Is The Freedom Formula A Scam? You Have been Warned.

Is The Freedom Formula A Scam? You Have Been Warned.

So you have landed on my website looking to find out more about The Freedom formula. Let’s find out to see if it is, in fact, another Scam? Or is it a Legit way to earn money online? I am going to give you a complete review of what The Freedom Formula is and if it is worth buying into the system or are you better keeping your money in your pocket. This is just a sales funnels so be sure to keep reading to find out more. Is the Freedom Formula just a sales funnel?

With so many fraudulent systems online today it’s always best to use your due-diligence, Keep on reading to find out and see if The Freedom Formula is, in fact, a scam. I am here to help guide you but at the end of the day, it’s up to you if you decide to buy into The Freedom Formula. Remember you have been warned.

Freedom Formula Review Summary.

Name: The Freedom Formula
Website URL:
Owner: Keysha
Price: $37/month + thousands of dollars in upsells
Recommended? No

This is a sales funnel leading you to Super Affiliate Network.

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What is The Freedom Formula About?

The Freedom Formula Scam Reviewed by superwealthyaffiliates
The Freedom Formula Sales Video

Looking into the sales video from The Freedom Formula I noticed that this is very similar to other sales videos I have watched in the past. According to the spokesperson, this allows everyday people to earn thousands of dollars a day in commissions. According to the sales patter, you do not have to have any experience nor do you need any tech skills. You don’t even have to create or sell your own products.

Hold on though before you think great and start getting all excited I am already seeing Red Flags. So keep reading. The whole sales video focusses on how you can make large amounts of money and they also go on to say this can be done in such a short time. Making money does not come that easy and certainly not as easy as they say. Especially if you are new to online marketing.

They say this is not MLM nor is it a Pyramid scheme. Hold on there as I will go deeper into this review. You simply have to remember this big money making claims in such a short time are there just to lure you in. It really is full of false promises and false money making claims. They do know that people get all excited when we see these sort of sales videos.

That’s how they lure us in. You must be careful. Please keep reading as I will show you why. They use these kinds of sale videos. To get you all excited into thinking you can earn money online in such a quick way. Once you login To The Freedom Formula as I have you will find it is a whole different story and really the only person who will be earning money is the owner themselves.





The Real Truth About The Freedom Formula? 

The real truth is that they are lying to you. There is no easy way of making money online. The simple matter of fact is if it is as easy as The Freedom Formula say it is we would all be rich and we would all be working for ourselves certainly not busting our butts in the 9 to 5 jobs many of us hate. We would all be doing this so-called system that Freedom Formula tries to get us to buy.

Following the steps Keysha the spokeswoman says you have to follow the step by step instructions and Then you press go and according to Keysha the system runs itself on autopilot.  This is just unrealistic. I should know I have been Affiliate Marketer coming up to nearly 3 years. So I know what to look out for. They are also not straight forward on what this system is about.

They are in fact a Funnel to the Super Affiliate Network which I have also done a review about.

You are going to be required to do massive recruiting, and then you are going to be required to the step by step training in order for you to promote there other product Super Affiliate Network. In order to be able to earn money, you will be required to by into their High Ticket offers, Those are the ones that can earn you bigger commissions.

As an example, if you have a referrer who buy the High ticket product but you don’t purchase that High Ticket product yourself then you will not get the commissions for it. You will have to buy all the products they sell you to be able to make commissions on the high ticket products. So you are going to be paying out thousands of dollars first of all before you can even start earning higher commissions.

That’s not without paying for ADS. Or Email Services as you are going to need those too. You are also going to need a lot more than they say you do. To be honest, the only people earning these kinds of commissions are the Super Affiliates who already have a big Email following and have tons of traffic directed to their websites already. Certainly not for any newbie branching out into Online Marketing. You will lose your money doing this for sure.

Looking at some of these income claims. From the Super Affiliate Network, most members do spend around $3,000 to $12,000 to grow there business so it clearly shows they are spending way more than they make. There is a whole load of other things you need to take into consideration. Like I said it’s the expert online marketers that are earning the money certainly not the Newbie nor the Rookie.

Take a look at some income claims below.


Super Affiliate Network Income claims
Super Affiliate Network Income Disclosure

Super Affiliate Network Disclosure

Like I said there are people making money with this but from what I can see certainly no rookies are that’s for sure. Also taking into account that The Freedom Formula is just another name for Super Affiliate Network then yes this is rather misleading. Not only that you are going to have to pay out fortunes first before you even attempt to start promoting The Freedom formula.

Like they say so themselves less than 2% of their members make enough to cover the costs of what they have to purchase. With an average Annual income of $2501 between 2016 and 2018, the average spending of members was $3,000 to $12,000 a year in just building out their businesses.

This kind of system reminds me very much of MOBE and the Digital Altitude both shut down by the FTC. This really isn’t the proper way to build an online business. As you may already know with MOBE and Digital Altitude many have lost thousands of dollars with this kind of system. Many went on to lose their homes and some even went on to break up’s of many families. You can read here about Wealthy Affiliate helping many families out by giving back $65,000 to families hit by the Mobe Scam. 


Is The Freedom Formula A scam?

In all essence, The Freedom Formula isn’t a scam. As Affiliate Marketing is a very good legit business model if you know how to do it properly. See The Freedom Formula is in fact just a big sales funnel that will lead you to the Super Affiliate Network. Where you can be sure of meeting aggressive marketing tactics wanting you to purchase High Ticket memberships of up to $12K+.

In all honesty, the only people making money is, in fact, Misha Wilson and a few others. Not many more apart from that. So you seriously do need to keep your money in your pocket. Yes even if you know what you are doing. I do not recommend this product unless of course, you have money to burn then it’s up to you but you have been warned.


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The Freedom Formula

$37.00 to $12.497



Live training


Help and Support



  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Real Owner


  • Is a Sales Funnel.
  • Not very Clear
  • False Money making claims.

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