Herbalife Nutrition is it a Scam MLM?

With all the controversy that surrounds Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) nowadays. I wanted to write this review and see if Herbalife Nutrition is, in fact, a scam MLM. To be honest I am not here to attack their products. I am here to question the business side of things. How to Make Money From Home. Being an ex MLM member of two and half years gives me enough educated thoughts on whether Herbalife is a good MLM company to join. Can you really make money being a Herbalife distributor?

If you are thinking of joining any MLM company it is always best to do your homework first.

What is Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition is a global multi-level marketing company. That sells dietary supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and personal-care products. The company was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, and it employs an estimated 8,000 people worldwide. The business is incorporated in the Cayman Islands. The Corporate headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. The company operates in 94 countries through a network of 2.3 million approx. of independent distributors.


  • Product Name: Herbalife
  • The founder of Herbalife? Mark Hughes
  • Founded? 1980
  • What do they sell?  Health and Wellness and Skin Care, Weight loss management.
  • Who is it for? For those who are interested in Working From Home. Interested in MLM. Who want to Earn A Side Income. Mostly aimed at stay at home Mums.
  • Recommended? No! Under fire on more than one occasion with the FTC. Not easy to earn money as you think. Lots of false promises.

I am not an associate of Herbalife. I want to point out why some people actually can make money with MLM companies and why others don’t. I also want to give you an alternative way of getting ahead online. Let’s find out if Herbalife Nutrition is scam and if they are in fact a Pyramid scheme.

Can you make money with Herbalife Nutrition?

Please read on I shall explain why making money with Herbalife is not as easy as you think. Remember this company has come under fire from the FTC more than once. Have they cleaned up their act yet or are they still full of false promises? keep reading and I will cover as much as I can.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife Nutrition can be classed as one of the most well known Multilevel Marketing (MLM.) companies.

Most commonly known as just Herbalife has been well known for its run-in with the FTC and has been nearly classed as Pyramid scheme. Not as many people earn the money they say you can earn. Especially if you are at the bottom of the pile. Recruiting new leads and new distributors really aren’t as easy as you think. If it was we would all be earning 100’s of thousands a year… Not everyone is so using your due-diligence here!. I am writing this review not to sell you another MLM company more in the aspect if you are with Herbalife or any other MLM company. I want to help you find a way to help you market yourself as an MLM Distributor and at least get ahead somehow and Make money from home!

Oh and by the way. You will never Own Your Own Business with Herbalife you always be just a rep. So don’t be fooled into thinking it will become your own Business as it won’t.  I will explain more about this in my article below.

If you really want to be a Rep for Herbalife or get into Direct Sales then learn the process of what your Sponsor will not tell you. Most probably your sponsor doesn’t know themselves.. Find out how the top sellers do earn money in MLM or Direct Sales. Find out what they don’t want you to know!

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What products does Herbalife sell?

Herbalife Products
Herbalife Products

As I said I am not here to discuss the Herbalife products as I am in no way a medic. Nor am I here to diss the product as I am not a nutritional expert. This is an article clearly on the Making Money from Home side of Herbalife. If you are already a Distributor for Herbalife and are wanting new leads then this article is for you! As it will show you a way how to be able to excel in your Herbalife business. Herbalife is in the sector of Weight Loss, Health and wellness and skincare products.

Is Herbalife Worth Their Price?

Like everything, if it isn’t sold on the High Street then you are going to be hit with an expensive product. Over the years Herbalife has been criticized for its products. As I have already mentioned, I am not here to criticize their products. I have known many people who have used their products over the years. Suffice to say many don’t now.

How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme easy!

Just press play you can watch the video right here!


Herbalife Compensation Plan?

How to become a Herbalife distributor. Here is the process.
One of the ways to earn money from this company is to become a distributor. The requirements to be an independent Herbalife distributor requires you to register first through their website Or via a sponsor. This is where you submit an online application after registering on the site. A representative will contact you within three to four days and you may need to answer further questions. You will be given a rep if you haven’t been allocated one already.

