Know your Audience Generation Z in 2018

Know Your Audience Meet Generation Z. 2018

They are the most diverse generation yet. Millennials on Steroids Lol
Generation Z reflect and amplify the millennial generation before it. Millennials are old news and Generation Z is the next generation yet.
You are probably wondering why I am posting a blog here about the Gen Z. Both my children are born in Generation Z so it kind of sparks my interest.
They were born between 1998 and 2016 meaning the oldest member today is just 19.

Generration Z


That also means they are entering college, soon to join the workforce and spark their own way around and why-young-people-are-the-worst think pieces on the internet of the.
No offence but they are pretty hard to communicate with head down on the Internet and earphones in. They favour streaming content in snack-sized bites, like YouTube, and consume it mostly on their phones and computers and IPads.


They rarely watch TV shows much and movies, and are unused to live programmes with advertising.
Generation Z is similar to millennials yet have quite large differences. Most have probably helped out with poor and most will have donated to charities too.

Facebook-Virtual reality.

“They may be even interested in going a different route altogether, one that does a better job of embracing their acceptance and their belief in being inclusive certainly a lot more caring to the world around them”
What do brands and products need to know about the values, attitudes, needs and barriers being expressed by Gen Z in order to effectively target and communicate with them?


Marketing a product is changing as you can see. Things have changed. Generation ZGen Z era has a different way of thinking. Probably think Fake news is real and prefer Instagram and Snapchat rather than Facebook.
Just to keep you up to scratch on the insights of the New Generation Z. Commonly known too as the Zombie Generation.

Generation Z characteristics.

They prefer cool products over cool experiences.
Entrepreneurial and tech-savvy.
They respond to edgy campaigns…
Give them control and preference settings.
They are quite a caring lot.

Gen Z Mind-set

Tell me what you think and how many Generation Z are here on this platform in Wealthy Affiliate. Do you have generation Z Children?
Drop me a comment below. Let me Know!!
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2 thoughts on “Know your Audience Generation Z in 2018”

  1. Deborah, you hit the nail on the head with this article. It is very crucial for all of us to understand and know how to communicate with all generations across the board – especially Gen Z because as we try to grow our businesses – no matter what those businesses are – we are definitely going to need to know what appeals to Gen Z. They are our future and knowing the characteristics as you have explained is very important moving forward.

    I have two children – my son is a Millennial and my daughter is a Gen Z. They are both very different in their approaches to life, technology and music. and mostly in how they communicate (with each other and others). While they were extremely different when they were younger, as they are getting older, the gap is narrowing a bit due to their trains of thought.

    Thank you for this enlightening information. I look forward to reading more from you. Will you continue to write more articles about the generations and how our businesses are affected in the future?

    Keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi,
      I do believe that catching up with the Generations does help us to signify current trends. Like the Boomers for example. The Millennial era was truly short lived. Then taken over by the Generation Z. Totally very similar but depending on our work and which audience we target means keeping up with the current trends. Generation Z is the newest trend.
      I am waiting to see what comes up next.
      Thank you Yvette,
      Kindest Regards Debs 🙂


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