Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam? | An Honest Review. 2019

Auto Chat Profits is a Click Bank product but, is it a Scam?

Let’s find out “what they don’t want you to know.”


First of all Auto Chat Profits is a Click Bank product. Which is good to know because they have to give you a 60-day money back guarantee. Is that the only thing good about this Platform? Let’s find out. The sales video say this a free system but it actually isn’t.


So let’s see and dig a little deeper to see what they don’t want you to know. Will Auto Chat Profits scam you out of your hard-earned cash? Or is really a legit system to earn $423.67 a day?


First of all Well done to you all for doing your Homework and looking out for scams and Reviews. You may already know that the internet is rife for Online frauds and Scams. So it is always best to use your due diligence.


Just before we go any further I am not an Affiliate for Auto Chat Profits. However, this page may contain Affiliate Links for other products or platforms. Here is the link to my Disclosure Page.


That’s why I am here to help you. My team and my self spend hours testing out these products/platforms to help guide you to a safer place. Not only that as an Affiliate Marketer myself. I don’t want to promote rubbish products either so of course, we have to do our homework too.


So let’s see who Auto Chat Profits are?  Let’s also find out if they are as amazing as they say they are on their sales Video?


Product: Auto Chat Profits
Price: $37 + Hundreds In Up-sells
Is Auto Chat Profits A Scam? – Debatable but more a Scam than not!
Are Auto Chat Profits Recommended? NO!



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Here is a list of things I will cover on Auto Chat Profits. 


Who are Auto Chat Profits?

How do Auto Chat Profits work?

The pros of Auto Chat Profits!

Beware of the Big Up-sells!

Are Auto chat Profits a legit product or just another scam?

How to make money the legit way without all the B.B and Lies!


Who are Auto Chat Profits?


Below is their sales video. I will point out all the Red Flags as we go along.


Auto Chat Profits scam Review Recommended No.
Auto Chat Profits scam Review Recommended No.


They claim that you’ll be able to start making up to $423.67 per day, after just 6 minutes and as little as 14 clicks. If you’re reading this review it’s probably because you’re suspicious that these claims are too good to be true. They also claim to be an incredible new software that will start bringing you in tons of cash on auto-pilot.


Red Flag I hate those type of hyped up money claims. They simply use the same tactic time and time again. They hope to lure in new beginners to Online marketing with the same kind of B.S. Always shouting out how you can earn money by doing nothing.


“If it was that true we would all be earning tons of cash, wouldn’t we?” Use your Due-diligence always.

This system reminds me of the other systems I have reviewed in the past.

They are listed under Not Recommended. If you want to read about them just click on all the links below.








The list is endless. 


How do Auto Chat Profits work?


You have to create a ClickBank account that is easy explanatory. Then you create a simple done-for-you website and run traffic to that website. RED FLAG. “Done For You Websites” is not a good idea. If this product crashes as they normally do. That means all your hard work goes with it. Please believe me you will have to do some very hard work too.



If you don’t know how generating traffic to websites works then forget it. The only people here earning money are the owners, not you. They always end up closing down but re-open with a new name but basically the same story of false money making claims.



The supposed chatbot will interact with your visitors, learn what they are looking for and match them up with some ClickBank products. It does not work like that at all. If they purchase a product through your website, you will earn a commission off of it.



This kind of done for you systems really don’t let you customize them or tweak them in any way. The idea of using chatbots really is hit and miss. Especially if you have absolutely no clue what you are doing.



The spokesperson for Auto Chat Profits AKA Samantha goes on to explain this is a set-and-forget software on the Internet that works, but I have my doubts about it because I’ve heard the same thing in other scam videos. They all use the same hyped up claims and why do they do it because they know that you are looking to “Earn Quick Money Online.”



It’s a proven tactic that works and most scammers will use the same tactic time and time again. This really is just a repeat way to sell you a product that has failed in the past so they just changed the name of the product.


They make this sound really good but the truth is “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!”  You know the old saying and how it goes.



This so-called aka pen name Samantha just wants you to believe that this is free to get you to watch the sales video until the end. Guess what at the end of the video you realize that this system is not free at all. In fact, it comes with some mega up-sells including the $37 a month.



They basically claim that right after you purchase this product you’ll start automatically bringing in hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
The truth is that it’s not going to work as good as they say it does. It simply does not happen as quickly as they say it does. You certainly will need to be doing this longer than 23 minutes a day as they claim.



