Is Forever Living a Scam? [Review from A Former Distributor]

Is Forever Living just another Pyramid scheme or could it be a good business opportunity? I am a former distributor of Forever Living. So I am more than qualified to give you a full in-depth review of Forever living. This review is not as such based on the products of Forever living but more in-depth on the Business side of things. The compensation plan and the money-making factor. If you are already a Forever Living distributor read this too as it could benefit your MLM business.

Is it possible to Earn Money with Forever Living? Is it worth your while tapping into the Multi-level-marketing industry? Keep reading and I will give you a full rundown on what to expect.

Forever Living is not a Scam MLM. However, it certainly isn’t a quick way to earn money. Forever Living is a Multi-level-marketing (MLM) company founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. Established in Scottsdale Arizona. Forever Living’s main product is based around Aloe Vera. Forever Living is in the Health and Wellness niche. Forever Living also promotes Weight loss and Bee Products and Household cleaning products too. They have a Multi-Level compensation plan where you can become a distributor of Forever Living Products also. 

Quick Summary

  • Company Name: Forever Living.
  • Owner: Rex Maughan
  • Founded: 1978
  • Company type: MLM (Multi-level-marketing)
  • Who is it for?: For those who want a Home-based Business. Who are interested in MLM, Who wants an extra income, Also for those who want to enhance their health and Wellness and lose weight.
  • Is Forever Living  a scam?: NO!
  • Recommended: Yes, but it is not an easy way to Earn an Extra Income. It wasn’t for me. There are easier ways to make money online and Make money from home. So keep reading as there are excellent ways to either propel your MLM business or go off into a completely new direction altogether.

I am going to go over some of the products but mainly I want this review to be based mainly on the Making Money From Home and to see if it is possible to make a  Home-based Business from Forever Living. So be sure to read and I will include just about everything about Forever living.

This review will include some real truths about Earning Money with Forever Living includes some pros and cons to help you decide what is best for you. This review contains alternatives that could help you expand in your MLM Business if you are already a Forever Living Distributor. So keep reading on as it could help all of you.


You can find out how I earn a 4K a month passive income without all the recruiting and all the hard work that goes into being an MLM distributor.

Here are some of  my products I bought whilst I struggled to Earn Money with Forever Living! I still have many of these products left over. Many are sold cheaper on Facebook Market Place, eBay and Gumtree. Same with Lifeplus products another MLM I have written a review about.

Forever Living Products
Personal Forever Living Products. That I bought as a Business Box Cost £200

Forever Living Products.

Forever Living prides itself on producing high-quality products that produce high quality natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Forever Living prides itself on being a world-class company with world-class products with a track record second to none. Just like all MLM companies do. Like RevitalU

Their products are based on:

  • Home Cleaning Products
  • Aloe Vera Drinks.
  • Aloe Vera gels.
  • Beehive Products.
  • Combination Packs.
  • Skin Care Products.
  • Weightloss Products.  Like Isagenix

Of course like all MLM companies, they also pride themselves on. Not tested on animals. Islamic seal of approval, Kosher, Certified by the International Aloe Science Council. They also like all MLM products that are not Ponzi schemes. Pride themselves on you have taken the products yourself so being the consumer you can share what has been good for you and what products you don’t like.

That is whereas always the Auto-ship comes in. You consume the products and then you tell your family and friends. The products are ok. To be honest. The only products I really liked was the Garnacia Cambogia from the C9 weight loss product and the Beehive vitamins.

Forever Living as a Business.

You are normally invited to forever Living via:

  • Social Media
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Work Colleagues.
  • Leaflet distribution.

Most MLM’ers promote on these platforms and other places:

  • Social Media
  • House parties
  • Hosting parties
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Door to door selling
  • Stalls on the Highstreets
  • At the school gates

Forever Living came to the UK in 1982 and they now reckon they are the largest distributors of Aloe Vera products in the UK.

Forever Living Business is available to everyone that is looking to earn a side income or make Forever into a part-time business. In doing so you will discover the power of Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is what Forever Living use to reward their Forever Business Owners for product sales they generate personally. Also earning from others that they have invited to take part in the Forever Living Business plan. This is how the multi-level marketing compensation plan works. However, Forever Living do like you to have 5 in your first downline.

