Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam ? Read my Honest Review.

Is Secret Millionaire Bot A Scam- Read my honest review.- Warning some Big Red Flags Here. 

First of all, you are on my website because you want to check out if in fact you can earn $2.479 a day with this or is it, in fact, a Scam. Keep reading my honest review   Is Secret Millionaire Bot a scam? Warning this does contain Red Flags. Find out what they don’t really want you to know.


As we all well know the scams online today are rife but they don’t in a matter of fact change how they actually promote these kinds of systems. I want to be as clear as possible. To help you in your journey in getting ahead online. I too have been scammed so it is no laughing matter let me tell you.


If you simply want to get started and earn a passive income the legit way without all the lies Scams and B.S.  Then please read my money making a guide I have written out for you.  This will guide you in the right direction to How to learn and make a passive income online the legit way.

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Do I recommend Secret Millionaire Bot? No, I do not recommend it. 



Here is a list of things I will cover about Secret Millionaire Bot!.

Who is Secret Millionaire Bot

What is Secret Millionaire Bot about?

Can you Make Money with Secret Millionaire Bot?

So let’s get you started and find out if you can Make $2,749 a day or is Secret Millionaire Bot, in fact, an out and out scam.


Who Is Secret Millionaire Bot?

Name: Secret Millionaire Bot

Website URL:

Owner: Charles Allen.

Price: $37+up-sells.

Who is it for? For those who want to do Affiliate Marketing, E-marketing, and earn a passive income. Also for the owner whoever that is. Charles Allen is a pen name.


What is Secret Millionaire Bot about?

Once you are accepted on the so-called video sales you are going to be taken on a little tour. You will also get to watch a Webinar by John Crestani. Who is a successful Affiliate Marketer but even he will tell you can’t make that much money a day as an affiliate? Those big money claims simply do not exist.


Not unless you are already a successful Affiliate marketer with a website and traffic and a big email list already. I doubt most would want to promote this kind of product I wouldn’t want too. That’s for sure. To be quite blunt and to put it into a nutshell you are basically going to promote the exact same product you bought. It is defo not worth the $37 let alone the blummin up-sells.


Yet it gets worse so make sure you keep reading on.

Then you are lead to another platform called Bullet Proof Profits Read my review about that here!  Another scam review I have done. Watch it because that will contain more up-sells here is the knock-on effect. They are already pushing you towards other systems for you to by and yes many people do and end up with nothing.


They also go on to tell you the secret  Millionaire Bot is a bot that trawls the internet and pulls out some good profitable products for you to sell that is simply not true. Any way why pay for something when you can find these products for free this is just a sales gimmick.




Let me show you something here they promise you that you can earn 50% on any sale. If I enter the affiliate area look at what it says here. You can earn $450 per sale. So in all essence what your going to be doing is not just paying. $37 you are indeed going to be paying $900 all in all and more. This is one big mega up-sell something that you will struggle to earn with as a Newbie. I do not like the way they promote it and It is just another sleazy sales gimmick I am afraid.


SMB upsells to the sum of 900 dollars

Like I said those that earn these high commissions do it because they are Super Affiliates. They started off new As I did back in 2016. You have to remember we already have traffic to our websites and big email lists. so we stand more of chance promoting this kind of upsell. Some Affiliates do sell this personally I wouldn’t as I do not believe in it.


You can start out the same as many super affiliates and learn affiliate marketing that actually works That is my  #1 recommendation. I would never waste my money on this kind of product and I certainly wouldn’t sell it to you.


Not only that it gets worse fake Testimonials why have fake testimonials if this an ethical and honest platform Take a look at this lady. That is ridiculous. What are they hiding? Fake Testimonials by Actors on Fiverr. Here is the same actress from Fiverr This lady Claims she has earned $200,000. That is so not true. This lady was also used on another Scam I reviewed on Greedy Mentor

Fake testimonials same fiverr actressMore fake actor Testimonials.

Fake testimonials Actor from Fiverr.



Is Secret Millionaire Bot A scam?

Not really because Affiliate marketing system does work but this kind of system Secret Millionaire Bot is based on Lies I:E Fake testimonials fake income claims fake Owner they send you to another bad review I have written about above.  Bulletproof Profits.  and shown you above with the link to that page.

Really and truthfully you just have to you use your Due Diligence while entering any of these kinds of systems. I can only offer you guidance but at the end of the day, it is entirely up to you what to do.

Here are some more Scam reviews that are similar to Secret Millionaire Bot and are no better.


How to make money online the Legit way?

To be honest I wouldn’t entertain this kind of systems especially if you are a Newbie to online marketing. I don’t like those done for you systems nor do I like those with Fake Testimonials fake Facebook and Twitter accounts. I know to build up an online business in Affiliate marketing I am going to need a website to promote my products from. I also had to learn the In’s and outs of Affiliate marketing. I did that without breaking my bank.


Not only that I have also learned to be a successful Local Marketer. I want my businesses to be mine for a lifetime. I don’t want a flash in the pan system that just wants my money and gives me absolutely nothing in return apart from more up-sells I do not need that. I doubt you need that either.


If you want to be a success at Affiliate marketing you are going to need the right training with the right promotional tools that you can work with. Not only that when you are starting out you don’t need to be breaking your bank. I don’t pay for traffic I don’t need to either as you just find me as you have now while reading this review.


I have plenty of income streams. My biggest month has been $7k. Yet my income streams are growing. My websites run like an Atm Cash machine. I earn money while I sleep. I certainly could not do that with these kinds of systems Like Secret millionaire Bot. That is simply impossible for any newbie.


If I can guide you in the right direction then my work is done. I want anyone to be successful online. I will help anyone that comes via my referral links. Getting the right training can also be hard you can read my Free Money Making Guide right Here! 


If you simply want to get ahead online the steps are easy it’s finding the right platform to learn from and yes Earn while you learn. Yes, it can be done because I am your proof of that. I too was trying to get into Online marketing and I struggled terribly and yes I was a broke Mom with a family to feed bills to pay and no spare cash to spare so I get how you are feeling I really do.


You have to understand this though and any decent online successful marketer will tell you this. You are going to need time. You are going to want to do this and no you won’t make thousands in a day. There is no saying that you won’t start making thousands in a few months. Just trust the system that generated me a massive online income and is still growing.


You have what it takes to succeed stop listening to false stories of big cash sells and big houses and flashy cars ask yourself this. If My no 1 recommendation was a scam why am I still a member of this system at Wealthy Affiliate for nearly three years? Stop wasting your time get to work and join us all just click the link below. It is totally free to start with two free websites SSL included and 70 free training modules and it’s free for as long as you want.


No massive scary upsells at all. It is down to you what you do but I didn’t waste time when I first joined and I have not looked back since.  On my Number 1 recommendation. Try it out for Free no Credit Card required and I will see you on the inside. So what you waiting for click the link below. Zero Risk Zero Cost. See you there.

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Or drop me some comments below I am always happy to help. Ask any questions you like.

My Kindest Regards to you all Deborah

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