Making Money with affiliate Marketing

Making Money with affiliate Marketing is possible. Getting that overnight doesn’t happen. Ask any affiliate marketer and they will tell you straight away. ”If its sounds too good to be true then it is.” No success happens over night unless you win the lottery or a day at the races. Its common sense really. Most of us look for a quick way to earn money and yes we do even I get scammed.  I have spent countless hours and yes years coming up with a way to earn money. So here are some key factors to help you in your search for online success in Affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The simplest way to explain affiliate marketing is it is a way of making money online whereby you “as a publisher” earn a commission for helping another business promote their products, services or business opportunity.

I shall explain in a 3 step Process:

  1. You sign up as an affiliate to promote a company’s products or services.
  2. You publish ads, web pages, blog posts, and videos to promote the products.
  3. You earn a commission if and when you make a sale for the company.

The basics of becoming an affiliate is you are cutting out the middle man and promoting products of your choice on your own Blog/Website. Social media. YouTube etc. Some can pay a good commission or some pay you a low commission. You can start by Pay per Click, Banner Adds, CPA ads, Or even promoting on YouTube Promoting your own Videos. Quick tutorial on affiliate marketing

Personally if you are Like me when I started out in the back end of 2016. I did not have a penny to spare. I was out to make money not squander it. I had meager funds I was broke. So I wouldn’t even think of starting out paying for Ads etc. I decided to do all my Affiliate selling  the cheapest way possibly and I stuck to organically building traffic to my businesses for free. I still do!

Who has Affiliate Marketing Links.


Absolutely everyone just about and any main company. Amazon being the most popular and most don’t do high commissions a tough world to be in if you ask me. Click Bank is another one.

The lists are endless and so are the seemingly endless scams which I have written an entire page about. Affiliate Marketing Scams.

Most major companies have their own affiliate Programmes. The only thing is.  Getting accepted is a whole different ball game. Most do require that you have your own Website/blog.  So getting started in affiliate marketing  is not as easy as you think.

Getting a Website/Blog.  Can cost you thousands of pounds and I even know of some beautiful Websites that just don’t do anything at all Pretty much good as a portrait to hang on your wall as they generate no traffic what so ever.

I certainly would not be happy to pay out a couple of thousand pounds or dollars for a website that looks picture perfect but does not generate me an income. Even if you have the website but no rank in google what so ever then I am afraid. Even then most affiliate sites will not accept you.


What do you  need first to be a success?


The first and most important aspect to becoming a success online is the one thing that most successful business Men and Woman dont share. . It’s My #1 most important thing that helped me succeed and still does in my multiple business adventures.


Don’t believe me then Look at Even me

The list is endless and I would be here forever and a day listing all those multi billion dollar companies.

It really depends on yourself. Personally and truthfully. I built my business because I landed with the right Affiliate company.

They taught me how to build a business and leverage it even building my own Websites. I can honestly say I am now A successful Entrepreneur work at home Mom. (“My kids call me super Mom!”) I love that. I have given up my full time commitments. To work on my Businesses.


Can You really generate an income with Affiliate Marketing.


It really depends on yourself. Personally and truthfully. I built my business because I landed with the right Affiliate company. They taught me how to build a business and leverage it even building my own Websites.


I am Building My self quite a Lucrative Business. I want to help you to excel as an ONLINE BUSINESS MARKETER.

I built this website for everyone out their who are struggling to get ahead in this vast online marketing world. It doesn’t matter how old you are or the experience you have, This is for everyone. Beginners and Advanced too. I knew nothing and I Certainly did not know how to build a business Website from scratch 🙂

Get started here with Two Free Websites.




Getting in to affiliate marketing if they accept you, YES YOU CAN EARN MONEY. Depending if you have the right strategies to keep you on top of everyone else.

Like Amazon there are countless Amazon affiliates out their. Most of those who are a success are because they have a website of their own. They know how to market themselves properly.

Then it depends also on commissions and whether you are willing to spend fortunes on PPC. ADS ETC. I personally do everything as organically as possible.

Also, please be careful. There are so many scams  that will promise you overnight success. They are affiliate marketers already marketing a very successful business. Don’t Be Scammed By ANYBODY. “If”, it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is.

Check out The Good the Bad and the Ridiculous post I have written. 

I am here for all of you if you have any questions or comments you may need to ask. Just drop me a comment in the box below or send me an Email. I am always happy to help.

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