Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam? An Honest Review.

Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam? An Honest Review. 

Let’s find out If the Super Affiliate Network is, in Fact, a Scam? Well done first of all for using your Due-diligence and finding out more about the Super Affiliate Network and let’s see if it is in fact just another online scam? Can you really earn tons of Money With Misha Wilsons Super Affiliate Network or is it just another Scam system. This honest review contains Red Flags. You have been warned!

Is the Super Affiliate System really worth the money you need to spend to be a part of their system Can you actually earn any money at all or are you best keeping your hard earned cash in your pocket? This is an Honest review so grab a coffee sit back and enjoy my honest review on The Super Affiliate Network. Some extra Red Flags too so be sure to read before you part with your hard earned cash. This is another honest review and I am writing this so it ties in nicely with their latest sales funnel The Freedom Formula. 



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A Summary of The Super Affiliate Network.

Name: The Super Affiliate Network
Website URL:
Owner: Misha Wilson
Launched in: 2015
Price: $37/month + upsells Up to $12,497
Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: NO

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

Super Affiliate Network logo
Super Affiliate Network Reviewed

Before we get started you will be basically selling on and promoting the exact same system you are taught with the Super Affiliate Network. Here are all the upsells just to give you an idea of what you also will have to purchase in order to make the higher commissions. Without buying the Upsells you will lose out on the mega commissions.

  • Basic Membership ($47/month)

They allow you to get started for $1 and then you will be charged $47 every month. If you skip their $1 trial, you will be given the option to buy this for $37 and pay $37 every single month after that.

  • Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter one-time fee of $47

After joining, they will try to get you to buy their Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter, which will give you access to monthly videos newsletters from Misha.

  • Solo Ad Success Formula / Premium Membership (one-time fee of $97)

You will learn how to find marketers with big email lists and will pay them so that they can promote your offers to their subscribers. ( You will have to spend extra money here on Ads etc.)

  • Pro Membership (one-time fee of $2,497)

This membership will give you access to more training and tools like Magnetic Selling Machine, Push Button Swipe File Collection, Systematic Profit. It’s for people who want to grow their business. Included Private FB group. (No Biggie.) Some Weekly and monthly coaching.

  • Maui Intensive Mentoring (one-time fee of $12,497)

a 4-day mastermind event that takes place in Maui, where Misha lives.
In this event, you will be able to meet and network with Misha and other successful marketers of The Super Affiliate Network. They will discuss anything and everything related to this business, including email marketing, sales funnels, paid advertising. $12,500 just to meet Misha. ???

In order to promote the Super Affiliate Network, you are going to have to promote Super Affiliate Networks Products. They will provide you with the right training tools so you can use there done for you System. BIG RED FLAG HERE. I never like done for your systems simply because if this company collapses like MOBE has then everything you have worked for goes with it.

As this product goes into the compensation plan it does remind me of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Yet it sells itself as an Affiliate product. However, this does have more than 1 tier level in the commission basis. You can, in fact, make money not just from your referrals but also your referrals and who they refer. Commonly know or similar to Pyramid schemes. Similar to how MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) works.  Does that make sense?


After getting started, you can make money from your direct referrals (the people you recruit directly) and the direct referrals of your referrals (the people recruited by your referrals).


There are three Levels. Basic, Premium, Pro.  So let’s check these levels out.

  • Basic Level.

You can make up to 70% commission when your direct referrals or your downline on the first tier when your referrals pay for the Basic Membership. If your referrals below you also have referrals you can also make 40% and 5% from the premium membership Sales.

  • Premium Levels

Being at the Premium Level will allow you to earn 70% & 5% commissions from Basic Membership sales and Premium Membership This is from the Solo Ad Success Formula course.

  • Pro Levels

Once you are at the pro level you can start to earn.

70% from Basic Membership and Premium Membership sales

20% from Basic and Premium Membership sales made by your direct referrals

34% from Pro Membership sales

17% from Pro Membership sales made by your direct referrals

These commissions sound pretty amazing huh? However,  you cannot earn these unless of course you also purchase the High Ticket sales at A cost of Nearly $2500+. So even if you do not buy the high ticket sales if anyone doe purchase under you the High ticket sales you will miss out on the higher ticket commissions.

If you recruit someone who buys the Pro Membership before you, that commission will pass up to the next sponsor/recruiter who’s at that level. You will miss out on that commission. If you recruit someone who buys the Pro Membership before you, that commission will pass up to the next sponsor/recruiter who’s at that level. You really have to buy the big High ticket sales in order to get those High commissions.

Who is Misha Wilson?

For once he is a legit person. Misha got started Online at the age of 22, he soon hit 6 figures by the age of 24, and then scaled his company to the multimillion-dollar mark by the age of 25.

Empowering people to build 6K figures with there own online businesses. So yes, in fact, Misha is a real person. However, you must look at the earning disclaimer. You can clearly see from the screenshot below not many people are earning anything at all. In Fact, most are at a loss. It always pays to read the Earning disclosure.

SAN Earning Disclaimer

Super Affliate Network Earning Disclaimer

This is so much like Legendary Marketer. The same process and the same principles. You can read about my Legendary Marketer VS Wealthy Affiliate HERE!

Please read More of my Comparison Reviews below.


You have to wait to unlock all the courses and I find that a real pain as some days if I want to learn something I might not have the time one day and have tons of time the next. You will also have to have contact with your coach also.  Please believe me these coaches are really good at selling you the High-end products. I mean if you are just starting out are you really willing to start paying out thousands of dollars. Need to be careful here as these guys are good at what they do.



Is the Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

In all essence no it isn’t a scam. However, I will not recommend this type of product simply because they are too much like MOBE who was brought down by the FTC. Not only that Done for you systems sound really cool. What happens if like Mobe then all your work actually goes down with it.

IE: All your Ad campaigns your email lists everything you have worked hard for will go down just like what happened to all those who joined MOBE And of course Digital Altitude. FTC frown on these kinds of systems and to be quite honest it only seems the person who is making bundles from this is, in fact, Misha Himself. So for that reason, I will not recommend Super Affiliate System.



So what would I recommend to build an Online business the Legit Way? 

Well, I have to admit I have done MLM and was nothing more than a product buyer. My sponsors were really only out for themselves so I found out the hard way. Not dissing any of the companies I was with but more the underhanded of my upline. Not only that I got fed up of badgering my family and friends to buy my products. Like I said, in the end, I was just a product buyer nothing more.

I looked into Affiliate Marketing and I have tried many many online courses. Some of them like Colin Farrel who is legit but I couldn’t handle his training. I yawned a lot lol. That was until I found the platform I am with today. That is Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with them for three years nearly and I haven’t looked back not once.

I am building out my Own Online Business in Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing and I do that all from one Platform all for less than a cup of coffee a day. I am not hit with massive up-sells and never have been. I am taught everything I need and have all the help I need at the tip of my Keyboard. With the best training and support that has been the top of its game for nearly 15 years.

So if you are fed up of all the Scams online and want to build out your own online businesses that will not break your bank. That includes all the training and resources you need and free websites to start off with. You can join me today. No experience needed. No Coding needed. All you need is you and the internet connection.





Join Wealthy Affiliate for free Zero Risk Zero Cost Zero No Scams No B.S




Super Affiliate Network

$47.00 to $12.497



Live training


Help and Support



  • Real Owner
  • Money Back Guarantee.


  • High Ticket Sales
  • Is it MLM ?
  • Or is it Affiliate Marketing?

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