Is Lifeplus Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) a Scam?

 Is Lifeplus a Scam or a legit Business Plan?

I used to be an Independent Associate with Lifeplus for just over a year and a half. In my ”Lifeplus a scam or a Legit Business Plan Review?” I will show you everything I know and why I gave up being an Independent Associate of lifeplus. So if you are thinking of joining LifePlus be sure to read my review before you do. The Lifeplus Business Plan is not a quick way to earn money. Lifeplus is not a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme.

So please keep reading and I will tell you what your sponsors don’t want you to know. How much this will cost you if you decide to join Lifeplus and become an Independent Lifeplus Associate. I will also explain to you why most people fail at MLM (Multi-Level Marketing.) Also commonly known as Direct selling. I will also include An alternative and easier way To Earn a Side Income And Work From Home.

LifePlus is a Multi-Level Marketing International Company that sells Nutrition, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Nutritional Shakes, Weight Loss management. You can just buy their products or you can recruit family or friends. You can not buy their products on the high street Lifeplus products are only sold online. If you decide to do that then you can earn commissions by referring/recruiting others to Lifeplus. Once you have done this and have bought Lifeplus Products you can then recommend them to family and friends if they buy the product at the value of  £41 or in dollars a month also they then become your first Active Leg. You will need three Active legs that are also buying on a monthly basis for you to earn any commissions.

Although Lifeplus says you do not have to pay a monthly fee. Many do disagree as they have to buy products every month on auto-ship. Which isn’t really wrong at all if you consume the products anyways. You are onto a good thing Or are you? Many disagree. You have to be on a 40 PV monthly auto-ship or purchase enough products to hit that volume. They use The PV so it is the same for all countries and that way it keeps us all the same as the currencies rise and fall all the time. In the UK I would have to Pay £41 a month I do that buying my products also. That’s where they use Golpi so you can keep track of all your downline or Legs as Lifeplus call them. 

Quick Summary. 

Company Name:  Lifeplus.


Owner: J. Robert Flemming or Bob.

Who is this for? For people who want to do Multi-level Marketing, (MLM), Direct Sales, Work From Home, Earn a Side Income.

Rating as a Business Aspect, not the products: [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]


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What I will cover in my Lifeplus Scam Review.

  1. Who Is LifePlus?
  2. What does LifePlus sell?
  3. Lifeplus Compensation plan?
  4. Is Lifeplus a scam?
  5. An alternative and easier way to Earn a Side income and work from home.


1: Who Is Lifeplus?

First of all, I was an Independent LifePlus associate back before 2016 so things may have changed. I do hope so because they were rather strict about what you did on the internet. That seemed rather rad to me as it is common knowledge nowadays everyone uses the internet for everything from shopping online to finding out everything you need to know.

The products developed by Lifeplus International are mainly in Nutritional supplements. Lifeplus was founded in 1992 by J. Robert lemon. Bob Lemon as he is commonly know was a Pharmacist in his professional career. Bob teamed up with Dr Dwight McKee. Who had a very strong medical background that included nutrition? Bob Lemon was the main person who set up LifePlus.

However, this review is heading more towards the business side of things like recruiting other people who then become your downline. Like  ”How to Earn Money From Home As A Side Income.” So I don’t really want to go to much into the background of the owners. I don’t really feel the need to do that as the products from Lifeplus are excellent, to say the least.

So this isn’t really about the products from Lifeplus as I am not recruiting anyone to join. The main part I want to cover in this review is the compensation plan. How to recruit and if it is worth all the time you need to earn a little bit of extra cash. I have also written a review on Multi-Level Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing you can read that here.


2: What does Lifeplus sell?

Lifeplus Products I will list just a few. The ones I will talk about are the ones I have used myself. I am no longer associated with Lifeplus and I no longer use their products but here is what I know personally on  first-hand experience.

Category of Products.

  • Overall Health
  • Targeted Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Vitamins & minerals.
  • Gummies for kids.
  • For him and her.
  • Winning combinations.
  • For pets.
  • Anti-ageing.


  • Body Care.
  • Skin Care.
  • Shampoos
  • Dental Health.

My favorite Products were Proanthenols and TVM’s.

