Isagenix Review [Is Isagenix a Scam?]

Isagenix scam review? The big question here is can you Earn Money with Isagenix? Isagenix is an MLM Multi-level-marketing company. My Isagenix Review will give you a more in-depth look at Isagenix not just on the products but also on how you can make money, after all, that’s why you are looking at MLM’s as a way to make an extra income. Or even take it to the next level and make it your full-time income. Also included is ”My Own Case study” of joining two MLM companies, that is an eye-opener. So, please keep reading on. I wrote this for you.

Is it possible to Earn Money with Isagenix? It is possible if you do it right. That’s why I am here to tell you what you need to do to get it right. With so Many MLM Reviews online today. It is hard to find out what is the honest truth. I am an Ex Multi-Level Marketer of 2 and a half years. So I can put clarity on a lot of things. I learned the in’s and out’s of Compensation Plans. So I have enough knowledge to share with you.

There seems to be a lot of questions hanging around Isagenix and it’s popular weight-Loss program. How does Isagenix really stack up not just on the products side but the actual compensation Plan? Isagenix is not a scam it is a Legit MLM. Earning money with Isagenix isn’t as easy you think. If you keep reading I will show you ways you can build a sustainable MLM business.

Like so many MLM companies in the Health and Wellness and Weight loss niche. They all seem to claim the same thing. Lose weight, be healthier and have lots more energy and Earn Money all at the same time. Seems a cool way to earn money doesn’t it? Getting slimmer while your purse or wallet grows fatter including your bank balance too does sound enticing. Despite all the hypes and claims of earning wads of cash is this really the truth. Let’s find out in my Isagenix Review, it is rather long.   Sit back and grab a coffee. You will benefit from this article I promise you. Isagenix, by the way, is not a scam company. But, is it easy to earn money I will cover all of this in my article too.

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Quick Summary.


Isagenix is, in fact, a Legit MLM company offering good but expensive products. Rather than using the more traditional forms of advertising. Isagenix uses Multi-level marketing. Which then relies on participants to set up distribution networks amongst friends and family. Then Isagenix pays commissions based on sales by the participants. To be able to earn commissions all participants need to go on Auto-ship payment which includes a discount that everyone has to pay every month if you want to be in the compensation plan paid via Direct Debit every month.

Be warned as to what I can find out in 2015 since 2002 only 200 people have achieved their dreams. 95% hadn’t even earned a sustainable income and from Wikipedia, I also found that in 2017 many people your friends and family are making around an extra $500 a year. Some do go on to earn a few thousand dollars a year but not as much as you think. Not to mention it is damn hard work being a Multi-Level Marketer.

  • Website name:
  • Founders: Jim Coover, Kathy Coover, John Anderson
  • Year Founded 2002
  • Who is it for:

For those who want to do Multi-Level-Marketing, Work from Home. Those who want to lose weight have better health. Nutrition and now cosmetics.

  • Cost to Join: $29/year + Initial Product Order + Monthly Autoship
  • Recommended: NO

Although Isagenix is a legit MLM. I do not recommend it if you want to earn money as a side income. I will show you in my own case study how hard it is to earn even a few pounds or dollars. Not to mention those costs, after all, you will want to use the products so it depends on which ‘program’ you choose. The nine-day cleansing program, with products to “support healthy energy and help satisfy hunger”, retails for around $260, while a 30-day cleanse is around $490. There’s also a variety of products and product combinations on sale that retail from $29 for a single product to $783.00 for the ‘Presidents Pak’, which combines best-selling products with proven marketing tools.

If participants choose to take up what is called an “auto-ship” arrangement they receive a discount and they go on a monthly direct debit arrangement. To participate in the compensation Plan then you and any downline you recruit will need to be on Auto-Ship also. Otherwise, you will not earn any money at all. Many MLM companies do require 2 to even 5 active legs for you to be able to earn commissions this is something many sponsors try to go over quickly when they first want to recruit you. Many leave the shocks for after. Not all but I know some do.  That is how MLM is based. You buy the products and Use them. These products are expensive. They cost more than the high street.