The cash gains that are shown in the video were not made using this system, they were made from selling other products online. As I have explained below they are very outdated cash claims.



In all essence, you can earn money online but it doesn’t work like they say it does. I will cover that with you at the end of my review. So keep reading because it gets worse before it gets better believe me it does. I have some real secret sources at the end of this page so please keep reading.


Beware of the Up-sells.


After purchasing Auto Chat Profit.  This is where this false claim comes in earning $423.67 in just a few clicks. They will immediately hit you with a bunch of up-sell attachments linking you to products that run into hundreds of dollars.



They will go on to claim that the purchases will help you earn more money even quicker. Which just sounds stupid to me when they have already made the claims of the few clicks using their software. BIG Red Flag. These are Big Up-Sells so beware.



Think about it do you need to make more than $423.67 per day, after just 6 minutes and 14 clicks? The only reason you would need the up-sells is that they were lying about how much money you’ll make, and how quickly from the beginning. “Makes sense now doesn’t it?” 



As for the Pros on Auto Chat Profits.

I could only find one and that is the policy that every click Bank product has to carry that is the 60-day money back Guarantee


Do I recommend this Product Auto Chat profits? NO!


I do not recommend this product but it isn’t a scam either because the system they talk about actually does work. That’s if you know what to do. You will need a lot of training beforehand. You will need a proven Blue-Print that does work. Not something like this Chat Bot system. That is designed to take your money. Basically, all you are for these people is a product buyer and nothing else.



Without traffic, to your Website, you won’t earn a dime. This is where they tell you about email lists that probably are re-used time and time again and this will simply cost you more money.



Especially if you have to start buying Ads. This can become even more costly if you are not sure how to go about this. In all essence, you could be losing money into the thousands. The training they provide simply doesn’t add up at all.



All in all this system can work! So it isn’t a scam as such.  However, the claims they are making are false and they are lying to you. If you follow the system you won’t be making money you will be losing money for sure.



If you read very closely in the disclaimer and privacy policy. They use a pen name and they will share your data. It also goes onto explain that this product can work but it also depends on your level of experience in online marketing and affiliate how to run an online business.



I have also noticed in the video there are some super outdated earning claims going back as far as 2014 which I find rather odd. If you are running a legit business why do you have to lie about other things?

Would I recommend Auto Chat Profits?


No, I wouldn’t because this is a reused system that scammers use just to take your money. They will sell on your data that email list is from other gullible people who signed up for Auto Chat profits. They have been reused time and time again Old outdated leads.

Rating  1 out of 10


“Online Affiliate Marketing does work.” 


Yes, you can earn money online. It does take a lot of hard work. I certainly would never opt-in for a “Done For You Website.”


The reason why is because once this kind of products ends so does your business. They will take away your site and the email list you created too. So all the hard work you have created will just be rendered useless.


As an example. This Website you are on now is built and owned by Me. I am the CEO of this company. I have other sites too. In the local marketing sector. I am also the CEO of those companies.


They belong to me and will for the rest of my life if I choose. I can even pass them down to my family as well.


I don’t have to pay for Chat Bots. I run this site organically. I don’t have to look for customers or clients they seek me out just as you are now reading this article. I have been in Local Marketing and Affiliate Marketing since 2016.


I will also get accepted by the Top Affiliate marketing Sites because this website has content on it.


A done for you Website by this type of product Auto Chat Profits are not easily accepted on Google or any other any other Affiliate company. So don’t believe all that hype and money claims.


That is so important to understand. Most top Affiliate companies do require you to have your own website.. If you don’t have one you will not be accepted. Period!


The other thing I found hard was finding the right training platform that wouldn’t break the bank for me. Getting the right training without all the B.S scams and lies is so difficult nowadays.


Every successful Affiliate Marketer will tell you this straight.  It takes lots of hours a day and you should give yourself at least 4 to 6 months if you want to be a success.


That’s why most Affiliate Marketers fail because they fall for the hype of “Get Rich Quick Schemes.”


Getting the right training is essential. One where Like I started out, in the beginning, had absolutely no experience in Building a Website and No experience in Affiliate marketing let alone Local Marketing.


You can start the same way I started out back in 2016 that is by building your very first Website. Right here. Don’t worry about any coding skills. You do not need any skills at all.



Start building out your Own Online Business today! It’s free


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