point system. They also recommend you have a backup Auto-ship just in case you forget to buy your products or go away on holiday. 

Once you become a preferred member, you can then sell on your products at a 30% discount. That is basically how any MLM works you have to recruit two or three in your downline then, of course, they have to recruit on their downlines too. You have to remember to be able to make commissions you and your immediate downline will also have to be on auto-ship. If any of you falter that will affect your commissions, and you will lose out. Once you go up in ranks, then you will have to shell out more money every month and buy more products. 


Product Advocates

A rep who refers one but less than eight will receive a small commission.



Work long hours and have eight customers who are also on the auto-ship plan every month.


Initial Leadership 

This team has referred seven or more and have helped them become business owners. 


Preferred Shopping Dollars

This membership plan allows you to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars. To keep this membership active, you have to continue to make and spend your Loyalty Shopping Dollars.


However, I did find many of Malalueca’s products on eBay, and the prices vary. So if you cannot afford to buy in bulk, then you will be undercut by other sellers. Some of them may be only a few pounds or a few dollars, but that is and can be detrimental to your business. Selling any of these products are already harder as they are more expensive and the high street do have quality products that are similar but a whole lot cheaper. 

Sick and tired of trying to make money with MLM, but all you seem to be is nothing more than a product buyer. Then get started with the link I have shared with you below. I got fed up of being a product buyer not any more for me. Thank goodness. Go ahead click the button below it is FREE.



Pros of Melaleuca

  • Good quality products.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Cons of Melaleuca

  • Hard to cancel Auto-ship

Many complaints on the BBB website of people that were not able to cancel auto-ship.

  • Expensive Products

Many products can be sourced cheaper online. How will that affect you if you are trying to sell on the same product at a higher price?

  • Can be a difficult way to make money from home.
  • Not transparent on the cost of Melaleuca products on their main website.

Is Melaleuca a scam?

No Melaleuca is not a scam. It is a legit company. They do have a very hard to understand the compensation plan. Not one of the easiest to follow. Compensation plans, the more complex, the more confusing. Better for your sponsor, I suppose. They don’t like telling you the little loopholes as I found out with Life Plus.  Are not upfront about their prices and are shrouded in a lot of secrecy. I have learned from nearly four year’s marketing online. If they are hiding stuff from you what else do they hide?

All companies that are shrouded in secrecy have something to hide.

This company I am going to mention is nothing like that and is 100% legit no secrets no hidden costs. Check them out 100% no secrets no B.S. No scams, no lies

I don’t understand why Melaleuca is not upfront with their prices. They say they have savings but if you don’t know the price then how do you know you are saving money.

Melaleuca reckons they are safer, more natural, and a better value than supermarket brands. That is fine in saying that however what if you don’t like their products. That should be down to the product user surely. Not the seller. Yes, Malaueca like their reps is selling a product. I have found this written on their UK website and I don’t get that claim. I wonder what top Supermarket chains would feel about that. That’s not my problem; however, a sales tactic like that for a 30-year-old company does it need to claim that and should it claim that.

Here are some common Loopholes you need to be aware of, and Melaleuca holds all of these loopholes. Many complaints also from The BBB (Better Business Bureau) 

  • Monthly Auto-ship
  • If auto-ship is not meat by any of your downline levels, then you will lose commissions.
  • Days of auto-ship are different on all levels.
  • The higher your rank, the more monthly auto-ship you will have to meet.
  • They expect you to do a backup auto-ship.
  • Money-Back guarantee.
  • Cancelling auto-ship is not easy.


Final Thoughts

I do hope my review has helped you come to a decision. There is a lot of work involved in any MLM Business Model. That means tons of work. Not to mention the added extra costs you will need to start recruiting your MLM leads.  You will always be recruiting and prospecting new leads. Even more so now,  with COVID-19, how are you going to get on. Now is the time for you to get started online. Start thinking of different avenues, not just Facebook live etc. We all know what happens there as I told you in my doTerra Review. Time to start thinking of yourself and what better way to do this by getting your Own Website Up and Running Today!

I have just written a review on Mary Kay.  They shut their doors down in New Zealand. Mary Kay is like the Grandma of all MLM. What do you think happens to your MLM Business if this happens to you. Start thinking of yourself.

All direct face to face selling has stopped since the Global Pandemic. Not to mention how deliveries options are not as quick as they were. Imagine the effect it could have on your MLM Biz Opp.

If you do want to be a rep, then you will need to tap into learning all about Online marketing as that is how the top MLM reps are making money. However, they will not share this with you, to be honest.

Those that do are offering their Basic Coaching, which is brilliant. However,  I know some MLM sponsors that will charge up to over a few thousand dollars just to give you the basics. You can learn this for yourself—no need to beholden to overpriced coaching or a little training. Many MLM reps are tapping into this and are making a killing so can you too. So get started all you have to do is click below. Don’t worry this will not cost you thousands of dollars nor will it cost thousands of Pounds. Give it a try you may as well it is Free for along as you like. Who knows you may even like it. Get started and honestly, you may also just wanna get going you can do all the training and so much for literally for less than a dollar day. Yep is cheaper than a cup of coffee per day.


Get started now. One never knows you may even like it and give up wasting your time with MLM as I did.




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