Basic MLM Compensation Plan.
Basic MLM Compensation Plan.


Forever Living Compensation Plan.

A quick Video of Forever Livings compensation Plan.

You can watch right here on my website. Just press play. 

Instead of investing large amounts in advertising, Forever Living generously reward people for sharing its products and business opportunity with others. They hold regular award ceremonies where their members are rewarded for their role within Forever Living.


The Marketing Plan

5 Key People FBO Plan
Forever Living Working with your 5 Key People.


Forever allows for the earning of a bonus for building and developing a team of Forever Business Owners and helping them to make sales. As a Forever Business Owner develops a business, builds a team and increases sales, they move further through the Forever Marketing Plan to increase their income and benefits.

As well as making a profit from retailing products, Forever’s Marketing Plan allows you to earn a bonus for introducing new people into the business and helping them, in turn, make sales and build their network marketing business. As you develop your people to achieve success, you build a team where you can earn a bonus on their combined efforts.


How do I become a Wholesale Qualified FBO (Forever Business Owner)?

  • To join Forever Living:
  • Contact your local Forever Business Owner if they haven’t contacted you already.
  • Purchase a Start Your Journey Pack
  • Develop a business plan with your Forever Living sponsor.
  • Share the products and Forever business opportunity with everyone you know and meet.
  • Sponsor new team members and guide them through the same cycle.


The Business Cycle at Forever Living.

Forever Business Cycle

If you and your team follow this process then Forever Living does guarantee success. It isn’t as easy as it seems though so be careful with that statement. (If it was we would all be millionaires by now that’s for sure.)

1. Purchase a Business Pak
2. Develop a plan
3. Set your foundation by retailing 4 case credits per month
4. Follow up with your clients and prospects
5. Present the business opportunity
6. Sponsor new team members and guide them through the cycle

As a Novus Customer, order a total of 2 case credits personally, within 2 consecutive months.

What is the minimum purchase order?

For retail customers, there is no minimum order. There is a $100 minimum order for all Novus Customers and Wholesale Qualified FBOs.


How much is CC (Case Credit) worth?


Forever Global Currency
Global Currency Case Credits



How do Forever Living Business Owners get paid
Case Credits Calculator


  • 1CC =approx £170 Wholesale
  • £244 retail. These are approximate to writing this article but are subject to change

What is Case Credit?

Case credits are the units by which Forever measure sales volume. The products are assigned case credit values, and these values are accumulated as the product is purchased to determine level move-ups and qualification for various FBO incentives.


Some earning potentials.

You can earn up to 43% as a Seller for Forever Living and you can sell at full retail price. On top of that, you’ll get a Personal Discount of up to 18% for sponsoring each new Novus Customer and helping them make sales.

  • Novus Customer: As you develop your Novus Customers into Assistant Supervisors, Supervisors, and Assistant Managers, you’ll earn a Group Volume Bonus of up to 13% on each of these team members. You need to order 2 CC personally within 2 consecutive months to be an active Novus Customer
  • Leadership Bonus: for every manager in your downline, starting at a 2% bonus and going as high as a 6% bonus depending on where they are positioned in your organization.


1. Purchase a Business Pak
2. Develop a plan
3. Set your foundation by retailing 4 case credits per month
4. Follow up with your clients and prospects
5. Present the business opportunity
6. Sponsor new team members and guide them through the cycle


I was recruited by a friend I Purchased the Forever Business Box. This cost me £199.75. This pack comes with various products that you can use to show your potential customers. This pack has 1.085cc and will contribute to you been recognized as an Assistant Supervisor. Now all said and good and you at least have the products to use on yourself. I never earned a penny and still have a stack of products at home. That I did not use.

To keep in with the Business plan and continue earning you will need 5 active legs in your downline and you will have to keep up with the amount of CC you need to keep you in where you can earn commissions.

You can earn up to 43% as a Seller for Forever Living and you can sell at full retail price. On top of that, you’ll get a Personal Discount of up to 18% for sponsoring each new Novus Customer and helping them make sales.  As you develop your Novus Customers into Assistant Supervisors, Supervisors, and Assistant Managers, you’ll earn a Group Volume Bonus of up to 13% on each of these team members.

Leadership Bonus: for every manager in your downline, starting at a 2% bonus and going as high as a 6% bonus depending on where they are positioned in your organization.

