Is Younique a legit MlM Company-Or is it just another Scam?

So you have landed on my website as You are looking for reviews on Younique a cosmetic Multi-level marketing company. You want to find out if it’s possible to make money from home with Younique or is it just a hyped-up expensive product or just another scam MLM.  Are all those young girls we see on FB live giving you demonstrations on how great Younique’s products are. I am here to give you an honest unbiased review as I was an associate to two MLM companies spanning 2 and a half years. So have enough knowledge about how MLM works.

First of all, Younique is a legit (MLM) Multi-level marketing that is in the skincare cosmetics niche. Younique was founded by Derek Maxfield and Melanie Hushcroft back in 2012. They have close too 200,000 presenters. Younique sellers are required to continuously purchase products to maintain their status within their company, regardless of whether they are able to sell these products onward. Are all are these people really making money with Younique? That is the big question here. I am here to show you what they don’t tell you and if it really is worth you shelling out your hard-earned cash with Younique and the referral program. Keep reading to find out more.

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Quick Summary.

  • Website:
  • Owners: Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft.
  • Date founded. 2012
  • Cost to Join: $99 to $199+
  • Who is it for? Those interested in Home-Based Business. Stay at home Mums. Those Interested in Direct Sales/Multi-level Marketing.
  • Recommended: NO!


What is Younique?Super wealthy Affiliates-Younique

Younique is a cosmetic company that bases sales on their recruitment strategy. Known as Multi-Level Marketing or Direct sales. In other words, you buy Younique’s products you like the products you tell your family and friends about it. However, lots of the selling that goes on Is in recruitment where you are asked to join as a seller and you, in turn, get more recruiters.  Remember MLM should be focused only on promoting their products and not on recruiting. Otherwise, this is classed as a pyramid scheme yet this is what Associates do.

Younique’s Compensation plan.

Joining Younique is commonly done by being referred to by someone else. You join and you will receive an email this is how you will set up your account. Younique is primarily based on selling and recruiting online. Targeting the right market. Is what you are going to need to know. Getting the right information about working online is not as easy as you think.

The thing is your sponsor probably doesn’t know how to market themselves online passed Facebook groups so if you want to be in the know then follow the right path of other Multi-Level Marketers

Get the right Online training what top Mlm’ers are using today. Remember sponsors don’t really share that secret of success so you need to trust yourself not put all your trust in your sponsors.. A hard lesson I learned. That caused me just to become a product buyer in the end. The money I wasted and couldn’t afford to waste also just to buy extra products to help me promote MLM.


Click the image below to find out more.

How to make more money in Direct sales
Getting leads is never easy. Find out how some MLM Associates have learned how to use targeted traffic properly.

Back to the compensation plan

Once joined you will have the choice of two kits.

  1. The Premium Kit $199
  2. The Standard kit $99

Younique’s products

Skincare and cosmetics Niche.

Youniques featured products


  • Moisturizers
  • Face Oils & Serums
  • Hair Care
  • Lipstick, Lip Line, Lip Gloss
  • Mascara
  • Self Tanner
  • Skin Cleanser
  • Face Masks
  • Foundation & Powder
  • Concealer

Compensation Plan. Basic entry status starting at white all the way to Black.

Younique Compensation plan.

To maintain your status and continue earning.

Sell at least $125 worth of products within the following 3 months to remain a presenter. In order to sell with the company, the strategy is to conduct Younique Virtual Parties on social media to invite people. The company also gives you a company website and tools.

Once you sell a minimum of 1,000 PRS of products you will move up the ranks. Where you will earn 25% commissions.

Understanding the compensation plan Video.

No need to open a new window you can watch the video right here 


Some complaints from Younique users.

Here is a video from one Younique ex-associate. I have to admit I am horrified to learn that they actually do not put in 10% as they say to a charity for abused women and children. Good companies should not have to lie about this. I chose this video as I felt that this lady resonated with what I also feel but also many other ex MLM associates feel. Especially where this lady also explains about women spending more time with their children. Which really isn’t the case.


Here is what the Guardian is saying.

