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Are you looking for a detailed review you on Infinite Increasing Income? If so then you have come to the right place as this is the most up to date review on the internet.  What you really want to find out is whether you can make money with Infinite Increasing Income or is it just another scam MLM. Infinite Increasing Income uses the MLM  business model that gives you the ability to make money from home by recruiting others through your affiliate link and building your downline team. I am not a rep for Infinite Increasing Income so I won’t be trying to recruit you into this platform this is my unbiased honest review.

My disclaimer is right here!

Infinite Increasing Income don’t actually call themselves MLM they call themselves a PMA (Private Membership Association).  However, there is more to this MLM/PMA than meets the eye especially around their product that is Colloidal Silver named as ”MEDIC in a Bottle”  only their affiliates have access to this product. ”MEDIC in a Bottle” claims to help prevent Coronavirus. I am surprised the FTC FDA haven’t sent them a warning letter yet.

I have covered this more below at the end of this article. With warning letters sent out to companies from the FDA/FTC that are using the Coronavirus pandemic to make money from unsuspecting people. VITAL SILVER being one of those companies warned by the FTC. 

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Who is Infinite Increasing Income?Infinite-Increasing-Income-Reviewed

Infinite Increasing Income operated by ultimate luxury Alliance.  Greg Simmons is the company founder there’s not a lot of information about Greg Simmons so this could mean that Simmons is a pseudonym. Infinite Increasing Income as I have said above uses the multi-level marketing model and they have a compensation plan which I will explain below. Infinite Increasing Income is basically a cash gifting scheme. They first registered their website in June 2019. They don’t call their business model MLM  as they call it a PMA. (Private Membership Association) From what their website says they are based in Oregon.

Infinite’s Increasing Income products?

Infinite Increasing Income does not have any retail products or services so affiliates will only be able to market the Infinite Increasing Income affiliate membership itself.  Together and just for Affiliates comes bundled is ”MEDIC in a bottle” This is a Colloidal Silver solution marketed as believe it or not Coronavirus preventative. Let me tell you now this so-called  ”Medic in a Bottle” has no documented evidence that can have any effect on the prevention or treatment of Coronavirus. 

Infinite Increasing Income say Coronavirus is no match for ”Medic in a Bottle” and just one teaspoon a day will keep the Coronavirus completely at bay.  like I said this is total fabrication as there is no proof of this and could land them in deep trouble as MLM companies are not allowed to make these claims. Even Collodial Silver has no rights to claim it can prevent Coronavirus. I have covered this below also for you in this article. 


Anyone wanting to sell “MEDIC…in a bottle” the product. MUST first become a member of this PMA and be in good standing according to what it says on Infinite Incomes Website.

Infinite Increasing Incomes Compensation Plan

 Infinite Increasing Incomes affiliate sign up pay a monthly fee so then the fee is gifted to someone who joined in for the increasing income before them. In other words, your upline will get the gift.

Infinite increasing Income has a ONE time upfront fee of $100 + $10 shipping…and a $50 per month RECURRING fee thereafter.
Ultimate Insanity has a ONE time upfront cost of $2500 and $55 per YEAR thereafter.

Infinite Increasing Income coordinates gifting payments amongst affiliates via a 1 up model.

compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, everyone, it’s recruited will be placed directly under them each infinite increasing income affiliate paid $50 a month which is Gifted to someone who joined earlier.  the $50 gifting payment is passed up to the affiliate who recruited them. So every time someone joins under you after you pass up your first sale you will earn just $50 from the $310 sale that you make. 

So basically on the compensation side of things, infinite increasing income is simple $50 a month gifting scheme and as we all know it MLM gifting scheme is always in favour for those who run them basically sitting at the top of the company is the admin who receives the majority of gifted funds. S. basically, like any MLM gifting schemes Once recruitment starts to dry up then people start to leave and that will carry On up through the rank as people will stop paying $50 a month.  it’s a no-brainer The math behind gifting schemes guarantees that, no matter how long they last, the majority of participants lose money.

Here is the pdf file for  Infinite Increasing Income Compensation Plan


Fed up of difficult compensation plans and their many loopholes. Then dare to compare.

How Much to Join Infinite Increasing Income?

Infinite increasing income of membership is $250 enrollment fee then $50 every month after. Once you have paid up for the membership you can get your  8-ounce bottle of MEDIC in a bottle.

So you sign up. A one-time initial setup fee of $250 this includes access to the academy + an 80z =bottle of MEDIC in a bottle and an attention-grabbing Tshirt. Apparently a done for you website coming soon… You will have to pay $10 shipping for this and the extra $50 every month you will have to keep paying to stay in the with the compensation plan.

To keep earning you will need to keep recruiting, recruiting and recruiting.

If you are sick of recruiting find out how I Make Money Online without having to recruit any downline or a single lead.

Super Wealthy Affiliates-Earn-Money-online


Pros of Infinite Increasing Income?

  •  Some companies that use the MLM business model are legit but you do need to have a product or service.