Extra Incentives.

Extra monthly income with the ‘Forever2Drive’ program
This incentive is based on the number of case credits you and your team achieve on a monthly basis. Depending on how many cases credits you achieve, you can qualify for one of three levels. Use the money to buy a new car or holiday, to pay university fees or simply to supplement your income – it’s yours to spend on anything!

Luxury international travel
Forever Living offers the opportunity to qualify for all-expenses-paid trips abroad, with spending money included. One of these trips is the Global Rally – the most momentous and exciting event ever in the history of the Forever incentives scheme. With thousands of FBOs gathering together from across the world, Global Rally celebrates and recognizes the achievements of the Forever global community.

Chairman’s Bonus
As a Manager, you have the opportunity to benefit from the company’s global success, with an annual performance bonus. Millions are paid out through this program every year at Global Rally where you will be invited to collect your cheque from the founder himself – Chairman and CEO Rex Maughan.

Now let’s be realistic here. If you ever get to achieve this status it could take you years to do so and you may not even achieve it at all.



IMPORTANT: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.
Forever is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Some of the promotional packs you can buy to potentially share around your new prospective customers. These are added extras and do not come FREE.

Business Promotional packs.

The Business Development Pack:

comes with the same bestselling products that are in the Start Your Journey Pack, but this pack can be purchased at any time. Either try these products for yourself or share with your customers and develop your business.

Costs £212.58=1.177 cc

The Experience Pack

The Start Your Journey Pack, contains a selection of Forever’s best-selling products to help introduce new starters to Forever’s versatile range.

Costs £189.61=1.194 cc

The Advance Your Business Pack

Has been developed for people who are serious about kickstarting their Forever business.

Costs £540.85 =3.064 cc

Touch of Forever

A great introduction to the Forever Living line of products. Try some of our best-selling and favorite products that touch upon Forever’s incredible range of aloe vera-based wellness products which aim to help you look and feel amazing.

Costs £340.71=2.000 cc

The Experience Bags

are for you to create mini product collections for potential customers through product drops.

Costs £2.00=0.000 cc


Forever Living is not a scam and does have one of the better Compensation plans to date. They are well within the times for internet marketing and their Forever Living Business (FBO) Model, far outweighs some that I have been with like Lifeplus.  They have more advanced promotional tools. I have to admit the group of girls I have met at Forever Living are willing to help you get ahead. They are not clicky and are quite friendly. That is from my experience being with Forever Living.

I still wouldn’t go back to promoting any MLM company though that is for sure. I just help those now who want to learn more about How to Market themselves better in their MLM businesses. That suits me down to the ground. Helping them makes me feel better too. 



There is a lot of hidden costs. Like the promotional packs they have. Although these contribute to helping you recruit New Distributors they are costly just to give away in the hope of getting a new Sponsor.

There are hidden costs too if you want to use one of them Done- for-you-websites. The products are expensive. There are lots of people selling unwanted stock on places like eBay and FB Market Places and yes even on Gumtree. This is not allowed but they still do it.

As much as any MLM company recruiter says they are stopping it they don’t ever seem to get round to stopping it. So in all essence. Your selling something that can be bought for pennies as so many people just want to rid themselves of the products and at least try and get their money back or some of their money back at least and who can blame them for that.

Check it and see for your self. Just type in the name of the product you are promoting. They are there and it is rife.

MLM is not as easy as you think. It is hard work and you can see by some of the complaints in Mums.Net.Com

So many are telling each other to stay well clear. The worst thing is the majority of the sponsors are new too. They have no way of teaching you how to market yourself they don’t even know themselves. 

Some points that you may not know as an FBO (ForeverBusiness Owner)


All though Forever Living does offer the 60-day money back guarantee. You are never given a refund. You can exchange or change the products that you have purchased. This is because.

FBO owners will not receive a cash refund if their customers want to return a product this is because. The business owners’ marketing plan can be calculated easily. When an FBO owner buys a product or sells a product they earn Case Credits.
If they were able to get refunds then this will complicate with the Calculations and the position of the FBO. In the marketing plan.

