Jaaxy My #1 Review on the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool.

Jaaxy works. Keep ahead and above the competition rank higher in google yahoo and bing.

Jaaxy My #1 Review on the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool.

The best Keyword Search tool Jaaxy. Surprisingly easy to use. Here is my review on Jaaxy and why I would recommend. I use it for ALL my SEO. I use it for all my websites and it is my #1 in keyword Search tools. You can try it for free. Using Jaaxy lite, Or upgrade to Premium and Enterprise packages. Infinitely better than all the rest and so easy to use.

I am an avid user and fan of Jaaxy Lite it comes free with my Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Jaaxy. I have shared a screenshot also of my other Website below. That shows me and you how high I got ranked with the help and use of the Jaaxy Keyword search tool.

Jaaxy Key Word research Tool.

Struggling to get higher rankings in Google. If so;  then Struggle No more. Its here!! The Internets best Keyword search tool Jaaxy. Everything to make your Business run more efficiently. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate, created a text optimisation tool JAAXY which can be used by every SEO beginner and advanced even.

When it comes to understanding how to improve Google rankings, the most crucial component is the logical distribution of the keyword—the term that your target group uses to search Google—as well as its synonyms.

For example, if you sell Aloe Vera Gel, this is the keyword that must appear several times in your text. SEO experts consider optimal keyword weight to be 2-4% of the entire text. Our tool analyses your texts and shows you which search terms would bring up the corresponding page on Google.

This enables you to quickly and easily identify the keyword to which you can adapt the rest of your website text. The content of your text also affects your Google ranking: gear your text towards the needs of your readers and potential customers, offer useful information, purchasing advice, or whatever fits your website to help you get found online that much easier.

Try out the starter membership Free 30 Searches. Give it a whirl I love it. Even better andd it’s the one I use Jaaxy Lite is free to all Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy Keyword Search tool reverse engineer your competition. Jaaxy Lite free for Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate






The SEO tool Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool has both free and paid for which anyone can use to optimize their website themselves.

The most well-known are SISTRIX, Searchmetrics or SEOlytics. Majestic SEO or Ahrefs, and they’re used specifically for backlink analysis. However, these tools are not so easy for SEO beginners. They didn’t work out for me. I just got on so well with Jaaxy. As a practical and affordable alternative for inexperienced web operators, we suggest Google optimization via our Jaaxy keyword and niche research tool. For one, it should noticeably improve your Google ranking.

Furthermore, you save on the time that would be needed for training if you were to use a more extensive SEO tool—not to mention the money you save in comparison to paying an SEO agency. That alone can save thousands of $$


What can the Jaaxy Tool Do? Check out the lists below.


Starting with Free Jaaxy Lite. 

  1. Keyword searches with ranking and Stats
  2. Alphabet soup search used with google instant
  3. Brainstorm 100 fresh Ideas.
  4. Affiliate programme finder.
  5. Keyword list manager.
  6. Website Analyser
  7. Site Rank An analysis.
  8. Affiliate Programme.


PREMIUM (All features above included also)


  1. SEO Analysis (Premium)Keyword Competition (Premium)
  2. Instant Competition (QSR)
  3. Multi-Tabbed Search
  4. (Premium)Domain Availability
  5. and Flipping (Premium)
  6. Search History (Premium)
  7. Data Sorting (Premium)


ENTERPRISE PACKAGE (All features above included)


  1. Where Your Website is Ranked (Enterprise Package)
  2. Become A Successful Domain Buyer (Enterprise Package)
  3. Sort Your Keyword Search (Enterprise Package
  4. Meaningless Data Filtered Out (Enterprise Package)
  5. Accessible on All Devices (Enterprise Package)



See how Jaaxy works.

The first thing to do is type in the keywords you’d like a result for, in the keyword Tool Below ‘Find Keywords‘ button, then click on the blue button it’s so easy to use


Jaxy tool review Jaxy Keyword search tool review and my rank checker using Jaaxy

Columns show:

Keywords – this is a list of possible combinations of your keyword input
Avg – this is the average number of searches per month.

Traffic – the number of visits per month to your website if you rank in 1st-page rankings.

QSR – Quoted Search Results – the number of competing websites.

KQI – Key Quality Index.


Use the colour code the same as traffic lights.

RED – Not worth it
YELLOW – Medium worth
GREEN – Great worth

SEO – high ranking scores greater than 100 have a ranking on 1st page.

Domains – availability of domains available according to keyword input.

Related – related keywords to your keyword input.

Brainstorm – quick link to Brainstorm feature.


The three main components to remember here  to choose keywords from your input that result in:



Traffic light system helps you to find your ulitmate search ready steady go green is always good.


1/ UNDER 300 QSR, ideally 200 – Quoted Search Results

2/ OVER 100 SEO – Exact Searches

3/ Does the keyword phrase makes sense to you as a human?

To check if you have understood this correctly, ask yourself these questions:

Is the competition low? The lower the competition, the better.
Is there high traffic? The greater the traffic, the better.
Can you make sense of the keyword phrase?

If all the above criteria are met, you have found a great keyword goldmine, now use it to bring in the traffic to your website so you can start earning.
You can even find help with domain names in Jaaxy too. Once you decide what niche you want to be in or do. Just pop in some keywords and it will give you a list of available domain names.

Just I did With My Local SEO Website. All Page one on Google Yahoo And Bing

Search results using Jaaxy for one of my Businesses. Parking Spaces entered no 1 on many occassions. Made me an expert in SEO and GOOGLE ranks.


 Start your Free Trail Right Now.     JAAXY LITE FREE IF YOU JOIN HERE.
Jaaxy Start your Free Trial Now. Or Premium.

Any comments or questions Drop me a comment Below Regards Debs 



Hi, Folks, Just a little about me. I was a struggling online marketer and was so fed up of all the online scams. That all changed for me back in November 2016 when I was invited to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate in My #1 Recommendation at the top in the main Menu Bar of my Website. Meeting W.A. changed my life for the better. I am now a successful Local Marketer and a successful Affiliate Marketer. I have built this site in the hope it will help you AVOID all the B.S and SCAMS online today. Let's all make money online together the legit way. 😉


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