Leadpages Review and Pricing.

You are looking to see what Leadpages is all about. Leadpages is an online sales funnel and landing page software that helps online businesses create Landing pages easily for you to be able to sell your products online. Lucky that you have landed on my website as this is a detailed review of Leadpages including the Prices. A “funnel” is marketed as a done-for-you system which will instantly generate revenue. If that’s the case, keep in mind that for any funnel you need traffic. For a lot of “funnel builders,” it’s required to send paid traffic since there’s very little content on the page. This requires a lot of testing to get it to convert to sales and can cost money in the meantime.

I will also include alternative options that are not as expensive as Leadpages so be sure to read on as it may save you money in the long-run. You can also compare this to another Article I wrote  Clickfunnels to see which you prefer. So let’s dig in and read my review of Leadpages and pricing. I will also compare some Third-party Services. That you can also compare to Clickfunnels


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How much does Leadpages cost?


  • Standard Leadpages: Pricing: $37 per month… ($25 with annual Billing Discounted at 39%.)

Great for a starter account but locks up many features.

  • Leadpages Pro: $97 per month…. ($48 Annual Billing. Discounted at 39%)

Most Popular Plan. Giving you full access. Apart from priority Email support some other advanced email integrations and virtual workshops.

  • Leadpages Advanced: $321 per month…..($199 Annual Billing. Discounted at 39%)

Includes access to everything and 1 on 1 support.


You’ll enjoy free, unlimited access to all the tools associated with your chosen Leadpages plan and will experience (in full) how our platform can help build your business. That includes unlimited publishing and unlimited traffic and leads—so go full-speed ahead for your free 14 days!



What does Leadpages do?

Leadpages is basically a sales funnel that offers you templates for funnels, landing pages, Squeeze pages. Where you can promote your products and collect emails and of course get sign-ups to whatever product you are trying to sell. It’s part of the integration with Email Marketing so this will incur extra costs for an Autoresponder.

Here are some ideas of what you can create with Leadpages.

  • Regular opt-in
  • Sales funnel
  • mini site creation
  • Event registration Ex: An up and coming Webinar or new product release.

Once you sign up with Leadpages you are taken to the main screen where you can start creating a new Landing page. You can choose 3 options.

  • Generate Leads: by offering an incentive. Ex:  Free Book in return for a visitors email.
  • Make Sales: Create a sales or Checkout page to collect payments for visitors.
  • Something Else: Build Brand awareness with a mini-site a thank you page.

After following one of the options above you are then led to a screen where you will have Templates than you can customize. Leadpages have some beautiful templates. Choosing any of the options above the relevant templates will show up for you.

There are Standard Templates and drag and drop templates than you can choose from. There are many incentives you can offer your visitors.

Leadpages Drag N Drop Templates
  • Free Guide
  • Free Consultation
  • A newsletter or email course
  • Discount or coupon Offer
  • Webinar or Event
  • Contest or entry Giveaway

There is no shortage of templates you can customize.


Leadpages has a built-in ad creator that reads your landing page and creates a Facebook ad for you to use. Instantly!
Clear Easy Campaign ROI which allows you to easily see your ROI data on your ad spend which can really help. . Sub-accounts allowing you to get others on your team to manage your pages for you. Leadpages Lead links feature offer that allows you to set up your page to where a visitor can subscribe to your list with just a single click. Some really cool stuff is offered with Leadpages and not to mention their beautiful Website. Lead pages look really good and some of the Landing pages and Squeeze pages look awesome too.

If you want to Use Leadpages there are a few things to consider here are just a few ideas of what you will need. If you want to integrate your Leadpages account with an email service provider so that you can seamlessly store and follow up with your leads. Also, in the case that you’re using Leadpages Checkouts to make sales, you’ll also need a free Stripe account.


You can integrate Leadpages with any of these Third Party Services below and I have added a Comparison between Clickfunnels as both these systems are very similar as you can see in the lists I have added below. However, Aweber is an Email Autoresponder and it is going to be something you will need to purchase along with Leadpages. Aweber best used if you want to add Affiliate Links. Aweber is the best Affiliate Marketers. 

Third Part Services for Lead pages and clickfunnels
Comparing Leadpages with Clickfunnels

More Third Party Services you can use with Leadpages and Clickfunnels
Scheduling Third Party Services Used with Leadpages and Clickfunnels.


Leadpages is a legit system however, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners in Affiliate Marketing. 

All in All, Leadpages is really good and is a similar kind of concept as Clickfunnels. I do not think Leadpages would be beneficial to any newbie Affiliate Marketer and Like I have written in my last review. Building a landing page or Squeeze page or a sales funnel can be done for Free. All you need is the right training to be able to do this. As we work with WordPress you can Use Elementor Plugin which does come with some beautiful designs also.