To become a Herbalife member, you must purchase the Herbalife Membership. This can be done directly via an Application form. Or by a Herbalife distributor. This cost is American dollars. Which costs around $59.95 You’ll then be required to make the first purchase. Commonly known as a Monthly payment. After the pack arrives, you’ll receive a distributor ID number, which would be entered when logging in to your new account. You will also use that ID number for your downline they will also be given an ID number or pin. They will enter your pin no so that Herbalife knows you have recruited them. Below is a graph of a basic MLM compensation plan.

You are the recruiter. You sponsor two or three active legs. (Your downline) They have to be active every month for you to be able to get paid and in turn, your downline does the same. You then earn from your downline and what they also recruit you also earn a small commission. That’s how it works. If you have three say as some MLM companies need you to have four or five direct downlines. They have to keep paying out that monthly subscription for you to be paid.

Be careful here because if one of your immediate downline drops out you will lose out on commissions. Most MLM companies have the same kind of compensation plans but with slight variations. So if you opt-in for any MLM. You really need to get a grasp of how each and every compensation plan works. This alone takes time and keeping on top of your immediate downline is work in itself. That is a fact. That’s why selling the weight Loss Programmes aren’t really lucrative as very few tend to stay after one month. So you have to keep tabs on recurring commissions each month. Lose one of your downlines and you don’t realize can have a drastic effect on what you get paid. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. All compensation plans basically run the same but have slight variations so watch how you go.


Basic MLM Compensation Plan.
Basic MLM Compensation Plan.


Back to Herbalife compensation plan. There on after you will get a discount of around  25%  on Herbalife products instead of the regular price. This is one way to make a profit. With each purchase, you get Volume points. Five hundred volume points in a month will make you eligible to become a senior consultant with a downline. You’ll then get 10% out of every sale made by your downline distributors. The next principal position is Supervisor. This requires 4000 volume points within two months.

Rather than I go through this with you all. It is best you read the compensation plan that is already there is a PDF file.

Here is a somewhat of a break down of earning potential. For Herbalife distributors. In 2018 in the US. Below. Image format. Click the image it will take you to the full PDF.


Herbalife earning potential US.
Herbalife earning potential US 2018


Can you earn money with Herbalife?

Watch this first. Kind of made me sad. Have they updated themselves? Who knows maybe they have enough money to keep on duping us. Just use your due Diligence People honestly. It really is scary.


Let’s just say if you have just been recruited by a Herbalife Rep. They are probably struggling as much as you. Unless they know the inside and out of marketing online then they are struggling just as much as you. It is common sense nowadays you do need to learn at least some basic facts of getting ahead online. Getting Ads on Google can be costly if you have no idea what you are doing.

After all, Herbalife is not a shop in the high street, This is directed at family and friends first after that. Online marketing is your next way to go. So that is what you need to know first and foremost and your Sponsor nor Herbalife will teach you this. If it was so easy to recruit family and friends why are your family and friends or work colleagues or even your neighbors getting sick of you? As this does happen. Believe me, it does.

As for all of those friends I knew back in the day when Herbalife was quite new are no longer recruiters for Herbalife. Yes, some may use the products but I am not here to dissect Herbalife’s products I am here for the make Money from Home kind of aspect. So please do not quote me on whether their products work or not. I am sure you can find that out for yourselves. As I am not a nutritional expert nor am I a skin expert. I do not want to get into the side-effects etc.

There is one thing I do know though. Losing weight sells. I could set up a page with fake weight loss pics and shout out and tell you. That Herbalife can help you lose weight. That is the quickest way to lose a repeat customer or downline. If they do lose weight once they do they certainly won’t be back to pay the hefty price tag for more weight loss products most leave so you are back to recruiting again.

In other words back to doing what you do and struggling and probably earning hardly anything for the hours you put in. I hear the majority lose weight and that is because they paid out a hefty price tag for weight loss products. Honestly hand on my heart I would love to hear all you that are new to any MLM company and tell me and show me how you have recruited and how well you are doing.

Remember I am not here to shout you down. Nor am I here to shout down Herbalife.

I am here to offer not just an alternative. I am here to help YOU YES YOU! Learn how to market yourself for the chance of getting out there online. After all Like I said this is not a High Street shop you are talking about. You need to learn how to Market Yourself Online Properly. It really is a no brainer. Ever wondered why so many High street shops are closing down in the UK. Maybe because they didn’t realize how much people today would shop online.

I have done other reviews on MLM companies. You can also read about those companies right below also!