If your customer requires a refund you have to request the lids of the product include a purchase receipt. As soon as You have received that then you yourself will issue a refund. When all that is done then you will send off the Lids off the products and the receipt and include a cover letter to Head office as to why your customer wanted a refund. That means also you can resell the product used or unused.

You are then sent a replacement product when you have provided a receipt and a cover letter that you yourself the FBO Owner has sent in. You are then sent a replacement product

Forever living does state that you always need to have enough funds in case a refund is requested.
Remember Forever Living does not give a cash refund that is down to you as an FBO and you alone.

Forever Living’s  Money Back Guarantee. 

Complete money-back guarantee
Any customer of Forever has the right to cancel an order within 14 days of it being placed. Forever is so confident in the quality of its products, that it offers a complete 60-day money-back guarantee if customers are not entirely satisfied.

So maybe that is why you can see so many products trying to be sold off on FB Market Place, eBay and Gumtree to name but a few as I have mentioned before. There are no refunds at all in all essence that is down to you as an FBO Owner.

Find out How to earn money online. Without owning a single product and without recruiting a single person.

Why do so many Fail at MLM?

Many people are trying to recruit you. Will tell you the absolute simplicity of Direct Selling or MLM. Telling you how easy it is to be a success and earn thousands of pounds or dollars. This is so far from the truth. I do notice lots that really get right into Weightloss as a way for people to sign up. The simple answer that is short-lived a recruiting method as the majority once they lose weight that said the customer doesn’t bother getting in on the Auto-ship method that so many MLM’s use and you are back to recruiting again. So it is always a round of recruiting and keep Recruiting. You are forever networking.

If there is one thing I have noticed many sponsors do not know how to market themselves online properly on the Internet. Some do but I doubt they have the time to help you with that as it does come with a massive learning curve.

This is something you are not going to be taught. I find those that do know what to do are not too happy to share their secret. This is my Own Personal point of view after being in MLM spanning over 2 and half years and being nothing more than a product buyer. The matter of fact is after doing all the rounds you do. Like hassling Family, Friends, Work College’s, Neighbours to name but a few is simply not enough. What happens when you have tired all those avenues.

Not to mention Facebook where many do promote MLM is becoming increasingly harder and they are shutting many of these groups and pages down. I know many buy leads but they are always resold and tired leads. So that is just another waste of time and your money. Those that do think it is simple like they were recruiting sponsors from Social media. I know many do try and do the underhanded tactics and muscle in on other MLM groups or pages.

They are trying to tap into the Online Marketing sector and are failing dismally as they do not have the right training behind them. So they go down the same old route of what I have explained above. Muscling in and buying old and super used leads. It really is like the blind following the blind. After realizing they cannot make money but have to keep spending. So soon many give up. That is rather sad. As there are some brilliant ways to make money online and yes even get more from your MLM Business and the only thing you are going to need is the right training and support and one that preferably will not cost you thousands more Dollars or Pounds.


If you are already in MLM or with Forever Living. Then here are some questions you should ask yourself.

How fed up are you of doing all of the below and never getting anywhere?

  1. Chasing Friends and Family
  2. Hosting Home Parties
  3. Invites To Hotel Meetings all costing you money
  4. Zoom calls and Conference Calls
  5. Passing Out Samples At The Mall/supermarket all paid for by you.
  6. Placing Leaflets at Bookstores/neighbors/ Cold Calling.
  7. Attending MeetUps and Networking Events
  8. Daily Facebook Live Videos that don’t convert
  9. Recording YouTube Videos with zero plays
  10. Hosting Webinars and converting no sales
  11. Adding and Following 100’s of People Every Day
  12. Posting in 100’s of Facebook Groups
  13. Starting 5 New Conversations Daily With Strangers
  14. Doing never-ending house parties that are not cheap.
  15. Forever following up your downline making sure they have gained their monthly PV or CC.
  16. Hanging around school gates badgering all the Mom’s/Dad’s
  17. Buying Pup Boxes or Leaflets and calling cards costing you fortunes in the long run.
  18. Driving from one place to another wasting your time and petrol/Gasoline.


How to Get Online Marketing savvy the right way.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then you seriously need to start learning How to Market yourself better online. This is something no MLM company can train you in at all. I doubt any sponsor that knows the basics won’t help you either. They won’t as they simply won’t have the time and they don’t know how to themselves.

