Is Noble 8 Revolution A Scam Or A Legit MLM?

Welcome to my Noble 8 Revolution review! You have landed here on my page because you want to find out if Noble 8 is a Scam MLM. Does this MLM company really help Charities or is just a ploy to suck you in. There is a lot of hype lately on the internet. I am sure someone has tried to sell you Noble 8 Revolution.

I am not an Affiliate nor a distributor for Noble 8 Revolution. So this is an unbiased review. I am here to show you what this company is really doing and what they are hiding. This review will contain RED FLAGS I will point them all out to you.  

Noble 8 Revolution is a multi-Level marketing MLM company that tries to sell self-improvement and personal development courses. These courses cost from $25 up to $11,000. The companies are pretty transparent who run this company all three have prior experience with MLM. Blaine Williams, Jim Anderson, and Mark Campese. To be honest all the owners are known to have been associated with Ponzi schemes. Keep reading as not is what it seems with this MLM company

Noble 8 Revolution scam review summary.

  • Product Name: Noble 8 Revolution
  • Founder/s: Blaine Williams, Mark Campese, and Jim Anderson
  • Product Type: Self-improvement and Personal Development course
  • Price: $25 minimal investment up to $11,000…

Best for: Possibly the Owners but not best for anyone.

Rating 1/100

Recommended: NO!

Recommended Read: A Legit platform that earns me a 4K passive income. 100% legit No scams. 

Who Owns Noble 8 Revolution?

Super Wealthy Affiliates-Noble-8-Revolution-scam-MLM

Warning Red Flags below.

Williams and Campese were global directors for a Ponzi scheme called Waszupp Global, which was launched in 2017. Both were terminated and the management dubbed the unscrupulous characters. The program collapsed not long after. Meanwhile, Anderson worked for Noble 7 Crowdfunding, another company similar to Waszupp. Like Waszupp, Noble 7 was also a Ponzi scheme. It looks like Noble 8 Revolution is the successor of Noble 7 Crowdfunding.

Noble 7 Crowdfunding was like Waszupp Global is the sense that it too was a Ponzi cycler scheme, and although it just launched last November, it’s already collapsed as well.
Noble 8 Revolution appears to be the successor to it. Keep reading because I am afraid this review is not going to be as clear-cut as you think. I just want you to know before we dig deeper into this review.

They started out as Wazzup $35+ then Noble 7 $50+ then Noble 8 $25+ with slight variations on the names. Each of the above named had multiple sites.  People had to sign up under each of them and they all linked up together. Each one costs more money in addition to the fees above.

Noble 8 revolution Products

Noble 8 Revolution markets self-development course, with one of its primary courses called Life Mastery Academy, priced at $25. Life Mastery Academy also has different modules that you’ll need to pay for to access. The $25 is only the initial cost. You’ll also need to pay through the modules to gain access to their compensation plan. That I will explain further down my review.

There is also a Pay-To-Win Scheme, which is essentially telling you to spend more money to earn more money. So be ready to dig deep into your pockets. Are you ready The most expensive package that the Noble Revolution is selling is priced at $250,000. Why on earth would anyone spend that amount of cash when you or I could go to Tony Robbins. and pay $4,500 to $6,500 for 18 sessions with Tony’s team of coaches. $250,000 just for self-development is ludicrous.

Does Noble 8 Revolution Product work?

To be honest we all know who Tony Robbins is and they are certainly no bigger than him. They certainly do not have the credentials to make these modules work. Everyone is biased as those who have spent the money will rave how good it is and then there will be those who hate the product.

I do not use the product and if I was willing to spend thousands of dollars I would certainly stick with what I know and what is trusted. Why would I part with my hard-earned cash when the owners really do not have a great track record?

This is where you guys need to think about all that is written in my article. After all, this is my own biased review. In all essence, MLM is well known and the niche sector Noble revolution 8 falls under is a legit niche. So it is up to you to use your due diligence. I personally would not part with $25 let alone $11,000 ++. Like I said that is my choice it is up to you all that you decide to do!

I think the backgrounds of these gents speak for themselves.


Noble 8 Revolution Compensation plan

Video of the compensation Plan. You can play the video on this website. Just click play.


Right, first of all, they use the guise of charities which many people believe is just a way to suck people in. 10% are supposedly given to charities. Not all is as it seems.

Entry-level course for Life Mastery Academy.

You need to sell the course to 3 customers. Once you make your third sale, your status changes to Independent Business Leader. You earn $25 after getting your three customers. Then you will have access to 4 campuses into the compensation plan for the company.

Their compensation plan is based on a 3×5 matrix there are three positions.

  • Position 1: Recruit 3 people
  • Position:2 recruit 9 on the second level
  • Position:3 recruit 27 on the third level and as you keep going you 3x more
  • 4th level 81 positions
  • 5th level 243 positions

8 Revolution a scam?


1: Possibly a Pyramid Scheme.

2: Owners are knowingly worked with collapsed Ponzi schemes

3: History of not paying their Members.

4: Red flags of them being a pyramid scheme, mostly because they rely too much on recruitment for income and they don’t have any physical products or services to sell.

5: No really exceptional background for the amount of money they command.

6: Many people actually believe that Nove Revolution 8 is, in fact, a charitable organization and it is not.


None that I can think of, to be honest.

How I make Money Online?

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I chose an easier path Affiliate Marketing is my recommended business model.

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You may also be interested in reading this scam review as it is floating wildly round all of Social media.

Remember to use your due diligence and do not fall for all the scams online. SAY NO TO SCAMS ONLINE. Make money online. Stop lining other people’s pockets and start lining your own.

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Noble 8 Revolution

$25 to $11.000+

Compensation plan









  • None


  • Could be a Pyramid scheme
  • Expensive
  • Not a charitable Organization
  • Many complaints of not been paid

2 thoughts on “Is Noble 8 Revolution A Scam Or A Legit MLM?”

    • Hi,
      To be honest. I have been with Two MLM companies spanning over two and a half years. I know enough of MLM to make a judgment. Forever Living. Iwas also with Lifeplus

      We all have to use our Due-diligence. I mean really are you willing to part with $250,000. For their product. There are lots of people saying they are not getting paid. This is my own personal thoughts and people are already aware and have been scammed by this company.

      What charities do they help as I cannot find any yet!. They do come across as if they are a charity. People are been duped because of it.
      So much about this company does not feel right. MLM is hard enough to earn money from without the scam MLM’s, Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid schemes.

      There is a lot of RED FlAGS. They will change there name to something else soon or be brought down just like Mobe was. No doubt. Like I said this is my personal point of view and the only thing that is legit about it is the niche 🙂
      Thank you for passing by article. .
      Debs 🙂


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