Is a Scam? Warning Red Flags Here!

Is a Scam?

Warning this review Contains Red Flags!

So, you are looking for reviews on Lucky you have come to the right place I will show you what to expect from Trying to find an ethical way of making money isn’t as easy as you think. Especially if you are new to Affiliate Marketing and don’t know what to look for. So I will show you some of the Red Flags you need to be aware of before you part with your hard earned cash and join are not #1 Influencers at all so be sure to keep reading my review. I will show you what they are really up to. Please keep reading as I will show you an honest and alternative way to earn money online the legit way.

I will give you some navigational points to follow so you will know what I will include with this review.

  1. Summary
  2.  What is
  3.  5 Red Flags
  4.  Is a Scam?
  5.  How to make money online without the scams?

1: Summary:

  • Name: Viral Bucks
  • Website URL:
  • Owner: Not revealed
  • Created on: April 2019
  • Price: Free
  • Who is it for?: The Owner
  • Recommended?: No
  • Star Rating: Zero Stars. 


2: What is claims to be an #1 influencer in helping people to monetize their Social Media. According to, you can be paid $10 to $15 for each person you get to join their system. You can also earn an extra $2 if anybody clicks on the link you can share out on your social media platforms. This seems an easy and cool way of earning money. They reckon they are major Influencers but I can assure they are not at all. So keep reading.

Keep reading because if you are already sharing the links or thinking about it. I have some surprise shocks for you. As what you are promoting or wanting to promote is not as clean cut as you think. Keep reading on as I will show you some Big RED FLAGS! This is really important and if you want to earn money in a Legit way then the way to go with is not the answer.

According to you can sign up for Free. This sounds really cool. Once you sign up they will give you a bonus of $25. reckon you can earn $500 anyone who is an Established Affiliate Marketer can see that this is not true. Honestly, as the old saying goes.. ”If it sounds too good to be true then it is too good to be true.” then goes onto say how you can share their Youtube Video and earn an extra $50 in commissions. Not only that they also give you promotional goals where you can share these Banner type posts to earn you extra commissions. This all sounds great, doesn’t it? I mean it’s free to join and all you have to do is send out your links. It isn’t what it says it is and that is fact.

If, it’s Free What’s not to like?

Well here comes the BIG RED FLAGS I wanted to include in this Scam Review. So keep reading because if you are promoting this already you have in all essence being scammed already. I will show you what is actually up too. So keep reading you will be shocked.

3: 5 Red Flags. 

  1. RedFlag.

This first Red Flag is. This website is not regulated. You can clearly see from the Scam Advisor Main Website what they say about They are using an Anonymous website. They are doing this to hide their identity and nobody knows who the owners are.

   2.  Red Flag.

The website has been newly registered with a short Life expectancy. That is widely used by scammers and fraudulent and fake selling websites. That clearly means they are just going to be around for a short time.

3. Red Flag.

You can’t confirm a business address with ViralBucks. That means you really need to take care of the information you are giving out. I:E emails Names and Addresses. Yes, even Credit Card Details. Yes, I know you are still saying this is Free? but is it really.

      4.  Red Flag.

Once you join up with this scam website you will have offers to join other scam websites. What they are basically doing is selling on your information. That, in turn, is now opening up to more fraud and more scams. I bet where they sell on your information are to the high-risk countries that are hot on frauding good honest people.

   5. Red Flag.

If you join in some of the tasks ViralBuck asks of you. Then please be aware you are going to be asked to give out more personal info. If you download any apps they ask you too. Then you could be open to Malware and viruses on your computers and Mobiles/cells. I doubt this company will be around long enough for you to earn money and I doubt you will get paid at all.

ViralBucks, as they say, was founded in 2017 no they weren’t at all this is not true they are a newly registered Website with a short life expectancy. They reckon they are part of a parent company. Which one is that?  None of what they say is true. For such a short life span on a website, they reckon they have paid out nearly $52,000,000+ to over 200,000 members that are totally absurd.

If you watch the Youtube Video it is full of fake testimonials. These are actors from Fiverr. As I have proved to you in the image below. You really need to check out the testimonials. These actors are brilliant at what they do. No, it isn’t the actor who is lying she is being told what to say. Considering they are supposed to be #1 major Influencer on Social media why are they hiding their true identity.

Why do they keep changing their name and why are their websites hard to trace the owners. Makes no sense to me at all. Why use Fake testimonials if they are a number 1 influencer.

Here is another fake Testimonial video from Bryan. His real name is not Bryan and he is a widely used actor from Fiverr and you can also find this guy on my Scam Review of AZ Millionaire Method.