Here is what savvy MLM’ers know.

  • They have a Website.
  • They know how to make a website that ranks.
  • They know how to do Email Marketing
  • They know how to do Social Media marketing.
  • They know how to do Youtube Marketing.
  • They know how to do Pay per Click
  • Yes, even Facebook ads.Instagram Ads.
  • They know how to drive traffic to their blog.
  • This is SEO. Site Engine Optimization.


If there is one thing I do know that Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be able to learn Affiliate marketing. It is far easier than MLM. Not only that every single day more and more MLM are coming to us as they know exactly what they need to take their Home-Based Business to the next level.

If you want to find out more and what might best suit you too then please Read my review MLM Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing. 

Learning Online marketing is super essential nowadays as everyone is going down the same route and it is common knowledge those that don’t tap into online marketing now are already failing. All you have to do is look at the High-Street shops and see why they are going wrong.

Get ready to join those that know already it is free and you have 2 FREE WEBSITES and FREE TRAINING INCLUDED. ZERO COST ZERO RISK. Just remember this. If you are a complete newbie then don’t even try going it alone as you will fail miserably.

You need the right training and the right support without it forget it you are back down to the blind leading the blind again. I am not telling you this for a commission. I am telling you for your own good. It is up to you what you do. All I can do is offer you a solution and guidance and of course, the rest is entirely up to you. I know what works for me and works for 1. 3 + million others it is as simple as that.

There is no way I want to go back down that route like I did for 2 and a half years just being another product buyer. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate three years and I have been taught Affiliate Marketing and yes even Local Marketing so that means I have two income streams coming in. I just wished when I was with MLM that I had Wealthy Affiliate to help me grow my MLM home-based business simple as.



You would be crazy to miss out on learning how to market yourself properly. JOIN US TODAY. It’s totally FREE!


I wan to Make Money Online


Please feel free to comment below.

Some of the questions I get asked often are.

  1. How can I get more Leads?
  2. How do I get my Own Website?
  3. Can I tap into online Marketing with My MLM company?
  4. What if I am struggling to get ahead in MLM can you help me?

If you are struggling and need any help then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me I really do love to help.

Debs 🙂

12 thoughts on “Is Forever Living a Scam? [Review from A Former Distributor]”

  1. The main reason I have never considered mlm’s you have hit on the head. The fact that you getting paid is based on not you selling their products but the fact you have to recruit. Coupled with the high cost of the product itself that most mlm companies also force you to purchase in the hopes of making money. The sell a dream that is almost impossible for the average person to reach. 

    • Hi,

      This is so true. All the incentives look rather good from what I can find out only 1 in 20 may well succeed but not to the levels of becoming millionaires. If that was the case and it was so easy we would all be Millionaires that is for sure. 

      Then there is always the costs. What costs you need to lay out before you can even tap into making any real money. There are always some other hidden outlays. 

      That’s why I always think Wealthy Affiliate is suited to so many more people. There are no hidden costs no massive upsells. There are no products you need to refund and no hosting Party’s etc. Affiliate Marketing is way simpler and easier than MLM without all the stress. 

      I was just another product Buyer and never earned a dime in 2 and half years. I was way out of pocket so I am so thank full I found Wealthy Affilliate three years ago it has changed my life and my financial future. 

      It is a no brainer for sure. It certainly worked for me and I had no experience in Online marketing not even any website design skills. So you don’t need any skills at all which is an added bonus for sure for anyone just getting started online. 

      Thank you for passing by. 
      Debs 🙂 

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Many thanks for this comprehensive review on Forever Living. I have been contemplating joining the program as I have been searching for ways to make money online. The pros and cons section of the article did provide me with a better understanding of what Forever Living really entails.

    Dealing with refunds and owing products or trying to recruit people is something that I don’t think I’m ready for or would really want to get involved in at the moment. So I think I’m going to stick with your recommended program for making money online which I’m certain will be an easier business model. I would really need more details on how to begin with your recommended program as I have input my email address.

    Thanks again for this useful information.

    • Hi,

      Just sign up it is totally FREE and I will see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate where we can keep in touch all the time there I can also explain things better for you and offer you more guidance on what is your next best move. 

      I will go out of my way to help you as I always love to help. 

      Looking forward to connecting with you. 

