Is Super Affiliate System 2.0. By John Crestani a Scam? An Honest Review. 2019

Is the Super Affiliate System 2.0 By John Crestani A Scam? Honest Review 2019.


Welcome to my Review Of  Is Super Affiliate System 2.0 By John Crestani a scam? This is an honest review in 2019. Is it true what John Crestani promises you? John goes onto say he can help you make 7  figure side income. John reckons this can be done in the shortest time possible. Can it be done as easy as John says it is? Super Affiliate System is part of the Internet Jetset Group. Let’s take a better look and see if the Super Affiliate System 2.0 is as legit as John Crestani says it is?

Luckily you landed on my Website looking for reviews to help guide you. I have taken a deeper look inside the Super Affiliate System to see if in fact, it is any good or if it is just another out and out scam. This is one of the most up to date reviews on the Net. John Crestani also recommends the use of Clickfunnels you can read my review HERE!

I do know that John Crestani has made many good changes Since he Launched the Super Affiliate System. So let’s take a look. This is a long read so if you prefer to just get started and what to see the Best platform I reviewed. The one where I earn my biggest Paycheck and didn’t break my bank with Mega upsells. Then please Check out my Recommended Resource. Contains no B.S. No Lies. No massive upsells.


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This is quite a lengthy review so please sit back grab a coffee or a Glass of Wine or a bear and enjoy the read. I have compiled a Bullet list for you for easier Navigation of what my article covers.

 So here is a summary of what I will cover.

  • Who Is the Super Affiliate System?
  • What is the Super Affiliate System?
  • What does the Super Affiliate System Work?
  • Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam?
  • The best way and cheapest way to earn a legit online business without the B.S. and Scams?


Who Is the Super Affiliate System?

  • Name: Super Affiliate System
  • Owner: John Crestani.
  • Price: $47 to $997+
  • Recommended: Yes 7 out of 10.
  • Who is it for? Affiliate Marketers beginners and Advanced. E-Businesses.

What Is the Super Affiliate System?

There are 2 Main Up-sells In the Super Affiliate Systems.

1: Xtreme case study:

is a one-off payment of $187 where you will get access to interviews with some of the top marketers. Sounds great but. I can also get one on one help with some of the best Marketers. It is too expensive and I don’t think it’s really needed.

2: Super Affiliate System.

Is a one-time payment of $997 teaching you how to use all the paid traffic methods? You must remember this will lead you into more up-sells. Nothing is really transparent on the other upsells so stay with me and I will show you what I find.

John Crestani has had other systems in the past. Internet Jetset but the super affiliate system has done some major updates to it. Both teach you how to build an online successful Affiliate Marketing Business. The internet Jet set is a sales funnel just gearing you towards his newest platform super Affiliate system and is more advanced than the Internet Jetset.

Some of the core skills you will be taught.

Data Analysis




With over 50+ hours of videos, you have some studying to get on with. Let’s take a look at what this 6 weeks course consists of. 


Week 1.

Here is what you will be doing.

  • Setting some Goals.
  • Joining Affiliate Networks.
  • Setting up your Website,
  • Facebook Ads
  • pre-sell Page.

Week 2.

Planning and some strategy,

  • Researching your Niche
  • choosing an offer ‘
  • Choosing your ad network
  • Entrepreneurs Mindset.
  • Networking with effective results.

Week 3

Honing in on your Copywriting skills.

  • How to write good copy
  • advanced optimization tactic.
  • Advanced copyright tactics.
  • optimize ads.

Week 4

Setting up Facebook and Google Ads accounts.

  • Facebook and Google Ads.
  • setting up Fb accounts
  • Set up Google Adwords.

Week 5

  • MGID Native Ads.
  • Outbrain Native Ads
  • Youtube Ads.

Week 6

Scaling and outsourcing.

  • How to use Survey funnels.
  • scaling your campaign.
  • Utilize media buyers
  • 2 case studies.

Extra Resources.

  • Targeting Data.
  • Adswipes Presell Pages
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Ad networks.

Click the Image below to find out more About the Super Affiliate System.

Super Affiliate System


So there is quite a lot of training here inside John Crestanis Super Affiliate System and as he an Ads expert. So the training is really good. You will be paying out for your Ads also. So there is more cost involved keep reading to find out more.

Here are some more systems I have written about in my recent articles. That are not anywhere near as Good as the Super Affiliate System.


Now getting back to John Crestani. John Crestani comes up quite a lot on Youtube Ads. Everyone in the Affiliate Marketing world knows who he is. Most of Johns success comes via his Ad campaigns. John is basically going to teach you what worked for him.

He has been seen on the likes of

John Crestani started out working for another marketing company in LA. John’s employment found him responsible for managing clients Campaigns. John got really good at this and was taught from the ground up as a new employer.

