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Hi, welcome to my Mary Kay MLM Review so you have landed on my websites as you are looking for reviews to find out if, in fact, Mary Kay is a legit MLM or just another scam. You may have been approached by someone on social media or a family or friend has approached you about Mary Kay. Lucky for you that you have landed on my website as things are not going pretty well at the moment in Australia and New Zealand as Mary kay has shut those companies down.

This just goes to show what can happen if companies do shut their doors it leaves total devastation behind. Many of their Main Upliners didn’t know about this! So lots of tears been shed on Facebook Live. I have witnessed them myself. Oh, wow imagine if you were just hitting that target for the Pink Cadillac.  What a way to lose all your business in one go.


The latest update: As of March 5th, Mary Kay advises it has closed operations in Australia and New Zealand. The company cites “market conditions” in both countries, in which it states it ‘does not see a sustainable future‘…Mary Kay has shut down In Australia and New Zealand. Much to the chagrin of Many IBO’s. Although Mary Kay states distributor wereinformed of the closures in advance of the wider market‘.

This turns out it might have been less than 24 hours notice.  According to what has been found even the upline didn’t know and have resorted to crying on FB Live. Mary Kay’s Australia and New Zealand social media profiles have been deleted. Mary kay says products can be returned by the 6th of April, However many are worried as the back offices are now closed so where does all the unwanted inventory get sent too.


MaryKay was founded in September 13th, 1963 by a fabulous lady called Mary Kay Ash. Together with her son, she Launched Mary Kay. Amway and Mary Kay are both The Grandaddy and Grandmother Mary Kay will be 56 this year and Amway will be celebrating its 51st birthday. So as you can see you really are the top of all MLM of health wellness and Cosmetics companies to date. Mary Kay is now one of the most recognized premier cosmetic companies on the market sadly Mary-Kate passed away in 2001 put her Legacy still carries on. 


Quick Summary

  • Product: Mary Kay
  • Founder: Mary Kay Ash
  • Head Quarters: Addison, Texas US
  • Products: Cosmetics, Skincare, men’s Skincare, Perfume, Colognes, MLM Business Model
  • Scam/ Legit?: Legit.
  • Who is for? People who want to work from home, mainly aimed at women with young families,.Intersted in MLM.
  • Recommended: No

Getting back to my review I am an ex MLM Distributor/Independent Business Owner (IBO) spanning two and a half years so. I have learned enough about MLM and its compensation Plans. To be able to share all those little Loopholes your sponsor does not want you to know. To be honest, if you are looking into MLM as a way to make money from home. Let me tell you now it is not as easy as you think.


There are hidden costs and quotas you will need to meet. So I will pull all of them up for you. Mary Kay is a Legit MLM company. However, they don’t seem to care about their distributors it seems not to me. As you can see Australia and New Zealand now are no longer in business with Mary Kay. Think about it like this too. Both these countries are not tiny like us in the UK. So I can see a lot of IBO’s been really let down by all of what is happening overseas.

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What is Mary Kay? Mary Kay Starter Kit

Mary kay uses the business Model Multi-Level Marketing. Or also known as Direct Selling. What is direct selling? It is a way to sell products or services person to person away from a fixed retail location. Direct Sales allows you to connect with your customers on a one 0n one basis. Or in groups at home parties or as many use Facebook Live and Face book groups. Includes other social media, for online tools, By phones or the distribution of catalogues.

Mary Kay has a product line a cosmetics skin care fragrances men’s colognes shaving foams creams and aftershave lotion sun creams and face ups and some of the best selling products that vary from $15 to $36+ are the mascaras

“Timeline the anti-ageing line” by Mary Kay varies from $22 up to $365 since they changed the timeline products to timeline 3D it seems to be a lot of bad reviews that have started to accumulate. To be honest there will always be discrepancies on products. Cosmetics are always vying for who’s products are the best cosmetic on the internet or on the High Street. That is where you have to wonder if MLM has lost its way. As MLM was meant you bought a product you liked it. So you told your family and friends about it. That was always the simplest way. However many are by-passing the product and are opting in with the best money making MLM. 


Are Mary Kay products worth the Price tag? 