Like I have said I cannot fault the products from Lifeplus in any way. However, to start to see the full benefits of these vitamins you need to be taking them for at least three months and you need to continue to take them to keep getting the benefits.

This is the norm with any Vitamins you do take in all essence, it is the same as buying vitamins from your local store they all say to give a good few months to reap any benefits there and you do have to keep taking them.

That’s why nutrition is always a good seller as you need to keep taking most of the Vitamins LifePlus all the time. That way you can have repeat customers. Not a bad concept at all. The same as Weightloss that is also another ongoing life change also. Especially if you want to keep the weight off.

3: Lifeplus Compensation Plan.

First of all, you need to qualify as a partner or Independent Associate you need to spend around £49+ or similar in dollars or any country you are in per month. These are calculated into what Lifeplus call IP you will need to buy at least 40IP a month to qualify for commissions.. This is just to simplify things for you. It keeps all countries the same instead of dealing with different currencies

Now you need to recruit three more people that also spend £49+ a month each. Each level goes up in percentages. However, they all need to spend the 40 IP. Each of your downline need to recruit each three more legs to also qualify. They all have to be active. If not then you will lose out on commissions. That’s where Golpi helps you. Golpi is what Lifeplus associates use to help them keep track of their downline. That way you can make sure everyone is getting in their monthly quota.

So you will have to buy those amounts worth of product’s every single month. That is the same for your downline. Now to cash out every single month you need to have three active legs. Active means that they are also buying their products every single month. If your downline (Legs) are not active then you will lose out on your commissions.

That’s where your Golpi will come in handy. Golpi is a system that shows you if your downline is still active. You need to keep your eye on this as anyone can stop ordering anytime they want. Something I never realised. If you have a good sponsor they will tell you this.

First and foremost I must stress is that every Lifeplus Associate will tell you that to become a Lifeplus Associate it will cost you nothing. To be honest in all retrospect that is wrong but also right. See you will have to buy the products and have to keep buying the products on a monthly basis. That is fine if you like the product but what if you don’t. That’s why it is always better to test any product first to find out if you like it or not. It’s never any good trying to push any product if you don’t recommend it yourself.

I can’t really see the point in selling or promoting anything if you don’t like it or have never tried it. I have to admit I love the products from Lifeplus. I just couldn’t fathom out the recruiting side of it. I always felt held back. If you don’t have a massive family or friend list it will be harder for you. Not only that you can not or you weren’t able to openly promote on Facebook.

You had to join their Facebook groups. I couldn’t really see the point in that if you want to tell the world about this amazing product you are consuming. Maybe that was the fault of my sponsor and also my own. Make sure you know the in’s and out of any MLM company before you decide to start recruiting.

There will be loopholes that you will not be sure of. If you are unsure about anything. Whatever you do do not let your sponsor say to you ”oh you don’t need to worry about that” Well you do. If they say that it’s because they do not have a clue or they are hiding something from you. Please be aware of this. As this is what has happened to me and I have heard the same thing happens all the time. You cannot run any business like that..

Here are a few basics on how MLM works and how Lifeplus Works and the basics of recruiting. Sounds super easy but anyone who has tried to recruit will tell you otherwise. It really is not as easy as you think it is very much hard work. Many people find they are constantly pushing their MLM business which causes and can cause fallouts with family and friends. Sad but very true. 🙁

Basic Infographics of how MLM works and Lifeplus.


First, off you are a customer and you decide to buy Vitamins as you are lacking in energy as an example. You come across Lifeplus. . You buy the Vitamin you are looking for. When you finish your purchase you are given a Pin Number. Now if you love how the Vitamins and they working for you.

You are excited and want to share how the Vitamins have helped you with your friends or family. If they like what you say or see the results then they will also go and buy the product and get their own unique Pin. They will also quote your pin. That is what you will call your first active leg. Your down line. Then you will need to get two more active legs. They will also have a Pin Number attached to your pin number. So now you have three active legs and then they will go on and tell their friends.

So say your friends are called Jay, Jody and Rose. They will also recruit their friends and family and when they do, their new friends will also quote their pin numbers and get their new pins but they will all connect with your Pin. They are all your downline and then you are their up line.

However, now say if Rose has recruited 10 more people you will also earn commissions from Rose. Rose will not earn commissions from Jody or Jay as she didn’t recruit them.

