IM Mastery Academy Review

 Welcome to my IM Mastery Academy Review.  One of the most complicated ways to make money online can be with forex trading. It can be a fabulous business to be in if you just know-how. However, there is so much controversy surrounding Forex trading MLM’s. It is pretty obvious people are going to be led into scams because they simply don’t know what they are doing.  They end up in a scam before they even know it. So this is why I’m here to help decide whether IM Master Academy is a Legit MLM Business model or just another Forex trading scam. 

IM Mastery Academy has a compensation plan structure using MLM multi-level marketing. I’m not a distributor nor an affiliate of IM Mastery Academy so I won’t be selling you any forex trading. IM Academy Founded by Christopher Terry. Using the business model. MLM as a business strategy to promote companies belonging to the forex and cryptocurrency trades. This company changed its name from  I Markets live. As they were deemed a pyramid scheme, however, since changing their name to IM Master Academy and now push their training products more now. So they are more like a legit MLM company. After changing their name in 2019. they are still not registered with sec.

I always like to dig into the compensation plan, but I cannot find one for IM Mastery Academy, which leaves me a cause for concern. It makes me wonder what they are hiding. I will cover some Red Flags, so keep on reading. Latest Update: Crowd1 claimed one of its major gaming partners was Premier Bet. Since this is untrue

Crowd1 has ditched it’s gambling revenue ruse. The company now claims to be generating revenue via app sales. Using new investment to pay owner rights share returns to their existing affiliates make Crowd1 a Ponzi scheme. It really is a kind of get in quick get out quick before Crowd 1 goes down completely. A better way to make money online with a 100% legit platform.

Find out a legit Model How I Earn Money Online Without Recruiting Anyone also Without Being Scammed.

What is IM Mastery Academy? Super-Wealthy-Affiliates-IM-Mastery-Academy-Review

IM Mastery Academy (IMMA) Is a Forex Trading MLM that has different tiers of income. That if you recruit anyone into the compensation Plan then you, in turn, will earn a commission. They have tools and courses in Forex trading. That can teach you how to develop trading strategies. However, it seems the main focus is promoting their training tools and courses.



The products from IM Mastery Academy 

So that you know you have to have more than 50% of the sales from the product retailed before anyone can recruit. So this is a great way to avoid been classed as a Pyramid scheme.


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Here is a shortlist of what IMMA offer

 You have these add-ons that you can buy also. 

  • DeLorean:  a tool cost $21.95 and helps to analyse the trading market
  •  Steady: This is $21.95 and helps you with long-term trading and swing trade
  • Vibrata:  cost $21.95 and helps analyse several opportunities together
  • levels: This is a stop loss detector and can help with Entry-Exit points Helps to earn you profit in the trading market.
  • Bounce Back: cost $21.95 and the trade-in market to help you get into the right entry points
  • Pivots: cost $21.95 and is a key reversal zona on many time frames.


Super Wealthy Affiliates-frx-academy

Gain mastery over trading currencies,

Super Wealthy Affiliates-dcx-academy

Gain mastery over digital trading currencies, shaping the way they send/receive money & consume goods.

super wealthy affiliates-IBO-academy

Discover how to take advantage of the IBO Academy Business Owners Training.


From what I can find this is not a bad MLM although I don’t use it myself. So I can’t be clear on that one but from what I can find out some people making money but not fortunes. There’s nothing illegal going on which makes a change but I can’t find any reviews on the tools that they use. All the good reviews come from those pushing the products. 

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How to get started with IM Mastery Academy?. 

IM mastery Academy costs you. $16.71 a month to join. Their Affiliate Program

Platinum Starter Level Pack costs $225

Elite starter pack costs. $325

However, when signing up for the above, they seem to disappear, and the hard sell comes in.

Then they explain in such a terrible way. They push this on you. So be careful here as it all seemed a little off-putting to me.

  • Prime 3 Month Plan – $825 every three months paid in bitcoin
  • Prime 6 Month Plan– $1600 every six months paid in bitcoin
  • Prime 12 month Plan– $3150 every Twelve months paid in bitcoin
  • Elite Starter Pack – $325 and then $274.95 a month
  • Platinum Starter Pack – $199.95 then $164.95 a month
  • HFFX Monthly – $189.95 for four products not featured on the public-facing website and then $179.95 a month
  • Digital Currency Monthly – $189.95 for cryptocurrency-related products and then $179.95 a month


First starter referral plan.  As an example If you refer someone to the elite starter pack, you get $35 commissions. 

The elite level will get you $50 recurring commissions. When you sign up, you become an independent business owner (IBO). You recruit other people. If they join you, then they create your downline to become platinum at $150. You need three active legs/ subscribers are referrals. Then they will purchase either one of the elite four platinum Starter Packs if you have Direct referrals under you could earn about $40 a week about £160 a month. Once your downline start to the also subscribe. They also need to get three active legs in return this helps to build up your commissions to make $150 a week you will need to grow your team to 12, and they need to be active of though. 


How to Earn Money Online without recruiting A Single Lead.



 I’m pretty impressed with this one because at least they’re pushing the products, so it takes them from being a full-on Pyramid Scheme.



  • Expensive to join
  • Courses not in-depth enough for you to be able to earn any decent sort of money
  • The success rate seems to be very low for current members less they decide to step up their training products
  • To be honest, this isn’t such a bad MLM Forex trading company, but I wouldn’t touch it as I can see, the average earning potential is low. 
  • Forex trading is complicated if you are unsure of what you are doing. 


Is IM Mastery Academy a scam?

In all essence no as it seems to have cleaned up its act of late. The other thing is though; Forex trading is a complicated system so I would say it is ok for those in the know. I didn’t like the very lack of a decent compensation plan, and things change once inside the Website, with confusing up-sells. The lack of earning potential is pretty bad. Less than 2 % make a few thousand dollars, and then the top MLM distributors don’t make much more than that. It is a redone website from I Marketing Live. Some of their claims are unrealistic. Not to mention IMMA does collapse like before all your customers and hard work will disappear with it. Imagine explaining that to family and friends if they lose all their money. Would you want to fall out with all your family and friends? That can cause a lot of devastation amongst families. 

How I make money online?

I am not a fan of MLM. I am not surprised as I have never earned any money with MLM.

I have a lot more time for myself and a lot less hassle and stress just by promoting other peoples products.


I don’t have to deal with customer services and returns refunds etc. Unlike some MLM’s because if IMMA fails or brought down again. All your hard work and earning potential will also be lost. I can’t stress this enough as it has happened already. ILive Marketing was known as A scam in the UK.


This can never happen to me because I own this website, and any product that no longer exists won’t affect my earning potential any shape or form. I just look for another Free affiliate program to join. Affiliate Marketing is a more accessible model that can earn you a passive income.

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Super Wealthy Affiliates-start your-own-online-business-now


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IM Mastery Academy




Forex Trading



  • Legit MLM


  • Hard to follow
  • Expensive
  • Hidden Costs
  • Low Success Rate

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