What ex sponsors are saying.

Sponsors are encouraged to pick on Stay at home mums.

Ladies are felt trapped into a cultish grip.

Women are spending extra cash on products just to keep their yellow staus.

Younique tells you to say if you are going somewhere nice post it and say all thanks to Younique you are staying there.

Members are encouraged to influence others by inflating their success on social media.


Younique is a legit MLM.


  • Not as easy to promote as you think.
  • Expensive products many complaints of quality.
  • Extra hidden costs
  • Hard work.
  • Not for women on a tight budget.
  • Up against top legit cosmetic companies Like Loreal, Maxfactor, To name but a few
  • No financial training
  • You are never a business owner you are always just a rep.
  • No training on how to market yourself online.

Apart from the usual Facebook groups etc. Facebook is changing the way it allows Groups and pages to be used with MLM so it is not as easy as you think. Getting linked to Facebook groups does not really benefit you and many felt pressured into buying more cosmetics to keep up with their quota. If they are Like Forever Living and the money-back guarantee then be ready as you will have to pay for that out of your own pocket. You are then reimbursed only once you have given in the right paper works and reimbursed with more products only. That you have to resell again. Another unknown trap many Mlm associates do not know.

Lots of bitchiness. I know I have been led down that path. Never again for me.

My final Thoughts and do I recommend Younique?.

Most of the top sponsors in any MLM totally know they need their own online presence. That starts with a website. Find out what top sponsors know but don’t share with their downline. Yes, websites can be included with some MLM’s but are they what you need. I have used an MLM website and to be honest I paid for something monthly that wasn’t really any use.

Here is why many MLM’ers turn to Wealthy Affiliate for that extra Online Training. That helps them grow their MLM business way beyond Family, friends, and Facebook.

Recruiting is where the money is certainly not in the commissions from just selling. If that is the case I could be a referrer for another cosmetic company a better one and not have to buy the products and just refer them as an affiliate Marketer. Read my review on Affiliate Marketing VS Multilevel marketing.

That is how you are meant to make your money. This is not as easy as you think to take it from me an ex MLM’er with two companies. I was with Lifeplus for a year and a half and I was also with Forever Living. Both legit MLM’s so how come I never earned a dime with either. Let me just give you a heads up.

I am still with one of the MLM Facebook group and the top sponsor there gives out major pep talks all to make their quota in sales and believe me many push you into buying more products just so they can meet their group quotas. When I tell you they push you I mean that. Which is unfair for some Mums being on a budget.

I had one lady pushing me to spend another £200 worth of products. Just so she could get her bonus. Suffice to say I didn’t spend that money and the lady left a month later. I would have been left to get rid of a load of products again. I see so many products sold on FB marketplace cheaper anyways and in Amazon.

The companies answer to that say it isn’t allowed and we should trust other sellers but to be honest that is nonsense these are just ex sponsors trying to get some of their money back they lost. So don’t listen to some of the lies your sponsors will spin.

My sponsors in Lifeplus were really good at lying to you. Just remember though this is my own thoughts and what I have been through personally. Some products are great but some sponsors well what can I say. They are not really there to help you but help themselves. So Is there any wonder they call MLM’s a cult?

I do not recommend Younique. That is because I have been bitten twice before with two MLM companies and Younique is the same concept so it is not for me. You can do as you wish this is my personal thoughts of why I give MLM a wide birth. IT is too hard and too time-consuming and I would need an extra 100 to 200 pounds a month just to get ahead in MLM. So for that reason, I am not willing to part with more cash just to keep my status up. Just to keep my group happy.

I do not recommend Younique.. The simple reason is I do not think MLM is all it seems. Like I have already said with the two companies I was with.. Please read my review on  Is Lifeplus Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) a Scam? Lifeplus and my sponsors were the worst ever. Giving MLM the benefit of the doubt both times just wasted my money and I still have products I do not use. I also notice many reps doing Google ads to promote their Younique shop. Please be careful doing ads with Google as it can turn out to be very expensive doing ads. Get the right training first so you at least you know what you are doing. Here is the best training for that.