Although Infinite Increasing Income uses the term PMA (Private Members Association) It’s business model is MLM. Or a Cash gifting Scheme. 

Cons of Infinite Increasing Income?

  • Not Accredited by BBB
  • There are no retail products as such.
  • ”MEDIC in a bottle” claims it can help prevent Coronavirus.

That is totally insane to even claim that. It isn’t even proved if Colloidal Silver can prevent this at all. So that is just a big sales gimmick to lure people in. 

  • Lack of transparency of the owners. 

Once people find it hard to get new members to join people will stop paying their monthly $50 layout so as always companies start to fold.


Is Infinite Increasing Income a scam? 

First, off they are not BBB accredited but that could mean the BBB just don’t recognize them at the moment. There is no research, and studies, or anyone that I was able to find that can prove colloidal silver will actually even help prevent coronavirus. So using their ”MEDIC in a bottle” saying it can help prevent or cure coronavirus is just done in bad taste. That really is bad marketing and just a way to lure people in. After all, some people do this believe it or not just to earn themselves money. Running a Gifting scheme with promises for FOREVER money is bad but double that up with Promoting a product that clearly promotes prevention to Coronavirus well that is just downright wrong and they are clearly lying about it.

That’s why I always like to promote legit platforms like

This is a screenshot taken from Infinite Increasing Incomes main website. You can clearly see they claim that CoronaVirus is no match for a teaspoon a day of ”MEDIC in a bottle” and will keep CoronaVirus at bay. That is total B.S. and a sales gimmick. 


Here is where you have to be careful if you also decide to use this claim to market to your downline. If you make a product health claim, this can cause major legal troubles for your business and also gives the industry a bad name.

The FTC and FDA have recently sent warning letters out to many companies that are making false claims about the prevention of Coronavirus or cure. Vital Silver amongst several companies have been sent warning letters by the FTC FDA I have covered that below for you in my final thoughts with links to the said FDA warning letters.

Final thoughts. 

I hope I have answered some of your questions. However, it really is up to you if you decide to join Infinite Increasing Income or not. It’s up to you how you spend your money. I have been scammed in the past and it hurts not just your pocket but your family and even friends too. Especially if you are on a tight budget. That is why I built this site specifically for those who are sick of scams and for those who just want to get ahead online without having to lie to suck people in. 

I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone join a company that is making any claims that their product is a cure for any disease let alone coronavirus. In fact, that would make me increasingly wary of those types of companies. Not to mention when people market using false claims like that just shows the sheer greed of some people. I couldn’t promote something and try and recruit on false claims like that. You would have to have very thick skin to do so. I would say tapping into a pandemic with false claims has to be the lowest of the low. I have just written another review apparently a ”Vaccination Research Company for Covid-19” they are called Corona Invest io are known as a Ponzi scheme.

 I would really like to know too who is behind any company. If they are not willing to be outright and upfront who they are then what are they hiding. 

Vital Silver amongst several companies have been sent warning letters by the FTC FDA you can find out more about those letters and companies Here!


From the FTC FDA: When public health concerns hit the headlines, some companies rush to the market with products advertised to prevent or treat the problem. We’re seeing the same thing with the Coronavirus. But do those businesses have a proof for their advertising claims, as the FTC requires? And have their products been approved, cleared, or authorized by the FDA? Raising concerns about their Coronavirus-related products. If your business is making Coronavirus claims, stop. Pay special attention to what the letters say. The FTC also has advice for consumers about protecting themselves from Coronavirus scams. Read more here about Coronavirus scammers and how to avoid them Here!


I think to be honest as I have said you need to become an Affiliate to get your hands on the MEDIC in a bottle. Then you will have to promote that product also to get some leads in. Like many MLM if you want to start recruiting then there are hidden extra costs to do promotions etc. Are you willing to lie to build up your downline? If so what happens if they are shut down all your hard work goes with it. I can’t really see this company going for long. If they are so brilliant and legit who on earth are the founders and why are they hidden. Are you really willing to go with something that clearly is using the coronavirus pandemic to lure you in?

You can make money online.

You don’t have to be a liar to be able to Earn Money Online all you need is the right Education and Training and you don’t even have to recruit to get referrals. Building your Work From Home Business can be done right without you having to lose all your hard work. Not to mention you will Own Your Own Online Business and not just be a Rep or an MLM Recruiter. Nor will you be brought down by the FTC or SEC. All you need is an educating platform that will train you how to Market yourself properly the Legit way and you can Earn While You Learn. It’s a no brainer. Yes, even  Learning to Educate Yourself should not have to cost fortunes it really should be affordable for everyone.

You can join me and countless others if you like. It is totally free for as long as you like. If you don’t like it you can just leave it still costs you nothing. WE do not need your Credit Cards and we do not sell on your Data. It is 100% Legit. 



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Infinite Increasing Income




Cash Gifting Scheme


MEDIC in a bottle


Make Money From Home



  • Cash Gifting Scheme


  • No retail Products
  • Lack of Owner Transparency
  • MEDIC in a Bottle False Claims Prevention of Coronavirus
  • Not BBB Accredited

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