If you are not sure what a Pyramid scheme is then please watch this video. It also includes a small part on Ponzi Schemes and MLM Compensation plans. It is always hard to spot a legit MLM as so many are shut down or they just fold. That could mean you losing out on any Profits and commissions you may be owed. Please just use your due diligence.


1:What is Multi-level Marketing.

Basic MLM Compensation Plan.
Basic MLM Compensation Plan.

In a nutshell Multi-level marketing schemes (MLMs) have business models that look a lot like Pyramid Schemes, however, the main difference between the two is that with MLMs the income is related to actual products and services. Often MLM is often promoted Via Social Media but (I hear Facebook is cutting down on these Kind of Facebook Groups) so things will get harder. Then you will sit through long sales videos more than one may I add. There you will be offered extra tools and I do know with some they are not free.

Promoters of MLM will encourage you to set up distribution networks formally friends and family etc. They and you are paid pay commissions based on sales by the participants, by their distributors, and by their distributors’ distributors, and further down the chain.. I will cover this more in my Own Case Study. So please keep reading on and you will probably find you are doing the same thing.

There is also something you need to be aware of. Many push the weight loss program and this is not cheap. What happens and I do know many find this out that when people do lose weight if they do. Soon leave and have no need for any compensation Plan anymore so they stop the Auto-ship and then you are left with fewer customers. It can happen. How do I know? Remember I was with two MLM companies in the weightloss health and wellness niche spanning 2 and half years so I know what happens.


2: What requirements are needed to Earn Money with Isagenix?

Apart from lots of time.

Most MLM’ers promote on these platforms and other places. Like Forever Living

  • Social Media
  • House parties
  • Hosting parties
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Door to door selling
  • Stalls on the Highstreets

You are suggested to opt for $29 package with Autoship to get eligible for additional discounts and rewards. Only becoming a Preferred Customer isn’t enough to participate in the compensation plan.
However, you may earn” Product Introduction Reward Coupons” for referring others who purchase a qualifying system on their first order.

You have 30 days to meet the 100pv requirements within 30 days. Then you will qualify as an associate. You can also qualify for accumulated GV (Group Volume) this is kept back until you become a consultant. Then you will need two active legs on your right and left side. They will also have 30 days to get an Auto-Ship setup. Buy products to the worth of 100 PV to continue being paid commissions basically you and your two downlines will all have to be active members. Not forgetting the fee of $29

Some MLM companies like others I have reviewed do require you to have 3 and yes even 5 active legs.  They do not require a 100PV though some are at a cost of $49 a month and yes some do go to $200 a month. All in all the Isagenix compensation plan isn’t that bad. You will pay out more per month as you grow this kind of Business. The higher you rank the more PV you pay. Remember you and your downline have to be active every single month.

Remember to participate in the compensation plan and earn money, you need to remain active by generating at least 100 Personal Volume (PV) per month, which is equivalent to around $150+/month remember to keep earning you will need to have you and your downline keep buying out the amount to cover the PV. If you don’t and lose any of your active legs it will disrupt how you get paid. You can read the Isagenix PDF file right here!


3: Isagenix Compensation plan.

You only need two active legs (downline or who you sponsor) with Isagenix. However, you do have a higher PV that you will need to require. Some are 49PV per month. Isagenix is 100PV per month.

Isagenix Compensation Plan
Isagenix Compensation Plan
  1. Associate
  2. Consultant
  3. Manager
  4. Director
  5. Executive

Isagenix offers Associates several ways to earn money:

  • Retail Direct Profits – This is earned when customers order products through the Associates Isagenix website. The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price is yours.
  • Product Introduction Bonuses (PIBS) – Commission earned when you bring new customers who buy Qualifying Packs.
  • Team Bonuses – Paid to the Consultants and above ranks and earned based on the sales performance of your binary downline teams. In other words, the upline is earning from you and your downline. You will do the same from your own downline.
  • Executive Matching Team Bonuses – 10% matching team bonus paid to the executives on a weekly basis.
    Incentives and Promotions – Rank Advancement Bonuses and Leadership Pools bonuses shares from time to time who bring them, new customers.

That is just the basic plan. You will have to work very hard to achieve this. How do I know? You can watch this Ted vide also if you like.


Isagenix Products.