Fiverr Actor from ViralBucks Fake Testimonials.
Fake video Testimonial, not a real person he is an actor from Fiverr


Fiverr actor on AZ Millionaire and ViralBucks.
Fiverr actor on AZ Millionaire and ViralBucks Bryan has done many of these Videos including one I have done On AZ Millionaire.




Fake Video Testimonials Anne is an Actress on Fiverr
Fake Video Testimonials Anne is an Actress on Fiverr


Anne Video Spokesperson recruited to do Fake testimonials for ViralBucks is an actress paid to lie about her earning.
fake testimonial actress on Fiverr


4: Is a Scam?

Yes, is a Scam! from all that I can see and for my data already been sold on Yes ViralBucks is a scam. As you can see in the Red flags I have included in the review above. ViralBucks is not transparent enough. Not only that they keep changing their name. They used to be and Here are some reviews of people who have not even being paid for the referrals they have got. ViralPay claims these people shared their links in a fraudulent way so they refuse to pay them. Here is proof of that below.


ViralBucks ViralDollars and ViralPay are all scam websites they don't pay you!
ViralBucks ViralDollars and ViralPay are all scam websites they don’t pay you!


They are not in any way a No 1 Influencer at all. They are nothing more like the person in the screenshot says above. They are More like number 1 Deceivers. They certainly are not transparent about who they are and I think the website and trust from Scam advisor prove they are not transparent at all. I would stay well away from ViralBucks. I do not recommend ViralBucks Nor do I recommend ViralDollars Nor ViralPay at all. So stay well away if you want to protect your data from more scammers. You will not earn money with this type of company at all.

Just in case you are still unsure here are more income claims that are false. You have to remember they launched this website in April 2019, not in 2017. They use the same tweets on ViralPay and DollarPay. They are the same scam company they just keep changing their names. There are better ways to learn and do Affiliate Marketing. 

Fake payouts from ViralBucks. Fake Twitter Accounts
Fake payouts from ViralBucks. Fake Twitter Accounts

5: How to make money online without the scams?

How to make money online is easier than you think. You can do it in a way that you are not scammed nor will you end up scamming anyone else. I know what it feels like to be scammed as I have been scammed also in the past. If you are serious at wanting to Learn HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE? Then please read the article I have written right HERE!  

Getting started online as an Affiliate Marketer can be done. Not only that getting the right training is also an absolute must. You can do that just like I started out back three years ago. I get two streams of income and I have lear=ned how to do that from the very same platform I am going to show you here. It is the platform that gives me a 4K+ passive income and it has also taught me how to be a Local Marketer. So I have two income streams coming in. One from Affiliate Marketing and the other from Local Marketing.

I started out the same as many do. I wanted to get ahead online but I couldn’t afford to waste money doing it. The platform I am going to direct you too. Is the very place that has taught me everything I do today without breaking my bank. I get paid on time and not only that I don’t have to go around scamming other people to make money it is as simple as that. The company I am with has been around for 13 years and is one of the Top Rated training platforms to join on the internet. You can check out their main Website

To top it off it is FREE for as long as you like. If you don’t like it you can just leave. It will not cost you thousands and it will teach you how to earn an Online Legit Passive Income. It will not hit you with upsells costing you thousands of dollars nor will it sell on your Data. If you really are serious about making Money online then there is no better way to do it and that is Earn While You Learn. 

It makes total sense and not only that you will get the help of the best online community of helpers on the internet. If you get stuck don’t worry you will have answers to all your questions within less than a minute. We all love to help and we all help each other and I will be there to help you too.

Get started today and put all the scam sites behind you. Free to Start ZERO RISK ZERO COSTS. It makes total sense go ahead and I will see you on the inside.  Stop being scammed today and say not to all the B.S. and lies on the internet today.

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2 thoughts on “Is a Scam? Warning Red Flags Here!”

  1. This sounds exactly like Viral Dollars (now Referral Pay) and even the layout of their site is extremely similar and their claims. Even the video testimonials were the same, but Viral Dollars removed those “video proof” testimonials. And like Viral Pay, they tout themselves as an influencer platform but far from it. Sounds like it’s the same company behind them both. Noway people should join Viral Bucks.

    • Hi,
      It is and the worst part was how long they would have the website up. They all seem rather shady to me. As far as I can see and I am still digging in deep. lot’s of people do not even get paid which is rather lame.
      Always best to be on our guards for sure.

      I think how they promote themselves as number 1 influencers are rather rad as they are so cagey about everything. Including the money making claims.
      I would avoid at all costs but I can only guide people that’s all I can do.

      My kindest Regards debs 🙂


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