I have tried to simplify this as much as I can and I have even used the infographic above. So I hope you have some idea what I am trying to say..  That is the basics of MLM marketing.


Back to LifePlus Compensation plan.

  • Retail sales commissions. 

You can earn 25% of the product you sell to the consumer.

  • Referral Commissions.

Level 1-25% personal recruited members

level -2 10% level 1 personally recruited members

level-3  5% level 2’s personally recruited members.


  • Leadership Bonuses.


Means you will have to up your spending to over £100 a month and you still need three active legs for this to qualify with a group volume of 3,000 IP GV (Group Volume.) 3% bonus.


6% volume 6 active legs I.P. GV of 6,000 6% bonus.


You need to spend over £140 month to be able to earn commissions and need 9 active legs that accumulate 9,000 IP Group volume. A bonus of 9%


Monthly spends £140 a month have 12 active legs with 15,000 IP GV. Bonus 12% (GV stands for Group Volume)

They all have to be active every month for you to keep earning on each level. That is something you will learn the hard way.

This is from back in 2016 when I was a Lifeplus associate. so you may need to spend more. This is where the push comes in. You have to keep on top of all your downline and make sure you are keeping on top of your down line otherwise if they falter by any month and do not buy the IP they are supposed too you will lose out. Remember you will need free active legs every month to qualify. Something I was never really told about.

If you are unsure what I mean here is Lifeplus full PDF of how the compensation plans work.

To qualify for the 1% Monthly bonus pool you need at least 3 new active legs every single month. Active legs mean they have to buy the Full amount every single month which ranges from £50+ up to £150+ this is also in dollars as it is an International Market.

This is where many people really struggle. It is an ongoing battle of recruiting helping your downline recruit and so on and so forth. That’s where things go wrong. They say you can treat this as a business but even I know after a year and a half I learned absolutely nothing in anything else apart from recruiting family and friends so on and so forth. To treat it as a business then you are going to need to learn how to run a business. You are not taught this from your sponsor.

Lots of it depends on your sponsor. I found out the hard way and noticed my sponsor didn’t care if I earned money or not. Not all sponsors are the same the one I had really did not help me and actually cut out the girl who recruited me first and put me with her immediate downline who was her best friend. I will not mention names here as I do not need too. To be honest, I was so new. I didn’t realise what they were doing but I found out the hard way. They went on to do the same to me. If this happens to you then run as fast as you can as your sponsor will be out for him or herself and you will end up being just another product buyer. You will need complete trust in your Upline if you want to be a success at Mult-LevelMarketing.

You need to learn how to market yourself also. This isn’t as easy as you think if you do not know-how. Your sponsor will not teach you this at all. Like I said after a year and a half I learned absolutely nothing at all from my sponsor and I left Lifeplus on very bad terms. That was such a shame as Lifeplus and the products are really good but the ethics of my upline beggared belief. I cannot work like that.

4: Is lifeplus a Scam?

No, not at all. The products are excellent and Lifeplus are a super legit company and the MLM sales plan or Direct sales as they also commonly known can actually work but it will take you a good 4 to 5 years to earn a decent income. The simple reason many people fail at MLM is they get stuck after they have tried to recruit everyone they know. People think it’s easy to recruit but it isn’t at all.

If your sponsor doesn’t really have a good business plan set up for you other than recruiting you are going to fail and fail fast you will. If you think you can recruit people easily then give it a go. It’s entirely up to you. I don’t recommend it as it taught me nothing at all. If you want to do this then at least have some basics of Online Marketing. You are at some point going to need the internet to find customers after you have tried out all your family and friends list. That is where most people fall short as your sponsor may even have less knowledge than you.

In the long run at some point, you are going to need a very good marketing plan. That can come with Ads. If you have no clue about Bing ads Google Ads or even facebook Ads you are going to be out of pocket. Ads can become rather costly. MLM and your sponsors do not really teach you how to market your business online at all. LifePlus teach you how to recruit family and friends and how to do a few home Parties.

They will not go into the depths of online marketing and even Gabby who is a big Massive name on Lifeplus in Germany makes her money also from the books she has written. It’s a little like anything, to be honest, you will grow but how many years do you intend on keeping on growing. 3 to 7 yrs isn’t a great way to earn commissions, to be honest, and who wants to stand outside supermarkets trying to push your MLM business. That is not for me at all I am afraid.