Eat it share it. Be a product of the product
Eat it share it. Be a product of the product


Isagenix is the same as many other Legit MLM company’s. What their main business ethics are. You as a rep buy the products consume them. If they are great then they want you to pass on that message so you can either sell on the product or recruit other participants to start making money as a home-based business plan. So it is always better if you do recommend the products that way. People want to see the changes in you, especially in the Health and wellness niche. That is why weight loss is also a good way to get started first. You just need to show them how you have also lost weight. It is a sure way to get started in recruiting but it isn’t a long term plan as I have mentioned in this article before once people lose the weight they drop the company. It is a common fact.

A 30-day diet plan from Isagenix costs $490, roughly $95 a week. While diet plans are often costly, Isagenix is slightly higher than average. This may deter potential clients from buying a weight loss program if you become a representative of Isagenix.

A 29 oz IsaLean Shake, one of the most popular Isagenix items, costs $55.99, which is higher than many retail alternatives. Representatives will have to put effort into emphasizing Isagenix’s potential superior quality to convince consumers to buy its weight-loss products.

Here are a few of the products they sell but you can find all the products right Here!

  • Other Weight Loss Solutions – Snacks & mini-meals to curb hunger while providing essential nutrition (Similar to Revital U)
  • Performance Solutions – Protein shakes, bars and other products that can either fuel training or help in recovery (Basically, these are products that help with your exercises)
  • Vitality & Well-Being – Various kinds of supplements for your daily nutrition requirements or targeted areas like joint health or brain support
  • Essential Oils – Different kinds of Essential Oils + Accessories like a diffuser
    Personal Care + Beauty – ”Age-defying” skincare products like serums, creams, toners, etc. (Similar to Lifeplus)
  • Chewable Multi-Vitamins and Smoothies for Kids.Isa kids smoothies and Ica kids essentials.

My Own Personal Case Study of Joining MLM and what happens!

I started with MLM back before 2016 and spent 2 and a half years one company I spent a year and a half with LifePlus and never earned a cent. I joined after watching friends lose weight. Obviously, I wanted to know why. Seeing friends on Face book getting slim and they reckon they earn money by doing it is a way to pull you in. Let me tell you now none of those friends are no longer active. Some are but they have good backing from the higher up’s.

Of course, I signed up. The first one I signed up for was to lose weight. The second one I signed up for was just to help a friend to get her commissions in. That person left before I did she was fed up with selling and recruiting selling and recruiting.

Now not all MLM companies are the same and this is my own Personal case-study so if you don’t agree then that is up to you. The compensation Plans really do not differ much in how they work Like I said some require more active legs than others so it is hard work even with cheaper prices. Here is another thing I came across also. I have found others selling of their products on eBay On FB market Place and even Amazon.

Although this isn’t allowed they are not bothered as they are no longer active so they just want to be rid of their excess stock. Now lots of your monthly PV and GV are based on just getting in your product buyers that is rather hard when they say they can buy it cheaper so you must be prepared for that.

Now with both of these products from two different MLM companies, I did lose weight. However, I soon put it back on again. All though the products are good. But these diets are mainly based on one massive crash diet. Consuming around 500 calories to 700 calories. I have to admit the reset diet I was on did take me longer to put weight back on as it was based over three weeks. Maybe because it was over 21 days and not just a 9 day fast that some have. These diets are not cheap so they do help you stick to them.

Now I wanted to earn money. So I was added to Quite a few facebook groups. Here is what I found. You are constantly being pushed to sell. So your upline can earn commissions. That is hard if you don’t have a massive family. I also found on the first company I was with they made false medical claims of how to get rid of eczema etc and yes even a cure for men’s baldness. Honestly, their claims were ridiculous. The other was the Anti Wrinkle Tablets. Wow, some people look great until you realize it is a Photoshopped photo. Basically, everyone is saying this that and the other and doling out medical advice this is not allowed.

It was in these groups I witnessed firsthand the level of obsession people have with the products. “As every person who is signed up then has their own business, the person at the top is very keen to get everyone below them selling, because that money flows upwards.” Please, believe me, they take nearly 5 years to earn a good monthly income and that also comes with and can come with lots of underhandedness. Let’s say I found out the hard way. I would hope they would challenge me on this as I am still not 100% happy about how they could do that. I simply cannot work like that. There can be lots of bitchiness in MLM lol believe it or not.