      Debs 🙂 

  3. Thank you very much for sharing detailed review about Forever Living. My uncle has asked me to join this MLM. I usually skeptic toward any MLM business, because my friends were scammed by this type of business years ago. I’m glad this isn’t a scam, but seeing there is a lot of hidden cost actually make me difficult to plan how much investment I will pour in this business type. Thanks again for your review, but I will check other ways to earn money online

    • Hi,

      Yes there are always hidden costs. What I would do is if it is your uncle help him along the way and grow an MLM business together. Tap into Wealthy Affiliate and help each other in your respective businesses. 

      Wealthy Affiliate actually compliments the Compensation plans with any MLM business. It will show you how to Market yourself online instead of just going down the normal recruiting path that so many MLM still teach today. 

      Hope that helps. 
      Debs 🙂 

  4. The thing I like most about MLM businesses is that they really have something helpful  to offer and if you have quite a following you can manage to have people buy the products and become members and earn. Just like you mentioned it won’t be easy making money under a MLM scheme, I have been part of one too and make sure the promotion strategy isn’t one that would piss off people like sending lots of pictures on their social media accounts without their interest, I find that annoying.  Forever living is a good and legit site to make money from but it won’t be easy. Thank you Deborah for this eye opener.

    • Hi, Donny,

      I see you are with Wealthy Affiliate already so you are already going down the route of another business strategy and that is awesome. 

      Wealthy Affiliate will enhance your MLM business for sure. Not only that you will also learn the s=aspects of Affiliate Marketing and Local Marketing to boot. You have no reason to fail. You are certainly on the right path for sure. 

      Awesome to meet you. I will catch up with you inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform for sure. 

      Debs 🙂 

  5. I understand how the forever living business model was not for you. It takes a lot to build up your team so that you can get to a point where you can earn a steady income. I found the way that they compensate people to be very confusing and difficult to understand. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through in order to be successful and excel. 

    I tried a MLM business model company before, and it was not for me either. They too had A LOT of hidden costs. Those costs did not help my pockets or my financial situation at all. I use Wealthy Affiliate, and I can honestly say that out of everything I have tried and the platform is what they say it is. 

    All the hype is real. All you have to do is follow the training exactly as it was given to you and you will be successful. The fact that you are able to start with no cost to you takes a lot of weight off of your shoulders and it provides you with the peace of mind that you need to jump right in.   

  6. Thank you for this detailed review. I can agree that Forever Living is not a scam, but making money and being successful at that company is really hard. From being obligated to make a minimum monthly sale/purchase cap to be in program to always being your fault, if you are not making enough sales.  

    That is why I prefer the affiliate marketing as a business model. I will definitely check your recommendation.


  7. Good evening Debs,

    Your review is good and just. Forever Living Products of America is not a scam.
    I joined in 2004 and after 2 years of working hard, I made the final calculations. I discovered that it had cost me money but on the other hand I learned a lot. I did stop but still use their Aloe Vera products which are really good.
    I agree with you that it is not easy to earn money with an MLM, only a few will earn big money.
    I have embarked on an Affiliate Marketing journey and really like it. No more running around for me. I can work from home and take it more easy.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi, Taetske,
      Yes, Forever Living is definatley not a scam it is one of the better MLM comapnies. I too gave up as I was forever chasing around lol (Pardon the pun).

      Then I met Wealthy Affiliate. You have the right mindset. Tapping into Wealthy Affiliate ceratinly can enhance any MLM distributor’s business
      Helping them to enhance their MLM businesses getting them more leads and directs sales for sure.

      Superb you found Wealthy Affiliate. I always love to connect with you inside the Wealthy Affiliate paltform.
      As you said the potential of being Affiliate Marketers is a lot easier and certainly quicker to Earn money online. The best thing is we are not restricted as I do know Many MLM do not allow you to promote other MLM companies.

      Having 50 websites as a Premium Member I can run multiple Businesses that belong to me. So much better than just been a Rep for an MLM company as you will never own your own Business with MLM that is for sure.

      For $49 a month at Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate and even cheapr if you go Yearly it works out at $29.00 a month. So much cheaper than any other MLM that is for sure. The training we get far out excells any MLM training too. We have no room for failure..
      I know I have ever looked back since.
      Debs 🙂


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