I never earned a dime and no sooner did I recruit they were backing out after a few weeks. That’s when many people tend to give you the wide birth after all if all you can talk about is MLM then it gets boring to people and they get fed up of listening to you all the time. After all, once you have done the rounds with friends and family not forgetting many of these products are super expensive and you don’t recruit then you need to go elsewhere and not everyone nowadays lives just around the corner.

It’s a lot of hard work recruiting sounds easy enough but putting it into practice is hard work. Get the education you really need first and stop wasting your money on useless ads or more companies that will not teach you anything at all it is pointless. Believe, me I know. I have done it twice and know the in’s and outs of how costly it can become to promote a company like Lifeplus. Even when they have excellent products. 🙂

Let’s compare Wealthy Affiliate vs Life Plus.

These scores are of 10 and not like our 5-star review. It always pay’s to compare to see what you can get with Wealthy Affiliate.  There are websites that you can use in some MLM companies but none are free. They all carry a monthly cost. On top of the costs you will already have to pay out. Wealthy Affiliate works out way cheaper than Life Plus. That is a fact ..




5: An alternative and easier way to Earn a Side income and work from home.

If you want to learn all aspects of being an online marketer then you should try Affiliate Marketing. No recruiting needed and no hard sell. The best thing is an Affiliate Marketer you do not need to own a product nor do you have to push the product on family and friends. The products if it is good enough people will find out for themselves.

A little like this article you are reading now. You were looking online for information about Lifeplus and you wanted to find out if they are a legit company. By typing your query into the search engines that is how you have found me. I don’t go looking for you. You have come looking and found me. I do all this by just writing about my experiences or writing a review. I do not pay for ads so that is what we call organic traffic. You can also find me on Social media too.

This is where struggling MLM Associates could do with some training after they have wasted all their time trying to recruit family and friends the simple thing is growing on the internet you need the exposure that can start by having your own blog. You can then drive traffic to your website organically and once you get to grips with Online Marketing you can dive into PPC Pay per Click Ads and even Email marketing.

Once you have the right training you can learn how to control your Ad spends. As I said before Creating Ads for the likes of Google can be very very costly if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you have a product you own and you want to share it with the world you can certainly do that too. You have to get to know how to market Your Own Online Business. You do not have to pay thousands to do that. Getting the right education is essential and earning while you are learning and building out a lucrative online business is the only way to go.

Check out this website. Right Here they will teach you all you need to know. Online marketing local Marketing, Affiliate marketing and the best thing is? You get to start your own Online Business Website that belongs to you.  EARN WHILE YOU LEARN…

I have two forms of Incomes a PassivOnlinene Income and another income from Local Marketing. I have been taught all I need to know and learn how to not only build my Own Online Websites. I have been taught how to build them for Local businesses too. I am taught also how to Drive Traffic to them which in turn helps me generates two forms of income.

I have been more successful because of Wealthy Affiliate than I have ever been with Multi-Level Marketing. Now I know how to market my own Online Businesses I suppose in all essence I would be able to do Multi-Level marketing easier than just trying to recruit all and sundry. I have no reasons to go back to MLM as I hated it but now I know all aspects of online marketing because of all the training I get.

I could quite simply use MLM also. To be honest I am not into all that of hassling friends an family I am much better off being an Affiliate Marketer than A Multi-Level Marketer. Life is just so much easier. Believe me, I know it is. Remember I wasted Two and a half years doing MLM and never earned a dime.

You can get started today!






10 thoughts on “Is Lifeplus Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) a Scam?”

  1. I enjoyed this review because you’ve actually been a part of Lifeplus.  That makes you very knowledgeable on the topic.  I can appreciate your honesty and full transparency.  Thank you for that.  The compensation plan seems legit and simple to understand.  I like its layout.  While I do like that the company is legit, I would rather put all my eggs into my new pursuit of online affiliate marketing.  Thank you for your great review!  Cheers!

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much. I cannot fault the products with Lifeplus as they are good and the business side of it could be better along with training from the higher up’s to help people be able to get ahead online. They seem to hold you back on promoting online. I hope they change how they work. After all been just another product buyer is no fun at all. 