Basically, everyone gushes about the products how brilliant they. I always think like this. If at say $49 I can buy a pill to rid me of my wrinkles then let me tell you how I would make sure I would be rich as heck by now. If we did find that miracle pill expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for it. After all, a Miricle Pill that gets rid of wrinkles for $49 we would all be wrinkle-free wouldn’t we. That’s where you need to use your common sense here when you see beautiful photos of a 55-year old woman and she has not got one wrinkle on her face. Unless of course you are born with that kind of skin in the beginning.

Now the weight loss programs. They are fabulous for getting people in and recruiting especially if you lose weight yourself but most people will Just do the weight loss and then discontinue the Autoship payment method so there you need to go recruiting again to find a place for your lost downline. I know of 30 people all in all that joined MLM around the same time as me and they all say the same they gave up left as they were just sick of being a product buyer. Remember if you are going to pay $400 to lose weight that is what makes people lose weight as they have wasted their hard-earned cash on buying the weight loss program.

That would spur anyone on to lose weight if it costs you that much. Here goes. They even go on to say well you save money on your food bill. How do they work that out if you still have a family to feed. I can’t imagine my family going on diets just because I said so.  Lol, That would be a case of  ”no shopping in because Mom bought her $400 diet so the rest of us get nothing. Not to mention She also spent $29 to join.” My family would have gone crazy at me back when I was broke.

Do you know how many people I badgered family and friends? I even nearly fell out with a few and I did lose too very good 25-year friendships after realizing I was been treated as a product buyer and being duped by losing my downline. It is hard work and in 2 and half years I never earned a dime. That was a hard lesson to learn. MLM can be good if you know how to market yourself properly and I am afraid you are not taught how to do that. Not many sponsors I should think to know how to do it themselves not of course unless you are right at the top.

I was a total failure at MLM and I hated it. It was hard work and constantly trying to push products onto others just wasn’t my thing. I haven’t looked back since I met Wealthy Affiliate and I am certainly earning more money in less time without having to pay out hundreds of dollars a month. Not only that I have tons more time on my hands and I don’t have to go searching for referrals as they all come to me. Via this very website. Just the same as you have done right now when you were looking for Isagenix Reviews. You should read my review on Affiliate Marketing vs MLM you can do the right Here!

Is Isagenix a Scam?

Pay attention to this. 

  • 97% of the distributors made $15,363 or less per year on average. This is equivalent to $1,280.25/month.
  • $1,280.25/month could be a good side income. But take note, that on represents 5% of them.
  • The other 92% earn less than $6,972/year on average!
  • I’m not saying it’s impossible for you to succeed with Isagenix. You just have to do the Math.
  • People getting rich with this MLM business but the percentage is very small.

Isagenix disclaimer.

  • DSHEA Disclaimer: Isagenix statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Isagenix products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Weight-Loss Disclaimer: The weight loss testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.
  • The international PDF from the Isagenix Compensation Plan.


No Isagenix is not a Scam.  However, the earning potential that everyone shouts about is certainly hard to achieve and in 2015 if only 5% did end up making over a 100K then that was back then. They clearly state in the PDF that most what they just call part-time works didn’t even earn 1K a year. It isn’t as easy as you think. You also do lose many of your downlines if you target the WeightLoss section. After like most people the aim is losing weight so once you reach your target after spending near on $400 just to lose the weight then obviously they are gone then. It happens I have seen this happen time and time again.

You are going to have to do a ton of work. Posting on Social media endless rounds of skype calls not to mention payout for tickets if you want to go to one of there extra courses etc. You are going to be constantly annoying neighbors’ friends work colleagues and yes even family. Home parties too. These are expensive and not to mention the samples you want to pass out to your new customers they do not come free. There are always more cash outlays on the way. If you drive that is endless hours on the roads meeting up with potential customers. It is hard work. I know it is. Like I said I was nothing more than a product buyer and I lost money rather than made money. This is not good if you have a family to feed.

