Is Secret Online Goldmine A Scam-Or Earn $787 A Day? An Honest Review!

Is Secret Online Goldmine A Scam-Or Earn $787 A Day?

An Honest Review!

Is Secret Online Goldmine a Scam-Or Can You Earn $787 a day. Let’s take a look at my honest review and let’s see if  Secret Online Goldmine by April Collins is, in fact, a scam or a legit way to make money online. Has April Collins really found an effortless way to make money online where you can earn $787 a day just by doing 15 minutes work a day? Or is it in fact just another big fat Scam?


According to April Collins, she goes on to state that you can start earning almost immediately with her Secret Online Goldmine system and be able to tap into a 2.8 Billion industry and get a cut of the profits? Is it for real or is it just another hyped up sales video?  Warning this Scam Review does contain Red Flags. 


Let’s find out if it is possible to earn this sort of high-income claims or are you best off keeping your money in your pocket. I am going to expose the real truths of what this system is all about.  So keep reading. You will be happy you did!


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Let’s find out more about Secret Online Goldmine System. I have compiled a list for you so you will know what to expect from my review.

  1. Who Is Secret Online Goldmine?
  2. What does Secret Online Goldmine do?
  3. Is it Secret Goldmine in fact just an out and out Scam?
  4. How to Earn Money Online without all the fake testimonials B.S and lies?


 1: Who Is Secret Online Goldmine?

Name: Secret Online Goldmine
Owner: April Collins ?????
Price: $47 + upsells
Launched: April 2019

Who is it for: The owner and Affiliate Marketers.
Recommended? No


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2: What does Secret Online Goldmine do?


First of all, I received an Email from Secret Online Goldmine System. I do receive so many of these emails simply because when I do scam reviews I like to sign up for the system or product to see it for myself. AS always these systems do tend to sell on my Personal info. So I can only imagine how this one ended up in my emails.


Not one to be phased I always like to see What these systems or products about. So I sign up and get to see the sales pages. Now there is always one thing that gets me as these damn sales pages are all very similar. They use the same sales tactics. Of promises of earning money fast online in this case April Collins Reckons you can start earning nearly $787 a day as soon as you start this new found secret system. I think it must have been 8 more pages I had to go through before they finally let me leave. I found that rather annoying.

Secret Online Goldmine Reviewed.

They go onto boast how this oh so effortless Profit System can earn you bundles in a day. They do make me laugh when they say ”I don’t know how you found this system?” but the truth is I didn’t you bought my data and you found me.  They do share your data with each other these types of Systems too. Always check the disclaimer/disclosure page you can read mine HERE!


Anyways let us get back to April Collins as she goes onto telling you how they have this little known industry secret that generates over 2.8 billion dollars annually and you can tap into this little Goldmine and have a piece of the pie! You can go onto earn yourself a cool $20.000 per month easily. RED FLAGS HERE BE CAREFUL!  So according to April you only need 15 minutes a day and experience is not necessary! That is total lies. Email Marketing and Affiliate marketing does not work like that at all. Certainly not in 15 minutes of work. 


All you have to do according to April Collins. Is follow the most basic training and you can earn Money Via Email Marketing. Email Marketing is, in fact, a good way to make money but it simply does not work like April says it does. You have to have an email list first of all. No good having emails and nobody to send them too. To build an email list takes you time and lot’s of hours.


Once you do get subscribers which takes time and you will need other methods of marketing to achieve it. You also have to hope your subscriber will buy your product. Otherwise No sale no Money. However, this does work and is a good way to earn money online but you can achieve this with the right training.


This is called Affiliate Marketing.  Which in all essence is a very good way to earn a passive income but only with the right training resources?  See April really is not telling you the whole truth and neither is she transparent enough about herself. There is a lot more work than just putting in 15 minutes a day.  So keep reading and please use your due-diligence as there is more to come that contains more Red Flags.


This does become a tiresome load of B.S. I see these kinds of systems time and time again. This is plain ridiculous and the high-income money making claims are simply a high sell to pull you in and hope you Spend the $47+ beware as there are upsells and they will hit you with them. Plenty of them. Secret Online Goldmine is simply not a good way to go about earning money online especially if you are a Newbie to Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing. There is more to it than April Collins goes on to tell you.


