Is Instant Profits Sites A Scam-Can You Make $1,000 A Day

Is Instant Profits Sites A Scam?

Can You Make $1,000 A Day

You are on my Website because you are looking for a review to see if  Instant Profit Sites is a scam and whether you can earn a $1,000 a day. This one-page site reckons to earn you big money a day. Can you actually make a $1,000 a day or is just another false sales tactic? Here is the latest copy of this very same site you can read about that here Quick Home Website


Read on to find out more. What I have found out this is just another copy of other Websites that claim the same kind of big money-making scheme. I notice this because I have done other reviews similar to this before. I can see it a mile off.

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Anyway’s let’s get started and dig more into this so-called System that gives you false promises of income streams. Let’s see what Instant Profit Sites actually does.

Name: Instant Profit Sites
Website URL:
Owner: Jake ”Elusive Jake I will call him”
Price: $97 + upsells
Overall Rating: 1/10
Recommended? No


What is Instant Profits Sites? 

Here we go again Jake this so-called super transparent person Will going on to tell you about this one weird trick that he stumbled upon that he wants to share with you. I can see straight away that this is just a copy of other sites I have reviewed. Clone My Site is one of them.

Using the same sales page same sales tactic of how quickly you can earn $1,000 a day. There is no way you are going to make money that quick just by a few clicks of a mouse. Not a chance. Not only that this owner claims just by watching his video you have already earned money with him All you have to do to get the money which is, in fact, $135 you just by his product.

Here is the same widely used Youtube video.

Instant Profits site fake testimonials.

This guy Jake I shall call him Elusive Jake as I cannot find anything about him. Will promise you as you are sitting watching his sales video he is going to create a new site for you.  How does that happen?. He damn well knows this cannot happen. I have been an affiliate long enough now to know the ins and outs and spotting a scam a mile off. Promising duplicated websites with a super secret software tool that will earn you an income just like that. He couldn’t even get traffic to his own website that quick and he knows it.


This guy is praying on the vulnerable and those who are looking to make money fast online. I know what that feels like because I was one of those people, oh man I could have cried sometimes thinking I hit the Jackpot everywhere I turned was a scam and if it wasn’t they want thousands and thousands of dollars from me. Jeez, I used to think. I am trying to earn money not spend it. So you can see the sales tactics they use are just all hyped up lies. Look at the disclaimer policy it clearly states in the disclaimer That

Instant Profits Sites Disclaimer

The only person earning money is the Elusive Jake, not you not I. That’s why you have to be careful. Any top affiliate marketer will tell you this! All this is, is a group of gurus banding together sticking out some fake sales video promotions with fake sales pitches duping the innocent out of their hard-earned cash. This is one of the worst I have seen and they keep coming back with the same or similar system. With all the fake promises to take your money.


This scam is going to cost you $97 all you are going to get with that is nothing maybe an outdated sales pitch you will not get the support you will not get help. They simply do not care about you. They are just collecting your money and your emails. The emails they will then use to either share and sell on or sell you more products it’s really as simple as that.


If a company is legit they don’t have all the fake testimonials and money claims and they certainly do not go on to keep copying the system under different Website names. They know they are lying to you but they do not care. I will give this product 1/10 simply because it is a Click Bank Product so you at least have the 60-day Money-back guarantee.


Instant Profit Sites is no better than other products I have reviewed You can view those below.


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