This is my thoughts though and it is up to you if you decide to join any MLM company. I hope I have helped you a little. The reason why I am also here is that there are so many that are struggling to build up their MLM business I want to help you with that. There are certain aspects you will need in your MLM business and these are the things you are not taught by your sponsor. I wished I knew this before I wasted 2 and a half years struggling just to earn an extra income. Please read the last part of my article as this will help you all immensely.

How to Build a Sustainable MLM Business.

Have you ever wondered how some sponsors can make it to the top and you can’t? The simple reason is this. They know how to market themselves properly online. You may see some ads out there on Google or any search engine now these are great but if you don’t know what you are doing then you could be out of pocket by the thousands so if you do not know anything about pay per click then please get the right training to teach you how to do this.

I do see many MLM’ers with Blogs but they are not helping them as they are can not even be found on the internet. You need to know how to rank in Google Page one Yahoo and BING. Page 83,756 on Google just won’t cut it. Think about if you go on Google and put in a search term how many pages do you scroll through. Maybe up to 5.

Look at Thomas Cook they have since closed their doors there are a lot of factors why but one of them is because they never kept up with the times. The internet is taking over more and more in a massive way. They should have tapped in as soon as the changes began to happen.

That is exactly what you needed to do. If you are contemplating MLM or are already with an MLM company. I wished I knew this before I wasted my time energy and money.

Getting the right training is also essential.

Here is a list of What savvy MLM’ers know.

  • They have a Website.
  • They know how to do Email Marketing
  • They know how to do Social Media marketing.
  • They know how to do Youtube Marketing.
  • They know how to do Pay per Click and yes even Facebook ads.
  • They know how to drive traffic to their blog. This is SEO. Site Engine Optimization.

They simply know how to market themselves online and with all of that they also know how to stay out of Facebook Jail lol. The thing is if you are serious and what to build a sustainable home-based business. Then you are going to need the right training. If you don’t know anything about building websites or online marketing don’t worry you are taught all of this from the ground up. You do not need any coding skills or Html skills. All you need is you. The internet and that is it. Be like the top MLM marketers or be better but get the right training you need first otherwise you are just going to be the same as I was ”JUST ANOTHER PRODUCT BUYER!” that is not a good feeling at all.

You can do all of this for FREE starting today. Try it out it is free for as long as you like. I am an active member inside Wealthy Affiliate and I see so many newbie MLM’er’s all entering Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis I do know they are flying in. Why because they know it was they need to get to be 100K+ a year Recruiter. This makes total sense.

Not only that you can build 50 websites that have all the training you could need. You can rank in the top pages of Google and to boot you are going to be trained also in Affiliate Marketing and yes Local Marketing.  Amazon Affiliate Marketing and yes even Dropshipping.

So if you get fed up with MLM like I did and yes Affiliate Marketing is so much easier than MLM believe me I know. Then what are you waiting for?

Don’t be another failed MLM’er start by getting up to scratch up to date and in line with the times and Yes start earning more money than those at the top.  If you were working for Thomas Cook too. Don’t worry bigger doors could open for you too. Get started today. ZERO RISK ZERO COST.


Get the right training and help



8 thoughts on “Isagenix Review [Is Isagenix a Scam?]”

  1. Thank you for this informative review.

    Although I appreciate your detailed analysis and how-to when it comes to making money with an MLM, I’m still very leery of MLMs in general.  The convoluted compensation plans and qualification requirements are always a pain to deal with and keep straight.

    That said, you’re article is very compelling and did tell me when I need to do be in the top-earning percentile vs the majority of people that you provided annual earning information about.  I’m just not sure if it’s my thing though.

    I’m actually a member of WA already and do have some affiliate marketing sites that are doing well but I’m still on the fence when it comes to MLM.

    Thank again,


    • Hey, Scott,

      Yes I much prefer Affiliate Marketing. I just think it is so sad that so many MLMer’s do struggle. If only they knew how to market themselves properly it would help them so much. Most sponsors don’t  share their marketing skills and I find MLM a very clicky process at times. Not all MLM’s are bad but the work you have to do does not warrant the money you could earn if they do at all. 