The products are expensive. I can find bundles of unused and unsold products for less than half the price. Is that set to get worse? Now they have closed their doors in New Zealand and Australia.? Why pay out super expensive prices when really some of the cheaper products on the High street are just as good. Really and truthfully the market is saturated so there is always room to haggle and get even more than 40% off.

Here is what Mary kay says. Their products can only be purchased by the Company and sold through their direct sales business model by Independent Beauty Consultants. However, I see excess Mary Kay Products sold anywhere for less the price.

Here is a list that you will need to pay out of your own pocket that many MLM do not account for.

Extra money for:

  • Resources and tools from Mary kay. NOT FREE’
  • Tester Packs NOT FREE.
  • Hosting parties at home
  • Hosting parties for prospective buyers.
  • Baby sitter much of your work is done in the evening and kid’s holidays as people work.
  • Posting
  • returns and refunds.
  • Travel.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Google Ads
  • Websites and hosting,.
  • Email providers.
  • Bing Ads.
  • I can already see all of that digging way into your budget.

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Increase sales with Mary Kay

Mary Kay’s compensation plan.

The starter kit consists of some products, brochures, travel case and once you’ve done your signing up you can start taking orders for customers and purchase them from a company at 40% off retail. Then you need to spend $225 every three months. So your costs will be nearly $1000 a year. So if you sell all of your products your net profit is $800.. If you are one day late paying up your three monthly money then you will lose out on all your commissions that month and have to start again./

Say you have 2 in your downline they will also have to pay the same each and any sales they make you make an extra $18 every three months which really doesn’t warrant the work you are going to be put in.

Many think that MLM companies are very greedy as they are earning billions and you are barely scratching even. There is the fact of you selling on these products you have to buy in the stockpile. so that means you have to get these items to your customers. Postage is not cheap and not to mention if you have to travel to get to your customers. So many young stays at home Mums/Dads do this you will have to start looking for babysitters because if you are not recruiting then you are going to be delivering your parcels all over the country

So you can resell on BH Cosmetics and make a 40% profit wholesale pricing commissions rate is at 4% on sales but can increase is your rank increases team building bonuses amounts between $50 to $3,000 depending on the leadership level 7 performance requirements. Then remember as your rank climbs so do your outlays. 

The only thing is when you buy with me when you are distributor Primary Care you have to buy the bulk that can mean you might be at a loss if you don’t sell on or your said products as a product line are constantly changing and not only that lots of cosmetic products go out of date very quickly but still dry up it’s a common knowledge who wants to buy old products anyway.  

 Income disclosures can you make money with Mary Kay Not very good earning potential Mary closed back in 2017 with 3.25 million in revenue with 3.5 million salespeople closed around 14. So each consultant from that from what I can work out in 2017 Distributors earn about $964 in profits


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  • An established and successful company.
  • Evergreen Niche


  • Over Priced Products
  • Extra hidden costs.
  • Low Earning Potential
  • Products are always sold cheaper elsewhere
  • The majority of consultants do not earn a cent.
  • New products released constantly leaving you with unwanted stock.

Read the report on the FTC trade commissions PDF.

Look at this what I took from the FTC website and AMWAY earned more than Mary Kay did last year. So it just goes to show who is really earning the potential isn’t as easy as they say.


Final thoughts.

I have known it is difficult to make money online with MLM.  I failed. All those I worked alongside have also given up on MLM. The reason being is because they weren’t making these sales nor earning any decent income. Let’s not forget how Mary Kay has now ceased all operations in New Zealand and Australia. That means now thousands of women are at a loss. Yes and probably left with tons of stock. I do hope you read over the FTC Gov Pdf. I think it clearly states what thousands of women are finding out today.

Honestly, you don’t have to give up hope. There are ways to make money online without recruiting a single person. Without shelling out for all those added hidden extra costs Just follow the process I have that now earns me a monthly passive income. see you on the inside. I can never lose out on my business because this website belongs to me. If an affiliate program goes down I just remove the link and find a better program. Totally no cost to me. To be honest they won’t go down anyway as I don’t promote scam websites/platforms.


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Mary kay









  • Established company.


  • Low Earning Potential
  • Extra hidden costs.
  • closed In Australia & New Zealand
  • Need to keep Stock Updated

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