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate is what helped me to begin a successful online career. No more just being a product buyer for me. I wished I had the knowledge I have now that W.A. has taught me when I first started in MLM. I am 100% sure that if anyone is struggling with MLM then they really should check out

      I know it will help anyone in MLM enhance their MLM business for sure. 

      Thank you for passing by my website. 

      Debs 🙂 

  2. Wow! This is really a detailed review of lifeplus MLM and I really found this information to ve very helpful. Thank you so much for the review. For what is worth, lifeplus truly provides adequate and helpful means of earning through mlm and they also provide great products which can really compete well in the market and as such make selling much more simpler. But then, the mlm business model is seriously not a good way for me and that is the only reason I will not be joining lifeplus. The times that I have tried it, I lost more than enough money and I wouldn’t wan that to happen to me again. Thanks

    • Haha you sound like me. Many do become just another product buyer and that is certainly not a good way to go. 

      Thats why I love what I do now so much better. I won’t waste more time trying MLM it wasn’t for me and please believe me I did try very hard to succeed. Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate and ever since then I have powered on and done amazing well all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

      It has certainly helped me in more ways than I could have imagined that is for sure. 🙂

      Debs 🙂

  3. Hi Deborah, I have to admit that I don’t like the idea of Multi Level Marketing, it’s not that I have ever had any bad experiences myself, in fact I have never signed up to any MLMs, the reason I don’t like them is because of what I have heard and read about what other people say about them, now I’m not saying I would never join one, because if there is a good way of making money, I’ll join, trouble is, I haven’t found a MLM that is a good way of making money, so thank you for this open and honest review, I realise that it isn’t a scam but as you said it isn’t really a good way of making money, thank you for sharing.  

    • Hi, Russ,

      Yes finding a good MLM is half the battle. I have found after being in MLM for nearly 2 and Half years. I have to admit I do prefer Affiliate Marketing it is less stressful and less work for sure. I don’t need to fall out with friends or family neither so that is a massive plus.

      People can make money but I can take years to make a 4K monthly income. 

      Thank you for passing by my website too. 

      Debs 🙂 

  4. A very brilliant article you have here. From what have read, I understand that this program sell good product which is a plus for me and I’ll love to try them myself when the need arises. Now going into the sale of these products, is it worth the price, I mean despite the fact that its a goof product hope the prices aren’t on the Hugh side?. Also I’ll love to recommend people to join if they are cool with the income process, as I’m currently in another line of business. Best regards.

    • Hi,

      Yes Lifeplus is a legit MLM. The prices are of course higher than what they on the high street as with all MLM in the health Niche. 

      Just out of curiosity are you with an MLM already? 

      I do believe that some added training from the sponsors could go hand in hand with the training you do get with Lifeplus however, they don’t offer much help if you want to promote your products online. They have a lot of rules that you need to abide by. 

      Thankyou for passing by. 

      Debs 🙂 

  5. I am so sorry you had that experience. I am active with them and no they have never had a price increase or an increase in personal volume points. They are still the lowest in the industry.

    Also, another plus: you can promote on social media if you want to.

    • Hi,
      Yes, not all are the same. Thank you too.
      Thankfully with Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to earn money in more ways than one. Social media is great. However, they are pulling back on MLM in a big way. It is so overrun with reps. It was supposed to be a side job that would give me more time with family. Haha, the sad thing is it took me away from my family. Having to get babysitters so I could go out and do my MLM business wasn’t what I wanted.

      What I love about what I do now as my Home Based Business is I have so much more free time. All I have to do is build the websites. My customers come to me. No more getting baby sitters or having to waste money on petrol and MLM parties. Now with Covid, it would have destroyed all of that if I was with MLM still.

      With building out my own Affiliate websites gives me more freedom to be with family. Less hassle no wasting petrol/Gas. No more endless party’s to sell on my MLM products.
      I love what I do. Even if I take a few months out. Like I have now. I sit back I still earn money. Best Thing I ever did was join Wealthy Affiliate.
      Wealthy Affiliate is great for those in MLM too. Build out your own websites helps you to get more customers etc. It’s a no brainer.
      Wish you all the best in all you do.
      My Kindest Regards Debs 🙂


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