When John managed to increase the revenue for the companies clients he had under him. He increased the revenue for one client alone nearly 40 times and brought in an extra 100 thousand dollars a month into that very company. John asked for a raise in his wages and the company refused. John took off on his own and as you can see the rest is history.

John went on to be a successful Affiliate Marketer. John has some useful marketing tools and resources. However, they are not cheap.

Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam?

The Super Affiliate System is a good programme for beginners and advanced. So is in no way a scam! However, it is part of many upsells. To earn money quick then you are going to have to pay Ads and for many people that can be very expensive. Not only that you are going to have to work at it very hard. It’s not something you can learn just off the bat so you are going to need the training and the help.

So basically you are going to copy his system. John is now a very successful online Affiliate Marketer and is, in fact, a millionaire. However, as always you need to know the real truth on what it takes to be a successful Affiliate Marketer and if you follow John Crestanis system you will be taught some very good training.

Now, do I recommend the Super Affiliate System? Yes, I do but not really for anyone on a budget and more so for advancing marketers. The system can be a little confusing as you feel like you are going backwards and forwards which can be rather confusing.

The Super Affiliate System is legit and I would recommend it I will give it 7/10.


Make Money online the legit way without paying out thousands of dollars!


I earn money online too. I do it without all the big upsell’s. I have the same kind of training and if not more but I get all that training and all the resources without having to break my bank. Certainly better for any newbie looking to get ahead online if they are on a budget. Yes, many of you are looking to earn money online simply because you need extra cash. So why buy into expensive systems that lead you into spending money sometimes going to tens of thousands of dollars. 

I have everything I need all in one place and I pay $29.98 a month as a yearly member. I am not sent off into different directions and told to spend more money a month. There are no Upsells and it is $49 like I said I pay the yearly membership so I have the massive discount and so can you.

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Please check out my Comparison Reviews too. Don’t forget to drop me a comment below if you would like us to review more systems for you.

Dare to Compare?



Super Affiliate System

$47 to $997



Beginner Friendly and Advanced Training


Ad Support





  • Expert help Expert support
  • Expert Training
  • Real Person


  • Expensive
  • With Upsells.

4 thoughts on “Is Super Affiliate System 2.0. By John Crestani a Scam? An Honest Review. 2019”

  1. This is a very detailed review. Thank you for providing great information for anyone trying to get in the business. It doesn’t matter how good the system is if you can’t access it because you ran out of money with hidden costs.

    I like the pros and cons but the cons are just the few things that will keep me or anyone like me on budget out.

    This has been my biggest challenge starting thinking i can afford it only to find out I cant afford the next step. I have tried doing the affiliate marketing on my own but its been a bit frustrating as I hit a wall trying to figure things out or take so long just to learn something i need. Having an affordable system with no hidden costs is great! this is exactly what I need for clear direction on what to do. 

    Thanks Deb. This is so timely!

    • Hi,
      This is totally my point. Some systems may seem affordable until you join then they hit you with massive high cost upsells. This is when anyone who is a newbie and doesn’t have the spare cash to burn simply fail or just give up. They then think all systems are the same. I have been there and then I have been hit by massive upsells. I have had to give up because simply I could not afford them back then.

      That’s when I met Wealthy Affiliate The upsells never came I used to think any minute now they are going to want more money from me but that never happened and because I could afford the $49 a month I was able to carry on learning. In turn, I was able to build up a successful Local Marketing career and also An Affiliate Marketing Business also.

      Now I am an Ambassador too at Wealthy Affiliate. To think I could have done all of what I do now seemed like a million years away but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I have become a success in my own right. They are so transparent and have no secretly hidden upsells at all. They even help anyone pay for their Memberships too.

      Thank you for passing by my Website.
      Regards Debs 🙂

  2. It’s a really unbiased and thorough review of Super Affiliate system 2.0. Content seems promising but as you said there are upsells ahead, they are not much needed indeed and this product doesn’t seem to be a cost-effective option for a beginner.

    Your analysis is very much detailed and to-the-point, any new buyer would like to know exactly this much detail. I’m glad that you have suggested your number one recommendation, “Wealthy Affiliate”, which is indeed a step-by-step system for Affiliate Marketing Success. It is also very cost effective. Would you like to suggest Super Affiliate System 2.0 to any advanced affiliate marketer?

    Thanks a lot for this useful review. I’m glad that I get to read its complete detail through your post.

    • Hi,
      Yes, the Super Affiliate System is not a scam. John Crestani is, in fact, a brilliant Affiliate Marketer. So I would recommend it for Experienced Affiliate Marketer’s. John Crestani is rather transparent so that is always good to know. However Wealthy Affiliate really is the best place to be and they are constantly updating their training too. Since I have been with them for nearly three years. I have no need to buy into any other platforms. John Crestani however I do like his energy and I do know he is also doing many updates to his system but it can be rather expensive.

      My number 1 recommendation still stays the same for me Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best. Thank you for passing by.

      Regards Debs 🙂


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