How to Learn Online Marketing the Easy way without breaking the bank in 2018

Online Marketing is awash with eBooks and Online courses. Online business strategies. Online marketing the lists are endless.  I can buy eBooks online the most up to date ones on each subject as an example.  Email Marketing Social media Marketing. Local SEO Marketing, YouTube Marketing. SEO strategies. PPC strategies.


The list is endless and so are the eBooks and all the different strategies that people promote out their. The whole internet is awash with every single thing every subject in Online Marketing.  Yes, it’s all pretty confusing.

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I am here to show you a way that does work and will not break the bank and won’t break you either. I will have to say this is not overnight money making big promises of mega-millions in a night or a week.  If that’s what you want then buy a lottery ticket. You have more chance of winning at that.  So if that’s what you are looking for forget it. IT simply does not happen.

How to Learn Online Marketing the Easy way without breaking the bank in 2018.

Now if you are anything like I was when I first started out back in 2016. You are online looking for ways to bring in you some extra cash. You may just be fed up of the 40hr a week and more hours may I add doing a job you hate. You may just be at the point to tell your Boss he can stuff his/her Job. You are that fed up but you can’t stop working because the Life we all live isn’t free and we all have bills to pay. The food we need to eat. You may be a student looking to help fund your college degree. Yet you don’t want to work a night shift to cover it neither.

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You may also just want to earn an extra paycheck to pay for that wedding your Daughter is dreaming of having. Yes, Mum’s and Dad’s we all know that doe full look of wanting and dreams we see in our children’s eyes.

There is always something we need but cannot afford to buy. The new car we look at the beautiful holiday everyone seems to go on and you still can’t afford a tent on a field. Yep Life can be pretty tough for most of us.


Now we can buy all the Ebooks we want but I sat down and realised if I needed all the Ebooks necessary to build an online Busines I would need more than 20 of them. Working it out and some of the best books to date will cost you around $21.95 Same as the Uk £21.95.

Now that would not only take up most of my time reading and we all have to admit if you are like me I prefer to learn visually. I worked it out I would need as an example 22 books. Now times the 22 By 21.95 and the whole total would cost me $480.9.  Ok, yep that might not sound so bad but you can guarantee most of these books will in some way steer you to the next big upsell the next book or the DVD collection.

So add on another 650 for the upsell you are talking already nearly a $1.000 or a $1.000. Don’t forget these books mostly come with a subscription that you will need to keep up with monthly. It’s common sense. Google and its algorithms are updated constantly and google now is so powerful it actually updates its self.  In fact they update every couple of weeks believe it or not. So if you are a pretty good reader you still will be left behind on the latest technology. Books take time to write and they don’t write themselves do they.

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Now here is a prime example of a brilliant platform HubSpot. Now I cannot fault these guys at all. They have a lot of guest posts blogs and videos. lots of training etc. . They also have the Free Membership. Which I personally outgrew in just a few days. What happens when I want to upgrade the next level.


Well here is the shock Factor. This works out at £42 a month. I am not silly to know that I will also outgrow the basic Membership.Well, the next Upsell is a big leap and is a monthly subscription may I add at £165 In fact here is the pricing List from HubSpot. The enterprise is near on £2,000 a month. All these are billed annually no monthly subscribers so enterprise is all in all £12,000 nearly. That’s a deposit on a Bricks and mortar shop!! Nor am I giving HubSpot any bad reviews at all they are pretty excellent at what they do and so they should be at those prices:-)


Now here is another thing you need to understand. I know I can go and buy into the next online marketing Platform right now. I also know it is going to be outdated. By quite a few years. Why because I know I have tried and tested just about most of the main ones and Its quite sad to realise they are still selling the same outdated thing from over a year and a half ago.  They all still slap you with that big upsell Tab. Which you will need to move forward.

Say not to scams 2018

Not only that I want a platform where all my training is there all in one place. So I dont need to go and buy into other platforms for extra training. Something that will not break the bank. Something that will not slap a big hefty bill in my face and somewhere I can actually learn from and Earn from at the same time. Yes you have it in one Here it is. Wealthy Affiliate. The Proven 4 Step Blue print that really does work.


Welcome to the most complete cheapest way up to  date to the second may I add. Without the crazy upsells to top it off this one comes with the state of the art  Highly recommended by thousands and thousands of top Bloggers. JAAXY Lite comes free all at $49 a month. Thats it. nothing more check it out here right now.


DID WE TALK ABOUT SEO? Guest Blogger Post Robert a Member of Wealthy Affiliate found out some cool things from A google member be sure to read the post here. Click the image below. Robert had dinner with a Google expert a member of Wealthy Affiliate you can read that post right here.




I didn’t want to talk business for our first meeting in more than 20 years, but it did eventually come to that. So what kind of SEO revelations did he tell me that could further my Google rankings?

I was sure he had some insider information that would be as tasty as the food we were eating, which was sushi and sashimi. Are you ready to know what he said?

So there it is. The only way I have ever made money it hasn’t broken my bank and has given me more freedom than I have had in years to live my life on my own terms. Read More 


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