Lifeplus is one company I was with…and I have also written about Forever Living. Not to mention Isagenix. All legit Multi-Level-Marketing companies. I was with both the first two companies. As you may have guessed it. I never earned a penny not even a dime with either company and I wasted 2 and half years struggling to get ahead and earn a side- Income. Not forgetting Revital U

I failed and I failed terribly at MLM, in fact, the first Company came at a loss of £2,000+. So you can imagine how downhearted I felt. All I wanted was to earn a side income. I ended up wasting what income I had on false promises. I got sucked in as I saw a few friends losing weight lol. Suffice to say that weight piled back on. You betcha they shove and keep shoving the weight loss products this will go wild in the New Year. Who doesn’t want to lose weight for a New Year? lol. Unless of course, you are naturally slim.

Not any more. Since I met Wealthy Affiliate.. They taught me how to Market myself online properly. If you need help with your MLM company as a recruiter or you need more Direct Sales then Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all of that. They will also teach you how to do Google Ads and how to recruit new leads properly without breaking your bank or even taking out a loan to provide that training. It is all there for you. No need to break your bank or fall out with family members.

. Catch up with My About Me page also. I have detailed some of my journeys with MLM companies there too.


Is Herbalife a Scam?

In 2017, the FTC took Herbalife into court. The company settled a whopping $200 million lawsuit against the FTC. Along with that settlement, Herbalife also agreed to restructure its compensation plan to become more compliant with FTC’s standards for MLM. Read the Lawsuit Here!
This agreement has allowed the nutritional company Herbalife to avoid being charged with operating a pyramid scheme and facing an imminent shutdown.

That doesn’t mean to say the sponsors won’t lie. They will. I know As I have just been lied to myself. That is my say so it is up to you what is to be believed. Remember Herbalife is a Rich Company many others don’t have the funds to fight the same kind of interrogation and so are shut down.

Remember MLM companies don’t get flagged by the FTC as a pyramid scheme as long as there is not too much focus on recruitment. Which we all know on FB pages and Groups that is all they do. Yes, they can be very bitchy as well especially if you shout out about your dislikes etc. It happens and I have written about this in my last MLM reviews.

That is just me though so to speak but I can find many reviews of Bullies and people being bullied by other sponsors. It happens. So be careful. It really is a no brainer. Facebook is changing the way MLM is using FB pages and groups to recruit newbies to MLM. It is now a written law you have to know what you are doing online nowadays if you want to get ahead online.

Cons Of Herbalife

High Pressure to meet sales.

keep Buying every month.

No Real Online training is given.


Pros Of Herbalife?

  • Easy to get started with.
  • If you like the product then you don’t really lose out as you are the consumer.

Cons Of Herbalife?

  • Hard to get Leads.
  • Not as easy as you think to earn money.
  • You have to keep buying their products.
  • Not many people earn money from MLM.
  • No training to get ahead online training.
  • Costs a lot more for extras

Examples of Extra costs.

  • Home-based parties.
  • Petrol/Gasoline to deliver products
  • Travel expenses to meet your new downline.
  • Extra costs for samples
  • Tickets to buy for Seminars


Final Thoughts and Alternatives.

MLM is a hard way to earn some extra cash. Unless of course, you know exactly what you are doing, online that is.  This is where so many fail. They think ok I am off to ask my family and friends. Give it go many are shunned by family and friends. You are going to be working some super long hours. Not to mention you are going to be consistently pushing your products on people.

Think of it like this.

The majority of people work. When they get home they don’t want the hassles of a sales pitch. The majority may opt-in for a home party. What if you have young kids. You have to lay on the wine cheese and Biscuits as an example of all extra money out of your pocket. Not to mention the live meetings all come at your cost. Traveling expenses out of your own pocket of course. If you lose one downline that could jeopardize your monthly paycheck. You are going to be constantly selling Herbalife products.

What you need to learn is not going to be taught in a day.

You need to start learning how to market yourself online properly. I doubt your sponsor would even know this. Like everything it comes with a Learning curve. That’s not to say you need to give up. Heck no. You can learn this and Earn Money while you do it. One never knows you may realize just like I have that I Build My Own Online Businesses That will always belong to me. There is no more for me being a rep. No more chasing people to get them to sign up for any MLM campaign.

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