      My advice Scott is please stay with Affiliate marketing it is so much easier and we are lucky we have Wealthy Affiliate to help us achieve massive money making potentials. I would never suggest people join MLM it is simply too hard to even achieve $400 a year if that. 

      Have an awesome week. 

      Debs 🙂 

  2. A health and fitness program is a rich niche, and to sweeten it is the ability to make money at the same time. I am however not in MLMs as I do not like to convince my family and friends to buy products. I know this nagging can cost me relationships. The products from Isagenix sound too expensive, considering that I will have to buy different products for different purposes. Depending on my down-line to make purchases so that I stay afloat is really not a good business model. Spending money on hosting parties is a big risk. I will pass on this one. Thank you for this in depth review.

    • Hi, 

      as you can see I am not promoting Isagenix. Just offering an alternative method if you get the chance to come back I could maybe help you out on what dilemma’s you are having getting started online. 

      Hope to see you soon.

      Debs 🙂 

      Haha, I see you have found My article on Free Seo tools you seem to like that so much better. I will catch up with you for sure.

      I notice you have joined me at Wealthy Affiliate
      That is awesome I am going to catch up with you right now.
      Debs 🙂

  3. Hey Debs, Isagenix it sounds exactly like the one I did called AMWAY am not sure that you have heard of them, maybe you should check them out. They were also into losing weight; nutrition; beauty care for your and old; food – spaghetti, oils, coffee; cleaning products; water filter system, cookware, etc. they were diversified Lol. However, what you have discussed with Isagenix sounds exactly the same behavior where the prices are too expensive and they force you to buy those minimum100pv(I hated that phrase with a passion) especially where your downlines are not active or cannot afford the price of the product. 

    They promised you heaven & earth to become your own boss, but they are the ones Bossing you around for themselves to benefit and when you ask them to explain how does this system work for me to succeed, they’d fob you off that you either asking too many questions or they tell you to follow the system, otherwise you will never be your own Boss and meanwhile they push their own hidden agenda. I never earn anything substantial, kept trying, working my butt off and still no money, so I can relate.

    You have given a detailed account of this Isagenix and am happy that you have finally nailed the coffin into exposing these MLM( Multi-Level Marketing) and you should do a whole more, as I like the way you tell your story & experience in a humorous way and makes it come alive. Honestly, I would not do it, simply because it is just too expensive and there is so much work involved before you earn anything decent, that is if you are lucky to get to that level without being sneaky and use a cunning tactic to “force” people to keep up with the purchasing of products monthly. I raked up my credit card am still paying today as a result of these MLM, no thank you, I got into serious financial trouble partly because of them.

    Thank you, Debs, and I wish you all the best.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your awesome comment. Yes, I know Amway’s very well too. Although some of these companies are legit I just find Affiliate Marketing so much easier to do than MLM. Gone are the days for me just being another product buyer.

      Anyone that is struggling in MLM should really check out Wealthy Affiliate as I know so many MLM’ers are using the tools and resources and training we all have at Wealthy Affiliate to enhance their MLM businesses and they are powering forwards which is excellent news for sure.

      It is quite amazing really as there is more to Wealthy Affiliate Than meets the eye that’s for sure.
      Debs 🙂

  4. Very interesting article!
    I especially like the part when you say I was ”JUST ANOTHER PRODUCT BUYER!”

    Because that was me also, buying up every new shiny thing that came in my path. You know that old saying robbing from Peter to pay Paul? Well that was me totally.

    Living off the government’s money in school is where I learned how to become an internet affiliate marketer. Then I found Wealthy Affilaite and it got even better from there. I haven’t looked back since

    Thanks to wealthy affiliate I’m Google ranked on the first page and I’m about the fifth one down so Google me you can find me anywhere. I notice you are too on many of your articles. Position 1 on some of your articles in Google Yahoo and Bing that is awesome. 

    To Your Success,


    • Hi,
      I see you are a Wealthy Affiliate member also. Yes, it is true we all do rank well because of the training we get at Wealthy Affiliate. Of course not to mention the Free Jaaxy Lite tool we can also use too.
      Awesome to know you are ranking well too. I shall pass by your website too and take a peek.
      Thank you for your comment.
      I’ll catch up with you on the inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform for sure.
      Debs 🙂


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