Funnily enough, I have just recently done a review on a similar system  Explode My Pay Day!  These kind of systems are so similar it doesn’t take much to work them out if you know what you are looking for.  This is also connected to Freedom Mentor. They are the same company and they are both not transparent enough at all. They both have fake money making claims and fake testimonials. Same kind of sales video.


Now here is the biggie if you have such an awesome system why do you use fake testimonials and actors from Fiverr. Why keep changing the name of the products too. These are actors who get paid are from Fivver and they will make high-income claim videos for anyone that pays them to do it. As you can see below this, in fact, a paid Actor from Fiverr.

Fake testiomonials Actor from Fiverr
Fake testimonials.

Secret Online Goldmine pay these actors! There are some pretty cool actors as it goes and they are very convincing. They earn money by doing fake testimonials. Amongst other things. They get paid to lie no offence to the actors, of course, they are just doing their jobs.


If you had a good product or system then you wouldn’t need actors for sure. Keep on Reading let me show you what I found out about April Collins the owner.


Will the real April Collins please stand up? I am afraid to say April Collins does not exist it is a fake pen name.


Here is the proof. This is the April Collins that you think you know but is really just a Shutterstock Photo. April Collins, I do not believe exists. So why are they using fake testimonials and fake Owners? Simply because they are using the same old sales tactics that most scam systems use.


They know what works and they have been doing the same old sales pitches for years. They will lure you in with big Money making claims and they will tell you also that there are only a few places left this is just a scare tactic to get get you to sign up. Please be careful those scare tactics are false claims.!

Shutter stock Photo fake April Collins.
Read some of my other scam reviews that contain fake testimonials.


3: Is Secret Goldmines a scam?

In all essence no because Email Marketing is a good way to earn money as is Affiliate Marketing. However, the high-income claims and the short time to earn $787 a day by doing 15 minutes work a day is in fact just a high-pressure sales tactic to lure you in. Unless you are an Affiliate Marketer with a Website that has tons of traffic already and you already have a massive email list. Then yes you could earn money promoting Secret Online Goldmine. I am sure many Affiliate marketers do to earn a quick buck!


However, this is not something I would promote on my Website as I simply do not believe in these kinds of systems. If you are a complete newbie to Affiliate Marketing then suffice to say you are going to lose money buying into this system. I have noticed once you do sign up if you don’t want to buy the next up-sell they will pressure you to sign up for something else.


Like I said to get out of there by just clicking back they had more upsells and some crazy offers that could lure me in if I was a complete newbie. It took me a while to get out of there and the banners they show are very convincing. Be careful as they are nothing more than more Upsells and sign-ups.


So please you must use your due diligence. I hope this review has given you some help but like I say this is just a guide and it is up to you if you want to sign up with them. I personally would rather keep my money safe in my pocket. As this Secret Online Goldmine, I do not recommend at all and I would not promote it just to earn a quick buck simple as.



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Not Transparent enough.

Fake Owner.

Fake testimonials.

Fake income claims.

Scare tactics on the sales page.


4: How to earn money online without all the fake testimonials B.S and lies?

Like most people, I have been lured into these kinds of scams and I have lost money in the past as I fell for the patter and the scam sales tactics it is easily done. Those sales video some of them are pretty convincing. If you are a complete newbie to Affiliate Marketing you are going to need the right training and the right resources that will teach you how to properly make money online as an Affiliate Marketer.


Nowadays if you want to promote the best Affiliate companies then you are going to need a website. Then you are going to have to learn how to get traffic to your website and also how to grow an email list. There is a ton of stuff you are going to need to be an online successful marketer and as always many of the platforms can go into 1.000 of dollars to 10.000 of dollars. If you are on a budget most newbies do tend to fail at Affiliate Marketing because they simply cannot afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on these so-called massive upsells.


I have been an Affiliate Marker now for nearly three years and I am also a local marketer. I was lucky to find a platform that I could afford and would NOT be shoving massive upsells in my face and wouldn’t break my bank either. I didn’t need any experience in online marketing nor any coding skills or HTML.


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