[Honest Review] Push Button System – Is It a Scam?

Push Button System Is It a Scam- [An Honest Review]

Push Button System is it a scam? This is an Honest review and you will be shocked at what I have found. Push Button System Claims to make you $20.000 a Day at the push of a button. If you sign up say bye to your money. The original name is Push Button System now they call themselves Push One Button System. So please use your due diligence here. You will see why this could cause confusion. Don’t worry I have it all in hand and you will see for yourself the real truth. Just keep reading this article and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket.

This is a repeated scam that is confusing you with the names. Push Button system is just another relaunched scam. Their new name is Push One Button System. These are the same rehashed scam websites. They claim you will make $20.000 a day this time the scam has got worse as you will not get your money back. Same people the same type of sales pitch no privacy policy no disclaimers. So who is this for? The owners themselves they are going to take your money and you will be left with nothing in return. Recommended NO!

I will provide the proof for you so please keep reading and I will expose this Scam for you. Please be careful I have done the leg work for you but is up to you if you Join Push Button System or not. I doubt you will be sucked in after what I have to show you.  I will list everything so you know what I will cover in this article. Remember I am here to help you avoid all scams online.

  1.  Quick Summary.
  2.  What is the Push Button System?
  3.  How does the Push Button System Work?
  4.  Is the Push button System Legit?
  5.  How to make money online the legit way no B.S.? 


1: Quick Summary:

Recommended: NO! Not even one-star rating for this It is a scam!

  •  Website Name: www.PushOneButtonSystem.com
  •  Old Website name:  www.PushButtonSystem.com
  •  Old Name: Push Button System
  •  New name: Push One Button System.
  •  Founder/s: Jay Brown (Fake Name)
  •  Price: $67 upsells offered.


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2: What is Push Button System?

Push Button System is just another re-launched scam system. Check out this screenshot with proof of the name change. It seems to be the same people who launched the scam system before. The man who claims to be a Jay Brown claims to be a super Affiliate who can bring in sales to other products just by the touch of a button.


Push Button System.. New name Push One Button System
Push Button System New name Push One Button System. Another re-launched scam under a different domain name


According to what elusive ”Jay Brown” says that just with a push of a button you are going to earn a thousand dollars in seconds. Oh if only we all could do that imagine we would all be rich, wouldn’t we? Use your due diligence guys this is a widely used tactic to suck you into parting with your hard earned cash.

Here we go. What Jay brown ?? will ask if you deposit $250  where in turn he will transfer you to another broker one recommended by him as they are Scammers too. Then the miracle Push Button System is just going to work for you and earn you tons of cash and I mean thousands of dollars if you listen to this fake guy. THAT IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL. 

The sad case of affairs is all you are doing is going on an endless roundabout parting with your Data your data as in Credit Cards emails Mobile/cell number home number etc. You are going to be subjected to endless cold callers. How do I know because I sign up too? I just use another Mobile/cell number. with an unused email address that I don’t need or use. That is not connected to my mobile/cell number nor my real address. That way I can almost eliminate scammers getting at me.

According to Push Button System, you will need only basic typing skills and when you Join will be in the so-called ”Premiere Money Making Platform.” That is so not happening. 🙁


Push the button and earn $20,000+ in three hours.
Push the button and earn $20,000+ in three hours. Where is my money I pushed you took my money? Is that it.



 3: How does Push Button System work? 

There is nothing here that I can give you to add value. The Push Button System does not work at all. The only value I can give you is the fake video sales pitch that is launched and re-launched by nothing but scammers. The truth is there simply is no way you can earn money online that quick in the manner they say.

This is a highly used tactic and is targeted to those who are Looking to Earn Money Online or who are looking for a Passive, digital Online Income. What they hope is that you are a complete newbie to making Money Online so they use this kind of sales tactics that work. When in all honesty that person is just going to part with their hard earned cash and get nothing back in return.

Unless of course, you are an Affiliate Marketer and don’t mind people losing money. I came to find out about this by somebody using a Click Funnel to entice me in. Obviously, they are using this funnel to scam people.

Here is the funnel I clicked on from YouTube that ended in me coming to this awful website. They had left a link promising people they can earn money. Shame on them as I clicked on the Funnel by Click Funnels and I know what to look for.

A Click funnel used to get my email and send me to the scam website Push Button System
A funnel used to take not only my email but send me to Push Button System to be scammed again

First of all, they want me to copy and paste the link on 10 different youtube channels. Now, why would I do that? That could get me a Ban on Youtube first of all. As for the Youtube Java detector will notify them that is a joke. A complete lie.

Here is something else I have found With WHO IS LOOK UP!

Pushonebuttonsystem was only registered on May the 8th 2019 so if they are so legit why are they using fake old Testimonials and if they were really helping anyone why change their domain. That makes no sense at all to me.

4: Is Push Button system Legit?

Absolutely not. I have to be truthful. Every scam I review takes me hours and hours and gives me a headache. It so depresses me knowing that such honest innocent people are being sucked into these systems day after day after day. I just find it totally sad. To think if I didn’t know what I was doing now I could be one of the innocents. As these videos are made to tap into your emotions and they make you believe.

Everything I have found is nothing more than carried over from the Old Website and has Being re-launched and uses the old same fake testimonials. Way back from 2018, They are using all the same materials just about and they are just out to scam you again. They are simply targeting the very honest and very vunrable demographics to innocent people wanting to make money online they are going to take your money and you are going to get nothing in return apart from your data been sold and you will be hurt right in your pocket. Oh please, guys please check everything out if you can. These scammers are rife and they are getting better and better at what they do.

Even their Privacy and disclaimer is none existent. That should all be clickable but it isn’t. You can find My disclosure page here.  HERE!

5: How to make Money online the Legit way no B.S!

There is one thing I am going to tell you right here. There is no magic wand to help you make money online.  You can make money online as the process works but it is going to take you time and lots of hard work there are no make money schemes that will earn you fortunes overnight. Unless of course you are a Super Affiliate that doesn’t mind sending out funnels or emails based on nothing more than a quick get rich scheme and those unethical Affiliates that do this are just as un-honest as the scamming gurus. They are the same and are out to earn off you and scam you too. 

If it is the quick get rich scheme you are looking for then I am so sorry as my website is not for you. I base all my work on honesty. As I too was scammed in the past. I am not here to scam you. I can only offer you guidance and an honest and legit way that does work but it is going to take you some hard work and lots of hours. By the end of it and when your online businesses do grow it can become a lifetime business. 

Like I have said this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is going to take some hard work. If that is you then I can offer you some free training and Free Websites. Give it 7 days if you hate it then leave it still costs you nothing and if you love it as I did then you are on the right path to earning an honest passive income online. This is not for those who do not want to put in the work. 

It’s up to you. Try us out for free don’t like it leave it still costs you nothing and no credit card is required at all. We do not sell on your data.


Join Wealthy Affiliate for free Zero Risk Zero Cost Zero No Scams No B.S

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