Is Gold Opinions a Scam ? Warning Contains Red Flags!

Is Gold Opinions a Scam? Warning Contains Red Flags!

You have landed on my website because you are looking for Reviews on Gold Opinions. Well done first of all for doing your homework and looking into the reviews online of the systems that are out on the internet right now. Let’s see if you can get paid $50 a survey? Let’s take a deeper look into Gold Opinions and see if it is, in fact, a scam. Warning this review contains Red Flags. 

Summary: Gold Opinions is a paid survey Intermediary scam. Do not be mislead of the claims of earning $50 a survey. These claims are unreal and it is, in fact, a scam. According to WikiHow. A legitimate survey site will not ask you for money in order to take surveys. You must use your due-diligence here. Read My Free Online Money making Guide HERE!

I will give Gold Opinions 1 out of 10

Recommended: NO

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Let’s get started! Carry on reading my review Of Gold Opinions. I have given you a list so you know what I will be writing about below. 

  1. Who are Gold Opinions?
  2. What do Gold Opinions do?
  3. Are Gold Opinions a Scam?
  4. How to make money online without being scammed?


1. Who are Gold Opinions?

Product Name: Gold Opinions

Owner: ???????? Paul Parker

Price: 1$ (7day trial) $27+

Product type: Paid survey Intermediary

Best for: The owner.

Recommended: No


2: What do Gold Opinions do?

Gold Opinions Scam Reviewed

Gold Opinions claim they are online paid survey portal. They go onto claim that you can take a wide range of surveys and literally get paid $5 to $10 for a 15-minute survey. Get paid up to $30 per hour for focus groups and panels. Doing surveys that take 30 to 45 minutes you can get paid up to $15 to $30. Get paid $50 for premium surveys.

I have tried this product and I can tell you now this is full of B.S. You can get paid for doing surveys but these are normally just a few cents or a few dollars. If you work very hard you can pull in maybe $100 $200 extra a month but you do not need to pay into a product like Gold Opinions to help you do this.

Gold Opinions is not a survey site it is an intermediary meaning they are just the middleman to help you find surveys. Something you can clearly do for free online. They also have no control over how you are paid. I feel this is just a big Affiliate sell for Gold Opinions and as a result, they get paid when you sign up to do surveys.

Basically, you are going to pay $27+ for surveys you can find for free. BIG RED FLAG RIGHT THERE! The reason they say why there is a fee is because they say they will not take commissions from you when you do the surveys. What a load of B.S. Gold Opinions have no control over your earnings. So it’s impossible for them to take a fee from your earnings. They are in fact vendors in Affiliate Marketing.

Gold Opinions is a Click Bank product which is good for the reason being they have to give you the 60-day money back guarantee. This is for all click bank products, not just Gold Opinions. if you like to do surveys and want a product that will help you with this then please try Survey Junkie they are legit and will not cost you a dime.

Gold opinions is also a cloned product. You can take a look at some of my reviews here below.

These are all very similar in the websites and look. They seem to use the same tactics. It is in fact just a way to earn them money and not you. Their claims are all fake and so are the testimonials. like I said to you surveys can be found for free online. Look how similar all these websites are.

Photgography Jobs Online Scam Reviewed.

Tutor Jobs Online Scam Reviewed.Writing Jobs Online Scam Reviewed.Gaming Jobs Online

As you can see all these sites are all very similar. So they are all the same company. They all use the same selling tactics.



60-day Money Back Guarantee


  • Pay to Play: You have to pay them to get a list of surveys. Like I said you can find them for FREE ONLINE.
  • Unrealistic money making claims: It’s almost impossible to make $50 a survey.
  • Cloned Websites: Using the same tactics on different websites.
  • Founder unknown: The founder is not transparent enough and I do believe it is a fake name. The same fake sales tactics are used on their cloned sites.


3: Is Gold Opinions a scam?

In my opinion yes Gold Opinion is a scam. Stay well away from any survey site asking you for money. That is not how these surveys work. I also have tried doing Surveys way before I met Wealthy Affiliate you can check them out here.

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I never had much look at earning money and It took me a few weeks to make just $20 a month. Not only that I was tired of signing up for three or four more products. That would then end up them other websites bothering me trying to sell me more products. I got endless calls too all selling me something. To do a survey of say 30 minutes you can guarantee it takes a few hours. Signing up some times is not an easy process.

If you want to make money online without all the hassle of wasted time then I simply do not recommend doing surveys they are too much headache and waste a lot of your time. Doing surveys will never make you big money nor will it pay for extras like a holiday or vacation etc.

If you want to make some decent money may I suggest you stop looking into surveys? Please read how I make money online the legit way. I learn more and I am not been used just so companies can make money off my hard work sweat and tears.

So on that note, I do not Recommend Gold Opinions they are just taking your money for something that is clearly should be free.


3: How to Make Money Online without all the Scams? 

Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model it simply works. You do need a good training platform to work from. I have also tried MLM in the past and all I was after a year and a half was nothing more than a product buyer. So I never earned money at that.

With Affiliate Marketing I do not have to sell a product. I do not have to have every single product I use and ship it on. I do not have to deal with customer services each vendor of Affiliate companies control all of that. I certainly do not have to run around the streets like a loon and bothering my family as MLM companies do.

In fact with Affiliate marketing, I have been taught by the best. I have been able to earn a living while learning and I have never been hit by massive upsells once. I am also a success at Local Marketing. I have all the training and resources I need all in one place. I have two incomes coming in now from Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing.

Every business I build is mine and belongs to me. I am consistently learning and staying well ahead of the competition and I also recommend my Training platform simply because I earn every single month a $4K to $5K income a month. I have been with this platform since November 2016 and I have never looked back. My son has also joined me because he has seen with his own eyes how much money I make.

So if you are fed up of doing online surveys and are tired of earning penny’s then join me and I will help you any way I can. I will give you my time for free.


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Gold Opinions

$1.00 to $27+










  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Having to pay to get surveys
  • Cloned Websites.
  • Owner Not Sure
  • Money making claims are not real

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