An Alternative way to Earning Money from home.

If you want to Earn Money From Home. Then MLM is not for you. Even more so if you are a stay at home Mum on a tight budget. Then please be careful as you will always be spending more than you can afford. Please believe me I know and did just that. It caused me lots of stress and was no fun in the end. You are going to have to shell out quite a bit of cash before you even get started with Younique as their products are expensive. Not to mention getting that extra training for learning how to market yourself and your product online. All this comes with a learning curve.

I gave up MLM as it did nothing but cost me money and as I said I was just been used as a product buyer. When I tell you I never earned a dime with Lifeplus nor Forever living and getting people to join me was virtually impossible. Unless I badgered them to do it. Who wants to work like that. Certainly not me. Most of the sponsors I knew back then have since given up. Too time-consuming and the work can take you from your family. Knocking on strangers’ doors is no fun. Hey not to mention traveling costs all coming out of my budget.

I found a better way.

I don’t have to recruit I don’t have to keep bothering friends family or knocking on strangers doors. I do Own my Own business website. You come to me without my having to badger anyone to take a look at what I do.

You are on it and it can never be taken away from me. It belongs to me and always will and I can promote any cosmetics I want just about for FREE if I choose to do so and if they have an Affiliate Program then I am set.

So you can you too. Join what other MLM associates are doing and get started today for FREE ZERO RISK ZERO COST. It is a no brainer. I now earn not just a passive monthly income I am also taught Local Business Marketing so I get a monthly income from that too.

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8 thoughts on “Is Younique a legit MlM Company-Or is it just another Scam?”

  1. Good evening Debs,

    Thank you for this review on Younique. I know by experience that MLM is not an easy way of earning money. I have been in quite a few myself and it was a lot of running around, organizing and in the end it did not cover costs.
    I stopped after 5 years as it did not work for me even if I still use the Aloe Vera products from Forever Living Products. It never worked as a real business.
    There are better ways of earning money out there.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi,
      Yes this is so true. I finally gave up and still been on an even tighter budget. My family wasn’t happy neither to say the least. Cost me money and lots of tears all in desperation just to earn an extra income. Yes, some of the products are pretty awesome but the whole business concept isn’t. I never learned anything neither.

      Unlike now since I met has been a total life changer for me.
      I am not only earning a passive income but also an income from Local Marketing not to mention all the knowledge I pick up on a daily basis. That is absolute Gold to me.
      So much happier too today. No tears, no stress, no falling out with family.

      The perfect way to go for me and 1.million others too.
      Thank you for passing by Taetske 🙂
      Debs 🙂

  2. I have never been a fan of MLM schemes, even the good ones seem like a scam to me. Too much depends on what other people do and not the work that you do yourself. The startup price seems to be high as well. I have heard good things about the Wealthy Affiliate, I would definitely try that before Younique. 

    • Hi,
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for sure. Not only that it is great for those too already in MLM that want to learn more past hassling friends and doing Facebook lives where many seem to lose their prospective customers anyways.
      Thank you for your comment. I see you have joined me also inside Wealthy Affiliate. Nice to see you are getting great value out of Wealthy Affiliate. Your site is coming on great too.
      Debs 🙂

  3. Hello Deborah,
    Younique certainly is to be legit as per your well researched post but, as you have mentioned in your review, it is not worth the time or compensation. Any product that has to be hyped up to drive sales is generally undesirable- especially if you are to do that to friends and family too. It’s better to do affiliate marketing as you’ll directly need not to inconvenience anyone and yet the returns are so high.

    • Hi,
      Yes, I totally agree Affiliate marketing is so much easier. Not only that all the affiliate programs out there. I could promote cosmetics if I wanted too. It’s a no brainer.
      Thank you for passing by.
      Debs 🙂

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on Younique and find it very helpful for everyone. While reading I know that most of the top sponsors in any MLM totally know they need their own online presence. I tried few MLM companies and not get success. Now I am building my business with wealthy affiliate and got awesome success. I am now going to live my full time job. 


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