I find these done for you kind of systems quite expensive and they will need an autoresponder also. These vary in prices. I do recommend Aweber as this really is the best if you want to add Affiliate Links. So remember you will incur extra costs with Leadpages.

Start Your Free Trial Today
Start Your Free Trial Today


How and what do I do if I want a Funnel, Landing Page, or a Squeeze page?

Personally and truthfully. I don’t really need to purchase Leadpages as I have free tools and Free training that I can use. That is all included in my Yearly Membership at WealthyAffiliate.com which is $29.98. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Leadpages is more for Veteran Affiliate Marketers and whether I am a super affiliate or not. I still do not find the need to use Leadpages. When I simply can do this all by myself using WordPress Plugins for Free like Elementor. Even Clickfunnels is expensive I don’t want to rely on done for you systems as a beginner I doubt I could afford all the extras they hide. Lead Pages nor Clickfunnels was for me.


I don’t even have to pay out the costs. Remember a “funnel” is marketed as a done-for-you system which will instantly generate revenue. If that’s the case, keep in mind that for any funnel you need traffic. For a lot of “funnel builders,” it’s required to send paid traffic since there’s very little content on the page. This requires a lot of testing to get it to convert to sales and can cost money in the meantime. It’s definitely a way to make money, once you know what you are doing and you know about PPC. If you don’t then it could cost you some serious cash.



Getting ahead online in Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to cost you fortunes all you need is the right training and support. 





$37.00 to $321.00

Landing Page Templates


Sqeeze Page Templates


14 Days for a Free Try out


Funnels Email Marketing



  • Beautiful Designs
  • Easy Drag N Drop Templates


  • Expensive.
  • Not for Newbies

5 thoughts on “Leadpages Review and Pricing.”

  1. This is really interesting. Does LeadPages’ Facebook Ad creator charge per ad, or per batch, or is it included in their cost? Also, do you get to approve or edit the ads in any way prior to their publication, or is it all automated? I really like the content creation drag/drop ease, and I like the single click subscription to list option as well. Thank you for the review!

    • Hi, Hilary,

      Like everything all these come at extra costs and if you are unsure of what you are doing these kind of ads can become rather costly. So there is more you need to budget for befor you even join Leadpages. 

      Their training is good but so is what we do at Wealthy Affiliate and so much cheaper that’s for sure. I don’t really recommend this kind of thing for any Newbie. 

      However they are still a good product but better for a more advanced Affiliate Marketer for sure. Personally not for me. I do know If I had have met Leadpages before Wealthy Affiliate I would have failed completely. There is so much you need to do thanjust pop out some great looking funnels and it comes with hard work. 

      I am not an Affiliate of Lead Pages. Yes they are still a good product but just not for me. Some may feel differently I prefer to do it all with Wealthy Affiliate. I get all of the training and so much more as people would at Leadpages. 

      Thank you for passing by my website. 

      My Kindest Regards Debs 🙂 

  2. Thank you for a great review here! I haven’t heard a whole lot about Leadpages so coming across your page I find some valuable information here. I appreciate your reference to your other page on Clickfunnels as its always good to compare products. I like how Leadpages offers a 14 Day Trial, this suggests that at least it’s not a scam. I also like how Leadpages offers mini site creation and event registration. It’s something I just might check out through your post. Wealthy Affiliate is a great additional product that your readers should definitely check out here!

  3. Some of their offer can also be found on Wealthy affiliate platform. Thanks for this detailed review about leadpage operate. The price isn’t that high for some veteran affiliate marketer but you’ve said it all that it is not recommended for the newbies or begginers in affiliate marketing. I will like to know more about this package on Wealthy Affiliate platform before I become a veteran affiliate marketer.

    • Hi, Stella,
      Yes, LeadPages isn’t expensive for the veteran Affiliate Marketers. However, it can be quite daunting for any Newbie. I know with Wealthy Affiliate I can learn to build a landing page myself or a squeeze page or an optin page.

      I think the biggest worry for any newbie starting out is, in fact, getting the right training and for those on a budget one that will not break the bank. I started out as a broke Mom and I simply couldn’t afford the 100’s of dollars a month nor the big upsells.

      So I was totally ecstatic when I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate here is their Main Website wealthyaffiliate.com

      They have taught me everything I know today in Local Marketing and Affiliate Marketing and I have done all this starting on a very tiny budget back in November 2016 I simply haven’t looked back since.
      Looking forward to catching up with you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate Stella.

      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂


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