Is Quick Home Websites A Scam? An Honest Review.

Is Quick Home Websites A Scam-An Honest Review.

Looking for a review on Quick Home Websites. Then you are in the right place. I am going to show you what Quick Home Websites is all about and whether they are a scam or a legit product that can earn you a $1,000 a day. Get ready because this Quick Home Websites Scam Review does contain BIG RED FLAGS.

So use your Due-diligence and hold onto your money. Make your decision about what you want to do after you have read my article. I am going to show you some stuff the Owner of this so-called platform doesn’t want you to know. Be ready because you are going to be shocked. I dig deeper than most as I have been scammed myself in the past and it is no laughing matter.


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Who is and what is Quick Home Websites?


You normally find out about this so-called kind of system via Emails or Youtube. Or if some unlucky person is trying to promote them via a sales funnel. Now, this is going to get bigger in the next few months. So watch out for it.  No doubt it will disappear then return but With a different domain name. Here are the previous versions of Quick Home Websites. Instant Profit Sites.


Doing a quick check on the domain Name of  The Website was launched on the 4th of April 2019 but what I find alarming is the SSL Certificate is only valid for 3 months. If this is such a great system why is not valid for a year at least. After all, it takes a while to even gain traffic to a website and this website doesn’t seem to have traffic at all. I wonder why?


Let’s take a look at the Sales video on YouTube. Comments are turned off. Obviously, because they don’t want the backlash. There is a faceless Youtube Channel. This is so you don’t know who they are. Ok, they have so many subscribers and lots of views. The subscribers are probably fake and the views well who isn’t going to want to view a video promising you a thousand dollars a day.

You tube video fake testimonials. False claims from Quick Home Website


According to them, you are going to get a copy of a website and start earning money from it. JUST LIKE THAT. Well if they were that clever why have they no traffic on their own websites. This is just crazy. Not only that who wants a copy of a website that is frowned upon in google Plagiarism is a no go area. So all I can work out from this is they are targeting the vulnerable and complete newbies to online marketing. Not only that if these copied websites claim to make massive incomes why is the owner selling them?




What’s the cost of this platform starting at $37 with an exit pop up you can get this system for $27 inside the member’s area you are going to be hit with up-sells. Then the so-called elusive video spokesperson goes on to tell you You are going to get $135 and later an additional $175.


With the fake testimonials on the fake sales pitch, all in all, this fake person is selling you a fake dream full of fake promises damn if it was that easy I would have bought it myself, wouldn’t I?. No, I wouldn’t ! and here is the reason why this is a big sales tactic for somebody collects email addresses. All so they can sell on their different products.


Look at the disclaimer it actually says you The Typical Purchaser Will Not Make Money From This Website. They hope you don’t see that though not many of us don’t really read the small print. That’s why I pulled it out for you here!

Quick Home Websites DisclaimerHere is the same disclaimer for Instant Profits Sites. 

instantprofitssites disclaimer


Is the Quick Home Website a Scam?

Yes, it is I am afraid the simple fact is it’s all way too transparent it’s just a fast sales gimmick for the person whoever owns it. To gain a massive income and a massive email list to promote more of his/her products. You are going to be out of pocket and yes it says you can get your money back but you can try you probably may as well just say goodbye to your hard earned cash.


So how do I know this? I hear you ask.  I am an Affiliate Marketer and have been for three years nearly and I have done enough reviews to see what is a good platform and what isn’t and I see the same get rich scheme promoted with this opt-in quick scheme promising you that you’re going to earn thousands in a day. Trust in your own judgement and use your due-diligence and keep your money in your pocket you are onto a loser with this one honestly this really is just fake and full of B.S.

How to make Money online the legit way?


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So you don’t need any skills and what you do not need is a scam system to learn from and earn from the best thing is you can earn money as you are learning I do and still do.


I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for nearly three years so if it was a scam I would have left by now surely. I host all my websites inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform including my Local websites. I have various sites and every one of them earn me money in a legit and a good ethical way.


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