How a Forum or Discussion can Benefit any Website.

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How a forum or Discussion can Benefit Any Website. 

Whilst in Live chat yesterday at  the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.   A question came up about how this chap had a niche it was about guitars and the gentlemen had a list of things that he wanted to share but wasn’t sure if he could generate an income from it. It was quite a long question and it was a good question too.

Now we can all give out the same kind of information which is correct information may I add with the right answers of how to go about the chaps question. Helping him with his Niche and how he can use his niche different ways.

Yet Something caught my eye. In the question he mentioned he already had a FORUM a DISCUSSION. He did mention that it had interaction too within his Forum. Well that word FORUM jumped right at me immediately catching my eye. Certainly my attention. So I replied you already a have a fabulous tool to leverage your business and I mentioned the word forum.

Forums and Discussions.

Yes well with that I got quite a few as I could only imagine eyebrows raised and my replies came back.” A FORUM?” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN A FORUM?”. So I quickly explained it was a fabulous way to leverage any on line business. It is in fact  a very brilliant way to leverage the chaps business online. Yet nobody took much notice of what I was trying to say and of course the Live chat just carried on as normal.

This is the reason why I am writing this post because people were oblivious of the true potential in that one little world FORUM

Now I can see you asking me “Why would that be.” “How could that be? “Why would I even mention the word FORUM or a DISCUSSION?”

Now this young chap did explain he already had quite a forum already started up and had lots of interactions. Yet not from his website. So he already had something very powerful he could use but he just didn’t know it.

So I am going to give you some key factors on why a forum or a discussion is actually a very powerful tool for any website business or blog. Not just for a Facebook page or any other chat forums we may hang in.


Advantages – one of the key advantages of including a forum or discussion on your website is because. People love to interact and discuss things. They also like to share their problems too. I shall use the Guitar niche as an example.

For instance a man may ask a question about the amp for the electric guitar and somebody would enter the discussion and would give advice on what amp he prefers. Then somebody else would probably interact and say for instance Oh no I prefer to use this amp it suits my guitar better and the sound is clearer. Now baring in mind that is just an example I am using on how forums tend to go and how discussions arise.

So yes I know what you are thinking yes OK but what has that got to do with my website. Well here are a few key pointers. Search engines love new content. A forum naturally generates fresh content and ideas. Now like this gentleman had already has a forum so he was already to propel his website forward in turn increasing his rankings massively. Leveraging your website and increasing your sales.

“Why?” I hear u ask. Because in a forum or a discussion it will keep your visitors engaged. Customers will keep coming back to either interact or learn from what others are also adding into the discussions or forum. That not only builds trust. It keeps your customers informed of new products etc. They will always come back to you if they have another question for example because People love to engage and add input that alone in turn builds up friendship and trust. They will always come back to you if they have trust

Just that alone then will turn into sales and probably more sales. They will still use your website just for interaction too. So you will always have repeated customers.

Market Research -Direct contact on a more personal level also helps you to get to know what your customers want. How they interact.You in turn start to see a pattern emerge and you have a More direct way of knowing what it is your customers need not what you want them to have. You start to notice behaviors on how they act even. Getting on their level. For an example a young man that likes to busk in the street will act differently to an older man who works in an office. So you then find ways to engage with them on their level.

Google Ranks.

Not only that. A discussion on a certain guitar and how fabulous it is to use may arise. Yet you don’t sell that guitar. Well now you can source that product and get to know the feel of your customers and in turn sell them the products they want not what you think they want.

That alone gets you sales and repeat sales because you know what your customers want. Repeat sales means trust and people go to those who they trust and in turn tell others about your Website because you gained their trust.

Also you start to get a real feel of how you can start to help your customers on how they act and what is of more importance to them. You are offering a service and in turn means you are helping them.

People love to interact with like-minded people. Asking questions getting answers offering an idea. Very much like our live chat we all go to live chat to ask for help or offer help. Live chat here is busy every second of the day. 24/ 7/ 365 days a year. Your website is alive 24 hours a day even if you can’t interact. Your website is constantly buzzing. Constantly getting fresh ideas all the time. Amplifying your Website to the top of the ranks in all search engines. In turn generating massive incomes.

Making Money with Your Website.

You also can share your announcements too in a forum and tell people about this idea you have had Or showcase the newest product you have just added into your website. There are so many ways of leveraging your business even further with a forum or a discussion. It also gains you new customers. After all where would you rather go. To the website that has no interaction or to a website that is buzzing with reaction.

So in all essence in that very question in live chat and the chap who was struggling on the way he should go forward with his website, so he could generate an income.

He actually didn’t see the real powerful tool he could use right in front of him right in his question. I saw it straight away and yes it did raise a few eyebrows.

Some just thought I was probably a little crazy and why would I mention the word FORUM they just didn’t see it. Nor understand what I was trying to say.

So that is why I have written this post. Sometimes what we might think isn’t really relevant and by pass it as if it isn’t important. Really is or could be the most powerful tool of all.

I call it my thinking outside of the box moment it comes in handy some times. If you feel that you already have a Niche business, yet you have no idea how to leverage your business. Then you should join us at Wealthy Affilite. You can ask an abundant of questions. We as a pay it Forward Community are always happy to help you.

I would love your comments on this and your input in what you think may work too. If you need help. I am always on hand to help you.

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