Is Clout Pay a Scam? – [2 Critical Factors You Need To Know]

Welcome to my Clout Pay a Scam Review?

Is Clout Pay a scam? In this Scam review, I will show you Two critical factors you need to know! 1: Why Clout Pay won’t pay you. 2: Why you believe every word they say? Once you start to understand these Two simple factors and learn not to waste your time… Also Why? 94% of Newbie Marketers fall for the same hyped-up claims and don’t even realise they are doing it.

Don’t worry I will explain that later in my review…and how to avoid it!

Here is a Quick Summary of Clout is exactly the same as Clout Bucks. That I have also reviewed. This is just another scam to take your data. Some call this harvesting. They call themselves influencers on Social Media. Like Facebook and Twitter. According to ”Clout Pay,” you are going to be paid by doing surveys…

Hold on a second because all is not what it seems. Remember I have 2 critical factors to share with you yet before you start sharing this with your family and friends. Clout Pay will not pay you. You will not become a social Media Influencer because of Clout Pay and you will not get paid by Clout Pay. Use your due Diligence here. I have also included an alternative way to earn honest money online and work from home. So keep reading to find out more.

  •  Name: Clout Pay
  •  Website:
  •  Who is it for: The Owners.
  •  Is Clout Pay a Scam? YES.
  •  Recommended: NO    [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

The concept of Survey sites is good if you want to earn pocket money. However, Clout Pay isn’t what it seems. All they are trying to get is your personal data. This is a SCAM. Called Harvesting, or Data mining.


Survey sites are good to earn some pocket.



Two Critical Factors Below!

You will NOT get paid.

Your personal data will be sold on!

Here is what I will cover in this review for you.


  1. What does Clout Pay do?
  2. Is Clout Pay a Scam?
  3. An alternative way to make an honest living online?


One thing that is killing Newbie marketers getting ahead online.

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1: What does Clout Pay do?

Clout Pay claims to be an Influencer that pays you to complete surveys. It is Free to sign up but Clout Pay reckon you can earn $25 per sign up. That you can earn money on Facebook Instagram etc with family friends etc. They also reckon you can earn $500 the same day you get started this is just like Clout Bucks.

You will find so many people promoting this but they never get paid. They do hope they do but it isn’t happening. None of the social media accounts works. This is one fake website. Even the dates and the accounts do not match up. They will just keep changing their domain name and they use the same testimonials. Fake videos from Fiverr.

I am not going to beat around the bush with this one as it is the same as Clout Bucks just a different name. I know it is free, to begin with, but the longer this goes on you will realise you are not going to get paid at all. All I can say to you here is use your Due Diligence and protect your data. You can check them out on Who Is. That will tell you how old the website even the testimonials are not real.

Just remember this they make a fortune selling on your data and if they have a mobile or Cell including they are earning from 2 to 6 dollars just for your cell. This will be repeat actions. Once you are scammed once then you will be scammed time and time again. If you are going to sign up for things like this then protect yourself always.

2: Is Clout Pay a Scam?

Yes, I am afraid it is. Although the concept comes across as free in all essence it really isn’t. All they are doing is trying to harvest your data. They then sell on your data to other rogue scams. Clout Pay is just another scam company that has changed. You will not earn any money at all. I would avoid this type of scam at all costs.

Here are other Scams you should Avoid.


3: An alternative way to make an honest living online?

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